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Artemis Moonstar's page

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I always viewed Adamantine as a dull, light-absorbing black. Mithril, for it's part, was a bright silver with a blue sheen.

That said, I shall now make all Adamantine in my game pink (which used to be saved for a special homebrew copper that radiated anti-magic). Thus, the big-bad general of the latest massive orc uprising shall be clad in Hot Pink Adamantine! Fear the Pink Orc!

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I'm a little late to the party, and I've generally only skimmed, but...

Was this decision based off PFS or the published adventure paths? If so, why not just ban the thing, or put an addendum to the PFS rules that the MoMS can't pick it up or something?

Basic question is... Why smash a feat into the ground like this and punish those of us who don't use the AP or play PFS, based off a 'standardized' set of rules that bastardizes what's in the rule books anyway?

True, MoMS getting it at level 1 or 2 is OP... Which only lasted until the lower mid levels, balanced out around mid, and shouldn't be a problem at like, level 9+.

Or maybe I'm just a cruel GM who actually makes things challenging for my players. 'Oh noez, there's more than one monster attacking me with more than one attack! GMCHEAT!'.... Seriously, if Crane was such a problem, just throw more mooks at the guy! Problem freaking solved!

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Aww ^-^. Ashiel, you're too awesome. I think some of the best gaming chat I've had (or read) in my two decades of gaming comes from you (top ten!). I'm still around, for the moment. I may lose internet temporarily in two days X_X.

PS: Sweet. I've been swamped with other things and haven't been able to even think about expanding the list myself. Been trying to pound out these three story commissions before I lose net, and life has seen fit to smack my creative matrix with the stress stick. Plus, Pathfinder is fantastic procrastination material!

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My GF's a gamer, though not as much as I am. Still, she absolutely loves gaming, though not as much as our free-form RP story making. Which is how we met BTW, free-form RP online.

That said, she's also into card games (went second at a UFS Pro Tour circuit a while back while I got 16th), and video games... Anime, manga, and so forth as well. This otaku guy got lucky and got himself an otaku gal. Been together for almost 5 years now, and we're still goin' strong.

For myself, gaming's a fairly big part. It's about the only thing that works to kill my stress these days, with the exception of cuddling up with my girl and a good anime (something about her just soothes me like nothing else). It's also a fairly big portion of my 'fun'. Sports, cars, and so forth, can sod off. Give me a controller, some cards, or some dice, and I'm a happy guy.

That said, my first few GFs were in the 'Supportive, but uninterested' category. It works, for those that can do that. I, however, currently cannot get enough of my woman, and when neither of us are in a particularly foul isolationist mood, thoroughly enjoy as much time and activity as I can get with her that I can (fortunately, we live together, so I get time with her quite often, even if it's just being in the same room). If she weren't that interested, I'd be a little distressed, but luckily that's not the case ^_^.

I wish you luck!

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Hmm... a "wait, whut?" moment in game...

For my girlfriend, she claims thus: In Bastards of Erebus, we were stealthily raiding the bandit camp. I'm not sure if it was in the book or if our GM was just weird, but two of the tieflings were having some boy-boy relations in one of the abandoned buildings when her character, the fetchling rogue, failed her stealth check to sneak up on 'em...
Before they attack, they do the whole "Who are you!? What are you doing here!?"... She asks if she can join in (one seemed interested, the other smacked him upside the head). Combat winds up happening, and we slaughter the both of them (I can imagine one saying to the other in hell 'this is why I wear armor all the time, even during THAT time!')...
So, we go to the main building. Rest of us hide while she tries to pick the lock, and fails. She has one round to hide. She used the fetchling SLA to turn into one of the two tieflings. Door opens up. "What do you want?" "My boyfriend left me!"...
Long story (of the rest of it) short, it worked, she made 30 gold off the gambling table, and got us a lay of the land, and a key.

For myself? I claim this: In a home brew campaign, I was playing a really buff dwarf grappler, decked out with as much AC, HP, Strength, and CMB/CMD as I could muster... We wind up fighting in a mountain stronghold (My dwarf's home, actually, and part of his personal story arc). I manage to bowl through everyone to reach the casty BBEG drow that had taken over the stronghold. A small chase scene ensues, with the party dealing with the second in command anti-paladin, and the minions to prevent them from getting to me as I chased the drow up the tower.
Confrontation at the top! Spells get slung, my dwarf takes some damage, and shrugs it off like the arms of so many exhausted bar wenches. Get right up on him, and grapple success!
But wait, something's wrong. This drow knew this prodigal dwarven son, and knew his weaknesses! Utilizing a spell, the drow began to siphon his life as the spiked dwarf of doom was crushing the life out of him. Worse, the spell kept him locked around the drow! What to do?
"I drag him over to the edge." Success on the roll. Another turn passes. The drow laughs at the weakening dwarf, taunting him with the fact he will die, and the drow will forever own this stronghold.
"I'm locked around him, meaning I couldn't let go if I wanted too, right?" "Yeah." "Alright then... Flint takes the drow, and leaps off the tower with him."
Thanks to a lucky roll, the damn priest goes splat beneath the spiked full-plate clad Flint, very squishy like, in the middle of the battle between the other PCs and the priest's minions. Combat pauses as both sides are stunned. Then, grunting and groaning, Flint staggers to his feet with one hp left, bits of priest flesh, bone, and brain matter dripping and flaking off his spiked armor.
"Alright... Who's next?"
With a successful intimidate check, the foes wet themselves and either surrendered, or ran screaming into the tunnels.... It was a good day.

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I blame Cosmo for not knowing who this Cosmo person is. He should do more talk shows, it would make them more interesting. Which I shall also blame him for.

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Sup William. Glad to see other folks are as perturbed by this phenomena as I am.

Here are some examples that made me do a double take, then go '... So, why?'.



Flavor: The best spies are like chameleons, but not only can they
change their appearances to fit the situation, they can also
change their personalities, allegiances, and even loves
if that’s what it takes to achieve their clandestine goals.
Spies are the ultimate manipulators, and even those who
commission their services sometimes find that they’ve
merely served the spies’ own interests.

Mechanics: 1/2 level on bluff checks to deceive someone, and poison use.... Yes, rogue talents for fulfilling everything else, but there's nothing specifically in the archetype fitting the 'change appearance, personalities, etc'. Would've been better with the bonus to disguise IMO.


Flavor: Some rogues are not content with just disabling traps—
they love to build them, finding a captivating beauty in
the turning of gears and the slither of ropes over pulleys.
The trapsmith may have started out putting together traps
in order to better understand how to disable them, but for
most, it’s long since gone beyond that—they now relish the
challenge of creating the perfect combat machine.

