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Greg A. Vaughan's page

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games. Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 1,882 posts (1,887 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 4 aliases.


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Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

I'm surprised you can hear them over the voices. :-P

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

DragonValor wrote:

"The Lost Lands" (although I am hardpressed to find a world guide per se)


Dave N.

Hi Dave! that's because we haven't released the world guide yet. We've approached it by releasing a number of adventures and regional maps to let folks start piecing it (and their old Necromancer Games adventures) together into a cohesive whole while we reveal things a chunk at a time, showing connections between points A and B that they never knew existed or had only been hinted at in older products. The world guide is actually scheduled for 2015 with several products releasing more big chunks and the adventures set in them between now and then.

I'm glad you thought of us, though, and hope you'll stick around for when the world guide is released and the big picture is finally revealed.


P.S. Just as an FYI, we're not just trying to be coy and tease people along by doing it this way. It's just that we're not only releasing new products but tying together about 50 or so old Necromancer Games products into a cohesive whole. The rough stitching has been done (we know what everything looks like and how it all fits together) and much of the world guide is written or at least in note form, it just takes a lot of work to write up how all the pieces fit together and keep our new products moving at the same time. So we're just moving kinda' slow.

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

Chuck Wright wrote:
Hey, you wanna see something really scary?

You can't really fully appreciate it without all the cheetah-fighting noises.

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

My personal favorite (and the motto that hangs above my computer monitor):

Hey, you wanna see something really scary?

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

Glad you're liking them, Gerald. The Dunes adventures are all courtesy of Tom Knauss and the development work of John Ling. We're in the final development stages on his next environments book for a Plains environment called Fields of Blood. And it's got another trio of Tom Knauss classics in it. As you can probably tell, at Frog God we love adventures. :-)

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

What Chuck said. We had already commissioned the six additional adventures and wanted to produce them. If a stretch goal isn't reached and hasn't been written, we probably will not generally go ahead and produce it, because it becomes a financial risk at that point. But in this case we had to go ahead and get all of them done before all the writers got busy on other projects, so we had the stuff done and didn't want it to go to waste.

We're glad you added it and like that we did that. We want to get as much as we can into the hands of our fans. The more you guys buy, the more new stuff we can do. From just trying to get Slumbering Tsar into print when we started out initially, we've actually managed to cobble together a considerable amount of a game world, and we aim to keep going with it as long as you guys are interested in Lost Lands products. Thanks! :-)

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

Finished reviewing Ed Greenwood's adventure for Giants and Dragons over the weekend. I won't spoil it by telling you what it's about (hint: there are lots of smurfs), but it was very reminiscent to me of the early FR type of encounters. It particularly reminded me of the feel of the side encounters that were included in the original Undermountain boxed set (i.e. the encounters that took place outside Undermountain).

Anyway, in regards to some folks asking for more information about where the various adventures will be located in the Lost Lands, I thought I'd start out with this one.

"Emeralds of Highfang" takes place in the Forlorn Mountains. For those of you familiar with some old Necromancer products and/or our recent Sinnar Coast Region map that was released with Barakus, you'll recognize the Forlorn Mountains as being the mountain range north of the Domain of Hawkmoon and west of the Duchy of Southvale. Of note, the Forlorn Mountains are known for their central region that is referred to as The Giantlands..not that that would have anything to do with THIS adventure or anything... :-)

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

Interjection Games wrote:
I had a blast with the Slumbering Tsar. Honestly, if it's got a picture of a frog on the cover, it's good stuff, though you'll need an adamantine-reinforced bookshelf to handle it.

Thanks, I.G. Glad you liked it. :-)

Darkholme, she's referring to the Lost Lands setting where all of our adventures are located. You can check us out here for more info if you're interested. We do all of them for Pathfinder rules and Swords & Wizardry rules (a different book for each version) and have now branched out into 5e through Necromancer Games.

