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Artemis Moonstar's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,382 posts (1,468 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 5 aliases.

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Silly campaign idea I recently recalled after I watched that old cartoon Shadow Raiders.. I think that was what it was called.

Anyways, the characters wind up going through a labyrinthian dungeon, only to pop out more or less at the center of the planet... Which just so happens to be the control center of the massive planetoid space ship. Thanks to some plot-induced bungling, they wind up activating the giant thrusters (that just so happened to be hidden inside of he mountains in which the greatest city in the world, and seat of the empire spanning 3/4ths of the glove, sits between). By knocking the planet off course, they catch the attention of what is effectively Unicron/Galactus, which has been hunting for that planet-ship for eons (considering the ship is basically kind of like the Titan from Titan A.E.)...

Now, not only does the party need to deal with the fact that they've thrown the surface world into utter chaos thanks to the fact that the planet is actually a giant self-sufficient ship, they have to deal with the power vacuum caused by the utter annihilation of the Empire's capital (not to mention the deaths of a couple hundred thousand people); while trying to pilot this thing around the galaxy, dealing with other planets along the way (potentially picking up a fleet of planet ships); and outrunning/outsmarting the World Eater & it's locust-like army as it continue its attempt to wipe out all evolutionary life in the universe.

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Email Sent!...Now... Reveal unto me thy class for which I shall be hurling cabbages at bender's heads!..... Please?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Sounds nifty. Looking forward to seeing it.

Any idea how you'd go on races for the campaign?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I think I'd have to see what I'm getting into before I actually commit to much interest, but...

Yes please!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I Blame Cosmo I forgot all about Off-Topic discussion section...

I will also Blame Cosmo if the college I'm trying to enroll in winds up full and I get stuck on the wait list. I want my bachelor's degree in English damn it so I can go teach Eigo in Nihon already! I'm too old now to make it for the JET programme, I'll JUST hit their age cut off point (30) by the time I get the required Bachelor's (for this, I do Blame Cosmo), so I'll have to go with a friggin' corporate one... I am seething with impatience! SEETHING I SAY!

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One I'm going to be doing for my fiance that I never knew I always wanted to do until now.

Starts out as a typical Monster Hunter campaign, with monster job boards and such to capture monsters and strange creatures for rich people's menageries or city zoos and so on, right? After the first few levels, her PC will wind up "finding", in the latest monster's loot, a Throne card from the Deck of Many Things, which just so conveniently spawns the castle right where a mystical spring basically turns monsters into more humanoid-esque shapes, immediately bumps int and wis to at least 10s, and forcibly rewrites their alignment to neutral.

Basically, the spring (which becomes a fountain in her castle courtyard), coupled with the castle, turns the whole thing from "Monster Hunter/Wrangler" to "Ruler of a Monster Kingdom". Plus, she gets her harem of sexy monster guys, lol.

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thegreenteagamer wrote:
Dragoncat wrote:

The AP feels more like a bunch of set-pieces connected through a flimsy plotline instead of a coherent, compelling narrative.

That's been every AP I've played in. Maybe, just maybe, hiring six writers for one AP and then barely tying the seperately written parts together with an editor's plan isn't the best idea for a single story...

Hear hear!


It's time efficient! Gotta confess that.

Assuming it's not a 3.5 AP that is

I confess: I want to see Paizo re-release their 3.5 APs and modules for their PF ruleset! Some of us don't have the time nor the inclination to modify it ourselves!

I know they claim "collector's value" and that they'd lose money, but... Come on, really? Sure, don't do another "ultimate collector's edition" like with RotRL (which was just... A bad idea, a bad, bad idea. Cool, but from a marketing stand point, very bad idea). They can't, on the other hand, tell me they'd lose money putting out-of-print adventure paths back into print via Print-On-Demand. Might not make as much of a profit, but I know a lot of people who'd saw off their left foot for updated APs.

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My misspelling was intentional. Didn't want to give it away TOO easily. Besides, if it's a tech game, he'd have a plasma gun :p.

