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Artemis Moonstar's page

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Are asploded weenies made in microwave ovens?

Either I'm way too tired, or this borderlines non-foodstuffs.

Either way, I've been reminded of The Reanimator... third film I think, with him in prison.. Disturbing, hilarious, and over all, unforgettable.

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Seems my attempt at re-railing my de-rail was actually half a de-rail! Need to stop having 20+ tabs open... YET! It still kinda works... Even though I was thinking this was the Horror Done Right thread at the time for some reason...

PS... Typing on a ps3 w/ a controller takes an eternity!

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@ Tacticslion: Ah, I see.... That's what happens when you're insomniac and been up all night!

That said... If I wasn't so damned and determined to finish Dead Money on New Vegas (I have tried like, twenty times, just can't convince myself to keep playing that FRUSTRATING add-on), I'd be loading FFT up in my PS3-fat.

Also... what is this nonsense that Algus is a hard battle? First time, yeah, sure, but after playing it twice I figured out how, where, and when to move.

Of course, after that battle, I kind of power-level-grind my guys for a few jobs until I've got all (or most) of their abilities paid for...

The PSP version was pretty awesome... I especially loved the fact I could actually PLAY A FREAKING DEATH KNIGHT! Which is good, since my old PS1 GS broke completely and I can't hack myself an assassin or a dark knight anymore.

Sadly... I lost my PSP.... With my copy of Crisis Core in it... Some time during one of the many moves I've had to endure over the past few years....

Ah, nostalgia... Makes me want to pop in Star Ocean II, Lunar: Silver Star Story Ccomplete, Lunar: Eternal Blue.... And still left wondering about Arc the Lad (which I opted to get Lunar over, and have yet to regret). May just drag out my Dreamcast and have a go at Grandia while I'm at it....

Edit: I'd offer to hang out, but I'm way out here in Cali's capitol. where I've been slowly burning alive over the summer. THANK THE GODS FOR THE DELTA BREEZE!... /edit.

Before I derail my own derail....

I find dimmer switches to help when it comes to horror games. I've only managed to have dimmer lights like, twice... But lower light conditions help a ton, especially if you've got just enough light to read your sheet/books over the table, and nowhere else.

Might mesh well with some audio clips I've heard of that play at lower tones, lower than most humans can hear. Feel it in your spine, which induces a kind of dread feeling and agitates the player's nerves. Don't wanna use it too much, I would guess, or they'd get used to it.

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158. You all laughed at me, you all laughed at me! Said I was just a crazy, demented fool! Now look at you! Brains being eaten by horrific abominations from beyond the stars! My undead army and my tinfoil hat protect me! Don't worry though, you'll make excellent shock troops for my resistance force! WHY IS THIS SQUIRREL TALKING TO ME!?

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K177Y C47 wrote:
memorax wrote:

I can see players using a faux accent when playing Dwarves. In the first Baldurs Gate you get a quest from a Dwarven npc with such a accent. Not sure if the the later games did the same thing.

Another thing players who don't like guns, ninjas or anything not your vanilla fantasy. I get that some like fantasy to just the usual mix of stuff. Yet if I tell you upfront it's going to be a non-standard fantasy game. I don't want to hear "Guns! They don't belong in fantasy" or something similar.

As I said... Tolkien Purists... "If it wasn't in LotR then it does not belong in my fantasy" mentality...

Never did get that mentality, but did come across quite a few in my career... Particularly hilarious were those that loved Spelljammer at the same time as they were spouting it...

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Tacticslion, you have pretty much become one of my top favorite people on these boards EVER (somewhere around the top, with Ashiel). FFT is easily hands down my single most favorite video game in the history of my 23 year video gaming career... Better even than Dragon's Lair (don't care who ya are, that princess was hot...).

Which begs the question. Thy name is Ramza? (assuming I'm not mixing up characters, it's been a while since I've picked up a PS1 controller...)

That said... Fairly certain I've posted here before, but here's a more up to date feeling on my games.

I like it to run the gamut, like the novels I read. Some serious, horrifying, world-threatening terror is threatening the world. We heroes need to go save it. Add in whatever elements are integral to the plot, horror, politics, what have you. Keep it serious, but make room for hilarity.

I'm sorry, I can't enjoy a story if it doesn't have points in which it makes me laugh. As much as I loathe Twilight, the first novel had some funny parts which made it stomach-able. Potter was full of laughs, which had me reading from the beginning of book 1 to the end of book 7 in a single, full-day sitting. Marla Mason, Matthew Swift, and the Noble Dead sagas were all pretty serious (and rather grim, in the last books I read for them), but at the same time, pretty damn hilarious and light hearted at just the right points in time.

So, yeah. When I run, I've got major empires at war with back stabbing politics, and if the PCs are well-known, might try and recruit them in the middle of their save-the-world quest. For more evil nations, that's when the hunting begins if they refuse (I hate having background elements that don't affect the story in some way, see Checkov's Gun, if I'm getting my terms right). The world will be alive, complete with fluctuating economies, potential wars and disasters, and an NPC they saved a year ago that promised them life-time free room and board at the Bannered Mare may have been eaten by a different bugbear. To say nothing abou traveling inept kobold bards, contracts put out for the worst orc bard in history a raffle needs to be held to determine which one is chosen, and a magical gnome who travels around and hammers the "Melvin Award" to the corpses of stupid adventurers who died by doing stupid things.