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

Yeah, that's kinda' how we roll...vexing. But whadaya gonna do about it, am I right? Evil demon frogs gotta be evil demon frogs. ;-)

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

I don't think you'll be disappointed when you see it, DaveMage. Bill weaves a pretty cool tale.

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

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brvheart wrote:
So out of curiosity, will the Hawkmoon adventures and area be out any time soon? And yes I pledged, on this one not the other one!

We've got some stuff before it to do, but it's tentatively being looked at to start development for late 2015/early 2016. It's going to take some work both because it's a lot of material (What Evil Lurks, Lamentation of Thieves, Bonegarden, Elemental Moon, and "Them Bones" from Raise the Dead, plus, honestly, a lot of the stuff from Dead Man's Chest ties directly to it) and because its going to be a strong tie-in the Razor Coast, so there's going to be a/some bridging adventure(s). We'll have to do some sorting and figuring, plus see what interest if any Lance has on revisiting his earlier material, so it'll be awhile yet.

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

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We'll get them out somehow. We won't just sit on the 5e versions. Thanks for backing!

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

Principal editing and canon continuity edit are done. Now it's just getting converted between systems and waiting on some art I believe.

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

The facing morphing is not on purpose. That's actually Sam Jackson's fault (stupid purple lightsaber...)

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

heh heh

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

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Curmudgeonly wrote:
What level are the adventures? Are they tied together in any way or are they just standalone?

Just as an FYI for later on this fall, our next book release will be Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms which include not only a gazetteer of a good portion of the Sinnar Coast region (the poster map with the prior Barakus KS) but also an AP for levels 4-13.

It'll include updates of the three classic Necro adventures Morrick Mansion, Aberrations, and Crystal Skull (a less-known gem) as well as the addition of the three new adventures Beasts Among Us, Shades of Yellow, and Vengeance in the Hollow Hills. The gazetteer will feature the regions/kingdoms/areas that make up the Sundered Kingdoms and consist of:
The Matagost Peninsula
Ramthion Island
The Duchy of Southvale
Old Burgundia
The District of Sunderland
Kildren Point
The Wildlands
The Giantlands

Basically everything south of Endhome and north of Hawkmoon (and east of the Trader's Road).

It will also include a chapter detailing the 13 demonic cults that have great influence in the entire area.

But that is a another story...

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

For the record, I am a member of a tontine. (Only one more to go...)

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

You tell 'em, DaveMage!

Oh no, bumped the wrong thread...nnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooo!

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

And that

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

Wrong thread....nnnnnnnnoooooooooooooo!

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

Dragnmoon wrote:

Thanks for adding the extra pledge levels.

I am kind of surprised you guys did not limit the signed edition.

I'll ask him about that too.

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

bump (to stay above Chuck's thread)

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

Dragnmoon, I'm sending this on to Bill.


P.S. please make all future posts on my official thread for this Kickstarter and not on Chuck's subversive-yet-edgy counter-culture version of it here. Thanks!

P.P.S. Bill says "fixed"

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

Chuck you totally ninjaed me on my big post!

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

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Greetings all, the Big Frog just poked me out of my usual stupor to point out a new Kickstarter that Frog God has just...kickstarted.

A new Kickstarter?!?! you say. Didn't you guys just finish one yesterday? Well, yes, thank you for asking, we did. Actually it's the fault of that KS that we're having this KS. Personally I blame 5e (Ooohhhh, edition-warring! Bring on the flames and trolls and flaming trolls!). No seriously, it's the other KS's fault, and it was a success.

See in that KS as Necromancer Games entered the world of 5e (with the blessing of all the Frogs-That-Be), the KS included a book of up to 18 adventures called Quests of Doom. It included conversions of the old Necromancer Games 3.0 classics Demons and Devils and Liches and Vampires (6 adventures altogether written by Bill, Casey Christofferson, and Clark Peterson) plus up to another 12 all new adventures. We got folks like Steve Winter, Ed Greenwood, Jim Ward, Casey Christofferson, Skip Williams, Michael Curtis, Matt Finch, Jim Collura, and some schlub named Bill Webb to write them. The KS was a success but 6 of the new adventures didn't get unlocked as stretch goals. The problem was that we went ahead and had all of the new adventures written with nothing to do with them.