That said.... I'm sure King DeeDeeDee would love to meet this King DVD. Perhaps he can get King DVD to get me some of them episode of the Kirby anime.....


Personally, I've always wanted to run a campaign that's a sort of psychological thriller.

Basically they spend half the game in a dream-realm copy of the world, the other half in their real world, alternating whenever they sleep (whoever's on 'watch' will usually always fall asleep regardless). Of course, the monsters they wind up having to kill in the dreamscape are actually people in their real world. On the other hand, the monsters in the real world are prefectly peaceful, ordinary people in the dreamscape. Areas of civilization in one, are monstrous wild lands in the other.

Killing any version of one results in the death of the other, with exactly the same wounds and damage appearing spontaneously as they appear on the currently-being-injured version. Thing is, this only happens to those that the PCs kill directly (pc-laid traps and summoned creatures included). Death from old age or wilderness and so on have no effect on the alter-world.

Beyond that, I'm still working it out. I know I won't be doing the usual thing of they're actually insane and committing the atrocities themselves. They fully disappear from the world when they go to sleep. I'm currently contemplating having it that monsters have been trying to expand into the civilized territories in both realms, which are in all actuality occurring thanks to the alter-world's civilized societies trying to expand themselves (which thus gives the monsters a psychic nudge to invade boldly into civilized territory as well).

That's all I got.

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Not to much a full campaign idea, but something sort of based off the Legend of Zelda series.... With the primary villain a deeply-tanned very red-haired dwarven magus named Gannon...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Being villainous IS fun.

Ulfric wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the consequences I know were coming, or if he wasn't such an ass. Then again, most everyone is an ass, and I can't wait for a PC that can run Skyrim with that "true high king" mod that'll let me MURDERHOBO ULFRIC AND TULLIUS without breaking the quest line.

Legion I can do if I ignore all the dialogue. They're just anathema to my very core, and I haven't quite figured out why. Probably never will. I actually find myself agreeing with a LOT of their policies. I still hate them.

Cutting loose in games is a fantastic stress relief, and has actually had many studies proven that it'll help people with propensities to such acts to NOT do them in real life. Everyone has a demonic hideous little monster inside of them. It's why we carjack and drive like maniacs in games like GTA, or brutally murderhobo that random NPC that insulted us in Skyrim with a stealth arrow to the FACE, or bring down the wrath of heaven with the Archemedes lazor in New Vegas in the middle of a heavily populated area because a thug decided to try and mug ya. Hell, I regularly set up intricate and twisted ways of killing Nazeem in Whiterun because one can live out violent revenge fantasies that way (and I have a LOT of reason to have a LOT of them, lol).

Drugs wouldn't sell well either.

More back on topic: I really, really, really wanna give Way of the Wicked a try... And I can't freaking wait for Paizo's Evil AP.

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Speaking of Kaiju... I always wanted to do a Kaiju campaign. Culminating in an OMFGEPIC Showdown of Ultimate Destiny between all the Kaiju that have rules so far, some Behemoths, Colossi, and of course, the Spawn of Rovagug.

Basically, I want to take my PCs against Colossal sized opponents regularly, with truly epic Shadow of the Colossus styled climbing of the huge creatures kind of gameplay.

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210: Collect seemingly random and in consequential things because they believe at some random point in the adventure, it's going to come in handy.

210b: They have a tendency to make the random inconsequential things they collect work, even if they normally won't.

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One from my fiance: A combo Holiday/Fairy Tale adventure, where the PCs get attuned to a real-world Earthian holiday (such as Halloween, Christmas, etc), and pop out in a world that is quite literally a mish-mash of very fairy tale she's ever known. She worked pretty hard on it, was meant to be a humorous but series campaign. Makes me a sad panda she hasn't been able to work on it in a while.