Mechanics: It's all about not setting off traps, and bypassing them. Absolutely nothing on actually building them. (I'm a trap lover, so this one irks me to no end)



Many barbarians distrust magic. While most just shy
away from magic, others focus their rage on users of such
foul arts. These barbarians are naturally distrusting,
and develop keen senses to protect them from harm. A
superstitious barbarian has the following class features.

Mechanics:... So, they get a bonus to AC in the surprise round... And they get better vision as they level up... What is this.... I don't... wut? Yeah, ok, better vision for the 'develop keen senses' part. Where's the whole whole 'distrust of magic' in the archetype mechanics itself?

And that's just from the APG in 2 classes... Ok, well, yeah... Maybe I'm being picky, but in my mind, if an archetype is written a certain way... It should actually give you something concerning that, in the core mechanics of the archetype itself. Not in something selectable, for those that have Arcanas, Talents, Discoveries, etc.

Trophy Hunter Ranger.... Get no proficiencies with guns... Hrrrmmmmmmmm....

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Rynjin wrote:
Durinor wrote:
Whale_Cancer wrote:
The Elusive Trout wrote:
I hate it when the player next to me hasn't bathed properly and will say so to his or her face.
You are a true hero of our hobby (no sarcasm intended).
In the real world this is called being rude.
So is refusing to bathe and then sitting at a small table with somebody for multiple hours.

Never use the swimming pool at a gaming con... It turns into a bath.

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I build characters in my off time, usually off the wall non-optimized concepts.

I love dwarves, kobolds, goblins, and orcs.

When I GM, I like to passively try and kill my players... Characters. (Sphere of annihilation in a gargoyle's mouth anyone?)

I am addicted to traps, both as a PC and when GMing.

I'm addicted to poison, no matter how much it sucks late-game.

I'm in the process of totally bastardizing the Pathfinder rules with a metric ton of house rules, and stuff from 3.5 Unearthed Arcana (spell points, combat facing w/ shield facing, hex grid, variable modifiers, Armor as DR, class defense bonus, among others).

I absolutely LOATHE distracted gamers, and punish them severely when GMing (put that mother @$*^ing gameboy AWAY!).


Oh, and I find 4e fascinating. As much as I hate the whole power mechanics of it... I can't stop myself from dying to play my teleporter warlock. I am in LOVE with the idea of offensive teleportation effects.

I also think that Paladins should be renamed to 'Templar', and their alignment must match their deity. Class abilities adjust accordingly.

-My girlfriend's list-
I hate magic items being sold in stores, though I love magic weapons being sold in stores.

I hate point buy systems.

I think everyone should get a free 18 before adding racial bonuses

I think monks are broken.

I hate archetypes that dabble in the affairs of other classes.

I believe only rogues should have trap finding (this might fall into the above).

I believe characters should not chose to do everything (our last group tends to have their characters try and do everything the other characters can do, only better. Spotlight whores).

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Catfolk Hunter iz in ur PF, stalk'n' ur BBEGs...

..... Couldn't resist that old thing.

Seriously though, I'd love to see the Female Dwarven Swashbuckler and the Female Amazonian-type Elf Bloodrager. Muscle Babes FTW.

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Wow this has been necro'd a lot... Glad it did, or I'd never have seen the FAQ ruling. In the mean time....

I've pretty much gotta say I'm very disappointed with Paizo... Or at least whatever team handles the FAQ. Put out an archetype that's far off the mark of it's actual intention, doesn't quite stack up with what it's offering, and in effect becomes more or less a waste of space.

Would it seriously have broken, or at least unbalanced, the game if Massive Weapons worked the way it was originally intended? judging from all the number crunching I've seen on it, it definitely seems like it's considerably less than what others can throw around at equivalent levels.

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It may be my play group and luck, but in my experiences, dwarves are very much a PITA to kill. I've played as one a few times, played in a group with a dwarven sorcerer, and GMed for a party with two dwarves. So.... Avoiding a particularly long series of anecdotes, mainly due to too much time passing since my last game with a dwarf to recall fine details, I'll just say that dwarves are, in play, some of the toughest, meanest, most terrifying SOBs in the core races... and quite a bit of the ARG too.

My dwarf, specced for background and plotline (primarily centered around defense, base fighter -> Stalwart (Dwarven!) Defender), not only outlasted but out-obliterated most encounters. Above and beyond our human barbarian, aasimar sorcerer, tiefling oracle, and ifrit gunslinger (total initiative fiend). Most of them were optimized to the point of near munchkinism. Now, perhaps that was just my (potentially) superior knowledge of battlefield tactics (and what kinds of combat tactics our GM ran (total IRL war fanatic)), perhaps the other players weren't that great at prioritizing what's what in combat (despite the fact that all of them besides me and one other were only really playing for the combat), but the results were the same. Arngier Blackstone trounced encounters through sheer survivability when most fell.

As an aside, this was in a home game. I have yet to manage to drag my sorry rump over to a PFS game, as much as I would like to.

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Charisma is one of those skills more important to those who value either RP, or diplomatic interaction in general. It's not much use to those who seek every last + they can shove into their pockets. It's just the way Charisma is, as a theme, as a concept... Accept it and move on. Sad but true.

(Sorry if this may come across as harsh, but I've heard too many 'charisma is trash' arguments in recent months)

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Ashiel, awesome work. As soon as I get a printer, I plan on printing it out. Excellent read, the parts I had time for. Looking forward to future updates!

Edit: Now that I think about it, I may draft you if I ever get my gaming company up and running. Sadly it takes money to make money, as well as getting those pesky business licenses and what not... *grumble*

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When it comes to controller sorcerers, I must suggest that you don't focus entirely on Save-Or-Suck and buff spells. I would highly suggest investment in the Wall spells, any of the various Pits, and even some cloud/fog spells. The Protean bloodline is perfect for this, particularly it's level 1, 9, and 15 abilities. It's spell list is fairly good, and it's bloodline arcana is perfect for your Transmuation school buffs. I would also advise picking up summon spells, to provide yourself with some meat shields, trap bait, and of course extra muscle.

Beyond that, just be tactical. Go play some RTS or war games and hone your tactical skills. For this sort of build, proper target selection, and proper placement of AoEs, as well as proper timing, are required. I wish you luck!

Edit: I've decided to share my planned spell list from my Anarchic Bloodline Human Sorc. He's got a bit of a preference for Dispelling, since my GMs typically use a lot of humanoids, and a lot of spell casters.

