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FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Lieutenant. 662 posts (947 including aliases). 2 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 35 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Lieutenant aka Arutema

Halfling 7
Gnome 3
Human 3
Tiefling 3
Dwarf 2
Aasimar 2
Undine 2
Kitsune 2
Elf 1
Tengu 1
Dhampir 1
Wayang 1
GM protoplasm 1

I certainly seem to be favoring the small size category.

Grand Lodge

Consider using a double weapon to get the benefits of TWF, but still have the ability to take a hand off your weapon to lay on hands.

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Lieutenant aka Arutema

It missed #16: To Scale The Dragon then.

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Lieutenant aka Arutema

Rosc wrote:
Considering your level, magic weapons aren't a huge deal. If you're even dedicated to hitting stuff with weapons, just make sure to fill a golf bag that covers bashing/slashing and silver/cold iron along with a backup ranged.

And pack a 50GP oil of magic weapon for when magic weapons suddenly do turn out to be a big deal.

Grand Lodge

Berselius wrote:
Finally, how would an female Ulfen barbarian find her way into such a setting?

Housecarl to a noble house, dishonored when her young ward was kidnapped away by Lamm's miscreants. (Missing son or daughter lightly re-flavored.)

Grand Lodge

It's gone well so far. Our monk had to drop, but we were able to pick up a replacement member out of a wrecked ship on the road to Scrapwall.

They're just about to break into Hellion's domain under Scrapwall now.

But I have a new question for those who have run the AP. I want to start hinting at the possibility of a way home buried in Silver Mount. Any ideas to hint at that without giving away the full potential of the Divinity Drive too early?

Grand Lodge

Alexander Augunas wrote:
Alex Mack wrote:
technarken wrote:
If only the additional feats needed to make a Charisma focused Starknifer viable didn't require either some Str/Dex investment or an ability to ignore prerequisites...

If you build a thrower all you need is DEX 13. Those 3 points in point buy investment should be affordable for most and unless you dip Oracle will also aid your AC and REF save. The DEX requirements of TWF are far more restrictive however. But two weapon fighting isn't great for throwers anyhow as it requires you to enhance more than one weapon and multiple to hit penalties really hurt.

You also need a modicum of STR in order to wear Armor but Power Attack is rarely a good feat for builds using one handed weapons.

You could also take Piranha Strike, but that requires a now-defunct Weapon Finesse.

I think the point that is being made is that the Cha to Atk and Dmg isn't as bonkers as people are making it out to be. Flying Bade with a dip in oracle is good, but it isn't going to unseat Dex to Damage or Strength to Damage. It is a fun, flavorful way to use Desna's favored weapon in a radiacally different way that happens to be a viable mechanical option. And in the long run, we should be able to add new options to the game without knee-jerking about their supposed brokenness.

Yeah, Cha to attack and damage with your choice of weapon would be OP. Starknives are a weapon most builds would not otherwise even consider, due to small damage die and low crit threat range.

And, as already pointed out, it's not available for the optimal users of Cha in melee, paladins.

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Lieutenant aka Arutema

To follow up on the thought of cross-table buffing/healing mentioned upthread, could this be worked into the 'aid token' mechanic we've seen in some previous scenarios?

After an encounter, a table could choose to expend healing resources (channels/wand charges/potions) to pass out a healing token, spell slots or magic item charges to pass out a buff token, or leave behind X GP worth of consumables to generate a supply token. The power of a given token would be abstracted between tiers.

Say a 10-11 table must give up 5000Ggp in consumables to generate a supply token, which then becomes 3 potions of cure light wounds when opened by a tier 1-2 table. Conversely, a tier 3-4 table spends 500GP to make a supply token, which the tier 10-11 table opens and gets a scroll of raise dead.

For healing tokens, you could have a 7th-level cleric spend a channel, which becomes a 1st-level cleric's channel when a tier 1-2 table receives it, or a level 3 paladin spends 2 lay on hands, which becomes an 11th-level cleric's channel at the 10-11 table.

For buff tokens, likewise a blessing of fervor might turn into a haste, or bless depending on who activates the token.

