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Arutema's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Captain, Texas—Houston. 342 posts (617 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 19 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Texas—Houston aka Arutema

Congrats. Hope you'll stop by my neck of the woods for Owlcon in February.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Texas—Houston aka Arutema

John Francis wrote:
Kelly Youngblood wrote:
Dragnmoon wrote:
So wait this years special is not timed? In the past they always worked a 5 hour time limit into the specials
** spoiler omitted **

You might want to take another look at the last section of page 5; it shows a pretty tight timeline for the whole special, with only a limited amount of leeway for adjustment.

It gives guidelines for when thing should occur, not deadlines, and even with the allowed 20% adjustment, I have seen a house of 7 tables unable to complete it on-schedule.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Texas—Houston aka Arutema

Dragnmoon wrote:
So wait this years special is not timed? In the past they always worked a 5 hour time limit into the specials

Only the intro and final acts are on a timer. The other acts advance only as PCs achieve success conditions, which means it can run long.
Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Texas—Houston aka Arutema

So I'm planning yet another convention, and figuring that I'll need to give 'Legacy of the Stonelords' and extra-long slot based on my last experience running it.

I've also seen 'The Waking Rune' take a good 6 hours.

'Halls of Dwarven Lore' is maybe another, but has the disadvantage of being part 1 of 3.

What about low tiers? What 1-5 and 3-7 scenarios have you seen take well over 4 hours to run?

On the flip-side, what sanctioned modules or AP sections run short enough to finish in a 6-hour slot? I often see 'Murder's Mark' wrap up in about 6 hours. Have you seen others?

What content do you think is best slotted into a 6-hour slot?

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Texas—Houston aka Arutema

Sebastian Hirsch wrote:
"Murder hobo cleanup detail" seems like a fun mission. For additional prestige you could make sure that the authorities don't learn or the war crimes committed by the last group, or where the bodies are buried^^

Like in

The Midnight Mauler?
Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Texas—Houston aka Arutema

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Louis Manko Levite wrote:
Or 2nd with MoMS.

Which, getting back to what was said earlier in the thread, seems to indicate that the MoMS is the problem.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Texas—Houston aka Arutema

Matt Haddix wrote:
I have an extra Undine boon, I'd like to trade it for an Oread. PM me if you can help.

PM sent.

Grand Lodge

Since you use 20 point buy for Pathfinder Society, I'm assuming this is in the wrong forum and flagging it to be moved.

Grand Lodge

So I'm playing a strengh-based magus as one of my PFS characters. She has the Eldritch Scion archetype from ACG, which makes her casting spontaneous and Cha-based, and will be going into Dragon Disciple at 6th level.

I've just hit 3rd level, and I'm wondering what to take as my sole magus arcana. I had considered Close Range so I could channel snowballs through my blade, but re-reading them, this does not seem to be a valid combo as Snowball is not a ray.

If I do go with close Range, what are good valid rays to use this with? Otherwise, what ere generally good arcana to pick up at 3rd level?

Grand Lodge

I plant evidence that Poog has been daring to write things down, and leave his fellow goblins to do the deed for me.

Grand Lodge

Disk Elemental wrote:
The First Worlder summoner gets Summon Nature's ally.

As does the Naturalist from Advanced Class Guide. That's probably the best way to go for this, as it gives up less than First Worlder.

Grand Lodge

For the head slot magic items, consider the Plume of Panache, which, though badly worded, seems to give one extra panache per day. Nothing in the item's description prevents you from purchasing multiple Plumes and swapping them out as you burn them out for the day.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Texas—Houston aka Arutema

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Senzar is an ancient language i think, so i don't think you can start with it as a bonus language off of your intelligence.

Kitsune get Senzar and Tien as automatic racial languages if you are using the Dragon Empires Primer as the source for the race.

Looking at the statblock, I see those 2 plus 3 others from high Int, which appears correct.

Grand Lodge

This is for PFS, so we're stuck with the RAW until errata comes. Likely starting at level 3 on GM credit.

Grand Lodge

Say you are playing a swashbuckler who's not going to have the 13 Str needed for power attack, most likely due to playing a Str penalty race.

Which of these would you use to boost your damage:

Piranha Strike, which functions as power attack, but only with light weapons.
Slashing Grace, which gives Dex to damage, but only with one-handed weapons.

Slashing Grace seems more front-loaded, giving you Dex to damage as soon as you take it, while Pirana Strike only gives +2 damage till BAB 4. However, Piranha Strike comes with an ever-increasing penalty to attack rolls. Is it worth taking that penalty?

Which do you think wins out on damage in the end after factoring in reduced chance to hit (and confirm crits)?