One from myself: Just a random thought I had. "Extraplanar adventure through various famous art and paintings, from Van Gogh's Starry Night, through a multitude of M.C. Escher drawings, to the Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali". I have not worked on this at ALL, but each 'painting' would have a series of strange and powerful side-effects while they were in them. Persistence of Memory would, example, have randomized Haste and Slow effects on characters and mobs, or spell casters suddenly remembering all of the spells they prepared that morning (with spell slots recovered), to daily recharge abilities completely draining or recovering as if it were the start of a new day.
Lots of book keeping? Yes. Did it sound fun to me? Much yes again.

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DrDeth wrote:
Aniuś the Talewise wrote:
My mom was born in 1973 and I was born in 1993. That makes my mom 42 and me 22.
I started playing D&D a year after your Mom was born. sigh.

Didn't you design the original Thief class (among other things)?

Totally rusty on my gaming history >_>

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Alright, another confessional time....

I.... Actually liked the first D&D live action movie with Jeremy Irons.

Of course, I don't watch that one expecting it to be an actual tale of Ismyr. I watch it like it's a movie of an actual, honest to goodness game session(s?). You got the hammy GM who REALLY gets into his character (Jeremy Irons's over-acting), the thief that rolled horribly and was there for comic relief (Snails), the thief that happened to roll VERY well (Ridley), the newbie girl who decided to play a mage (Mirina of "Pretendsa"), and the pair of veteran players who know exactly who and what they're doing (the Dwarf fighter and the Elf ranger).

Watch it like that, and it's pretty hilarious, actually. Mainly because I'm sure many of us have been in a group with some similarities to it at some point or another.

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If I didn't need wind up with a good portion of my collection damaged and molded (thus thrown out) in a flood a few years ago, and if I didn't need to sell off a good portion of my collection for much needed monies, I'd have a good sized library of 2E, 3E, 3.5, Pathfinder, and some other systems I plucked out of discount bins or garage sales when I had the cash.

One day, my collection will return to its former glory.... One day! *Standing on cliff in rain shaking fist at stormy sky!*

.... Still have all of my dice though... Well, most of them. Dice tend to get lost while moving around a lot.

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I Blame Cosmo that I won a $33 community writing contest, and the curtains I had been eye-ing the day before on Amazon price-jumped by 15 bucks and became unaffordable.... I'm getting tired of the tin foil on the window rattling with the wind man! (the blinds broke and the old curtains were horribly thin and useless)

I also Blame Cosmo that I've been distracted from writing prose to fiddling with my house-rules-that-might-as-well-be-a-new-game.... I have a FRIGGEN DEAD LINE HERE COSMO!

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Confessional time.

I have made so many house rules to Pathfinder I might as well be playing a different game. Which is probably why I can't find anyone to stress test it with.

I actually like (with tweaks) the Wounds and Vigor, Armor as DR, Piecemeal Armor, Called Shots, Words of Power, and other sub-systems.

I long for the day when we have a beautifully full figured plump female Iconic.

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I Blame Cosmo that today I've become desperate enough for an income that I've started designing tee shirts with, and will probably design several more before the day is out.... With NO IDEA where to "market" them besides social media. And I highly doubt Paizo would take too kindly to me dropping such stuff off on their website, lol.

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I Blame Cosmo that I have nothing to Blame Cosmo for... I mean, I even got a patron on patreon.... Sure it's only five bucks a month, but, that's 2 book covers a month dude!

Should I be worried that Cosmo shall smack me down mightily the moment I have hope?

.... Nah, he's probably just busy sabotaging my chances at winning $33 bucks in this writing contest. I'm here blaming him that I've had nothing to blame him for in the past few days...


You sneaky imp! Making me procrastinate 5 days before the deadline are you!?

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I Blame Cosmo that I did everything pertaining to the business of writing today... Except writing.

Well, I've got a few more hours. Let's see what I can do. Friggen Cosmo making it mandatory self-pub authors have social media, I wanted to be antisocial...

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I Blame Cosmo that no one has anything for advice concerning a character making use of Irradiate, Cosmic Ray, Blightburn, and so on.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

... I Blame Cosmo that after listening to Toxic Love from Ferngully, I want to play a blight druid sooooo baaad.