0: Flare, Light, Spark, Ghost Sound, Haunted Fey Aspect, Touch of Fatigue, Mage Hand, Mending, Prestidigitation, Open/Close, Detect Magic, Message

1: Grease, Obscuring Mist, Hydraulic Push, Ray of Enfeeblement, Break, expeditious excavation, touch of gracelessness

2: Twisted Space, Create Pit, Fog Cloud, Haunting Mists, Pyrotechnics, eldritch conduit, frost fall

3: Dispel Magic, Spiked Pit, Shifting Sand, Battering Blast, force punch, ice spears

4: Acid Pit, Black Tentacles, Obsidian Flow, Volcanic Storm, Fleshworm Infestation, river of wind

5: Hungry Pit, Constricting Coils, Icy Prison, Echolocation, Hold Monster, Spell Absorption

6: Sirrocco, Tar Pool, Acid Fog, Greater Dispel Magic, greater eldritch conduit

7: Reverse Gravity, Mass Hold Person, Scouring Winds, Spell Turning, Hungry Darkness

8: Rift of Ruin, Polar Ray, Greater Shout, Wall of Lava, Greater Spell Absorption, (one free to pick)

9: Imprisonment, World Wave, Time Stop, Mages Disjunction (via Expanded Arcana)

Just some food for thought.

Edit 2: some of these spells come from Inner Sea Magic and arent on the srd yet

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Another use for clubs! If they're wood, you've got some firewood. If you have some oil, grease, or other flammable liquid, soak some hemp rope in it, tie it to the end, and set it alight! Ta da, torch! Torches also are treated as improvised bludgeoning weapons that deal damage as a gauntlet of their size + 1 fire damage. Edit!: So, if you've got a lenient DM, they may allow you to deal damage as a club, with that extra +1 fire damage...

I've got something for those low-level parties that prefer to fight smart.

It's a trap!: Traps are a wonderful way to do many wonderful things. A single ball of string/twine is only 1cp, weighs a half a pound, and gives you 50 feet of it, though it does have hardness 0, 1 hp, and a break dc of 14. Setting up camp you can use it to rig up an alarm system with a bunch of sticks, bone, or even bells (though I find bells dubious since they didn't list a perception dc!). If you're feeling particularly devious, or just want to make life hell for some baddies in a dungeon, invest in some of the following. Marbles, Caltrops, Tanglefoot bags, Bear Traps, Trespasser's Boots, any form of paper or parchment, and fishing hooks.

Marbles and Caltrops really only work in the really low levels, but if you spread enough of them out the baddies are going to have to try and carefully tip toe through them without falling down/getting stabbed in the foot for a point of damage. You wind up with prone, or half-speed enemies. Tanglefoot bags can be rigged with twine as a wire-trap that can drop a bag onto an unsuspecting opponent. Bear Traps and Trespasser Boots, while weighing a bit much, can hold a creature in place while doing a fair amount of damage! You could even use them as improvised weapons, jamming an armed bear trap on an enemy (2d6+3 damage) then grab hold of it's chain to keep it from getting away (grappled perhaps?), or making a medium creature's unarmed attack slip into the Trespasser's Boot (2d4 damage) effectively making sure it can't use that attack until it takes it off since it's deep enough for a medium sized character's lower leg. It's also wood, so.... Burn baby burn!

Paper and parchment can be used as a warning system too. Crumple them up, uncrumple them, and lay them out. They should now make a sound when stepped on. You could get creative and lay out some caltrops, lay some paper over it, then camouflage them so you have hidden caltrops. The fun with the twine comes in the form of fish hooks. You can easily construct a small twine net, weaving the fish hooks into them for some nasty little barbs that'll hook in an enemy. I'm not sure how most would rule that, but I myself would call it a point of damage for, say, every five fish hooks in the net or so, since not all of them are going to be able to catch a bite. Set this up as a falling trap, or my personal favorite, a forest of hanging strings with a lot of fish hooks. Don't forget that the twine can easily have the caltrops threaded into them!

For nearly all these traps, cunning mages can throw out some Grease spells. Cover an area that has bear traps, or caltrops, or a stringed net of hooks/caltrops. Slip! PAIN! Need I also point out falling jugs of flaming oil full of caltrops? Or worse yet, falling jugs of tangle foot bags!

Let's go fly a kite!: Kites, given appropriate circumstances, can be used to deliver an aerial pay load. You can rig almost anything with string/twine... Rain down flaming alchemy flasks upon your foes!

Alkali poisoning: Alkali flasks... For those pesky oozes! They're ordinary acid flasks, but against oozes, they deal double damage. Alkali salts can be mixed with water, creating a substance that protects your metal from black pudding & gray ooze dissolving qualities for 1d3 contacts! My dwarf, with his spiked full plates, spiked gauntlets, and dual spiked tower shields (GMs idea, not mine) would have LOVED to have this item... Before he got swallowed by a death ooze, I think, and turned into a naked, bald, beardless dwarf...

THIS DRILL IS THE DRILL THAT WILL PEIRCE THE HEAVENS!: Drills can be phenomenally useful. It can bore a 1 inch diameter hole in stone, wood, or metal. Sure it has a dc 15 check to hear the drilling, but think of the USES. You could drill through the second floor, and pour some alchemist fire down to rain flaming doom upon the doomed heads of your doomed enemies. Or, you could drill into the ground some and set some iron spikes up as a trap (I love traps). Make a peep hole through a door. Maybe even lob a cross bow bolt through it! Or a blow gun dart! Poisoned darts through a closed door, they'll never know what hit em!

Dressed to kill: Never underestimate a good set of clothing. The Adventurer's scarf gives you a bandoleer of six secure pouches. The pocketed scarf gives you small pockets to hide small objects in and grants a +4 on the sleight of hand checks for it. Perfect for a rogue or bard to slip that vial of poison into a dark lord's ball. Doctor's Mask grants you a +1 circumstance bonus to fort saves versus airborne toxins or scent effects, while a Doc's Outfit grants a +2 circumstance fort vs disease. Cold weather outfits, snow shoes, cleats, hot weather outfits, furs, all good for differing environs. Reinforced scarf acts like an 8 ft long chain!

Couldn't think of anything witty for cages...: Picking up a cage or two for Fine/Diminutive, and Tiny sized, will provide for some good game-traps for survival. Catch some small things, and cook em!

Death Spike!: Iron Spikes are particularly useful. You could use them as improvised weapons, potentially spiking an opponent to a surface, possibly a thrown improvised weapon, or just stab someone in the face. They make for decent door jams, or can be used to pin something to a wall. Maybe spike an orc to a wall as an announcement to it's brethren in a dungeon when you set up camp for the night (if you're high enough level, casting explosive runes on the note that was spiked to him makes for a STRONG message!). Hell, spike a bear trap or a chain or something to the ground! Get creative people! I typically used them with a high strength character, get a warhammer or an ordinary hammer and you can easily spike someone to a surface.

Well that's all I have time for for now. If no one else tackles them, I may do the feather tokens next time.

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Hmm, true. When I was originally going for it I was basing it off Rumpel, but as time went on I decided to focus more on the contract aspect, and went a little more Faustian with it.

I can definitely see it as a triggered Bestow Curse item... The question is how does one go about altering reality to apply in accordance with the contract? Easiest guess would be Wish/Miracle, which automatically denotes the guy's at LEAST 18th level. Admittedly at the moment this is the part I'm most interested in.