Our problem becomes your good news, though. During the course of the KS we had sent a survey to all Froggie fans and asked if there was any interest in converting those old adventures along with the new adventures to PF and/or Swords & Wizardry. The answer was a resounding YES!!

So that brings us here. We're taking all 18 of the adventures and dishing them up in a mega-adventure book called Quests of Doom with versions for Pathfinder and Swords & Wizardry (yes, I know technically there are only 12 new adventures and 6 updates, but they're new to PF and S&W, gimme a break). We're still working out the logistics of getting those last six adventures to the new 5e fans, but that's not part of this PF and S&W KS.

That's where we are. I will be doing development on all the adventures to make sure that they fit seamlessly into our Lost Lands campaign setting, and all 18 will be a canon part of that setting.

So head on over to the Kickstarter and be the first* to Kickstart this Kickstarter in its Kickstarting!

*You will probably not actually be able to be the first.


Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

Kaleb Armstrong wrote:
Just out of curiousity is the black monastery going to be included in the campaign setting?


Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

Matrix Sorcica wrote:

I can wait for the setting (I think). What I can't wait for is the map.

Please show us an overview of the Lost Lands, even if it's just initial drafts or such. Pleeeeeeeease.

(It won't to be as detailed as the handdrawn map posted as part of the LCoB kickstarter).

Hi Matrix,

The other Frogs actually only got their early draft overview maps back in June at NorthTexasRPGcon, so I don't know that we're going to be releasing any sneak peaks of it other than the segments detailed with the Sword of Air and Barakus Kickstarters.

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

Mark Hoover wrote:

I'm guessing the grippli would have a decent place in settings put out by Frog God Games


I'll be here all week; be sure to tip your waitress!

Hyuk, hyuk, everyone's a comedian...

Actually grippli are more for pansy do-gooders. FGG is more about tsathar, and froghemoths, and hezrous, and greruors (and probably some boggards here and there). :-)

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

mach1.9pants wrote:
Greg A. Vaughan wrote:

Names involved in the writing of the campaign setting in addition to Mr. Ling and myself rhyme with such words as Schwebb, Schminch, Schreenwood, Schristofferson, maybe Schwinter, and so on (I'm sure I've left some out). Just a little tidbit for ya there. :-)
So John Ling would be Schwing...

I was purposely trying to avoid that, Mr. pants... [arches eyebrow]

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

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Auxmaulous wrote:

Have you guys ever considered using NPCs as homages to old sci-fi or horror actors or characters they played?

Maybe a tribute character to Lee as Duc de Richlu in "the Devil Rides Out" or Tom Baker's Koura in "the Golden Voyage of Sinbad"?
Mr. Price - anywhere?

They may already be there and I just don't see them, but I think it would be kind of fun since many of those greats did shape several young gamers concepts of heroes and villains.


I don't know about horror, but I'm pretty sure John Locke from Lost is on the cover of Vaults of Madness.

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

minoritarian wrote:
Where can I find more information about Akados and Libynos and the countries in them? I guess Lost Lands will have information but is there anything available at the minute? If I create a character whose surname begins d'_____ is there an established place that the naming convention would fit?

The Kingdom of Oceanus (Oceanders as they are called) as shown on the Sinnar Coast map with the Barakus KS has a lot of d'___ names. It is also one of the main trading partners/colonizers with the Razor Coast. However, it's not a straight-up French analog. It's actually more of a Portuguese feel than French.