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Hm... How is she about romantic comedies?

-Romantic Comedy that are funny (imo)-
Lovely Complex (equal mix)
His and Her Circumstances (equal mix)
My Bride Is A Mermaid (Mostly comedy)

Guren Lagann
Linebarrels of Iron
Spriggan (movie)
Fate series (/Stay, /Zero, and one more I can't recall)

-Action and comedy with a hint of romance, neh?-
Baka and Test (there was not an episode where I didn't need to pause to catch my breath)

-Action with a bit of romance-
Hiiro no Kakera

Probably would've been better off with something like Howl's Moving Castle. It's got bombs and pseudo polymorphed wizard fights....

-Other stuff-
Di Gi Charat
Chibi Vampire (Karin)
Ragnarok Detective Loki
Sister Princess (hilarity)
The Gokusen (slice of life about a yakuza princess becoming a high school teacher at a delinquent boy school)
Real Bout Highschool (Action, with some comedy, such as dressing up as magical girls, including the one male)
City Hunter (I've only got the .357 Magnum movie, also funny, but it's one of those very old anime, like had the random little bird going over the heads, the dragonfly leading the dots in a ... across the screen....)
Hellsing & Hellsing Ultimate (need I say more?)
Vampire Hunter D (she might like the second more than the 1st)
Vampire Knight (Action with a hint of mystery and romance, a few funny parts)

Hmm... That's a pretty good selection for now. Personally I'd suggest showing her the more unknown or older animes, rather than get her started on the mainstream "Big Three" (Naruto/Bleach/One Piece).

Just... Try not to introduce her to Pani Pani Dash, Puni Puni Poemy, or Excell Saga too early. They're generally more geared for their comedy towards people who are already familiar with and like anime. The humor in those 3 are just strange in comparison to what one would be used to if one wasn't into anime.

Edit: Most of what I suggested isn't generally 'mainstream', as in, they weren't on TV. Okay a few were, but still. Reason I suggest avoiding mainstream to start off with is that they are EVERYWHERE! On youtube, commercials on TV, chats and forums on the web. Hell, most of them even have video games. Anything with a metric ton of AMVs on youtube should generally be watched a little later.

Any exposure to too much of that has a strong chance of biasing one towards said anime. IF the AMVs suck, then there's a chance the anime sucks. IF the AMVS are awesome, then the anime must be awesome, right!? That kind of thing. Not to mention they give away way too damn much.

Also if there's too much of a fanbase and she's like my fiance, having too much of an obsessed fanbase could turn her off to a particular anime. Like literally, searching up on an anime and wind up finding nothin but internet forum fights about who's with who or "he belongs to me", both of which are shockingly common when anything with Naruto or Bleach crops up. My fiance gets disturbed with that kind of fandom so generally winds up getting turned off to whatever anime that happens with. I don't think I'll ever get her into One Piece or Bleach ever again, lol. The fact that a bunch of rabid fangirls got into a hair pulling-biting-fist fight over which one of them had claim to Sasuke and Itachi at the single anime con I ever convinced her to go to, doesn't help matters.

Edit 2: Oh, more anime.

3x3 eyes
Bastard!! (six episodes taken from various points in the manga, kind of confusing, but badass nonetheless)
Blue Gender
... I'll probably drop by to drop off some more anime later.

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I Blame Cosmo that in my boredom I have convinced my fiance to let me run a random Pathfinder game for the first time in months... Of which shall be Tristalt.

I Blame Cosmo that my boredom has gotten me giddy to play what is probably an atrocious mess of book keeping.... Arcanist/Vitalist (3PP)/Vizier (3PP)...

Really, I'm just Blaming Cosmo that I am apparently masochistic for games that will in all likelihood devolve into a lot of headaches and frustrated hair pulling.... Cause I am seriously considering going balls-to-the-wall and dropping Mythic into said game.

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John Kretzer wrote:
I Blame Cosmo that Artemis Moonstar seems addicted to bad things happening to him so he can come here and Blame Cosmo for it....well it is a addiction or a cry for attention...