I'd like to know what else the actor is in, as I'm hoping to watch some more of his stuff to know if he's as awesome as he appears to be. In the mean time, while my GF and I initially was a little 'meh' with Once Upon a Time, finding Grimm a better show... Once Rumpelstiltskin showed up, and as it went on, we both fell in love with the character and he has skyrocketed the show up to the top of our favorite list. We definitely plan on buying the series on DVD when it's released, mainly for that character.

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Love it, love everything about it. Need to get 7 bucks + S&H to see the final product (or pester the SRD guys to put it up in 3rd party archetypes lol), but so far, love it a lot.

I may have to talk to my GM about using this + Maxximilius' Dandy archetype... Just seems to fit so well.

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I'd like to reiterate the point I brought up earlier that got lost in the later sea of posts and flame.

Honestly, if the party Wizard who takes a lot of the Crafting feats, want's to charge 10% to party members for time expended, then by all means he is free to do so. In fact, I would say that the party should be encouraged to do so. Allow me to explain why....

That extra gold can very easily go to expanding his spell book. These are all spells that will inevitably benefit the party, weather through more combat spells, or utility spells. Even more spells to craft a wider range of magic items. Not only that, but that is all gold that could be going to wands, scrolls, and potions. Even the Wizard saving the extra gold to buy a magic item for himself whilst he crafts magic items for others is a good idea, because it keeps the Wizard viable in this games ever scaling requirement of +s. Oh, and if it's another class, like the cleric, that extra gold can go to CLW wands, for example.

Seriously though. It all really boils down to players perception on the game. If they view it as a game to 'win', then any form of a player gaining an advantage over them, no matter how small, are going to find the above idea abhorrent. Those who are more into it for the joy of the game, do more role playing and thus do things from an IC perspective, or just generally don't care, those are the ones who'll enjoy the above idea.

In either case, it's something that should be discussed before taking said feats.

YMMV, really.

Also, I'd like to add that if anything, a crafter can craft items on credit, either for gold, favors, or other things to occur later. Or they can even waive the fee if situation calls for it.

What would really put a problem on things is a notion of interest, which is what my old playgroup used to do when loaning gold to people for magic items... THAT is a jerk move. One person even had compound interest (and yet people still borrowed gold from him), every character.

And yes, I've skimmed a few pages afterwords to see if anyone commented, or even read it. Only to see more flame and hot temper.

I'll have to go back and read everything else, curious how the whole 'communist' thing got started, lol.

Hoping I didn't reinitiate a war of napalm?

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Honestly, I say just Speilburg the situation. Pregnancy works, mother appears to miscarry, Wolf Mother kidnaps baby like you have planned (and makes sure it lives), and you wind up with a reverse Vader-Luke situation.

Given the natural lycanthropy, you can even have the child age supernaturally fast, it's a handwave, sure, but it might make sense, specially if the Wolf Mother has a ritual to increase the age of her offspring (which would also give her new 'Vader' an army to command). Intense training could give it class levels.

The story potential is HUGE here, don't miss out.

Edit: And yet another of Ashiel's posts to favorite :). Stop that!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ok, I haven't really read a lot of the posts. Got tired of reading the same exact BS over and over again.... Got to about page 10 or so before tiring of it.

Honestly, if the party Wizard who takes a lot of the Crafting feats, want's to charge 10% to party members for time expended, then by all means he is free to do so. In fact, I would say that the party should be encouraged to do so. Allow me to explain why....

That extra gold can very easily go to expanding his spell book. These are all spells that will inevitably benefit the party, weather through more combat spells, or utility spells. Even more spells to craft a wider range of magic items. Not only that, but that is all gold that could be going to wands, scrolls, and potions. Even the Wizard saving the extra gold to buy a magic item for himself whilst he crafts magic items for others is a good idea, because it keeps the Wizard viable in this games ever scaling requirement of +s. Oh, and if it's another class, like the cleric, that extra gold can go to CLW wands, for example.

Seriously though. It all really boils down to players perception on the game. If they view it as a game to 'win', then any form of a player gaining an advantage over them, no matter how small, are going to find the above idea abhorrent. Those who are more into it for the joy of the game, do more role playing and thus do things from an IC perspective, or just generally don't care, those are the ones who'll enjoy the above idea.

In either case, it's something that should be discussed before taking said feats.

Edit: YMMV, really.

Also, I'd like to add that if anything, a crafter can craft items on credit, either for gold, favors, or other things to occur later. Or they can even waive the fee if situation calls for it.

What would really put a problem on things is a notion of interest, which is what my old playgroup used to do when loaning gold to people for magic items... THAT is a jerk move.

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After reading a lot of the same thing... I skipped out on the last five to ten posts... I only offer this idea to fix the whole 'class' problem. Granted, this almost wrecks the d20 system to it's core.... But eh.

Just axe each and every class, make a giant list of class abilities, and let players pick and chose as they level up. Make damned sure they have prerequisites that both make sense, and keep them in the same general power range as ordinary d20. Group certain ones together as 'class packages' that people can chose to simplify it for them.

I know, "WTF" right? This stems wholly from my belief that classes, at their core, are merely a list of class abilities and skills that someone has decided to learn, rather than a job description that straightjackets a character... Sadly, d20 does not share my view, but it's still a fun system nonetheless.

I know my idea would take a crap ton of work, but it definitely allows individuality and customization to characters, above and beyond what multi classing can do, and really let players get their character mechanics to fit the fluff they want. It's something I also feel will prevent a lot of the loophole based optimaxing (Barbarian-Oracle rage-cycling for example) given that such a system would be far easier to monitor and compare power. Of course, that's IF the class abilities that are busted (don't work, confusing, broken, or just generally 'WHAT THE!?' inducing) actually get FIXED.

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I have two Anecdotes to share. Great thread btw, haven't laughed this hard in a while.

Spoilered for... Not sure what but I'm not certain it's politically correct...

So in a homebrew campaign, we were the poor shmucks who unwittingly partook in the theft of a deific artifact, the Heart of Shelyn, from her major temple in Absalon. The real thieves bumped into us, dropped it, and as the fates would have it, it broke. We found out later about some big shpeal about the rage of a broken heart and fated lovers reuniting mends all heart wounds (as it turned out, the bard was the one who bumped into the female thief carrying the item, and therefore their destinies were intwined and only love would mend the heart).

We track it all up and down the inner sea, using our half to find it. Dealing with various pirates, thugs, bandits, and wraiths and other ghosts an enraged Shelyn kept sending after us. Turns out Shelyn acts like any other woman when her heart is broken, and we were guilty by association (DM's words, not mine). Finally we get to one of the smaller port cities of the eastern inner sea, I can't recall each one, and we follow it's signature trail to a warehouse.

