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Artemis Moonstar's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,472 posts (1,584 including aliases). No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 5 aliases.

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That reminds me.

How ya doin' buddy? Been a while!

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Will probably pick this up anyways (Mimic race!? F@(# YEAH!) but can I get a full list of what races are included in this? Don't need decriptions, names would do.

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Picked this up a while ago. I'll leave a review when I get around to playing the classes solo class. So far I've loved everything I've read in this book, which is cover to cover. Currently only have 2 players in my games so we gestalt it up. Currently, Giantslayer gets my Dynomancer//Godhand Hasa, with rocket-punches galore (love that boosting gear)

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For the heavy stuff: This is why I prefer to be a hermit. If I was making enough money I'd order everything I need online and be a shut in with my fiance. I got tired of pointing out the idiocy on all sides years ago.

On topic: I generally prefer to play in my own home-grown settings. Which are typically even more kitchen sink than Golarion. Magic-fueled void-space-bending evolution-energy-based steam-tech cybernetic bioship with lots of gears, springs, brass, and chrome? You betcha.

I got bored with the traditional settings a long time ago. My games will regularly have anything from Little Red Goblin Games' GONZO books in them.

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Theliah Strongarm wrote:
Malwing wrote:

At the moment the release of Starfinder seems conservative. Not much staff going to it exclusively, one monthly line and one yearly line, so at least for the first year its not going to split Paizo in two. But I think in regards to Pathfinder and it's rate of release it would be more problematic for Paizo if its successful than a flop.

Think about it. If it fails then they didn't commit that much resources to it, they have one or two core books with one or two APs and it's a complete game that had a thing and will either continue on through third parties because its OGL or die a quiet death while we play Space Pathfinder with the material we already have on hand.

If it succeeds to a huge degree then it could eventually rip Paizo in half which could be good or bad. Every once and a while we get compaints about how much Paizo has put out so far and that the game is bloated and getting more bloated. If you go to general RPG forums Paizo gets a lot of hate for it too. With so many ideas already out it wouldn't be too surprising that they'd slow down, especially if Starfinder steals sales. Also Starfinder is trying to be its own game, be compatible and be streamlined based on the lessons learned from Pathfinder so if the core rules prove to be successful I imagine home games would start converting things to Starfinder's base to run Pathfinder games. Then there's the demand for more and more from Starfinder, meaning that it could end with both games getting a yearly hardcover, a monthly AP, and a monthly softcover. Or even worse. if Starfinder is so successful that it steals sales from Pathfinder then Pathfinder may wind down to start a new edition that conforms more to Starfinder's base and Paizo would instead lean on Starfinder heavily until the transition blows over. And then there's the potential for books, comics, games and the works.

Now I don't think all that stuff is going to happen but its a snowballing hypothetical example of how Starfinder being successful is more


I love Pathfinder too, I'm a big fan of kitchen-sink settings (My old group used to Spelljammer in Planescape back in 2E, for example. Sigil was at the precise center of the multiverse and every universe involved). I may not agree with some of the stuff the company/employees do, and I may wind up at odds with a good portion of the fanbase for my extremely liberal takes on the rules (I for one am fine with Sacred Geometry). I'd be sad to see it go (Waiting for more Tian Xia people! Where's my kung fu mysticism!?)

But I don't think they're going to shut down Pathfinder. It's their biggest product, period. Last I heard it dominates the market still. I doubt the folks at Paizo are willing to shoot themselves in the foot. They're prepared for this, and by the time it has enough demand to warrant expansion, they'll have enough to snag a few more people to work on it.

Besides, let's face it... Pathfinder is running out of non setting specific stuff to do.

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Android assassin disguised as a Protocol Droid. Refers to organics as meatbags...

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Thank you very much. It was annoying the ever lovin' crap out of me, thought I was going insane, lol.

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I recently got into a discussion about third party races, and I recalled reading one that I particularly enjoyed. Unfortunately, I found it a while ago online and haven't been able to find the source for it when I went to go find it today (thinking about purchasing the book its in).