At all times though, I make sure there's serious chance of character death. Yes, you may wander into a dragon's lair at level two if you don't heed the warnings (Hi Melvin!). No, just because you're bad-ass adventurers, the king will not roll over and let you extort him for money to protect his kingdom, that's what his army is for, and his wizard that's about to fireball your face. Why are you getting angry about dying to an explosive-rigged pit trap, it's a kobold warren, you didn't expect to look for traps? Congratulations, the nation you were trying to save from the hideous secretive evil cult just got ransacked by a barbarian horde you were asked to deal with, enjoy that walk through town.

Somehow, I get the feeling how I like my game got lost in all that. For those who couldn't follow my ramblings... I like a living game world, where chance of character death isn't astronomical. At the same time, the tone should be what it should be for that point in the story, but if it doesn't have it's light hearted moments, it's not engaging, nor is it as memorable as the serious stuff will dull and have less effect over time.

Just my two pence.

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The Indescribable wrote:
Artemis Moonstar wrote:
The Indescribable wrote:
I might as well put this out here since I thought of doing it with the summoner, MINIONS!

Then I might as well respond with this.


Don't care who ya are, those guys are definitely eidolon material... BANANA!


Not quite 'minions', but still just the right combination of invulnerable and expendable that make them perfect...

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The Indescribable wrote:
I might as well put this out here since I thought of doing it with the summoner, MINIONS!

Then I might as well respond with this.


Don't care who ya are, those guys are definitely eidolon material... BANANA!

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You never want to go swimming in a lake, for the lake houses the rotting remains of the Lake House's victims... Some Lake Houses store their undying hockey-mask murdering minions in the lake. And sometimes, those rotting remains happen to reanimate.

Secluded cabins are also a bad idea. It seems every secluded cabin out in the middle of the woods across a bridge has their own copy of the Necronomicon.

Also... Are we sure the White House isn't a ghost with a sheet over it's head?

If you get sick while in a cabin, it's probably the Cabin's fever.

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Sereinái wrote:
The house always wins

At least until you bring it down...

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One for fun, rather than power (and currently the 'gestalt' I'm using in a 1 on 1 with my fiance). Naturally, modified to fit with this: Winter Witch (Base) 10/Winter Witch (PRC) 10/ Unlettered White Mage Arcanist 20. Just totally jack your witchiness factor to 11.

Finace's idea: Expert 20/Commoner 20 = "I'm an Expert Commoner!" (for fun!)


Fighter 20/Brawler 20 = Let's have ALL the feats!

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My fiance's response, (transcribed as best as I could, might be missing some parts): "Actually, I prefer the male deities, or most of them. I usually don't play characters that follow deities, but when I do, I usually stick with Callistria since she's simple.

Personally, I think Pathfinder is a little biased when it comes to males. The perfect example of this would be the Succubus and the Incubus. The female uses subtlety, seduction, and charm, while the incubus is more brute force, S&M rape-meisters.

Personally, I find Zon-Kuthon more tragic, than 'mean' like you tag him. You try and go into where he went and see how you come out. Nethys could be considered tragic as well, what with happened to him, even if he brought it on himself."

Then she went on about Pathfinder being biased with males from what she's seen and lots of frustration. The iconics, the focus in the art and fluff, the more "Rawr destroy overpower" male stereotype stuff, and the only effeminate male is trans, so that doesn't count. So, naturally with all that, of course the females would be more appealing. "I mean, just look at pretty much the first picture/scene in the core rule book. You've got Valeros on the ground cut open, and the Cleric and the Sorcerer standing up to the dragon. Pretty much set the whole tone right there"

Though, tbh, I pretty much agree myself. Then again, the majority of players in this hobby are male, so good marketing is to cater, regardless of how progressive you are about it.

It all stems from the ages-old stereotype of Male = Death, Destruction, Power, Hate; Female = Love, Beauty, Seduction, Life. Which itself stems from ancient religion ("Earth Mother" and so on), but still.

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I just wanna say...

My players are going to hate you guys. They already hate the boards for inspiring me to stat out a creature that uses scent on light and eats it (thus leading to lots of dark vision)...

Now they're going to be terrified that every house, store, hut, barn, and warehouse is going to actually try and eat them. They're already terrified of Gazebos (Animate Object + Haunt rules + other home brew stuff = FUN!)....

I can see it now... A Large sized dog house, with legs, ears, and a tail. The entry-way full of adamantine teeth. It's innards? Full of Gelatinous Cube, and the floating remains of those who have disturbed it's master's grounds. The Master, of course, being the Colossal mansion that houses the soul of it's creator's wife, whom died during the construction, and until the still-beating eldritch heart of the Chelaxian opera diva is dug out of the foundation and destroyed, the house shall return every time it's destroyed, serving as both body and phylactery for the vile temptress. (Colossal house, lich archetype, siren's song).

Edit: Every night, the mansion sings soothing songs to the bones of it's pre-death lover, as it did in life, who's corpse rests still in the master bedroom. The song manifests as a haunting lullaby, spreading out from it's hilltop into the town below. Every night, at least one villager is drawn to the mansion while they sleep, wherein they disappear behind the closing, ivy-choked gates... [/edit]

*wrings hands evilly* Heh heh heh......

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One has to be very careful in that regard, Lathiira. Awakened bulls are very fond of that spell... No matter what they try and say.. "Golf ball", yeah right.

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As long as it didn't look like this...

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Under A Bleeding Sun wrote:
I'd agree if it weren't for consume spells. Unfortunately that was built in as a class feature and not an exploit, making the class broken for either PFS or AP's. If you do the long adventuring days its more balanced, but since you have to use published material as the baseline, its probably the least balanced class.

I think you're overestimating the capability of 'consume spells'.