That said, the primary continental power of the Lost Lands is the Foerdewith (fo-AER-dwith) people [shut up, I grew up reading Gygax names], anyway it's more French (actually medieval Frankish with a strong Averoigne feel) but they use the de ______ convention more than d'_____. I know, I know, I'm totally butchering real world stuff here; fortunately it's all for fake world so it works. :-) You see a lot of the de _____ names in the area of the Duchy of Southvale and Old Burgundia as revealed in the 3.5 Necromancer Games adventure F1: Crystal Skull.

Incidentally for a quick plug, our next big release from Frog God should be Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms which not only revisits updated Morrick Mansion, Aberrations, and Crystal Skull as part of a 6-adventure AP but also includes a gazetteer of the nations that make up the Sundered Kingdoms (the central region of the above-mentioned Barakus map). Just working on the final adventure and it should be ready to go shortly.


As a bonus it includes a bit of backstory on Captain Anton Shaw, IIRC.

Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

For Dragonmoon:

You have the patience of an Ent, man! But with the Barakus and Sword of Air Kickstarters we've mapped out something like 10 million square miles of the most commonly trod portions of the game world. If you want to hold off on starting your campaign, I certainly respect that, but if you're ready to dive in you ought to be good to go for at least a little while before you run off the map. :-)


Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

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Changing Man wrote:

Shoot, in the meanwhile I'd be content with some guidelines, such as:

a)which races are especially appropriate for the Lost Lands, and which (from the ARG mostly) are considerably inappropriate.
b) who are the deities, and what resources do I need to incorporate them into my Barakus game?
c) similar to a), but with regards to classes that simply are out-of-place

(disclaimer: I don't own any 3.x Lost Lands stuff- so if all of this is covered in previous editions, well, I don't have access to the info, sorry)

Howdy all!

John Ling sent me a link for this thread, so I wanted to stop by real quick and see what kind of info I could give.

First, Lost Lands Campaign Setting: While information compilation, collation, incorporation, etc. has been going on for a couple years now, as it stands we've got it scheduled for formal writing on the campaign guide to begin at the beginning of 2015 with the idea of a late 2015 release (knock on wood). Names involved in the writing of the campaign setting in addition to Mr. Ling and myself rhyme with such words as Schwebb, Schminch, Schreenwood, Schristofferson, maybe Schwinter, and so on (I'm sure I've left some out). Just a little tidbit for ya there. :-)

Okay to Changing Man's questions:

a)Lost Lands is first and foremost a traditional setting supporting the traditional races and classes - hence the very strong tie with S&W (they share a setting after all). You could literally play entire campaigns and never leave the Core Rulebook and Bestiary 1. That said, Lost Lands is VAST and will support virtually any style of play. If Paizo has introduced a player character race and it's OGC it'll fit in Lost Lands. For instance, there are ratfolk in the sewers of Bard's Gate. You don't have to use ratfolk in your game, but they're there if you want them.
Catfolk and such from ARG will fit just fine. There's probably not a catfolk kingdom somewhere, but there can be catfolk just about anywhere. Probably moreso in the jungle or savannah areas (I here Georgia is just filthy with catfolk, btw), but they can fit anywhere. The typical vanilla halflings and such might be scandalized by those indolent feline ne'er-do-wells, but they fit in just the same.

b)So part of the time sink of putting the Lost Lands together has been combing through every Necromancer Games product ever published (and some unpublished) and pulling out every god, kingdom, language, race, spell, etc. reference and incorporating it into the campaign setting. I have a spreadsheet on my laptop right now sitting at 230 entries for deities so far. True, most of them are obscure, but they're all going to be included. That said, like others have mentioned, the Bard's Gate, Stoneheart Valley, Slumbering Tsar, Barakus, and Rappan Athuk books include most of the common ones found in the areas we've explored so far. So that's probably a really good start to work from. But just be aware that more (many more) are coming.

c) Like races above, any class will work. We'll focus primarily on the standard classes, but there won't be any that just don't fit. We won't use a lot of gunslingers, for instance, but there are firearms in the world if you want to use them -- primarily in the Razor Coast, Kingdom of Oceanus, and Southvale areas and including reasons why they're principally in those areas and not elsewhere. But an adventurer can carry his firearm anywhere, so it still works. We have various cultural areas, so your samurai and desert bandits will have a place to fit. Our goal is to make Lost Lands inclusive yet able to be tailored to your own campaign tastes. In fact, I just dropped a slayer from ACG into Cults of The Sundered Kingdoms while I was working on it earlier this week. So we want our world to fit your game, not try to make your game fit our world. It's got a lot of detail yet a lot of breathing room, which is the way we like it.