The only thing I can really recall for certain, was the race was humanoid, with dimensional black-hole(ish) voids for minds, with large dark bags under their eyes no matter how much they slept. I'm pretty sure it was third party, in face I WANT to say it was LRGG material, but unfortunately I can't be entirely certain. No one I know that I've been able to contact has been able to help.

Anybody know which race I'm remembering? Been bugging the crap out of me since I came up with a character concept based around what I can recall of it that I want to fiddle around with.

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.... Okay, this one actually made made cry. I usually don't get so worked up over celeb deaths, but Alan?... I don't think I've been this upset since George Carlin went to go kick God in the nuts.

I agree with whoever wanted to put security around Tim Curry... I'd also post a few more men around Jeremy Irons. He's got 2 years till he hits 69, but if either of those two go, I will officially have to blow up the universe.

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Pan wrote:

Ill throw in for Book of vile darkness.

Why its bad? No money for decent actors. Dialogue is terribadly written.

Why I like it? You are never going to see a sheep in wolf's clothing story on film often if ever. It was like watching a bad high school kids TTRPG campaign where they decide to be CN or the GM alowed evil characters for the first and last time. The anti-heroes go around killing innocents and backstabbing each other. Its worth watching just for the fun!

@Scythia They sure did. It was the only way to keep the rights with Sweetpea entertainment. WB and Hasbro backed a dump truck of cash into Solomon's driveway and promised a producer credit because they couldnt get the rights away from him.

It also shows how a Paladin should be done.

Serious Movie Spoilers, AKA, Paladin done right:
The main character goes in for being a Paladin of Pelor, like his father before him who trained him all his life for it. Like everyone else in the order (some thousand or so years after the original order beat back the darkness), Pelor's light never shone on anyone, and it was mainly a powerless title. Blah blah, stuff happens, guy needs to go save his kidnapped father. Hooks up with a mercenary group of very EVIL characters (including a frakkin' Vermin Lord), adventures with 'em, almost reveals he's the Token Good Ally in disguise a couple times. Then the Vermin Lord and the Assassin pretty much start being murderhobo douchebags. Over the course of the movie, our Token Good Ally winds up poisoning the tribal (forget what he was, REALLY good back story and character, and the only one I felt sorry to see die) and hiding his corpse in a bag of holding before throwing it in a lake; and frames the Assassin and gets him killed. Engages in all sorts of unsavory behaviour, including breaking his vow of chastity with the Shadar-Kai witch (spellcaster of some kind).

In the end, when just about everything is lost and his father practically disowning him for being 'sinful', Pelor's Light shines on our hero, and he goes about kicking all sorts of ass. As the Vermin Lord aptly put it.... "The light comes not from the god, but from within."

Non Spoiler version: Hero winds up failing the "paladin test", does a lot of unsavory things, and winds up becoming a paladin because of his determination, willpower, and adherence to the greater good. All without a single atonement, anywhere.

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A quick search of the thread didn't bring these up, so... Guess I'll be the one to wear the "shoot me" sign.

Dungeons & Dragons, Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God, and Dungeons & Dragons Book of Vile Darkness

Why they're bad: .... Really? Do I even need to discuss the hatred and spear-throwing these films elicit on gaming boards?

Why I like them: I'll break these down into individual films.
-Movie 1: It's a pretty accurate representation I've seen of games involving a mixture of total noobs who rolled horribly(Snails), a sorta noob that rolled REALLY well (Ridley), and 2 experienced players who know what the hell they're doing (Dwarf & Elf). Plus, how can you NOT like Jeremy Irons portrayal of Profion? He's obviously having a LOT of fun with it.
-Movie 2: That cleric totally failed his reflex save... Plus it gave me some good ideas for traps.
-Movie 3: Fairly accurate depiction of certain classes, even if the Shadar-Kai were more 4E than 3E. Besides, who doesn't like a film about bad guys?
-All of the above: .... I really like to see people's faces when I tell 'em I actually like the D&D film. The foaming rage the fly into when I start hamming it up exactly like Mr. Irons with "AND MAY THEIR BLOOD RAIN FROM THE SSKKAAAUUUGGHHH!!!". It's a good work out when I have to flee for my life.