Grand Lodge

Have you considered Str-based TWF? Where you take just enough Dex to quality for the TWF feats, but otherwise use Str as your attack and damage stat.

On my Rakshasa-spawn boon medium, I went with
Str 15, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 15 starting stats. With level boosts going to Str, then probably Dex (to get ITWF), then last Cha for heirophant casting.

Feats by level 5 are Two-Weapon Fighting, Spirit Focus Champion, and Double Slice. I fight with a quarterstaff or two daggers, depending on enemy DR.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The softcover lines seldom get full errata, but they may get fixes in PFS campaign clarifications for obvious glitches. Such as

The dragonheir scion gains fearful might at 2nd level. She gains draconic strike and draconic presence at 4th level and 6th level, respectively, replacing the fighter bonus feats she would normally gain at these levels.

Grand Lodge

Swashbuckler parry and mage armor works wonders, even if it's just a swashbuckler with max ranks in UMD and a wand.

My swashbuckler made it to 11th level in PFS with buckler, wand of mage armor, max ranks in UMD, and no body armor.

Grand Lodge

I'm currently playing a characters whose natural talents are that of a chaokineticist.

Duty and family honor, however, demand that she join the Hellknights.

The end result so far is an armored warrior swinging a longsword, but occasionally launching bolts of pure darkness from her free hand.

People at PFS tables end up constantly asking "what classes are you again?", especially since my Warhorn signups say "Level 2 Hellknight"

Grand Lodge

Grandlounge wrote:
Don't forget you can pick up shield master. This allows you to use the shields enchantment bonus as an attack and damage enchantment bonus.

With a BAB +11 pre-req, that comes online a little late for a lot of campaigns, PFS included.

Grand Lodge

Ryzoken wrote:
Other ways of closing the gap? I'm all ears, as it's a thing I've been struggling with.

Medium champion spirit, previously mentioned for its damage bonus, gives a form of pounce at 11th level.

Grand Lodge

It would help if the derail regarding spear dancer and unchained rogues was brought to the rules questions forum, where we could politely request an official dev answer.

Grand Lodge

So I'm considering making a character who fights exclusively with a heavy shield.

All the PRD has to say about shields as magic weapons is:

An enhancement bonus on a shield does not improve the effectiveness of a shield bash made with it, but the shield can be made into a magic weapon in its own right.

So what would be the pricing of a shield that is both a +1 shield and +1 weapon?

For heavy steel shield, I assume it would be:

20gp (heavy steel shield) + 150gp (masterwork armor) + 300gp (masterwork weapon) + 1000gp (+1 armor) + 2000gp (+1 weapon) = 3470gp.

Is this right?

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

His additional resources entry for Dwarves of Golarion says

"(note that all gods with favored weapons listed as "hammer" should read "warhammer")"

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Lieutenant aka Arutema

I've a boon undine pirate and swashbuckler who fights just as well underwater as above 1.5 XP away from level 12 now.

Her protege/long lost sister is likely to be an unchained rogue/unchained monk multiclass who specializes in getting foes to drop their guard, then precisely striking pressure points.

Grand Lodge

Look for sources of bonus damage that aren't halved for off-hand attacks.

Fighter's weapon specialization and weapon training.
Medium's champion spirit bonus and seance boon.

Ranger's favored enemy, Paladin's smite, Cavalier's challenge offer larger, but more situational bonus damage.

Also, remember you can use a double weapon as a two-handed weapon should you be limited to one attack in a given round.

I'm doing quite well in PFS with a quarterstaff-wielding medium. Decent str + spirit bonuses + monk weapon skill trait give a lot of bonus damage that isn't halved for my off-hand attack.

Grand Lodge

Mercurial wrote:
Yes, that's why I'm wondering about the usefulness of Menacing Swordplay... figure most of my swift/immediate actions will be used for Charmed Life or Parry & Riposte.

It's been my experience playing a swashbuckler that menacing swordplay is useless. You will always be using your swift or immediate action for better things.

Grand Lodge

captain yesterday wrote:
I absolutely 100% disagree that technology is hard for new players to understand, they're literally no different than magic items. :-)>

I'd avoid Iron Gods for new players for other reasons though, the low-level encounters are absolutely brutal.