Hope that helps.


Pathfinder Creative Director, Frog God Games

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Yeah, no stepping on Paizo's toes here. We're getting in on the new market but not abandoning the PF core. Everything should still appear in PF and S&W rule sets. They'll just have a new 5e little brother kicking around. :-)

Pathfinder Lead Developer, Frog God Games

Tom Knauss wrote:

The add-ons are not charged until the backer kit is locked, because you can change your add-ons up until the lockdown. So the charge would not hit until June.

And no, you have to have at least a book in hand to use your binoculars. You're either all in or all out.

Does it matter what book it is?

Pathfinder Lead Developer, Frog God Games

Chuck Wright wrote:
Can we show up outside of your home with binoculars and a book?

Or just binoculars?

Pathfinder Lead Developer, Frog God Games

It's just Step 1 boards, so you can only call me Doc Hopper 0.5. ;-)

And I second everything Bill said. You guys are the best!

Pathfinder Lead Developer, Frog God Games

Auxmaulous wrote:

I have some technical questions for the Frogs:

Are you guys reviewing the old NG boards for errata on this while in edit and layout? (Ex: Missing doors on the 2nd level map, wrong names for NPCs in different spots, etc)

Also this is kind of a strange one - in RA you had to substitute a few creatures because they were not open content - such as Mind Flayers and Umber Hulks.

So I have a question about a creature type featured in LCoB:

** spoiler omitted **

I didn't work on this one, so I can't really answer your questions (hopefully Bill or Skeeter will see this), but as useless as my response is as a result, I did want to let you know that grimlocks have reappeared in Tome of Horrors 4. Don't know whether they'll use those or morlocks in this book, though. (See what I mean? USELESS!!) ;-)

Pathfinder Lead Developer, Frog God Games

If the Barakus KS hits 55k, you will have the opportunity to buy the regional poster map that covers the area of Barakus (The Sinnar Coast Region). If you buy the Sword of Air later this summer it will include another regional poster map that covers the area just north of the Sinnar Coast (The Gulf of Akados Region--you can see an early hand-drawn version of it linked to Update 5 in the Barakus KS). Each of these two covers something like 2.25 million square miles I think (roughly 1500 x 1500), so they're big areas. Other regional maps will be coming out with other books in the future. However, to get the entire Lost Lands Campaign Setting map (encompassing the above-mentioned regions and much, much more) you'll unfortunately have to wait until the Lost Lands Campaign Setting comes out in a couple years. That material is all still under development.

Pathfinder Lead Developer, Frog God Games

Grimmy, I just checked my map. Quail Valley is 850 miles due west of Eamonvale. Just wanted to confirm it for you since I was just guessing earlier.

Pathfinder Lead Developer, Frog God Games

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What can I say, I've been given excellent material to work with from what Bill and Clark put out back in the NG days. I just get to play with it and have some fun. :-)

Pathfinder Lead Developer, Frog God Games

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Grimmy wrote:
Greg A. Vaughan wrote:

...So I'll keep firing back answers as long as my schedule will permit. :-)

Ok, if you really don't mind, I do have another one. How far will Quail Valley be from Bard's Gate?

I have started dropping hints about Larin Karn and PC's seem curious.

You caught me at school, Grimmy, so I don't have my maps handy. I'll have to go from memory to try and answer you.