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Texas—Houston aka Arutema

On a more legalistic note, PFS additional resources states what is legal in a book. It does not say that the sidebar on non-human-descended aasimar is legal, therefore such aasimar are not legal.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Texas—Houston aka Arutema

You missed the part of the Bladebound archetype's description which prevents it from having a familiar of any kind, even from another class. The PFS FAQ allows homunculi as improved familiars only.

The typical way for magi to contribute with healing if the Infernal Healing spell from the Inner Sea World guide.

Grand Lodge

Tarondor wrote:

As an aside, Hero Lab is telling me that my halfling is not proficient in halfling slingstaff. Any idea why?

Halflings treat the slingstaff as a martial weapon. Oracles are not proficient in martial weapons.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Texas—Houston aka Arutema

Finlanderboy wrote:
cape of feinting. a level 7 swashbucklet can daze lock any creature.

For the latecomers, this has been removed from additional resources.

Grand Lodge

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New Society recruits - who is secretly a Kitsune?

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Texas—Houston aka Arutema

David_Bross wrote:
Undone wrote:
BartonOliver wrote:
Muser wrote:

2. Point Blank Master + Clustered Shots + weapon blanches. There are archers out there carrying parties through entire scenarios. The archer shoots, the party takes out their sun screen and discusses Andoren social policy. They aren't really needed.
The sad thing is there is a better version of Cluster Shot out now in the ACG, it's for unarmed strikes, but I'm not sure that a Zen Archer couldn't apply it to his bow by using his unarmed damage. Also it definitely works for brawlers and monks.
Presently they can. It's stupid and will eventually be errataed but currently you can pummeling zen archer for the OH GOD WHY! damage.
Unless you put a boxing glove on your arrow most people don't call it a punch.

Please leave that debate in its own thread.

Anyway, most obnoxious rule: Underwater combat. You can swim at 1/4 of your speed as a move action with a successful swim check. I do not swim nearly that slow in real life.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Texas—Houston aka Arutema

Low tier - Yuki Wu, human eldritch scion magus with dragon disciple aspirations.
Mid tier - Nerea, undine swashbuckler and Nadia Giltaxe, dwarven paladin.
High Tier - Ayako Wu, Aasimar mad dog barbarian and Lao Jiu, faithful panda warbeast.
Low Seeker Tier - Sister Bellis, halfling underfoot adept monk.
High Seeker Tier - Venture Captain Marra Furoien, ice sorcerer (if i can find any 16th-level games)

Grand Lodge

There are two traits in ultimate campaign which might be of interest:

"Larger Than Life" - You are counted as one size larger for making intimidate checks as long as you wield a firearm.

"Twinned Presence" - If your eidolon is within 30 feet, use its size instead of yours for intimidate checks.

These are somewhat class-specific, but as you didn't mention a class in the OP, I thought I would mention them.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Texas—Houston aka Arutema

1-2 hours, I'd expect closer to 1 unless we have technical issues.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Texas—Houston aka Arutema

Still room for 2 more players.

Grand Lodge

Starbuck_II wrote:

No, don't let it die yet.

Back on topic, it is there so you get an extra 3K money from selling the masterwork gun.

Except the gunslinger's starting gun explicitly has a resale value of only 4d10 GP worth of scrap.

Grand Lodge

While in mystic focus, you can use the bloodrager bloodline powers of the bloodline you picked, using your magus level as your bloodrager to determine their effective level and available powers. See the bloodlines section of the bloodrager class description.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Texas—Houston aka Arutema

I see we are full up and starting to waitlist. If you are on the waitlist, be warned that we will probably not be able to add extra tables due to limited floor space at Ettin Games.

I'd hate to turn anyone away, but I don't want anyone to leave disappointed either.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Texas—Houston aka Arutema

hxcmike wrote:
I was surprised that the Bloodrager was Elemental bloodline and not Stormborn bloodline. i mean, they both work, but his backstory seems to scream Stormborn

Stormborn exists only for Sorcerers at the moment.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Texas—Houston aka Arutema

gabryl wrote:

Have: 2014 GM Star Refresh boon

Want: Sylph Racial Boon

PM sent.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm more worried about what sort of campaign you're playing if your PC is sacrificing an unwilling living creature daily, since that's required to stay an Evangelist of Lamashtu.

Grand Lodge

Umbranus wrote:
Derwalt wrote:
I'm ressurecting this thread (hululululu!) - as I think the issue needs errata. I've pressed FAQ on the first post, and would invite others to do the same.

I don't think it needs one. This issue is an inconvenience that you have different ways to cope with.

It's like the druid needing a feat to cast during wildshape.

And indeed, said feat for Mad Dogs has now been printed in the Advanced Class Guide:

Skilled Rager
With practice, you’ve mastered your rage to allow yourself
more versatility.

Prerequisite: Rage class feature.

Benefit: Choose one Charisma-, Dexterity-, or Intelligence-based skill. While you are raging, you can use this skill.