A certain 4-armed zombie very nearly TPKed a well-optimized party of experienced players in our first session.

Grand Lodge

Ammon Knight of Ragathiel wrote:

So simple question listed above, i checked the d20 psrd before this and it didn't seem have an answer. not really looking for sarcasm or meanness as i've seen can be common from some. just a simple quick answer if there is one.

If there's not or no clear cut answer then i'll assume it's a no.

It's probably the best bloodline to pick if you go Bloodrager/DD either way, because DD will then keep advancing the bloodline.

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Lieutenant aka Arutema

Matthew Morris wrote:

You're assuming that one of the identities is 'masked'.

Why not have Bret Maverick, gambler and gad about and Bart Maverick, loyal son of Cheliax?

Or Bruce Wayne and Matches Malone without Batman?

Or Lord Greystoke/Lord Passmore

So true. I'm kicking around an idea for a halfling vigilante whose vigilante identity is the famous up-and-coming adventurer archaeologist Pathfinder, with the social identity of a random slave/servant girl.

Grand Lodge

Serisan wrote:
Every barbarian is a tired build for either 1 minute or twice the duration of their Rage until they get immunity to the Fatigued condition.

unless theyve been cursed by the gods with a bad leg, which is a different kind of tired.

Grand Lodge

Got a couple concepts I'm kicking around, not sure what will see play:

The new slave girl, y'know, I don't think she ever told me her name, your grace/Azalea Pavonis, adventurer archaeologist. Uses her real name and membership in the Pathfinder Society as her "action" identity. Takes on the persona of a household slave in order to subvert that practice and advance the natural freedom of all halflings.

Also debating using the boons from a certain AP chronicle to create Name TBD/Sailor Androffa (working title). Bonded to a familiar that she says came to another world from Silver Mount, and taught her the language and technology of that world.

Grand Lodge


* Grit/Panache. A daily 'do cool stuff' pool that actually refreshes. Finally, we are moving beyond the 15 minute adventuring day.

* Opportune parry and riposte (Swashbuckler). Killing things off-turn is fun. Pity it's attached to such a rubbish class.

* Finesse Training (Unchained Rogue). Still doesn't catch dex up to str in damage terms, but certainly helps close the gap.

* Shared seance (Medium). All day buffs!

* 6-level spellcasting (Bard, Mesmerist, Skald). Adds a lot of utility to classes that also have worthwhile class features.

Least Favorite:

* Burn damage (Kineticist). Episode 5: The 15 minute adventuring day strikes back, and takes half your hitpoints with it.

* Charmed life (Swashbuckler). Episode 3: Revenge of the 15 minute adventuring day. Too few uses/day, prevents riposting.

* Wild empathy (Druid, Ranger, Hunter). Takes a minute, requires cha, but none of the classes that get it are likely to have cha.

* Raging song (Skald). So it's inspire courage, except it doesn't benefit archers or finesse builds.

* 9-level spellcasting (Arcanist, Wizard, Witch, CODZilla). Often a class's only redeeming feature, and breaks the game in half should you use it to full potential. Limited by our old friend the 15 minute adventuring day at low levels.

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Lieutenant aka Arutema

1 person marked this as a favorite.

My intro to this usually goes something like:

"Shiela Heidmarch has assigned you, as unproven agents, the mind-numbling dull task of researching the histories of small towns in Varisia for follow-up by more experienced teams.

You're in the towl of Illsurian, which you've learned was established by Ilsur... [read establishing paragraph on page 3 up to] ...this racism has
rarely been a problem."

"As you're finishing up your studies for the week, the circus rolls into town. Want to go relax?"

Grand Lodge

In a CoCT campaign, the LE hellknight aspirant inquisitor of Asmodeus gave my CG Caydenite gunslinger quite the itchy trigger finger.

In the end though, I fought valiantly to keep our inquisitor from being ripped apart by tentacles, but it wasn't enough, and not enough of his body could be recovered for a raise dead.

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Lieutenant aka Arutema

6 people marked this as a favorite.

Typo: an excuse to discard any sort of common sense regarding intended wording and pounce on literal wording. also see: rules lawyer.