Quail Valley lies in the Green Mountains of the Westmarches of the Grand Duchy of Reme. Its more or less due west of Eamonvale (which can be seen on the sample map linked to update 5 of the Barakus KS) and I'm going to guess its about 800-1,000 miles from there. The Grand Duchy of Reme is actually pretty big in its new treatment and Eamonvale is on its extreme eastern edge while Quail Valley is at its western end.

Like I mentioned previously in regards to the old NG titles, The Vault of Larin Karr will be one that gets an AP treatment. A cool thing about that adventure as an AP, though, is it finally gives us something to do with that cool stat block of Larin Karr that is in the back of the adventure and is way too high level to really use with the adventure very easily. Look for Mr. Karr to play a more active role in things when the Vault gets updated as an AP set in western Reme.

Pathfinder Lead Developer, Frog God Games

DaveMage wrote:

I'm looking forward to all of it!

Greg - Do you intend to incorporate new Pathfinder material (such as the upcoming class book) or are you going to stick to more traditional (core) rules?

The upcoming class book is certainly available for use in our stuff. I think we historically tend to stick with the more traditional stuff, but it certainly won't be off limits from our end. I would guess we would tend to use it sparingly, but you can certainly use it in your own campaign; it won't break anything in the Lost Lands as far as I know (haven't looked at all the classes yet, though). The only PF classes that I know of currently that are specifically not supported in Lost Lands are ninja and samurai, and that is because we don't have an Asian-themed area developed with which to support their background yet. I suspect that will change eventually.

DaveMage wrote:

And, what happens if...

D&D 5E is open?
Pathfinder 2E comes out during this time?

(Personally, I hope you stay away from D&D 5 and I hope Pathfinder 2E is a long way off.)

Those are good questions, and I don't know the answers to them yet. That would require a company meeting before we could make a determination. As of this time I do not know of any plans to support 5e, but I don't know what Bill has in mind for it. I don't believe we would abandon either PF or S&W for it, though.

(And I personally agree with you on both points.)

DaveMage wrote:

Finally, Greg, I noticed you are not an author for the Mummy's Mask AP. I was a bit saddened by that, but congratulations on your long AP run!

Yes, med school finally became too invasive in my life to be able to support writing two AP adventures each year. :-( The guys at Paizo have been super supportive about it though. I have ended my AP adventure streak but my overall AP streak stands. I wrote an article and one of the forewords for Mummy's Mask, so you'll still see me around. I wrote an ecology for Iron Gods, and I'm working on an assignment for the as-yet-unrevealed AP following Iron Gods, so that streak should continue into the foreseeable future. Thanks, though!

Pathfinder Lead Developer, Frog God Games

justmebd wrote:

Thanks for all the updates, Greg!

Been a fan of your work for years and I like to think the few scenarios I did manage to get published would make you proud. Skeletons of Scarwall remains my favorite module/AP installment of the last 10 years.

Anyway, shameless brown-nosing aside, I'm already maneuvering my budget to be able to get Northlands later this year.

My big hole in the collection from the old stuff is Gary Gygax' Necropolis. Can you reveal if that is in the plans for a rework? Are you even able to? (No idea if that was a one-time license for his stuff or not)

You're making me blush, justmebd. ;-)

Necropolis is tricky. MY understanding from talking to Bill is that we do own the rights to the IP in that particular book but not, of course, Gary's name on the book. That said, I don't foresee us updating and reissuing it. Without Gary around to be in on it, it just doesn't feel right. Plus it is such a fully self-contained adventure of pure Gary feel, I just didn't want to disrespect it with an update, so it is one of the few NG titles that are not on our 5-7 year plan for an update. That said, Khemit is still a part of our world and there are even supplemental materials by NG that connect to it (Set's Daughters, anyone?). So we will be revisiting Khemit in the future and expanding upon it, probably with a reissue of Set's Daughters at some point, but I do not think we have plans to update and republish Necropolis itself.