I Blame Cosmo I can't tell if Kretzer is being serious or joking. Sounds more serious, but again, thanks to Cosmo, internet communications are generally poor at implying intent and context.

Also Blame Cosmo that having pretty much 0 offline friends, Cosmo's the only one I can b$&*# at for the state of life at the moment.

... I'm pretty sure Cosmo was the one that made b~%*$ing healthy for the human mind and body.

Why is it so fun to Blame you Cosmo?

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I Blame Cosmo that it's getting to be so hot today that in an effort to keep the place cool, we aren't turning on any lights, the TV, or any game consoles.

I Blame Cosmo that because of this, I've got to run the game for my fiance and I through Word Pad with an online die roller, instead of on a table like normal.

I further Blame Cosmo that I have to put in the action replay codes manually for the creatures we made with Pokegen, so my fiance can have Pokemon White to play while I'm doing DM stuff. We lost the usb cable.

..... Really, I'm just Blaming Cosmo that I don't have a second laptop.

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Wylliam Harrison wrote:
I blame Cosmo for the others forgetting about the Samurai Pizza Cats.

.... I Blame Cosmo I still haven't found a DVD of that.

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Tels wrote:
Artemis Moonstar wrote:
Tels wrote:
I blame Cosmo that Phineas and Ferb is quite possible the last cartoon series I will ever get into, partially due to the degradation of the cartoons produced today, but also due to my advancement of age. :'(

I Blame Cosmo that it seems Tels thinks age has to do with enjoying cartoons. You can be 80 and still enjoy new Disney movies.

I Blame Cosmo that Tels is right that cartoons have fallen a long way since my day. I miss my Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes.... Flintstones... Jetsons... Thundercats... He-Man.... Josie and the Pussy Cats/Scooby Doo/that one with the shark.... JEM even!

I Blame Cosmo that Adventure Time, Flapjack, and Regular Show were ever made, much less got popular... I refuse to watch Steven Universe because of this.

Edit: I Blame Cosmo I forgot Felix, Mickey Mouse, and Garfield in my list. Also, that I still haven't been able to watch Venture Bros. after a few episodes into Season 3 I think...

The age bit is I no longer have the time, nor the desire to wage through the crap that comes out looking for decent cartoons; hence the whole "degradation of cartoons" bit. The degradation is the biggest factor, but getting older and having more stuff to do means I don't have the time to actually "look" for the good cartoons.

Good point, I suppose. Then again I'll never have kids so all my projections for the future include free time. I'd suggest anime, they're usually at least "fairly good" level in whatever genre they're set in.

I Blame Cosmo that I forget that people still have kids in this crap world of horrible, horrible mind-rotting schlock the Tube-Zombies call "Entertainment".

... Also.. I Blame Cosmo for Teen Titans Go!; Be Cool Scooby-Doo!; Scooby-Doo! Mystery Inc; The Looney Tunes Show (that crappy sitcom one); Uncle Grandpa... Umm... That's all I've got for now that I haven't blamed Cosmo for yet. I'll be back with more. These things should not exist, as they are sets of precious 20 minutes of my life I shall never get back.

Edit: Damn it Cosmo! Again with this s+@%!? It's 9PM at night! Why do you have to coerce the neighbors into hosting a party with stupid polka style music that goes on until 2AM! I'm exhausted and want to sleep! I swear I'm going to SHOVE THAT TROMBONE WHERE SOMEONE DOES NOT WANT IT! EVERY DAMN WEEKEND WITH THIS!

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Tels wrote:
I blame Cosmo that Phineas and Ferb is quite possible the last cartoon series I will ever get into, partially due to the degradation of the cartoons produced today, but also due to my advancement of age. :'(

I Blame Cosmo that it seems Tels thinks age has to do with enjoying cartoons. You can be 80 and still enjoy new Disney movies.