Special: You can take this feat multiple times. Each time you do, it applies to a different skill.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Texas—Houston aka Arutema

Let's see:

- Sylph
- Oread x 2
- Spirit of the Shadow Lodge
- Mounted Tradition
- Nexavarian Requisition
- On-the-Job Training
- Research Specialist
- Sinscarred x 3
- Sacred Trust
- Personal Physician

Willing to trade for:
- GM Star Recharge boon
- Character rebuild boon

Grand Lodge

I just realized that the Sacred Fist archetype for the Warpriest is the only way to qualify for Crusader's Flurry as a single-classed character. The archetype doesn't give you proficiency with your deity's favored weapon, but that can be made up with by being a half-elf with Ancestral Arms.

What are some good deities to use this trick with? Of the core 20 I was looking closest at Shelyn to get a reach weapon. Sarenrae could be nice for dervish dance shenanigans if sacred fists weren't so feat-starved to begin with.

What are good deities to look at for this? Am I overlooking anything massively good?

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Texas—Houston aka Arutema

They are not. It calls out Androids as illegal, but it doesn't call out others as legal. Otherwise, it would be phrased "All races except Android are legal."

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Texas—Houston aka Arutema

DM Beckett wrote:
Do we have word yet on ACG rebuilding yet? I can't seem to find anything so far since the book was out, though I see the Additional Resources was updated. Supposed to play tomorrow and it's kind of important.

Do the rules on playtest rebuilds on pages 27-28 of the guide to organized play require additional clarification?

Grand Lodge

supervillan wrote:

Xethik, you may be thinking of the Spellslinger wizard archetype which sadly is not PFS legal.

Looks like we're on then. I do think being able to obtain a masterwork item worth 3,300gp (pepperbox pistol) at level 1 or 2 as a bonded witch is unusual but if it's all legal let's go for it :)

Keep in mind that PFS treats firearms as magic items for purposes of purchases, you need the required prestige to buy a 3300 GP item to buy a pepperbox.

My advice would be dip 1 level of gunslinger at the start, and turn the class-granted firearm into your bonded object.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Texas—Houston aka Arutema

I open the PDF in GIMP, select the chronicle sheet page, then add text layers on top to fill it out. I'll put a tutorial for this online sometime when I get a chance.

Grand Lodge

BigNorseWolf wrote:

The problem currently with daggers is that you need the agile enhancement to get dex to damage on them (since they kinda fumbled the ball with slashing grace to be only one handed, slashing weapons)

That's absolutely true, but they qualify for Pirana Strike, while rapiers and scimitars do not. Pirana strike doesn't require the 13 Str that Power Attack does, and 13 Str is tough to get on a race with a Str penalty.

Grand Lodge

Of the 4 presented, I think the support bard would be most appreciated at tables. My experience with PFS has been that you often have melee-heavy parties, so someone who can inspire courage in the 2-4 beatsticks you can get at every table helps clean up encounters fast. And as they all dump Cha, they'll appreciate a party face as well.

I'll also throw a Kitsune concept I've had for a while out for adoption.

ACG swashbuckler class. Fights using daggers. Stack river rat (river fox?) trait, weapon specialization dagger, swashbuckler weapon training, precise strike deed and pirana strike and you get a surprising amount of damage out of a dagger, without needing any Str.

Grand Lodge

Bigdaddyjug wrote:
wakedown wrote:

Parry also requires a point of panache - which is something my tables often overlooked during the playtest, and which made it seem crazy amazing.

TBH, I can't tell which is the more specific vs more general rule - you could argue the parry ability is generally worded, and that the natural 20 rule is specific about a certain dice roll versus a general attack roll.

I imagine this question will become even more important since any class can grab parry+riposte with a feat. :)

FAQ away!

I'm not sure if I'm being dense or not, but Parry only requires having a point of panache, it doesn't require spending that point. Taking the subsequent riposte requries spending the plint of panache. Also, swashbucklers should have at least as easy a time as gunslingers in recovering panache, so I don't see a lack of panache points every really coming into play.

I do not know what source you are reading, but the latest playtest version requires that you spend, not have 1 panache in order to parry, and the subsequent riposte requires only your immediate action for the round.

You may be able to cheat this with signature deed at 11th level, but that's a long time to wait, especially if it's in PFS.

Grand Lodge

I've had good fun playing one as a dagger-wielding Swashbuckler (the ACG playtest class). Piercing weapon and swim speed? I'm ready for aquatic combat any time.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Texas—Houston aka Arutema

NOG the Demoralizer wrote:

I have several characters that are coming back to play with the new season approaching (and a more organized local PFS scene), but they haven't played since the ITS was introduced. What is the most effective and clear way to backfill the ITS for them that will be legal at the table? Am I looking at a chronicle by chronicle purchase by purchase thing, or can I just start at the last session played before the ITS became required and fill it out from there?