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Meh, I'm only 1/4th the way through my century of life and I've already got a skunk design in my hair, though that's been spreading lately, and my beard/mustache is 98% silver. At this point I just wish it'd all hurry the hell up already. Considering I'll never have kids, I guess I'll just have to wait....

Anyays, Old School Gaming to me means caring more about the plot and story elements of the game... Even if it turns out the "plot" was "buncha murderhobos killing stuff and taking their stuff in their official capacity as King's Men". When Rules Lawyers were few and far between, and a player could reasonably expect a DM to ad hoc some ruling about leaping off a balcony, swinging off the chandelier, and stabbing the BBEG in the face on the opposite side of the Grand Dance Hall.

All I get now-a-days is: "You can't do that!" "Why not?" "It's not in the rules!" "Why don't you come up with a series of check DCs for me to hit or something before my attack roll?" "Nah, that sounds too powerful. If you want to take it as a feat next time, I can design something, but it really sounds more like a class feature..."

*eye twitch* That's another thing I miss about 'Old School'... You didn't need a friggen feat or class feature for Rule of Cool. To be competent in breathing in game without hurting yourself, you need a feat or class feature now! (Or at least it feels that way)

Moving along from my little side track rant... I guess that pretty much sums up my memories of Old School (which was early-mid 90s with my parents in 2E) though. Rule of Cool; Everyone Makes Sure Everyone's Havin' Fun; Plot, Story, and Theme Were More Important Than Murderhoboing (Even if the Party was All Murderhobos); and of course, Rules Lawyers Haven't Gotten a Death Grip on the Game's Throat Yet.

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thecursor wrote:
Artemis Moonstar wrote:
Kung Fu Panda: A party full of monks, fighting another, much more stronger monk BBEG. The lower-level newb Monk rolls pretty damn well on his bluff checks to unnerve the BBEG. Wins thanks to a combination of the GM putting him through Monk Bootcamp w/ "instant level 15 if you solve this riddle MacGuffin", and rolling REALLY well on his bluff.
Not to mention that mid way through the movie, bad guy Monk faces a LITERAL ARMY and smokes the whole crew using what I can only assume is GMPC-FU!

Seriously. Only reason Po beat Tai Lung is because Tai Lung got thrown off balance mentally in the fight with Shifu, then wound up witnessing Po do some parkour stuff that he (or Jackie Chan in any live-action film ever) did even better during his prison break, and thought that the tubby panda wound up some Kung Fu god. Tai Lung lost, because he beat himself.

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Kung Fu Panda: A party full of monks, fighting another, much more stronger monk BBEG. The lower-level newb Monk rolls pretty damn well on his bluff checks to unnerve the BBEG. Wins thanks to a combination of the GM putting him through Monk Bootcamp w/ "instant level 15 if you solve this riddle MacGuffin", and rolling REALLY well on his bluff.

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A game reaching it's intended end? I think that's blasphemy these days!

(still hoping for a glimpse at such a thing myself though)

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So, I'm feeling pretty adventurous lately... Been liking what I've been reading on quite a few of some 3pp products, and now I'm seriously running a game without any of the base classes or vancian magic.

Instead, I was thinking of using Akashic Mysteries, Spheres of Power, Path of War, and Ultimate Psionics.

Mainly, I'm just curious if anyone has any experience in how all 4 of these products interact (I'd assume DSP's 3 things interact very well together, at the very least); or if anyone's run a similar game before. I like what I read on and friend's copies (and fully plan to buy all of the above when i've got cash to burn, which should be sometime around x-mas), have re-read them at least several times so far, but I'm having some sort of mental block bringing it cohesively together in consideration for replacing a good portion of the basic system.

Anyone have any thoughts/opinions on this? If it matters, it'd be a homebrew game built from the ground-up to account for the changes (I'm not so insane as to leave vancian beasties and NPCs, though it would make for an interesting "you're all suddenly called to another world" kind of game).