Consume Spells (SU) wrote:

At 1st level, an arcanist can expend an available arcanist spell slot as a move action, making it unavailable for the rest of the day, just as if she had used it to cast a spell. Doing this adds a number of points to her arcane reservoir equal to the level of the spell slot consumed. She cannot consume cantrips (0 level spells) in this way. Points gained in excess of the reservoir's maximum are lost.

That's... Pretty bad for the Arcanist's poor progression and spells per day. Assuming at 20th level arcanist even, that's only a baseline of 4 of each spell level, totaling 180 potential arcane reservoir a day, not counting bonus slots from a high int.

(Note about Magical Supremacy: at 20th level capstone, you require 1 + the spell level of the spell you're casting if you're going to convert reservoir points into spells. Not as powerful as it seems on paper, and you should only really be playing at 20th level for a little while anyway before the campaign reaches it's conclusion. APs don't even get you to 20th, I might add.)

That sounds like a lot... Consider, however, how many spells will be cast during an adventuring day. Naturally this changes from table to table, and I've seen anything from fifteen-minute, one combat adventuring days with no spell necessities to solve out of combat problems... To long days, where the spell casters are lucky if they have even 1 slot left. I'd assume there's an average in there somewhere.

So, that naturally slashes the usefulness of consume spells. At lower levels, your spell slots are extremely precious, no matter what class you are. For the arcanist, I'm just not seeing any exploit, or even archetypes, that would warrant me feasting on my spell slots.

Come mid levels, you'll probably eat your first level slots for probably five or six more points, your second levels would likely be used for the atypical buffs (Cat's Grace, Eagle's Splendor, ETC), and your 3rd slots for blasting/control, same as your 4th and 5th.

Higher levels, sure, you'd chow down on your first or second slots. Maybe even your third level slots. Your higher level slots are typically far too important to blow just so you can use some of your exploits.

Are the exploits good? Sure, they're good. Some could even be great under the right circumstances. Are they better than the spells you're giving up to use them? I'd say about 75% of the time, no way.

Under A Bleeding Sun wrote:

Oh, plus the entirely better infinite arcane points exploit that someone has found in another thread. It does take 3 exploits, but 2 of them are REALLY good anyway, and BAM unlimited arcane points.

I'd encourage you to read that thread a bit more. Even just skimming over it, math has been proven that it's statistically unreliable.

Better yet, here's Quatar's math:

Quatar's Math:

Quatar wrote:

I'm sorry, I don't see that math work. At least not till you get ridiculous Charisma scores.

(Sorry, lots of math following)

You need to cast Dispel Magic against a spell of equal of higher caster level than you. Since you cast it yourself, it's your CL. Making the DC for the Dispel Magic 11+(your caster level). It's caster level of the spell, not the spell level!

Your roll for the dispell is 1d20+(your caster level)+(your charisma mod)

You always have to expend one Arcane Point to even try this.
If you fail the role, it's gone.
If you succeed on the dispel, but fail to exceed it by 5 or more, it's gone.
If you succeed on the dispel by 5 or more, then you get your point back. You just get it back, you don't get more.
Only if you succeed by 10 or more, do you actually make a profit in this.

Now lets look at the numbers. At level 11 we're looking at the following DCs:

To simply dispel: 22
To actually get your Arcane Point back: 27
To in fact get another Arcane Point on top of that: 32

Opposed to that we have your roll to dispel:
1d20 + 11 + Cha Mod

Say Cha Mod of 5 (bit on the low side for level 11):
Results in a roll of 1d20+16

Need a 6 to hit the DC 22, though that doesn't really help.
Needs a 11 to hit the DC 27 and get your points refunded (50% chance for that happening)
Needs a 16 to actually gain an extra point (25% chance)

So 50% of the time you have a loss of 1 Arcane point.
25% of the time you come out even.
25% of the time you make a profit of 1 point.

Ok, it clearly doesn't work with just Cha of 5.

Each increase in Cha reduces the total failure chance by 5%, and increases the chance for the +2 return by 5%.

The tipping point is a Cha mod of 8 (mathematically 7.5, but you can't have that):

35% for losing 1 point (anything below 8)
25% for just coming out even (8-12)
40% for gaining 1 point (13+)

You now have a tiny average profit of 0.05 points per attempt. That's still pretty bad and fairly unreliable.

At Cha Mod 10 we'd look at a profit of 0.25 points per attempt. That's better already, of course, but still nowhere even close to the 1.6 the OP claimed.
I suppose he meant "I get 1.6 back, but still have to pay the 1" making it a net profit of 0.6.

A Cha Mod 13 is required to get a net return of 0.65, but I'm not sure how realistic a Cha of 36 really is at level 11.

The CL doesn't even matter in this equation at all, since it's the same on both sides (DC and check), it hinges alone on the Cha Mod.


Siphon Spell wrote:

Siphon Spell (Su): When the arcanist uses the greater spell disruption exploit, she can siphon some of the power of the targeted spell to restore her arcane reservoir. If the caster level of the spell is equal to or higher than that of the arcanist, and she exceeds the DC of the dispel check by 5 or more, she adds 1 point to her arcane reservoir. If she exceeds this check by 10 or more, she instead adds 2 points to her arcane reservoir. This has no effect on magic items. The arcanist must have the greater spell disruption exploit to select this exploit.

Notice that you have to roll... Now, to quote a bit of text from the Dispel spells.

You automatically succeed on your dispel check against any spell that you cast yourself.

There is no rolling. Therefore, there is no ability to pass the check by 5 or 10. Congratulations, you just blew 1 reservoir point to auto-dispel your own spell for no reason.