I am looking at close to 80 chronicle sheets worth of purchases.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Simply mark the ITS with your current possessions, and a mark to indicate that they were purchased prior to the start of season 5. I use a 'L' (for legacy) in the purchased box on my ITS for such purposes. You don't have to backfill all the details for purchases made before season 5.

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Texas—Houston aka Arutema

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Saturday, September 13 at Ettin Games, Humble TX
10AM – Midnight

Join us as we ring in the Year of the Sky Key at Ettin Games with:

10 AM – 2:30 PM:
5-99: The Paths We Choose

The failure of Mendev’s wardstones set in motion not only a new crusade but also catalyzed a change in the Pathfinder Society’s various factions. As the Pathfinders prepare to march on the Sky Citadel Jormurdun, members of the various factions scramble to consolidate their gains and neutralize their enemies. If they succeed, the Pathfinders may discover that the greatest prize is not the mountain fortress itself but the treasure that lies at its heart.

3PM – 7:30PM:
6-00: Legacy of the Stonelords

At long last, the Pathfinders have reached the lost Sky Citadel Jormurdun only to find it already occupied by fiends and subterranean foes. The Society must mount an epic offense to explore the immense subterranean city while simultaneously driving off the squatters within.

8PM – Midnight:
6-01: Trial by Machine

More than a millennium has passed since the “machine mage” Karamoss’s failed siege of Absalom, and for years the Pathfinder Society has used upper reaches of his subterranean siege tower as a training ground for initiates. During a routine drill, the once-dormant dungeon springs to life, and it will take all the PCs’ resourcefulness and skill to make it out alive.

6-02: The Silver Mount Collection

The esteemed Blakros family—famous for their museum in Absalom—receives a large shipment of artifacts from Numeria but fears that the ever-vigilant Technic League will attack to reclaim its “stolen” property. When they request the help of Pathfinders to help guard the collection, the PCs discover that the Technic League is the least of their worries.

6-03: The Technic Siege

When the Pathfinder Society acquires a copy of A Thread of Silver, a written survey of some of Numeria’s most closely guarded sites, the Technic League dispatches its own agents to the Pathfinder lodge in Nantambu to recover the text and make an example of those who would investigate Numeria’s otherworldly secrets. Can the PCs prevent the League from stealing this valuable tome and destroying the Society’s foothold in the Mwangi Expanse?


Admission to this event is $10, which will be refunded to you as store credit.


Signups can be found here, on the Houston PFS Warhorn.

Grand Lodge

So I'm working on a concept of an agile, katana-fighting samurai who follows a strict code of honor.

This will not involve levels in the samurai class. This will instead be a swashbuckler/paladin multiclass.

The keystone of this build is the Slashing Grace feat, which allows you to finesse a one-handed slashing weapon and use it for swashbuckler class features. A katana is such a weapon. On the paladin side, I will be worshiping Shiziru, Tien goddess of ancestors, honor, sun and swordplay.

Race is likely to be half-elf, both for katana proficiency from ancestral arms, and for dual favored classes.

What would you say the ideal balance of swashbuckler vs. paladin levels is. I plan on at least 2 paladin levels for save bonuses, and at least 5 swashbuckler levels for weapon training. Any thoughts on how to mix the remaining 5 levels for a PFS build?

Finally, samurai don't use bucklers. What's a good use for my free off-hand aside from laying on hands?

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Captain, Texas—Houston aka Arutema

I might be interested in The Forgotten Laboratory Wednesday with either a Warpriest 2, Paladin/Swashbuckler 3 or Oracle 4.

Grand Lodge

Can a Warpriest with natural attacks select these attacks as his sacred and focus weapons?

Grand Lodge

Rudy2 wrote:
Is Swashbuckler one of those new classes? I'm not familiar.

It's an Advanced Class Guide class currently in playtesting, so yes.

Grand Lodge

You mention multiclassing with other classes with Iroran Paladin as the primary class. It might be worth mentioning how nice 2 levels of Iroran Paladin can be for a Swashbuckler.

Swashbucklers often like to dip paladin in order to get their Cha bonus to their otherwise weak saves. An Iroran Paladin dip gets both that and +2 AC from the deal.

Grand Lodge

So I'm currently using an old nook color to read my PF rulebooks, but it's not great in the speed department, and chokes entirely on some of the more image-heavy pages.

So I'm looking to upgrade. I've had good luck reading said PDFs on my Android phone, but the screen is too small for comfortable viewing.

So what's a good tablet for this? As I've enjoyed using the Android OS on my phone, I'd prefer a tablet which runs the same. I'd also like to avoid spending more than $200 on one.

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