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Lieutenant aka Arutema

As for replay after X year, that leaves two problems:

1: The bookkeeping headache of determining exactly how long ago a scenario was played.

2: This encourages more play of older scenarios so people can replay. New scenarios blow away old ones in terms of quality and variety. There should be every reason to play new, better content.

Grand Lodge

Honestly, you're still probably best off just spending a feat on medium armor proficiency, and maybe eventually heavy armor proficiency.

Grand Lodge

Xelaaredn wrote:


A regular kinetic blast fired at creature A who is within melee range would provoke 2 AoO, one for using a spell-like ability, and one for using a ranged "weapon" in melee.

Changing the blast into a blade via Kinetic Blade is altering it from a ranged "weapon" to a melee "weapon", thus allowing you to use your kinetic blast in melee range without provoking the second AoO. However, it is still counted as a spell-like ability and thus still provokes the original AoO.

*also sigh*

You are taking the attack action, not the use spell-like ability action. The attack action does not provoke when used with a melee weapon. We've been over this since the playtest.

Grand Lodge

Xelaaredn wrote:
In the event you do get into melee... well, best bet would be a weapon even kineticists can use, that or take Kinetic Blade and either take the AoO or try to cast defensively to avoid it.

Kinetic blade does not provoke AoOs. It's called out in the talent's description.

And yes, kinetic blade plus weapon finesse is the best way to contribute in melee as a kineticist. If you're coming in at level 7, you can have point-blank shot, precise shot, and weapon finesse regardless of race. You'll also start with infusion specialization sufficient to reduce kinetic blade's burn cost to 0.

You might even consider taking water as your expanded element so you can grab shroud of water with expanded defense.

So stay single-class kineticist, use in-class options to melee.

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Lieutenant aka Arutema

ItsJustAce wrote:

Have: grippli

Want: aasamar, glutton for punishment, or procparity

I've got a spare Prosperity. Hit me up at Delta H tomorrow.

Grand Lodge

nicholas storm wrote:
HyperMissingno wrote:
Point Blank Shot, then Precise Shot. Those are the two feats you should grab ASAP to get rid of the dang melee penalty. After that pretty much everything's gravy, though I suggest the likes of rapid shot pretty soon. There's also a feat that gives you a feat for each mystery. Use that to get longbows for the other spirits while giving you an extra feat for the champ.
What's the name of the feat?

Legendary Influence if i recall right. It's in Ultimate Intrigue.

Grand Lodge

HyperMissingno wrote:

I'm with the gold elephant on this one, and would suggest the longbow over the ko-naginata since you won't get to use reach tactics as well due to your size.

Side note, a relic channeler doesn't have to worry about being caught without their favored spirit unless the relics get broken, but that's rare.

i wish archery wasn't so feat intensive. if i do go archer, what order would you suggest for feats?

spirit wise, I'm mostly worried about being thrown into a group with no healer, unless I channel heirophant.

Grand Lodge

So I've got a character concept I'm kicking around; A halfling medium who's vocation/background is as a Minkai shrine maiden.

I'm having trouble settling on a combat style. Champion spirit lets you grab pretty much any martial weapon and be effective, and the halfling favored class bonus helps offset the str penalty and smaller weapon die.

But what do I do if I end up in combat with trickster, heirophant, or even archmage channeled? Those spirits don't exactly dish out bonus damage or weapon proficiencies.

So what I'm ultimately looking for is something that fits the concept/flavor, without being totally dependent on the champion spirit for combat effectiveness.

By the way, this is for PFS. Probably going to be a relic channeler as well.

Grand Lodge

The only thing I think you might be missing is that mage armor is not on the druid spell list. You need a DC20 use magic device check to use the wand as a single-class druid.

That said, if you're actually invested ranks in UMD, such a wand can be a great alternative to light armor. Just ask my swashbuckler.

Grand Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Space McMan wrote:
Arutema wrote:
Space McMan wrote:


Blade of Mercy, ???

Your LE serial killer is going to worship Sarenrae? (Assuming the GM even allows the trait, as it's from a 3.5 source).

It's definitely a stretch, but assuming it's allowed at all, I'm confident I can twist the lore to my purposes.

You might wanna look into some means of immortality. Sarenrae not going to treat such a thing favorably in the afterlife.