So... No, there is no 'infinite reservoir point' exploit. And your concerns over Consume Spells are reasonable on paper, but impractical and even debilitating in play.

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... Darn you all!

I was just about to start playing Pokemon to catch up with my GF (we play the same generation at the same time in a 'couple' fashion), and then... I found this thread.

Where's my old Final Fantasy Anathology PS1 discs? Or that combo Chrono Trigger/FF4 set? I MUST PLAY! At least the ps3 isn't bothered by the scratches on disc 1 of my FF9 that prevented me from getting past the opening movie...

Note to self: re-buy FF7/8 & Xenogears... Damn ex stealing my best games... Grr...

That said...

I am so totally going to try and stat up Setzer now...

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ParagonDireRaccoon wrote:
When Artemis Moonstar posts a Techslinger with heavy weapons I think we'll see the bar raised for ACG and Tech Guide power builds.

Don't get your hopes up too high. Heavy Weps are a bit harder to bust than I initially thought. Slow-Firing is kicking my [REDACTED]...

So, expect it to be more of a fun build than anything ultra-broke.

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graystone wrote:
Athaleon wrote:
Difficult fights should never involve a single creature anyways.
You should check out this companies adventure paths. Often it IS a "single creature".

And this is a problem. IMO anyways.

Just because something's op'd in an AP does not mean it's OP'd in a homebrew game... Unless the GM uses similar design.

Just like I ignore the Crane Wing nerf when I run, because it's never been a problem for me. Then again, I'm old school, brutal, and run my enemies according to how intelligent they should be.

But this is derailing.

Give me an hour or two, I might have something that busts heavy weapons wide open. Need to check a few things... After dinner.

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11th level. Techslinger. Signature deed feat.

Techslingers get the following deed.

Covet Charge (Ex): At 1st level, a techslinger can spend 1 grit point to use 1 charge fewer than normal when firing a technological weapon (minimum 0), as long as the weapon has enough charges remaining to be fired at least once. This deed replaces deadeye.

Use a 1 charge using item, and you pretty much never have to worry about running out.. Far as I know. Also, Techslingers get this too.

Charge Recycling (Ex): At 11th level, by spending 1 grit point, a techslinger can grant 1 temporary charge to a technological firearm, even if the firearm normally can no longer be recharged. This charge must be used within 1 hour or it fades. The techslinger can grant temporary charges to multiple firearms as long as she has enough grit, but temporary charges do not stack with themselves in the same firearm. At 15th level, the techslinger can grant 2 temporary charges when she uses this deed, and at 19th level, she can grant 3 temporary charges. This deed replaces expert loading.

So, yeah, run out and you don't need to worry for an hour when combined with above.


2 people marked this as a favorite.

My major problem with uses per day isn't so much the fluff (of which I shall keep my opinion on it close to the vest, though it seems to differ from many in this thread)... It's the gameplay consequences.

In short.. It reinforces the fifteen minute work day. At least from what I've experienced. I know very few who would actually want to be the truly epic big damn heroes that continue on despite being tired and worn out.

I can understand resting for HP... But when entire parties are resting because people are out of x/day (this includes x/rounds, x/anything, x/etc), despite having good HP and casters still have a handful spells left... Totally breaks my verisimilitude.

I can get the tactical advantage of fighting the BBEG at totally topped off everything... But there's no effing thrill to the story when the heroes plow through a dungeon, rest for a few hours inside said dungeon, then go off to fight the final boss as pristine as the day they left town! And usually, due to how most of these 'Boss Fights' are designed, these fully fresh characters often trounce said boss... Because there's nothing in the module that states the boss would rather harass them while sleeping, than sitting in his sanctuary wringing his hands evilly and twirling his mustache.

Don't believe me? I've seen it, I've been in parties that do it. Several times. One of my worst groups would practically boycott and derail the game until they got to do it, which is not a good experience for a new GM (who was only doing it because none of the usual GMs wanted to, despite only having been playing for a year beforehand), which made her vow never to GM again, mainly due to the fact, that they vehemently argued with very raised voices they 'Should' be able to ONLY so the casters can re-prepare their spells, and the barb can get rage rounds ("By not letting us sleep, you're just trying to pull a TPK!"). After only ONE and a HALF combats at level 2 (they retreated, and the nature of the dream labyrinth prevents things from leaving their assigned rooms).

It's why I've started to shake off the rust and DM again. There's nothing more of a buzz kill to me than having the psyched momentum grind to a freaking halt just so the barbarian can sleep and be pissed off tomorrow. Fortunately, those who I DM for (though that number is small) happen to agree with me, so though I'm not a player, I'm getting the BDH feeling through DMing for them ^_^.

I have no problem with Use Per Day features. I find them to be rather fun to use, and depending on what they are, rather thematic... It's the game play attitude that they enable that upsets me.

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The first thing that popped in my head when I reas Chainsaws....


I am a very, very happy individual.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

I haven't been able to look at the ACG yet, but... What is with all this fear concerning the new stuff? Seriously. I've been reading up vast majority of these ACG posts, and I just gotta say.

If you're worried about it, let it in bit by bit on the condition it'll be retired if it gets too imbalancing, or house ruled. That way, you can actually see what it seems like IN GAME, rather than read it, scream "OMG!" and assume that it's totally broken... Without seeing it in play first.

Sorry if that sounded offensive, or if anyone took it offensively, but that's seriously a lot of what I'm seeing in response to the ACG. Mostly the Arcanist, I'll admit, but some other stuff as well.