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Eh.... For me, I like (most of) the mechanics from 3.PF... When it comes to missing the Old School, it's the feel I miss. There wasn't any of the rampant player entitlement I witness youngsters these days having, there wasn't any skewing of the rules towards letting the players "win" the game. Back in my groups at least, if you died, you either wound up with an epic quest to get yourself revived, or you wound up bringin' in someone connected to the previous and had a blast with the story.

Now-a-days, you get people claiming it's "too hard" if your character dies, or my personal favorite, "You just killed my PC! you're a horrible DM! Why do you even run this game!?" <~~ True fraking occurrence I had happen to me. There's no awesome anecdotes about the PCs getting overwhelmed and either narrowly pulling a victory out of their arse with some quick thinking and ingenuity, nor are there anymore stories of epic sacrifices from a noble PC that enabled the party to escape/win.... I miss that....

Now you have the True Rez Hedge Fund, starting at level 1. "Oh, well, I got this jar full of Bob's hair. If he dies we'll just find someone to rez him."....

I suppose that goes hand in hand with the whole "there's no real element of suspense or danger" these days. At least from the games I've played in. Hell, I haven't even really seen it in any of the APs, at least from most of the ones I've read/ran/played in. Only once did I ever fear for my character, which was only because there were only two PCs running through RotRL and that damn vargoulle (sp?) had the luckiest dice I've ever seen, and made us somehow roll 1s on our saves -_-.

I mean, most GMs I've played with recently have a policy of "kid gloves till' level 5", meaning enemies don't crit, they don't coup de tat, they don't dogpile, and you're allowed to rest no matter where you are in the dungeon when you use up all your spells (though, most I've played with let you rest when you run out of spells even after 5th, thus perpetuating the 15 minute work day and getting players pissed at me when I don't let them have that).... And then players turn around and start getting pissy with me when I'm running a campaign I told them would be "dangerous with a good chance of getting you killed if you're not careful"... No, I don't care that you guys are the PCs, you aint the only Big Damn Heroes in this world, you decided to fight the Great Wyrm Red at level 3, there will be consequences!

.... I want to blame video games and MMOs, I really do. But I know it's more than just my other favorite pastime that causes it. The industry's changed to perpetuate such a thing (4th edition I'm lookin' at you!). Makes me sad.

Meh... When it comes to mechanics the only things I really miss are the multiclassing system (or was it dual class?), separate XP tables for class tracks (keep those damn mages in check), and the Resurrection and Polymorph system shock.... Oh, and the lack of requiring a feat to do something that should be doable, such as swinging from a grappling hook attached to a chandelier to get to the other side!....


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I got one.

Those players/groups that will follow published adventure path rails, even if "it doesn't really make sense for this character/build/concept/game/whatever".... That immediately turn around and cause complete and utter chaos in a homebrew game by refusing to do anything relating to any quest or adventure that THEY AGREED TO BEFORE THE GAME STARTED! We talked about this people! You wanted a "Steam punk magitech high fantasy/soft scifi investigative thriller", so why are you completely ignoring every hook I throw at you to go check out the eerie green glowing fallen star in order to go check out the random volcano that has nothing to do with anything except as a fascINATING FEATURE OF TOPOGRAPHY!!!!?? (Or, what I usually wound up running into with one player instead of this particular little gem, "No, I wanna go out to sea and become a pirate lord" "But the rest of the party doesn't really want to" "I don't care, I want to go become pirate king." and try to drag the party with him...)

Even worse? When they give the excuse of "Well.... It doesn't make sense for this character to do that, the glowing green ball of metal and mutated beasties are intimidating, so I wanna go check out the volcano, should be a red dragon's lair or something there.".... Alright... So... I gave leave of my senses to let you build whatever crazy thing you were planning on using 3rd party stuff I've only managed to skim so far, because you claimed the concept of your character would fit in the world... And you want to do the complete FREAKING OPPOSITE!?