Grand Lodge

Space McMan wrote:


Blade of Mercy, ???

Your LE serial killer is going to worship Sarenrae? (Assuming the GM even allows the trait, as it's from a 3.5 source).

Grand Lodge

claudekennilol wrote:
Arutema wrote:
claudekennilol wrote:
Gwen Smith wrote:
No matter what you do with your grapple build, consider worshipping Falyna. Her celestial obedience gives you +4 untyped bonus to CMB and CMD.
What book is this deity from?

I believe that's a typo for Falayna, empyreal lord of woman warriors from Chronicles of the Righteous. It is a sacred bonus, rather than untyped however, and if I'm reading it right, applies only on grapple for the CMB portion. (But that's the whole point of the build.)

Her obedience is punching a practice dummy for an hour, so not hard to work into your daily prep.

What does the obedience explicitly say?
Obedience: Don a jeweled ring on each finger and strike a practice dummy barehanded until the impression of the rings is left in your skin. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on grapple checks and to CMD.


Grand Lodge

claudekennilol wrote:
Gwen Smith wrote:
No matter what you do with your grapple build, consider worshipping Falyna. Her celestial obedience gives you +4 untyped bonus to CMB and CMD.
What book is this deity from?

I believe that's a typo for Falayna, empyreal lord of woman warriors from Chronicles of the Righteous. It is a sacred bonus, rather than untyped however, and if I'm reading it right, applies only on grapple for the CMB portion. (But that's the whole point of the build.)

Her obedience is punching a practice dummy for an hour, so not hard to work into your daily prep.

Grand Lodge

1. What's your favorite core race and why?

Halfling. I do love the image of a humble, pint-sized ass-kicker.

2. What's your favorite race overall and why?

Undine. Water and swimming are some of my favorite things, and Undine is the race for it.

3. What's a race you can't stand as a player and why?

Humans. Bland with a side of bland.

Grand Lodge

The easiest way to avoid hitting effective curse level 10 is to go dual-cursed, and choose lame as the curse which never advances.

Grand Lodge

Since I've seen this in so many different works:

The android/mechanical/synthetic race who've outlived their extinct creators.

Grand Lodge

So I'm kicking around the concept of a halfling vigilante whose vigilante identity is her real name and identity. Her social identity would be that of an anonymous servant or slave.

Everyman social talent is a given, what other rules options are there to support such a character?

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Lieutenant aka Arutema


Treasure Map
Expedition Manager
Hypnotic Therapy

Willing to trade any of all of the above for:

Character rebuild

Grand Lodge

Hmm, my top and bottom 5 because I don't feel like typing 10 out.

1: Unchained Rogue - this is how you do rogue and dex-based combat right.
2: Bard - it only does everything, especially after archetype support.
3: Medium - the other master generalist.
4: Paladin - tanks well, smites hard.
5: Kineticist - a switch-hitter who doesn't need to change weapons to do it, but see below.

5: Kineticist - needs way more utility talents, most elements only have 1 good one per level, if that.
4: Shaman - fluff and mechanics already covered by witches, clerics, and oracles.
3: Vigilante - I get the modular nature of the class, but not sold on the dual identity at its core.
2: Swashbuckler - a 1 level dip gets you its only redeeming feature, then you might as well go full unchained rogue.
1: Arcanist - sure, obsolete both the sorcerer and wizard in one class, power creep at its finest.

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Lieutenant aka Arutema

Until the PFS team is back from GenCon and can give a full answer, I would suggest using common sense and Bestiary I only.

Grand Lodge ***** Venture-Lieutenant aka Arutema

22 people marked this as FAQ candidate. 4 people marked this as a favorite.
Tempest_Knight wrote:

Pete, can you cite where the CRB actually directs you to the Bestiary for the Summon spells.

So far NO ONE has found this oft quoted rule.

But it sounds like you know where it is, please post the citation.

It seems that neither the specific summoning spells, nor the sub-school rules on conjuration mention a specific book for looking up creature statistics.

Thus, we must indeed ask "How do core rulebook spells which summon creatures work in PFS core campaign?", then hit the FAQ button to get some developer attention.

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