What ever happened to PLAYING it, and THEN judging it? Or am I just too old school for these new-fangled players?

Seriously... Everyone's group is different. What's broke at your table may be sub par at someone else's.

Sry for the venting, just getting tired of seeing people getting far too up in arms over judging books by their covers.

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Berserkr (Barbarian/Druid)
No spell casting, but full BAB, and they Wild Shape when Raging....

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Chester the Cheetah: It aint easy, bein' cheesy

Wizard: Says you....

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Tacticslion wrote:
Artemis Moonstar wrote:
All this discussion of Schrodinger makes me want to play a half-undead cat....

... but would you be a spellcasting cat? Also: what gender?

... and would you be a calico?!

These are the questions of our age.

(Or at least that one thread. Sounds pretty fun, to me.)

I shall be an Oracle! With the Deaf curse! To heck with your silliness of not being able to cast as a cat! My stuff's Silenced!

I'd rather be Siamese. That way, I can cast Mirror Image (fine, I'll dip if I have to), and use Ghost Sound to make me and my copies sing! "We are Siamese if you please! We are Siamese if you don't please!"

Not sure about that other guy, but I got my answers.

Edit: Also, because I feel like it... I'll roll a D4. Male, Female, Hermaphroditic, Genderless. MAGIC DOES WEIRD THINGS!

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Ravingdork wrote:
Green Smashomancer wrote:
Ever want to do something? There's a spell for that.
I recently found one that polishes a metal object to a mirror-like sheen...and that's it.

... Didn't Prestidigitation already do that?

I seriously begin to wonder about things that are put in simply to fill up page space now...

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Athaleon wrote:
Andrew R wrote:
Artanthos wrote:

Schrodinger's wizard always wins.

Unfortunately, he never shows up to "real" campaigns.

Yet some players seem to have schrodinger's spell list......
That's nothing. I've seen people post Fighters with Schrodinger's Handy Haversack.

All this discussion of Schrodinger makes me want to play a half-undead cat....

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Good to know. Generally hate using other people's settings and characters, my ridiculously high standards I hold myself to always leaves me feeling as if I didn't get it "quite right", as it were. That's the one part of my inner critic I can't seem to turn off, lol.

That said! Always need more practice, particularly for flash/very short fiction.

*Cracks knuckles* Time to crack open the ISWG, Land of the Pharaohs, Pathfinder Wiki, and Nethys' Archives. Let's see what I can cook up for this scene of a dungeon delve I've got playing in my head.

18 people marked this as a favorite.

Allow me to shed a little more light on the situation, beyond people just going "Oh, yeah,it exists!" without expanding on it.

Mostly, it exists in theorycraft. There are a few situations in game that grants anecdotal evidence of the Spellcasters = Win idea.

1) 15 minute work days. Fix: Don't let your casters go nova, nap, nova, nap, nova nap.

2) Caster player has excellent/near perfect system mastery, GM not so much. Fix: Not much to do about this one.

3) High level play tends to reinforce this idea, particularly because martials lag behind high system mastery casters.

The Misconception: A lot of these 'Spellcaster = Win' scenarios require contrived, 'perfect' situations. There's also this idea of the 'Scry and Fry' always being a thing, thus you'll have the perfect spell every time. Martials require more work to kill things at higher levels, casters require less.

Personal anecdotal: I've played in some groups where Casters were instant-winning encounters of all kinds. However, this was due primarily to the fact that they were "I'm out of spells! I need to sleep!" and the entire adventuring day halted... With no consequences, EVER.

Said group hated me as a GM because not only did I ask for spells known/prepped lists (prompting one player to go from Sorcerer, to cleric, to finally Paladin, when she suddenly stopped having all the perfect spells known for the situation... At level 4). I also dealt with the 15 minute work day, in which, yeah, sure, find an empty room in the dungeon to sleep. Expect to get assaulted in the middle of the night since my monsters aren't idiotic statues that stay in their assigned room forevermore, and actually WANDER. Researching for the encounter ahead was fine... They just never got to know ever single itty bitty detail about what they'd be fighting.

So... Yeah, in some groups, this is a thing. It's very, very easily fixed by competent GMs. There's SR, anti-magic, dispel magic, fixes I suggested above, etc.

One other reason why your group probably doesn't see it as much, is because a lot of the spellcaster's power is in actually in the grid system, which no one ever really realizes. With the grid system, you have hard, codified evidence of where the enemies are, where your guys are, and where you can place your spells... and it's not all reliant on GM fiat whether or not the mobs are actually outside the spell range or not, when the GM doesn't want a single spell to end the entire adventure in one round. It's a lot easier to keep track of lasting effects on a gid/hex mat, and a lot easier for a caster to visualize and plan where his spells need to go, since he can use all of his mental power towards it, rather than diverting some to the imagination play....

Which, by the way, is a style of play I have not been able to participate in years, and sorely long for... Ah, nostalgia....

Edit: And, yeah, your approach could also pretty much handle this argument. Much of the spellcaster's abilities come out of RAW, and quite often, some out-there readings of it.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

.... Heard about this on the radio in the car.

I think I'm now going to have a Robin Williams Movie Marathon. Time to drag out my old VHS tapes.... Doubtfire, Aladdin, Flubber, that 1 episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway...

Excuse me whilst I take a moment to compose myself...

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Bandw2 wrote:
all I can say is bike animals.

Long have I desired to turn This into a thing.

That said... Talk to your GM, OP guy. See if you can't undo the gender swap.

Personally, being of randomized-gender myself on any given day, I'd view it as a wonderful RP opportunity. YMMV.