Long story short after some investigation, my inquisitor of Pharasma, the bard, and for some reason the cleric of Gozreh, decide to sneak in through the back. The rogue wanted to slide in through the roof. The Barbarian was off having her own sub plot at this point (which lead to her multiclassing into witch), while the sorcerer sat out front trying to figure out what she was going to do... Finally, she walks up to the door, and knocks.

Guard: Who's there? What do you want?
Sorc: I'm looking for something.
Guard: Oh yeah? What?
Sorc: Something I need.
Guard: And what do you need?

At this point, the entire group busts up laughing. After about five minutes of breathing and stifling the giggles, the DM decides to roll with it.

Guard: A man with a tattoo on his dick huh? Hold on.

The guard calls Johnny over.

Guard: Johnny, there's a pissed off looking woman here looking for a man with a tattoo on his dick. Who's daughter did you knock up now?
Johnny: No one, I swear! At least, not that I've been told!

Johnny looks through and has no idea who our sorcerer is. So after a bit of back and forth I can't quite recall, she asks for confirmation he is who he says he is. There is some shuffling of crates behind the door, as Johnny stick his wang out of the peep hole (or whatever you call the sliding window door things).

Sorc: (out of character) I handle it for a few seconds to 'make sure', and afterwords.... MAGIC MISSILE!

Guy takes 3d4 points to the crotch, laughter is had by all (including Johnny's fellows). Thanks to Johnny being blown backwards enough, Guard finally notices that our rogue has been offing the people from behind and dragging them off to the shadows after he fell off his rope and into a barrel of fish. The rogue, at this point, was dragging the corpse to the darkness, stopped what he was doing, and announced he was the janitorial service. This opened combat with my True Shot -> Called Shot crossbow bolt to the FACE with a double crit confirmed (auto-kill in our group). To this day, "Man with a tattoo on his dick" elicits prolonged giggling, and the legend of Johnny permeates every game we have played since, even in different campaigns and different time frames.

Good times, good times. The only other anecdote of hilarity I can recall is from one of my oldest memories of my first gaming group.

I was playing a half-elf rogue in 3.0. Having maxed out and gotten as many bonuses as I possibly could to Pick Pocket, I was deemed the guy who could steal anything, in plain sight, in broad day light. Somehow the bard talked all of our way into a royal ball, so we could deal with the king's corrupt adviser. After the bard makes several failed diplomacy and bluff checks, I decide to liven up the rapidly darkening mood. The adviser found himself with no clothing, in the middle of a packed ball which has ceased entirely to witness the exchange.

This immediately swings things backs into the bard's favor, and my DM decides to give my womanizing, drunken, pocket filching rogue a reward for such quick thinking. The eldest, and sluttiest, princess finds her way over to him, having witnessed what he did while no one else had. Complimenting him on his fast finger work, she comments on the fragile delicate beauty of a woman's virtue, and how my character could probably steal the purity from a convent-bound princess. I decided to roll a pick pocket, and with a nat 20, declared "I already have..." while making my exit as smooth as any super spy movie.

This elicits quite a few laughs on it's own. What added to it was the DM expounded on that with her having to retreat to her bedroom to fix her dress and her hair... The smarmy barbarian (good friend of mine) goes "And thus begins the horrible legend of Kaelaran, the only man to be in and out in under two seconds."

Took us all ten minutes to recover from that one.... Man, humor was so different back then. Or at least that kind of humor was more humorous than what we got now xD.

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Howdy doody folks! I was just listening to my youtube playlist, consisting of various power metal, symphonic/melodic metal, 80s rock, and random tidbits of other genres, most of which I listen to on my MP3 player. Then I thought back to one of my older groups, and got nostalgic.

One of my best DMs had a small laptop full of hundreds of MP3s, which would be played at certain points in the sessions. There was never a session where there wasn't SOMETHING playing. We had battle music, boss battle music, scenic travel and town music, and then good ol' fashioned 80s rock during break time. It really set the mood for the game, and honestly was one of the best times of my life. Pizza, soda, friends, music, an epic tale, and a chance to bash some skulls in! (Not literally!)

Never before, or since, have I found a group that has done such a thing. My last group had one guy with a smart phone who would constantly play various final fantasy battle musics during combat, but the same thing got teeth-gnashing after a while (I play enough of the games at home, thank you very much). It was, admittedly, something that I find lacking in every group I have joined since, since as one of my earliest groups it colored my perception of a fun session. I tend to take my Mp3 player and listen to my playlist in one ear while the game goes on these days, even if the pizza and epic tales are lacking.

So, as I put together my own campaign for my first foray into a levels 1-20+ story line, I now find myself trolling* around for some epic music to set the mood during game play. My current favorites: almost anything from Dragonforce (Through the Fire and the Flames, and Last Journey Home, make for excellent Pathfindering), Nightwish.... Well I haven't really looked around that much but yeah.... All I do know is Welcome to the Jungle is perfect for the big, corrupt, decaying socially sort of cities like Rome, perhaps usable for Taldor and it's cities in Pathfinder.

So, do you guys play music while you game, at any point in time? Have you, or anyone you know, used music to set the mood and done it WELL? Do you like it, or the idea of it? Or would you rather background be so silent you can hear a pin drop during games? If you've got any RPG-themed playlists that fit for one reason or another, be it a character theme song or a general feel of a portion of the story, feel free to post up your suggestions and favorites of music (and why, if you can)!

See the Intransitive Verb and Synonyms. Posted for clarification since I know how the interwebz has corwupted Engrish!!1!

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Luckily I havent had this problem myself in recent years, as my last group's DM reflavored Paladins to be Templars, the militant arm of their church. Required being the same alignment as the deity. I actually quite liked that fix...

However, one of my earliest games with 3.X, and the reason I never played a paladin again until my most recent DM, was particularly... Unenjoyable. See, the DM had a strict rule of at game start, no one was allowed to know what everyone else was. This was mainly due to cutting down on the group asking, during character creation, things like "who has healing?/who has what languages?/who has what spells?" and taking all the mystery out of the game. I rolled up a LG paladin, three others rolled up NG (fighter, cleric, and bard I think), and we had one CG (a rogue), and one N wizard. A mostly heroic party...

As the game progresses, people are doing quite heroic things. Then after a few sessions, my character, whom had to keep his identity a secret due to some underhanded dealings going on back in his Order, finally wound up revealing that he was a Paladin with some good ol' fashioned smitey goodness (... Until then they had thought I was a multiclass Cleric/Fighter or something... Hadn't had the chance to SMITE! yet). Spit hit the fan.