I Blame Cosmo that Tels is right that cartoons have fallen a long way since my day. I miss my Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes.... Flintstones... Jetsons... Thundercats... He-Man.... Josie and the Pussy Cats/Scooby Doo/that one with the shark.... JEM even!

I Blame Cosmo that Adventure Time, Flapjack, and Regular Show were ever made, much less got popular... I refuse to watch Steven Universe because of this.

Edit: I Blame Cosmo I forgot Felix, Mickey Mouse, and Garfield in my list. Also, that I still haven't been able to watch Venture Bros. after a few episodes into Season 3 I think...

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Have yet to have heard Sac referred to as "the vents of Hell".... "Satan's @$$ crack", sure, but hell vents? I think that might be cooler. (Hah! Double meaning!)

Cold temperatures my fiance freaking loves. I can't handle anything lower than 60 myself, or I start to worry about bits and pieces freezing and falling off. Need to bundle up and hope I can generate enough body heat. Like I said, I may generate heat, but it doesn't stay IN me unless the ambient area is hot as well. 60 to 75 degrees for me kthnx.

Ironically, if it's hot in the room, I'll barely notice it until it hits like, 90 or so. Usually right when I notice the air's starting to get heavy and BURN!

.... Damn it. I Blame Cosmo we're out of ice cream for me to crumble these Reese's Oreos into and make a cold milk shake out of.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm up here in Sacramento, actually. Specifically, cow-town Rio Linda, and it's usually 1 to 3 degrees hotter than downtown 'round here. I miss Citrus Heights, we had trees and pools over there lol.

Normally she doesn't overheat this badly, but today we pretty bad. Usually I'm the one with heat tolerance issues. Trouble breathing in any form of heat over 100 degrees, for example. I'm not sure how I managed to deal with the 90 some-odd degrees it was in our room, and she got overheated to the point of being physically ill. Gonna make her drink more fluids this week, see if that helps.

That said, I Blame Cosmo it took this long for Marriage Equality!

... Also Blame Cosmo that he keeps sending me immature frat boys when all I want is a semi-androgynous cutie... AKA the "Pretty-Boy Bishounen" type.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I was playing Fallout: New Vegas this morning while my fiance hopped on the laptop. Right as I'm charming Arcade Ganon with the Confirmed Bachelor perk (freaking love New Vegas went there), she mentions the marriage equality thing.

Thought that was rather humorous, lol.

All I gotta say about it is "FINALLY!". Not that I've got a special guy to go through this with (seems most men I meet are immature brats =\), but hey, grats to those who do. 'Murica's finally done what shoulda been done a LONG time ago. I'll forego my mini-rant on multiple partners, since today's a happy day.

On that note... Prismatic Spray all around!

.... Why don't we have avatars with rainbows in 'em? Would've been perfect today.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Can't edit last post, so have to double post... Because Cosmo.

I Blame Cosmo for 106 degree F weather.

I Blame Cosmo that the house is so old the breaker for the Central Air keeps popping.

I Blame Cosmo that the window AC unit never turns on for more than 5 minutes, even set at 60, its lowest setting.

I Blame Cosmo that my fiance is getting overheated and developing a headache, and is requiring ice packs and near frozen beverages to stay cool.

I Blame Cosmo that our 'cool period' will only be 93 degrees, tomorrow and the day after.

I Blame Cosmo that predicts 104 for our area next week. Undoubtedly, Cosmo will bump this number by a few integers.

I Blame Cosmo that people still deny global warming when the valley (this is California remember) is experiencing OMFGITSTOOHOTIMDYING! weather.

I Blame Cosmo I don't have ice super powers or frost magic yet, despite decades of antonym-of-intense meditation and serious consideration of eating radioactive material to obtain said magic or super powers respectively.

And finally... I Blame Cosmo that while I do not retain body heat well (I'm known as a radiator for a reason, I have on more than one occasion had heat haze around my body when exposed to cold air), I seem to absorb ambient heat VERY well to store, and later cause any attempt to cool the room off to fail miserably.