That said... You may really want to try and change it.. Given the whole.. Heat... Thing...

Should we not piss this pussy off? :p (I kid)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I... But... AAAGHH!!!

This or ACG, this or ACG!?

I hate being poor.


Tesla to me = Einstein to Dexter (Dexter's Laboratory)...


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I think most of the multi-class hate comes from the fact that mechanically, for the most part, single-class are better.

Me? I view classes as more chasis of a character's training, rather than an actual job descriptor. So, I actually don't mind multiclassing. Just depends on the campaign and if it makes sense for the character. I personally HATE this idea that classes are job descriptors or titles.

"Hey bob, what do you do?" "I'm a fighter!" as opposed to, "Hey bob, what do you do?" "I'm a true warrior."... Or, "I'm a barbarian!" as opposed to, "I am the fang and claw of my tribe, I bring death to my foes and honor to my clan".... Which would you rather say or hear in character?

Once had a rogue, who had initially planned on becoming leader of the guild he was exiled from in his back story, set up as your run of the mill thief. Halfling, Childlike, Pass for Human halfling shenanigans. Over the course of the campaign, he wound up making a connection with the party monk, who had a similar experience (framed, exile or death), who instead decided to take it in stride and continue his life, while still adhering to his zen Buddhist styled ways. At the end of the campaign (before it imploded due to GM burn out), I had a Rogue 6/Monk 4, that had started out initially at CN, ended at LN, and abandoned his quest for revenge.

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LazarX wrote:
ShallowHammer wrote:
LazarX wrote:

What really makes us primitive is that we still think smartphones are a good idea.

Or that we call them "smart?"
That shows how devolved we are.

Reference the anime Summer Wars for the direction we're heading... That, and Wall-E! All because we think it's intelligent to link our bank accounts, safe combinations, cars, home security, kitchens, and whatever else, to our PHONES AND THE INTERWEBZ!

That said, I'm all up for a Pluto Elemental. I think it might look like a dog!

But, are we sure these elementals are actually elementals? They could be aliens... I mean, just look at Miss Methane...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Cuurrssee yoouuuu!!!

Now I'm going to have to rebuild my Dhampir Inquisitor of Pharasma into the Pharasmin Slayer. Death Attacking the Undead.....

I thought I'd retired that guy....

*grumble grumble*

4 people marked this as a favorite.

This iconic is going right up there with Seltyiel on the top of the shelf as my top favorite Iconics. Excellent back story.

Also. As a person who's gender identity fluctuates (my "heart/soul" seems to be unable to decide with any finality), seeing an iconic as an open Trans from the get-go. Makes me quite happy.

Makes me even happier the fact that it fits in with a lot of shamanistic/spiritual lore of various cultures. The occult-nerd in me had a squee moment at that...

Though, the fact that it's a female dwarf for an Iconic made the dwarf-lover in me squee even more.

Warm fuzzy happy all around!

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Owly wrote:

Polymorph any Object is a good solution, in my opinion. It's the ultimate polymorph spell, and incorporates doing anything at all to your opponent if they fail their save. At that level, there's no reason why a collective figurine wouldn't be do-able. Are you going to keep them in the package to maintain value?

But howabout a little fun? What if we combined a number of spells and (with your GM's permission) made a fun adventure hook out of it?;
- maze
- imprisonment
- baleful polymorph
- create demi-plane
- polymorph any object
- sympathy

Through careful planning and treacherous skullduggery, you've managed to entrap your lifelong enemies in a demiplane of your own devising. It's a nightmare world where they live, fight and die for your pleasure. Each enemy is controlled inside the world through the use of a game piece (of themselves) and an elaborate gaming table. You and your fellow wizards delight at playing "gods" to these men and women inside the demiplane, who play out dreadful stories for the amusement of you and your guests.

Most excellent. Now, perhaps we shall devise a series of enchantments into the table that buff or debuff these trapped game-piece enemies, determined by a roll of a rather mundane version of the Knucklebone of Fickle Fortune. Perhaps give everyone this twenty sided bone....

.... Wait... This sounds familiar...

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Jiggy wrote:

I've made many attempts at trying to communicate what it is that martials need. I think my most successful such communication may be this post:

In another thread, I wrote:

I haven't read the whole thread, but to my way of thinking there's one big thing that the fighter needs to be "unchained" from that's more important than anything else:


"You can't shoot a bow that many times in 6 seconds!"
"You can't jump that far!"
"You can't just cut through a door like it's butter!"
"You can't wrestle something that big!"
"You can't cut something incorporeal without magic!"
"You can't break that world record!"

You can't, you can't, you can't, you can't, you can't... No, you can't. That's why I'm playing a fantasy game starring someone who isn't YOU.

Currently, the name of the game is "if real people can't do it, then fantasy people can't* do it either".

I want my fighter to stop the dragon's bite by grabbing him by the teeth. And then body slam him.

I want my fighter to swing his sword and bat your enervation right back at you.

I want my fighter to get save-or-die effects at the same level your wizard does. Maybe even earlier, since I'm supposed to be good at killing things.

I want my fighter to have things he can do that no magic spell can duplicate.

Unchain the fighter from "realism". Everything else will follow.

** spoiler omitted **

Seriously fantastic, and the point of a lot of these "problems with martials" threads.

Also, I quoted because this needs to be read at least 3 times. It's that awesome.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It was way back in the 60's, when they called it lost in space.

Oh, I'm sorry, wrong lyrics (volatire "USS Make $#!- Up").