Almost immediately afterwords, the party started to do more and more evil things. That CG character rapidly started being CE. Suffice to say that long story short it wound up with three dead PCs, in the middle of a dungeon, with no rogue to get the rest out of the rapidly filling water-room trap... Good times were had by most, but there was much bad blood between the Rogue player and I afterwords, as he took the whole thing as a personal assault. Seeing as he was the main lease holder and half the rest of the group were roomies with him in their apartment, I resolved not to trouble them further and excused myself from the group two sessions later....

Personally though, a Paladin can only take so much before smiting the rogue that is constantly prodding them to fall, in the face, with a triple nat 20. What confounds me is he had stated he was alright with PVP between the characters to enhance the story. Not my fault my dice loved me...

That reminds me. I need to find that d20.... And a new group.

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Feat: Throw Anything

Items needed: 4 Greatswords, 1 vat Sovereign's Glue

Process: Sovereign's Glue 4 Greatswords in the shape of a shuriken

Ta Da!

When in doubt, Sovereign's Glue!

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My personal favorite, not so much a pick up line but a guard's reply to the adventurer next to him picks up chicks. "I used to be a stud like you, then I took an arrow to the knee." (Chick #1: -whispers to adventuring hunk- "It wasn't his knee")

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"I have a solution for both of you. Sit down, have some tea, and read this scroll. Afterwords, hopefully you have resolved your differences." -Old man walks off, leaving a haiku scroll of the most powerful Explosive Runes cast known to mortals-

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I love this thread.....

Funniest/Most Epic death: Came in a game that an ex-friend of mine made, a home brew system he tried publishing (it's been going for 10 years, he won't quit, and it has only had maybe 20 players, all but 5 of whom quit).... I was playing an Angel Guardian (very much a death-dealing paragon of good and justice, with face-melting light powers), and we were going through a sea-side mountain to free some Mermaids from the Drow, who were enslaving them to get at an artifact at the bottom of the sea. We were clearing them out relatively easily.

Finally, our group of 8 decide to split, five go to free the mermaids, while myself, a pixy ice-specialist, and a human bomb-loving theif all scamper off in the opposite direction to scout ahead and deal with threats that would invariably be coming back to bite us in the ass. We come across a two closed doors on level up. The first one is a large store room for alchemical components (this game's magic uses a customized spell system using mana, and 'alchemy' were mana-charged natural plants, ores, creature parts, etc.)... The thief snuck up to the door and rolled his perception.

He heard casting on the other side. The 2-inch tall pixy and myself hover over (due to flying not needing stealth checks) and peek in as the thief opens the door. It's a wizard's lab! The wizard and his two assistants are buffing up a hulking brute of a drow. The wizard stops after another spell and converses with his assistants. "What other spells can we put on this guy before he goes and slaughters the intruders?"

They never got an answer. Having used up all our mana (the pixy and myself, thief didn't cast), the three of us whipped out the scrolls we had. 2 60ft diameter storms of ice and 1 60ft diameter lightning storm tore through the lab, each dealing 10d6 points of damage, right as the human shut the door. We decided to sit and wait for the spells to die down in 10 in-game minutes.

DM looks at us and goes "You really wanna sit there?"
The pixy goes "Hmmm... True. We start looting the store room"
The DM blinks twice "Seriously... You're going to loot the store room...."
The thief sits there and goes "Yeah, on second thought I start going THATAWAY" and moves his full move back the way we came (away from the lab)
Pixy and Angel look at eachother, the thief being the only one of the entire party who has survived four near-TPKs, we decided to follow, with me bringing up the rear due to positioning and movement speed.

The DM nods and goes "Ok. The entire mountain rumbles as explosions echo through the caverns. Group A (the other group) watches as the roof collapses, blocking off this half of the mountain for you. The rest of the drow who you didnt' find and kill outside watch as the mountain suddenly raises, rounding off like a bubble, before collapsing in on itself as tons upon tons of rock and debris crash down. The entire mountain is now half as tall, with what was once the top half now forming the smouldering crater within the bottom half. YOU THREE! You two survive..."

My character got caught in the massive several thousand d6 worth of pure mana explosion.... ONE MORE INCH and I'd have made it (movement is done in war-game inches, without a grid, and with a little tape ruler). Still. I got to retire the character back on his home plane have brought down a mountain. The part that makes this anecdote funny is that my character's deity, whom he served, being the god of both pranks AND magic, applauded him and said "You sir, are a maniac... Why didn't I think of that?"

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I haven't used the rules yet, but having read over them a few times they seem to be ok.

As far as flavor and fluff go, they fit in Pathfinder as much as anything else does. Golarion is about as much of a kitchen sink as you can get, what with alien space ships (with mecha) and cowboys to list two of the "wtf i thought this was medieval fantasy" things in the setting. As far as I'm concerned it's not that far-fetched to expect a bunch of psionic people running around. Golarion stopped being "medieval fantasy" a looooong time ago.

OP, expect this thread to draw a lot of haters who haven't even used PF Psionics Unleashed yet. Mainly due to very bad tastes still lingering in the mouths of those who used the atrocious early D&D systems, those who have had conversations on the option with said people, or those that put their hands over their ears and go "LALALALALALA! THIS IS STILL MEDIEVAL FANTASY NOTHING NON-DARK AGES EUROPEAN/MIDDLE EAST EXISTS HERE AND THIS IS SCIFI NONONONONO!"

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Ashiel wrote:
More stuff to favorite some more

Ashiel, your posts are always a pleasure to read. Also, darn you for ripping the words out of my mouth and injecting them into the net in a far more eloquent way that I am currently capable of creating lol.

Your player sounds like a player after my own heart. I had played a character like that in a 3.5 game last year, Dwarven Fighter that was originally going to be a Battlerager a la the Gutbusters via Thibbledorf Pwent from Forgotten Realms. My GM talked me into dual-spiked shielded bull rushing after the first session, so as the game went on he was destroying those trying to get past him with his dual-heavy spiked shields, or answering the age old question "What does it feel like to be hugged by a cactus?" My shining moment was perhaps when I popped the heads off two imps with each hand, and belly-flopped the last one (it wound up stuck to his armor, and he used a stick to peel it off like gum on a shoe before it poofed). He was particularly effective in narrow corridors (we were doing an underground dungeon crawl, so, bonus there) as a Dwarven Defender.

In the mean time, I tend to agree that in a high fantasy game where wizards are warping reality, aliens have crash landed, elixirs of eternal life are created by alchemists, a lone region of a magic-blasted land manages to go cow-boy, and dragons are flying around and gods are toying with mortal lives... Well you get the idea. The thought that ANY fighting style in such a setting is "silly", particularly when there are very different races, is much more silly than the weapons and styles themselves. To tell you all the truth I have never face palmed so hard in my life as when I read this thread. I have a migrane from it. In my games I even allow Sword-chucks.

In the mean time back on topic... A dual-shield fighter, if you have a willing DM, can make for an excellent and highly thematic character.

