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Mac Boyce's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 3,124 posts (3,882 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 17 aliases.


I've gone about 3 hours into the game and am so far not impressed. Luckily, I rented it.

It's not that the game itself is bad. The controls respond nicely, the bad guy AI adapts to you a little and it looks quite nice.

The problem is the characters and story is a little bland. The voice acting is a little weak and so far the story hasn't sucked me in.

SIDEBAR: You also don't control all 3 characters, which bugs the hell out of me, but is not a gamebreaker. The companion AI works suprisingly well. It's more of a personal gamer issue.

All in all, I'm glad I rented it. If I would have paid $60 for it, I might have been a little peeved. I'll probably pick it up when it drops to $20 or so.



For those of you who live under a rock or were at work all day like me and just found out.



Anyone play it? How is it?


If you have a Wii, I recommend this game. Just ignore the voice acting and you will be fine. I'm 25+ hours into it and I haven't even scratched the surface of what is here.

It's linear, so don't expect a "Bethseda type game" (Fallout or Elder Scrolls), but it reminds me of older Final Fantasies in a good way. The story is good, the RPG elements are good and the battle system is good.

Here's our party:

All level 3

Human Barbarian
Dwarf Cleric
Human Paladin of Erastil
Half-Elf Druid
Human Abjurer

We want to take him on, but we don't want the campaign to end if we can't do it.

Please no discussions/comments on "Do it or find out". We've been at this for 3 months and I want to move on. Our group is at a serious impass about this.



My buddy loaned me Oblivion on the basis that since I loved FO3, I'm going to love this game. What am I in for? Is it another 100+ hour game? Because FO:New Vegas comes out soon and I don't want to get involved in 2 of those games.

Inquiring BRAIINNNNSSSSS want to know.


Isn't he tho...

He sparkles just like Edward...

He's Smart just like Harry Potter...

And he has just enough "bad boy" vibe that you don't bring him home to mommy...because you're afraid she'll steal him.




Anyone else got this game? I've lost my 360 to my wife over this game.

Are there any plans to reprint/make a new edition of the Pathfinder Campaign Setting?


Is anyone out there in Paizoland playing this besides me? Dear is wonderful.


Conan O'Brien or Jay Leno???

Mac Boyce wrote:

Please ignore all the political threads. I know this is going to draw the ire of some, but it is now getting ridiculous as the edition wars. Open, honest debate is one thing, but outright hating someone for their opinion is another.

We come here for friendship, our love of Pathfinder, being part of FaWTL and the occasional Hungry Jack recipe. Please let it remain so.

No ire. Just +1.

I really liked the New Deal. It put many Americans back to work! And who didn't like how FDR handled WW2???


Can anyone tell me what size mini 1/72 is? Does it compare to Reaper mini's or is it smaller/bigger?



This table is FREEKIN SWEET!!!

*bows before the paizo gods*

Can we get something like this...PWEEZE?????


This was brought up somewhere else, but where do YOU stand???

Cookies VS Brownies


Spidey Stuff

I wonder who

the villian is who has NY ties?

I was just wondering if its a good website to join up at?


I've just been thinking about adding the Armored Mage (light) rule to the base Wizard class at around level 6-8. I was just wondering if there is anyone who has tried that or has an opinion about it.


Does anyone out there know about an old set of minatures from a company called "Revenge Minatures"? (I might have the company wrong.)

According to one of my uncles they made Orcs and Dwarves (along with regular Napoleanic Military minis) and he was just wondering if they still existed.

Thank you!


What system is this?? d20, d10, d6?


Is anyone out there anticipating this game like I am? I have fond memories of playing Star Ocean and I can't wait for this one!!


Now that President Bush and his Cabinet are almost out of office, I'm curious to see what "grade" everyone would give him and the reasons a civil tongue. :)

Lets keep it only A (Best), B, C, D, E (Worst)

I personally would give him a C. The reasons behind it are that, even though I am a Democrat and didn't agree with his policies, he didn't flip-flop to try and please everyone and I can respect that. Also, not getting attack since 9-11 helps too. Where he failed with me was Iraq (we shouldn't have gone there and they shouldn't have lied to get us there), failure to work together with the Democrats (which in all fairness, we weren't all that good about that either) and giving America this "Us versus Them" attitude about Republicans and Democrats working together.

Anyone else??


Did anyone get this game for the 360??? If you did, how is the gameplay and is it worth buying at 60 dollars???


My uncle just bought himself a trebuchet....

No good will come of this.


My uncle just got a trebuchet (I think I spelled that right).

Medieval Fun Day just got more interesting this year with the war between the potato gun and trebuchet that is now going to happen.


Does anyone here think that a druid would WILLINGLY sleep in an inn?? (i.e. pay for a bed and sleep in it.) It is a subject of immense discussion amongst my D&D group with half of us saying that, while druids would PREFER to sleep outside under the stars and in trees, they also understand that a well defended city is safer than the outdoors. The other half's argument is that druids aren't all that fond of civilization and are quite at home with the "perils of the outdoors".

Tell me what you all think.


I'm just curious to see if anyone is from Michigan.

Okay, so this kinda off the wall, but I need some help


AND VOTE FOR MISS PUSSYKATT! She is from MI and has one of the most amazing acts I've ever seen live! I've met her at her shows and she is also an extremely nice person that really deserves this! I promise it only takes a second to vote for her! She is thrown in as a wild card and without your vote she will be out of the competition.

Feel free to lambaste me, but if you could do it while voting...that would be swell...


Does anyone know any good ones out there???


My wife and I are always looking for more games we can play together that aren't FPS (since I win!) or Fighting games (since SHE wins :P). I know its probably kinda old, but we got Champions of Norrath on a whim, dusted (literally)our PS2 off, plugged it in and went to town!! What a GREAT game...even though it is the WoW universe!


Are there any character sheets on Paizo or do you know where I can find some?

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