Might as well necro the old one if you wanna run this atrocious topic again. All the debates and "data" are already there, and no one really need add anything new!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

You're most welcome. Feel free to let me know if you've got anything else you want me to take a stab at, I could use the writing practice.

Seriously though. One of the better fantasy arts I've seen. Kudos!

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Writing Notes:
I took a little artistic license with the color of Orc blood. Goblinoids and Orc-types always have black colored blood in my games/settings/stories.

The Battle of Arthfell Woods wrote:

"Tch... Figures." He grumbled to himself as he crashed through the forest.

Valeros had gotten separated from his party, again. It was meant to be a simple mission, get in, wipe out some mercenaries that were plaguing a small village, get some loot, and go home. Now he was trudging through the enemy's forest, alone, with not even so much as an inkling of where his party might be.

Maybe I'll start investing in some lighter armor... This stuff doesn't help so much with avoiding those damn pit traps. Valeros thought to himself as he patted his breastplate. The more he thought about it, the more he scowled. No, I'd rather not deal with how Merisiel would act if I did...

He stopped as he kicked a fallen branch out of his way. Something had caught his attention, something altogether disturbing. There was no sound coming from the forest. No birds, no vermin, not even any insects. Pure and total silence reigned.

He'd much rather have heard something else, anything else. The crackle of Seltyiel's lightning, the roar or Alahazra's conflagrations, Lini's angry kitty, or even the boom from that half-witted Damiel's half-baked concoctions. Silence, however, weighed on his nerves like an overlarge harvest of corn on one's shoulders.

The sound of metal escaping it's sheath broke the oppressive silence. A chill danced along his spine as the echo of drawing his trusty blades was devoured, and silence once more reigned supreme. His entire body began to tense, from his scalp to his soles, as his hair stood on end.

The rustle of leaves caused Valeros' reflexes to react before he had any conscious thought to do so. Rolling to the side, he could feel a blade strike where his skull was mid-roll, catching some of his hair as it dug into the soft earth. Rolling to his feet, blades at the ready, he confronted his assailant.

Across from him, a dirty green skin. The orc was easily as tall as he was, buff in a slender way that suddenly reminded him of Imrijka, though without the half-orc's intriguing curves. He was clad in a dark leather, with some kind of quilted padding to reduce the noise, wielding a wicked looking battle axe.

Two more dropped from the trees, flanking their comrade. These were more like the orcs he was familiar with. One was wearing a simple set of scale mail, wielding a great sword. The other had somehow managed it's way into a hiding spot up a tree in half-plate, with a halberd. Their sneers were met with an increasingly excited smirk.

"Well it's about damn time! Do you know how long I've been looking for you guys? I'm going to have to make you pay for cutting my hair, the cute barmaid back in town had the hots for it!"

As his initial shock turned to battle lust, he found himself excited. This would be a fun challenge he had not had in a while. Alone, and outnumbered, why, this hadn't happened since he was hunting down Thomas Thunderhawk and his brothers when they escaped the gallows, during his bounty hunter days.

The orcs glanced at each other. Turning their attention back to him, they roared a furious war cry as they charged. Valeros' responded with an uproarious bellow, drowning out the orc's feeble attempt at intimidation.

The clash of steel echoed as the battle cries ceased. Valeros parried their opening attacks, delivering a telling blow with a slash across the leather clad orc's head. The shortsword bit deep, with a jarring scrape along the thick skull, spraying foul black blood as it finished it's arc.

The halberd glanced off his armor as the great sword missed his head by mere inches. Adrenaline rushed through his body as the longsword smashed against the scale mail, hardly doing any damage. The shortsword, however, slipped in through a chink and poked the orc in the hip.

At first, all Valeros could hear was the clatter of warring metals, and the enraged or pained cries of his opponents. Soon, however, as he began to pant, there was naught but ringing in his ears.

The leather clad orc fell when his longsword found its way into it's heart, cleaving through bone with a single thrust, then shredded a lung as Valeros yanked it out through the orc's side. Thick black blood sprayed everywhere, coating the warriors and forest with it's foul stench. Valeros had to wrinkle his nose to ignore it.

The orc in the scale male was the next to fall. A few choice strikes with his longsword would hew the armor in twain. It was a simple matter of taking a trick from Merisiel's book and planting his shortsword to the hilt in the orc's spine, and yank up.

The one in the half-plate decided it was going to be a bit tougher. The two warriors seemed to have a hard time landing any telling blows. Valeros' blades seemed to bounce off the orc's armor, whilst the halberd was being blocked or turned away by Valeros' blades.

The stalemate finally ended, however, when Valeros sidestepped the halberd. Planting a vicious kick to the orc's knee, he dropped it. Swinging his blades, long and short, he brought them together, crossing mere centimeters from each other. Valeros didn't even flinch as he felt the blades connect with the orc's vertebrae, severing them, before continuing on through the meat.

He did, however, grimace as the rancid blackness sprayed from the stump where the orc's head used to be. Turning his face from the fountain, he decided he was definitely going to need a bath. Running the back of his vambrace over his face after the orc geyser stopped, did not help any.

There was some rustling from the brush off to his right. He rolled his eyes, turning to prepare for another fight. The magus burst through the bushes, blade in hand, arcane energy swirling within the other. The others of this disparate band arrived not long after, seemingly prepared for battle. Seeing that the battle had already ended, Seltyiel let the mystic energies fade, and cast a glare at Valeros.

"Where the hell were you!?" Seltyiel all but shouted at him.

Valeros' flat stare was all the answer the magus needed.....

Started on it like, an hour and a half ago. Remind me to never write in a browser again. It ate this thing like, three times. Seriously need to work on remembering the exact details of what I wrote, this is crap compared to the first attempt.