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If you happen to get lucky and play a campaign where you don't wind up with too many outsiders or what not... I happen to really, really love the idea behind a x-blooded Envenomed/Pestilence sorcerer. Envenomed being the Wild Blooded variant of Serpentine.

The basic idea is based entirely around inflicting as many afflictions as mechanically possible. Debilitating, debuffing, and just destroying the poor fools that cross him. Poisonous bite, give a weapon a dosage of black adder venom for an attack or an hour, instant disease with pestilential breath, immune to disease and poison, and transform into a HUGE snake (that still has a disease cloud breath weapon).

Gets particularly interesting in political games. Diplomacy and Heal become class skills, and Acrobatics, Climb, and Stealth get a small +2 bonus. Come late enough levels you can wipe out entire villages, towns, and maybe a city. Plaguestorm is horrendously fun, Plague Carrier is nice, Contagion simple and easy.

Beyond that, an X-blooded Pit-Touched (Wild Blooded Infernal)/Abyssal gets you a hell of a boost to both Strength and Constitution. Makes for a nice combat caster :).

Edit: Fixed the Infernal/Abyssal bloodlines. Mixed up Brutal and Pit-touched.

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Kuma wrote:
I want to play a halfling witch with the childlike feat. Just be a creepy, creepy, kid.

You know... I had this same idea. But taken one step further.

Halfling feral child. Young templated Halfling, Barbarian, with Animal Fury and Beast Totems. I'm tiny, do almost no damage, but am extremely hard as hell to hit! Plus, I gnaw on your ankle.

I have affectionately dubbed the character "ankle biter".

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Three words....

Asmodean Delivery Service.

ADS is not responsible for any packages lost, destroyed, eaten, regurgitated, or set on fire during the process of delivery. Please tip delivery-devil. ADS is not held responsible for eaten faces, ripped limbs, beyond third degree burns, painful torture, or any other form of bodily harm to sender or recipient. As a reminder please tip the delivery demon, for your own safety.

ADS... When you need something delivered blazingly fast!

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64. There are rumors of a mad cult spreading throughout the southern lands. Sightings of Aboleth, Illithid, and other alien aberrations are increasing throughout the world. A large, black spot on the night sky, devoid of stars, flies in the face of scholars attempting to study it. Some have claimed to see long tendrils, like tentacles, sprouting off of the thing to block out more stars. All attempts to divine it have met with failure.

Stories tell of a man who burst into the throne room of the most powerful nation in your game world, raving of beasts from beyond the stars. He left a dire warning, of tentacles, slime, insanity, and alien creatures seeking to corrupt the world for incomprehensible reasons. They say this man, a poor beggar who lost everything, was beheaded for spreading mass panic... And yet, two weeks later, he was foretelling the end times once more halfway across the continent.

The Arch Wizard of (your game world's strongest nation) has put out word, seeking to hire adventurers to investigate these strange occurrences. Hundreds have answered the call, few return... And every night, the strange void of black seems to grow....

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lonewolf23k wrote:

That leads to the metagame realization that even the weakest Linnorm King is AT LEAST level 14, as that's the Challenge Rating of a Crag Linnorm, the weakest breed. The strongest Linnorm Kings? They killed the CR 20 Two-Headed variety.

...And these are the guys who lost a big chunk of their territory to Baba Yaga.

And who said there were no epic level characters in Pathfinder?! lol.

Yeah, yeah. About the best one can hope for as a PC is probably single handedly taking the Crag Linnorm single handedly. Though honestly I would like to build a few different builds and test exactly how many things can stand up to the CR20 ones. JUST to see if any of the strongest Linnorm Kings are exactly 20th level... Or got extremely lucky.

Then again it doesn't say anything about planning. I suppose you could somehow trap and whittle away a Linnorm's HP maybe....

There's a reason I like the Ulfen :p.

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Simply put I thought I'd share my group's near-universal homebrew rule. No matter who's DMing we generally allow this. It has yet to do anything other than prevent TPKs in particularly more challenging dungeons than our DM intended (seeing as we always do custom campaigns, this happens rather frequently). Beyond that, it really doesn't do much. In particular it keeps the healer feeling particularly useful when they're not particularly helpful in dispatching the enemy.

When casting a spell such as Cure (magnitude) Wounds, or a Restoration type spell, you may take 10 minutes as a casting time. Doing so makes it heal for full effect. For example, a Cure Light Wounds cast by a 5th level cleric taking the full ten minutes will heal 13 hit points (Max of 1d8 + 5). A Lesser Restoration spell will heal 4 points of ability damage. You get the idea. This still only takes up 1 usage of the spell (spell slot).

This rule can only be applied to single-cast healing and restorative spells. It cannot be used with Channel Energy, and the like. This can ONLY be done with spells, and does not work with the Alchemist's extracts. Again, ONLY curative and restoration type spells.

The mental method behind the house rule is basically the idea of the caster sitting there and concentrating, focusing more of his energies and getting the spell cast perfectly.

So, yeah. There ya go. Enjoy all you clericy types.

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I'm sorry if this is a little off topic but... Did anyone else think this involved furries before coming in?

Back on topic...

Bears get shafted, yeah... But what can ya do. Just pump em up a bit in your game and you're good to go.

Also, Umbral Reaver... While sad and tragic, I am now intensely curious as to who would win with a bear and a tiger given that Tigers are, indeed, the bigger badder cousins of the Lion.

Also, on the topic of big cats....

Why no stats for Ligers or Tigons? Man, non-half human hybrids get no love....

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Lex Talinis wrote:
*lots of awesome stuff*

Actually, I have yet to build it mechanically for PFS. When I theorycraft a concept, I usually do it under the assumption that I'll be playing it at one of my current group's various home games, in which case we roll 4d6, drop lowest, re-roll 1s. However, on the topic of PFS play and 20 point by, I would very likely let the con drop to an 8. Charisma would have to skyrocket though, to make up for lack of spells known by casting the ones you know a LOT.... And I kind of see him doing a sort of political assassin thing, what with the whole poison/plague thing.

Oddly enough I just realized I haven't finalized the build. Still need to pick specifically what spells are 'must haves' for the concept, and what feats to take (I do know there will be a LOT of expanded arcana choices).....


Should prolly get on that.

But yeah, thanks man. Glad you like the idea. Originally I picked it up after reading the Envenomed bloodline. Made me take another look at Serpentine... During this time I just so happened to be watching Escape from LA. Hit me like a ton of bricks. "Snake motif!". And off I went, questing high and low for appropriate mechanics to fit!

During my adventures through, I happened across Contagion. This happened to remind me of the Pestilence bloodline, to which I backtracked and took a peek. "Damn!" I thought to myself. "There must be a way for this to work!", and lo, on the horizon of the bottom of the page, I found it in the Cross-blooded archetype! Letting out a gamer-squee of glee, the little devil in me altered the whole idea. "Affliction master!"