You can always get the original pdf from us, but ebay or convincing Bill to open his personal vaults is probably the best bet of getting ahold of a physical copy. Sorry about that.

Pathfinder Lead Developer, Frog God Games

brvheart wrote:
pretty much all of my campaigns are all Lost Lands all the time! The exception being Freeport, but even that is going to be located in the Lost Lands.

It fits! Per the sidebar we did in Razor Coast in cooperation with Green Ronin. Though it is not official canon, there is totally an official place for Freeport in your Lost Lands campaign. :-)

Pathfinder Lead Developer, Frog God Games

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Grimmy wrote:
Anyway, thanks for engaging with your fans so directly, it's really cool.

My pleasure, Grimmy. I've had more opportunity to get on the boards more in the last month than I have in the last couple of years, so when I get the chance I like to be able to hit the nail on the head with questions and such. Plus the development of the Lost Lands has reached the point where I actually have a lot of things finally locked in and can answer those kinds of questions instead of it just being a kind of nebulous work in progress (which it has pretty much been to this point--I feel really bad for the rest of the FGG guys who are really just now getting their first glimpses of what I'm doing in the building of the setting). This thread btw is super exciting to me. Lost Lands has been so much on my m,ind for the last year as I try to make things fit together, getting a chance to expound upon it to people who are actually interested (my wife unfortunately is not a gamer and doesn't get much out of me telling her all the minutiae) is very personally fulfilling to me. So I'll keep firing back answers as long as my schedule will permit. :-)

Pathfinder Lead Developer, Frog God Games

Sure thing, Steve. :-)

And lest you think we intend to be a company of merely retreads, about 90% of my writing time (limited as it currently is) goes into new material. I've spent the last several months writing/doing development work on Northlands Saga in between classes and such. My personal passion is still writing. But if you ever followed my work in Dungeon Magazine, you might have noticed that about 4/5 of my material was set in Greyhawk...because I LOVE to write new material set in a classic mature setting (it's just my personal preference). Obviously we don't have Greyhawk to play with, but we do have a decade's worth of classic NG stuff (that's even more classic than that since much of it dates back to Bill's and Clark's games from their teenage and college years.

So you'll still be able to keep looking for new material from us (frequently on an epic scale as has been the case with Tsar, RA, SoA, RC, plus the upcoming Northlands and Blight), but it's always going to be grounded in the history of the campaign, because for me personally at least, that's where the richness of the game really shines through. Gary had Greyhawk, Ed had FR, JG had the Wilderlands, we'll have Lost Lands. I'm not implying it's on the level of any of those, but those are certainly what we look to for our example, and maybe 20 years from now people will look back and include Lost Lands on that list. That's my hope anyway.

So thanks for sticking with us. We'll keep doing new stuff while faithfully paying homage to the old. That's our plan.

Pathfinder Lead Developer, Frog God Games

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Just to address the old versus new issue. Like Bill said, we have a planned mix coming out for the next several years. We're just too small of a company to be constantly putting out all new material at the pace that we put out books (which granted isn't all that fast anyway). But we've also got this vast back catalogue of great material that has never been fully developed and integrated. After the initial success of Tsar and TOHC, plus the release of a few "lost" NG titles (Eamonvale Incursion, Demonheart, etc.) we decided FGG was going to be a "for real" company and ultimately purchasing NG's IP decided our course for us. WE determined we wanted to combine all of that content, both old and new, into an epic campaign world that was both exciting and new but also felt old and familiar, and we had the perfect materials to do that.

Just so you know, our plan is to eventually over the years reissue pretty much all of the old 3.0 and 3.5 stuff NG but reformatted and updated to feel new and worthwhile as well. My goal is to make each of these releases to be exciting and interesting as both a new product but also give you all the classic content of the original. It's a difficult balance to strike. Many of the old NG products didn't get as much love as others. But I think it was not because they were necessarily "bad" so much as lacked context or cohesion. So that is my mandate: make all of those old adventures relevant and make them work with all of the new stuff as well. We don't want to invalidate anyone's old NG collection, we want to revive it.