.... Actually, I also Blame Cosmo that my fiance will not let me lay down in the bed with her due to the above blaming.

And more Blaming of Cosmo that I came up with weak-but-unique super hero/villain/antihero/whatevs, but the name is already a well known villain name.... And nothing else fits quite so perfectly.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I already Blamed Cosmo for this... Over on Fakeb- I mean, Facebook....

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Scribbling Rambler wrote:

Today feels like it should be Friday, but it's only Wednesday.

Because Cosmo.

Wednesday already!? I thought it was Monday!

Nag Blabbit Cosmo!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

.... Damn it Cosmo. Why'd you have to show me J-List? You have to taunt a poor man with awesome stuff like that... Just... Just...

I blame you... Sooooooo much.

I wonder if I can work 5 jobs.....

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I blame Cosmo that events in my life have caused me to take the fact that my guard license finally showed up on the Bureau website as something of a cosmic joke until my physical guard card gets here....

I also Blame Cosmo that Tels has witnessed first hand the quality of the American Education system.


My fiance Blames Cosmo that she feels like eating a Casadia, Chicken Nuggets, French Fries, and a Double Cheese Burger (from McDoanlds).... But has a 2.4cm gallstone and will likely get sick from all of the above. Cosmo taunts her with his delicious food of unhealthiness.... That I can still eat.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

.... I blame Cosmo that I gave my fiance the bigger bowl of smashed potatoes I made for dinner...

This batch was really good TT-TT....

*sniff sniff*

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I blame Cosmo that I was completely unaware it was free RPG day.

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Mythic JMD031 wrote:
Artemis Moonstar gets +4 rant points. Of which 3 of them, due to the laws of Cosmo blaming, become property of Cosmo. For this, I blame Cosmo.

I Blame Cosmo that JMD031 doesn't realize that ranting is my primary hobby.

Come to think of it, I Blame Cosmo that there's not a place where I can get paid to rant. I know it's because if there was, I'd be a [Bleep!]in billionaire!



I blame Cosmo that my fiance throws things at me when I reach the 30 minute mark on ranting.

Actually, damn it Cosmo! Why did you have to let George Carlin die before I could get him to tutor me in Comedy so I can get rich doing angry-rant stand up!? Now I've gotta rely on Lewis Black!

I kid of course, Lewis Black freakin' rocks. For which I blame Cosmo.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I Blame Cosmo for the fact that due to stupidity of the so-called family I am currently forced to suffer residing under the same roof with, all of my childhood memories, and all of my deceased mother's belongings, have been lost because the storage bill lapsed 3 months... So they could go gamble.

And I was planning on using the furniture & memorabilia in said storage unit to supplement my savings in furnishing my fiance and my apartment. We had some very nice tables, dressers, and other such in there. Much of my mother's beloved unicorns, bears, and dragon statuettes and figures would have fetched a wonderful price if such a crisis occurred that I would have been forced to sell those prized possessions of hers.

Couple this with the fact that they have sold everything that was legally mine in order to fuel their addictions (gambling, cigarettes), under the pretense of 'paying the bills'; have regularly gotten in the way of any way of advancing my life; and keep me around for nothing more than manual labor and 'watching the dog' while they spend 8+ hours gambling every, single, f+++ing, paycheck.... I feel safe to say I really do not have a family anymore. Well, maybe my aunt on the other side of the country (who's flat broke with a kid, so no chance of moving there)....

Well, at least I DO know the value of my mother's rings they pawned off without my knowledge, only informing me after the deed was done. So, they owe me $400.

Soon as I get enough money for a car and an apartment, I wash my hands of this place. 6 years of this is f&%~ing ridiculous. I'm surprised, honestly, I haven't snapped under the strain and just ended things in a massive conflagration at this point.

Edit: I also blame cosmo that one of them (that crazy bastard I probably b#&#%ed about before, the insane one that battered his wife and spent time in prison) is now growing medical pot in the backyard with a 'friend' of his (whom I highly suspect is reselling it)... And didn't think of it until AFTER I already finished my guard training and got my certification. I knew a pothead once (guy did need it though, I'll give him that one), that stuff smells STRONG. I can't imagine any employer wanting one of their security guards smelling like pot on the premises.