Re-working the build some, I kajiggered in the powers and some new spells. The result at 20th level would effectively be a huge snake that could plague a kingdom with it's breath. The spells I chose played off the concept of an affliction master even more, sickening, exhausting, and just generally completely debuffing enemies. A lot of ability point damage at later levels.

From here, I went traipsing through the feat section, where I was welcomed by my old friends. Sadly I could not stay for tea, and Combat Reflexes and Improved Initiative were very sad (I have a tendancy to ALWAYS pick up at least II). It was here that I found something that would have the general effect of slapping me in the face and shouting about V8....

Eldritch Heritage! After taking an aspirin to ease the coming headache from the rather over exaggerated and very painful facepalm, I plopped that on my list... Then continued to go feat-shopping.

Now herein lies my problem. I am now quite the fan of Eldritch Heritage, as I can add even more flavor to my poor sickly elven sorcerer... Poor, because his kind have a general loathing for him, his home town creating the rather appropriate derogatory moniker "Plagueborn"...

I just can't seem to decide which bloodline would give me the most bang for my backstory buck... Accursed, which fits in with the ever so cheerful debuffing mechanics I've already got going on, and introduce a ton more spells to the projected spell list, as well as a whole other bag of cats of 'bad blood' via Hags. To be clear, fear-bases spells... Or Draconic, with Black dragons. Reading their description I find myself liking their whole preference of slightly rotting food, and their secondary breath weapon fits the whole idea. While, of course, also granting wings for flight, and a 60ft line of acid breath weapon to accompany his pestilential breath.

>_>.... And I just realized how off-on topic this got.

Edit: And no, he doesn't even have a name yet. Though for the longest while I was considering Iroquois Plisken.

Edit 2: Anyone know specifically character builds go? Still trying to figure that part out.

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My last campaign with my playgroup, no one bought rations but ONE person after a few adventures. We hadn't had need of them, the DM never mentioned them except during character creation. We all simply thought he forgot about them....

Then we get trapped in a haunted house that is trying to kill us, and only one person brought 1 weeks worth of rations....

We were lucky we found a few really old barrels of pickled herring... It was a few hundred years old, but luckily our cleric had purify food and water... Still tasted like crap.

In the mean time, sunrods/everburning torches, a handy haversack, a 10ft pole, and.... Well almost everything on the 'goods and services' list.

Seriously.... That list is like a gigantic subtle warning sign of what you MUST have on your adventures... Sadly, too many inexperienced young'ns find themselves drowning because they can't reach that off switch down the ten foot corridor as wide as your arm, and your wizard just so happened to decide to NOT learn mage hand...


Edit: Another important one that almost EVERYONE forgets... Antiplague and Antitoxin. Seriously.... I'm not sure if it's just my DM but I buy them almost every game and they are useful at one point or another....

Also... Alkali Flasks. Like Acid flasks.... But deal double damage against those pesky oozes (wish my dwarf had one before it got swallowed by a death ooze and lost all of his hair.... ALL of his hair)....

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Alright.... So my girlfriend and I are thinking of making a pair of barbarians for our next game. She's going to play a halfling titan mauler that will eventually wield anime sized swords. Why? Flavor, and it's that wacky kinda fun we at our group like to have... That in and of itself is quite within RAW from what I read on the Titan Mauler archetype of the barbarian....

HOWEVER. My question pertains to the idea that I was having while perusing my race and archetype choices... And I got the completely mental idea to play an Elven Titan Mauler Barbarian.... Who used extremely large composite bows and arrows. Effectively this elf would be firing off Large, and eventualy Huge (I'm not sure how massive the penalties would be for Gargantuan) bows and arrows, with ALL of that strength bonus from rage.

Now, the question popped into my head... Despite the fact that RAW only says, and I quote off

"Massive Weapons (Ex)

At 3rd level, a titan mauler becomes skilled in the use of massive weapons looted from her titanic foes. The attack roll penalty for using weapons too large for her size is reduced by 1, and this reduction increases by 1 for every three levels beyond 3rd (to a minimum of 0).

This ability replaces trap sense."

The rules state

"Weapon Size

Every weapon has a size category. This designation indicates the size of the creature for which the weapon was designed.

A weapon's size category isn't the same as its size as an object. Instead, a weapon's size category is keyed to the size of the intended wielder. In general, a light weapon is an object two size categories smaller than the wielder, a one-handed weapon is an object one size category smaller than the wielder, and a two-handed weapon is an object of the same size category as the wielder.

Inappropriately Sized Weapons: A creature can't make optimum use of a weapon that isn't properly sized for it. A cumulative –2 penalty applies on attack rolls for each size category of difference between the size of its intended wielder and the size of its actual wielder. If the creature isn't proficient with the weapon, a –4 nonproficiency penalty also applies.

The measure of how much effort it takes to use a weapon (whether the weapon is designated as a light, one-handed, or two-handed weapon for a particular wielder) is altered by one step for each size category of difference between the wielder's size and the size of the creature for which the weapon was designed. For example, a Small creature would wield a Medium one-handed weapon as a two-handed weapon. If a weapon's designation would be changed to something other than light, one-handed, or two-handed by this alteration, the creature can't wield the weapon at all. "

So, exactly at what point does a Titan Mauler's titanic weapons get too big for them to wield? And where to ranged weapons fit into the Titan Mauler? Yes, I'm fairly certain the spirit of the class is designed around melee weaponry, but I'm fairly certain I can't be the only person who thought of using over-sized ranged weaponry....

Also, not sure if it helps matters, but Titan Maulers also get:

" Jotungrip (Ex)

At 2nd level, a titan mauler may choose to wield a two-handed melee weapon in one hand with a –2 penalty on attack rolls while doing so. The weapon must be appropriately sized for her, and it is treated as one-handed when determining the effect of Power Attack, Strength bonus to damage, and the like.

This ability replaces uncanny dodge. "

I realize that in home games our DM can rule this however he wants (like letting the halfling wield a gargantuan greatsword with a massive penalty), but I'm curious to know the specifics in case we want to take these characters to some of our other friends games (if they ever have a free slot or two), or a Pathfinder Society game. IE: What the BASE rules are.

Edit: Italicized for rules references.

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The way Inn names occur in my games, that is when I am DMing or either of our other 2 players/dms in the group... Is we usually use the following formulae.

The / (Adjective, verb, or number) / (verb, or color) / (Object, or creature)

So we wind up with things like

The Silly Prancing Kobold


The Seven Silver Swords (Which if our primary DM is running and we come in here, means a cameo from one of his old epic level AD&D thieves. There's always a Seven Silver Swords in every game he runs, weather we actually show up at it or not is another story.)

Kind of typical, but it works.

Oh, and the inn MUST have a matching sign... Like a prancing kobold in a tutu.

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