For some insight into the process, I'll share some of my task. In addition to making all of the old products (which are an incredibly diverse lot if you really look at them) fit with all the new products to make a coherent campaign world, I've also got to inject new life into those old titles to make them work as a part of the campaign world. That's where the update and reissuance of old titles comes in.

A few months ago I submitted to Bill a list of 10 future products for the next 5-7 years that will encompass about 90% of the NG catalogue. My goal is not only to make them fit into the world, but to take them together in groups to form adventure paths. But not only must the adventures work as far as levels and themes go, I've had to make them work regionally as well. So with each reprint of these collected old materials you not only get an updated, coherent adventure path you can run, each one will also highlight a specific portion of the Lost Lands. No picnic, that, but an interesting process I went through.

Some of the combinations are obvious, Stoneheart Valley is an obvious example that had actually been designed as more-or-less a regional adventure path. So that one was easy. Hawkmoon and Eamonvale both provide that kind of ease as well. Beyond those, though, they get a bit harder. You can see hints of how some of them will lay out based on the clues on the regional maps we've been creating. What is situated near what...that sort of thing.

For our next reissue of pre-existing material, it will be one of these collected adventure paths (Some will be full adventure paths going from levels 1-14 or so, some will be mini-adventure paths like from levels 3-10 for instance). So the one we're talking about next is likely to be either Legends of Hawkmoon (you can guess what that one will cover, I'm sure) or Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms (a little less obvious). Both, though will have an AP updated and fleshed out for PF/S&W and for the Lost Lands, and both will have expanded material giving some detail on that region of the Lost Lands and how it fits in with the rest. These will not be a substitute to the campaign setting but will be a supplement to it.

Whew, okay that was way longer than I had intended. So there's a lot of the plan in a nutshell. Bard's Gate is probably going to be one of the last ones we do because a) it's got a ton of crunch material to update (stat blocks and such), b) it's going to change quite a bit as some of it is going to going directly into the campaign setting book instead (like the gods chapter, for instance), and c) we've got some super cool plans for it that I think you guys are going to love, but I can't say more about that part yet. But yes, Bard's gate will certainly get its due (along with another little town called Reme, I'm sure).

Pathfinder Lead Developer, Frog God Games


Freegate is about 400 miles east of Bard's Gate. Endhome is about 900 miles southeast of Freegate. You can see the actual distance relationship between Freegate and the Bard's Gate/Stoneheart Valley area on the sample map that is linked on Update 5 of our Barakus Kickstarter. Endhome is not shown on that map though.

Pathfinder Lead Developer, Frog God Games

You're too kind, EZ. :)

Endzeitgeist wrote:
Anything you or Lou write (*cough* Sinister Adventures-swamp-themed-mega-module /*cough*)

Don't have that one in the works at the moment (but the idea is not unattractive, certainly as a tie-in for our upcoming Swamps book as a part of our terrains line), but Lou and I do have the detailed outline for a nautical mega-adventure that nicely ties Hawkmoon (of old NG fame) with Razor Coast, that we designed a few years ago and is still floating around in my hard drive. We're giving piratey things a rest for awhile, but hopefully the stars will align correctly in a few years to allow us to bring that project to life.

Plus "The Haunted Hills of Harrowfar", my own Dunwich-esque contribution that was to be made to Sinister Adventures still sits in outline form as well. Then, of course, my own "Sword of Air" (well, actually that would probably by Slumbering Tsar) but an AP outline that I pitched to Paizo back in the Dungeon days called Empire of Ashes shortly before the plug got pulled on the magazine. I'm not sure I've ever mentioned that one in public before, so that may have been its first official teaser.

I hope that FGG stays around for a lot of years, because there's a whole lot of stuff that we still need to write and/or publish.

Someday...[gets dreamy look in eye]

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