I'd have had a better combat scene... But, well, I got tired while writing it, and I was frustrated a few times over. So... Yeah.

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chaoseffect wrote:
Cerberus Seven wrote:
So this feat is fine, but Crane Wing is overpowered? Honestly, I just don't get it. What were you thinking when you approved this cluster-frack of a feat, Paizo?
It's ok because it's magic. It's not like its some sort of water balloon fighting style. That would be ridiculous.

Exactly. Magic isn't bound by your silly reality and rules like martials are! Castys break reality so hard, we break the rule set too!


Even Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann would cringe in terror at this feat, and they quite literally break reality on a daily basis.


... *facepalm* How could I forget possibly my most favorite trap, er, I mean, artifact!?

And at least Numerology can be done before the game session! Just take all your spells, apply Numerology to it, and you're done.... This thing though...

Martials should get a feat that let you get more feats than what you originally had... I know! Let's turn the Brawler's class ability to gain multiple feats into a feat itself you can get at level 2! "Profession: Warrior 2 ranks". You can take it multiple times to get even more phantom feats!

2 people marked this as a favorite.

1) You basically get 2 metamagic feats for free. Yes, you can only use them using this feat, but you still have them as an option.

2) You can select it multiple times, choosing 2 metamagic feats to get for free with this feat as many times as you want.

3) You can use any metamagic feats you already have without this feat in any case.

4) You can apply as many metamagic feats as you want, as long as the modified level is not above that which you can cast.

5) The cost is increasing the casting time by one increment, or two if you're a spontaneous caster. This is negated by Quicken Spell metamagic feat.

6) If you succeed on this silly mechanic, you cast the spell using the base spell slot of the spell that was modified, NOT the modified spell level. Therefore, if you quicken, say, Color Spray, you still only use up the 1st level slot. At this point it is unclear if Quick makes it a swift, or merely negates the increment increase and you cast as a standard.

7) According to Chort's testing, he was capable of getting the assigned prime constants 10 out of 10 times. That means 10 times you get FREE metamagic tricks, as the "cost" of metamagic feats are increased spell slots used.

8) The feat says NOTHING about not counting any of the tricks people can use to decrease the final modified spell level. Magical Knack, for example, knocks 1 level off the final modified level of the spell (though still can't go over what you can cast before this subtraction last I heard), thus changing the numbers you need to get to the lower level primes, which should be easier to get than the higher level primes.

That's just off the top of my head. Someone let me know if I missed anything.

Edit: Edited for typo.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

.... Yes.

In my games, I am so introducing druid terrorists. They shall all be Elves... With dreadlocks and those knit Jamaican styled beanies, and speak like stoned 70s hippie rejects! And they shall be strangely obsessed with fluffy little seals!

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The Lion Cleric wrote:

Sounds like it belongs in Pathfinder Unleashed. Where's the feat that if you tear up your PHB, you win the game?

(blatant TCG reference)

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Anzyr wrote:
Arachnofiend wrote:

I do like how it keys off the # of ranks in a skill. That's something I'd like to see more often.

...Granted, that's something I'd like to see more often in rogue talents, but still.

Yes, in that aspect it's actually really cool, more numbers should theoretically make getting a target prime number easier. But... wow. When do my martials get to use my ranks in Perception to do math and get True Seeing or my acrobatics to gain a miss chance?

You sir, have just given me something to work on to homebrew. +1 for you and arachnofiend.

Hey guys! I just found the second feat of the tree for this thing!:

It bumps the dice!

Makes me wonder how this works with Spell Perfection and/or Spontaneous Metafocus.

3 people marked this as a favorite.


Personally? This feat would have made a better Wizard archetype. Seriously. How can you sit there and NOT tell me that it's perfectly thematic of a mathematics-oriented wizard?

The only balancing factors of this feat are: the random factor that may or may not let you hit those 3 primes; the fact that if you fail, you lose the spell anyways; that it takes a full round action unless you sac 4 levels to keep it a standard.

I'd still probably use it on a sorcerer. Actually, I'd use it on an Oracle. I'd like to point out they only call out "Sorcerers and Bards" as increasing the casting time two steps, rather than all "spontaneous casters". So...

Enjoy your 2 free metamagic feats, Oracle!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

On the other hand... Despite the amount of math necessary... I have long wanted to see Sacred Geometry play a role in TTRPGs. It's been a fascinating philosophy to me, and I always wanted to see a party with a Wizard of Words (Scroll Scholar/Scroll Master, in my mind. See: The Paper in Read or Die), and a Geometer (centered around the concepts of Sacred Geometry, with it's math and shapes) in the same party. Oh the banter that could be.....

Slightly off topic, but I'd love to see a Geomancer class, via Final Fantasy Tactics (original/War of the Lions). But that would just be a freaking nightmare to figure out what effects specific terrains would give you, much less how they're spread across 20 levels. <- this brought up thanks to the connection between geometer and geomancer ("Geo").

Then again... This may not be the way for one to put Sacred Geometry into a TTRPG. More math!? That won't slow the game down at all.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

The metamagician in me is ULTRA HAPPY!

The kid who hated math in school in me is organizing a lynch mob.

Edit: One would have to find the butter zone for the # of d6s rolled... This may be because I sux at math (coasted by with about a B average) and haven't done complex calculations in years... But wouldn't adding more random dice make it harder for you to hit any of the lower level prime constants? 20d6 is a lot of numbers. What if I don't want to Empower Maximize Heighten Quicken Dazing Rime Bouncing my Magic Missile? xD

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