If he costs me employment, I WILL take his ass to court. I don't care if this house is reverse mortgaged. I'll be gettin' mine. One way or another.

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I Blame Cosmo that I'm still waitin' on my guard card... There are so many sales on so much stuff my fiance and I really, really want. By the time I get my card and a job, the sales will be over....

Damn it Cosmo. Always making me a day late and a dollar short!

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Drock11 wrote:
I blame Cosmo because I don't have my own theme song.

I Blame Cosmo that when he does get his own theme song, he will inevitably get tired of his own theme song. It will play..... All day.... Everyday.... With every slight twitch or movement. Riding the bus... Scratching his nose... Farting in his sleep. And that the peasants will eventually get tired of it, and revolt, just to put a stop to it.

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Readerbreeder wrote:

And Artemis, congratulations on getting your GED! What are your plans?

I also blame Cosmo that you need to have plans, and can't simply revel in the accomplishment itself...

I Blame Cosmo for that as well.. That's all I've been asked today X_X.

Plan is as follows: Relax a little while waiting on my guard card, then bust my rump getting a halfway decent job > Buy new laptop (this one is breaking slowly), buy car > Go into SAVINGS OVERDRIVE! > when attained enough moolah, and past probation period on my hiring, get an apartment for myself and my fiance > Pursue happiness!

And somewhere in there save up for some college/training courses for something or other that pays better and is more stable/less dangerous than Security... And write dirty dirty things to sell in e-book format for added revenue (actually if I can attain enough of a following to justify it, I'd rather write full time).

So, yeah...

I Blame Cosmo that this plan seems like it's going to be a pain in the ass and take forever. Alternatively, I Blame Cosmo that nothing worth doing is ever easy....

Unless you're a rich bastard.

Oh, and uh... Domo Breeder. *doesn't get congratulated often as is an antisocial loner.*

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I Blame Cosmo that I only managed to scrape by on the GED math test with a 159... After 2 weeks of intensive study.... Blanked out on a couple items -_-.

Also, I Blame Cosmo that I'm upset that though I got my GED, I didn't get the 160 I wanted on the math test...

*Puts band aid on injured pride*

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I Blame Cosmo that on my 3rd practice test for the math portion of the GED, I got 25 wrong out of 37...

I Blame Cosmo that my intuition was right and the answers I checked the first time were the correct ones, rather than the doubly-worked out 'double checks' I did by erasing the right answers on 12 questions and checked the wrong ones. IOW, I Blame Cosmo that my double-checking is worse than "just doing it".

I also blame cosmo I spent almost 2 weeks grinding my math skills and seem to be doing worse than when I started.

Further Blame Him for the fact I may need to cobble together another $35 I don't have to try for a retest if I can't get 75% on this friggin thing.

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I Blame Cosmo that I am still studying for my maths portion of the GED test, and have not written a single word on any new project or idea that has popped into my head. In other words, I Blame Cosmo that the real world sucks.

I also Blame Cosmo that I do not know where to go to get "I Blame Cosmo" leather bracelet made, so that I can hold it up whenever someone shows me their WWJD leather band.

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I Blame Cosmo that I am not sociable or well-adjusted enough to make money monetizing youtube videos... Or to make youtube videos at all...

I also Blame He-Who-Shall-Be-Blamed, that my only potential youtube skill would be angry raving reviews, and Youtube's niche market on Angry Critics has always been filled.

Oh, wait... I forgot. I don't have a mic, save the crappy built in laptop mic... Darn you Cosmo wasting my time blaming you for stuff I can't even think of attempting yet! I blame you!

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I Blame Cosmo for the worst retcon I've ever seen since Lucas made Hayden Christensen as Vader's force ghost and made Han shoot second. That piece of crap Starstone write up for Mythic rules. The entirety of it, actually.

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