Okay, eye twitching. I'll cut this rant short with the last bit of annoyance pertaining to this... When they don't require any explainations from published APs, whether 3rd party or not... But they want every little last detail explained about your homebrew adventure, then argue and nitpick over every tiniest detail like this is debate club. THIS IS NOT DEBATE CLUB! THIS IS WHAT YOU SIGNED UP FOR! NO! I DO NOT HAVE REASON NOR DO I CARE TO EXPLAIN WHY THE ALIEN'S HAIR IS FREAKING BLUE TENTACLES! IT'S PART OF THEIR ANATOMY! SHUT UP AND PLAY!


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Male Aasimar (Angel-Kin) Expert 2 / HP [4/10] / AC 14 / CMD 13 / Fort -1 / Ref +2 / Will +5 / Darkvision 30ft / Perception +9 / Init +2

"Indeed... Besides, what better form of revenge than against one who thinks the danger has passed. Let him stew in his fear and shame.... After all, none have ever escaped Branderscar. We must truly be fearsome to have escaped, therefore, we must be that which will return for vengeance. Let him be shamed, let him be ridiculed, his reputation ruined, his family shamed into destitution...

All the while, he will be looking over his shoulder for us, skittish at the slightest shadow. Only when he feels we have gone, when he no longer fears the shadows... Do we return. Do we exact our revenge... Butcher his children, destroy his wife, mutilate any who still believe in him. Only then will we extract payment for our so called gifts from his flesh, piece by piece..."

Zedekiel seemed to lose himself a bit in the revenge plot. A mad glint seemed to flash across his eyes, a wry, vile smile curling his lips as images of shredded flesh and sobbing remains gurgling on their last vestiges of life danced through his mind's eye. Leekoo's rushing back in snapped him back to reality, blinking as he shook his head.

"Well, a way out that might lead to certain death or potentially crippled freedom, if I'm understanding our mad little bard here.... Personally, I think we'd best find something a little less doom and a little more life-preserving."

Ninja'd while typing! Curse thee Izzy!

He remained leaning against the wall near the door, arms crossed as Isabella seemed to come to her senses. A small smirk as he nodded twice. He slipped the club into the belt loop, and the cleaver into the belt at the small of his back. Adjusting the chain shirt, he'd wait for some of the others to slip out before he did.

Stealth: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (19) + 5 = 24

Far as I know for Zed's inventory, chain shirt, club, and cleaver.

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Something I never realized that really bugged me until recently.

In what effectively amounts to an in-game powder keg, be it trying to sneak into the heavily guarded fortress, or trying to diplomacize the warlord that we ran into 10 levels too early into sparing our lives (so that we may come back and slaughter him later), one or all of the players get impatient and try to force something to happen. Which invariably causes it to blow up.

I've had well-planned stealth missions in which our characters were successfully getting into the prince's bedroom to either kill or kidnap him go to s##$ because the barbarian player got bored and decided to walk out into the hallway and slaughter the guard standing outside the door. I've been in games where we're trying to talk our way out of a confrontation with Shelyn inquisitors who mistook us for the thieves, and three out of the five players just open fire after they agree to leave us alone. Usually, it's when their characters aren't the ones in the spotlight, excuse me, the politically correct term would be "not doing anything while someone takes care of the situation".

Some days I really just want to play an Orc Wild Rager Barbarian and see what happens when I go ultra-reckless skull-crushing psycho in a game with these people during times when they happen to be in the spotlight.

Petty? Spiteful? Yes... But I feel it'd relieve quite a bit of stress with this kind of situation, lol.

(Edit: wrong archetype)

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450. FOR SCIENCE!, the gnomish wizard cast Unnatural Lust on the elf and the dwarf to see if he could make a Dwelf.

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Thanks to a recruitment thread, it's a campaign I never knew I wanted to do...

The PCs lead an orc horde through an interdimensional wormhole, because "we'll rule whatever's on the other side". They pop out in!...

Hello Kitty Funtime Adventure!

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I do NOT like it. I also don't like that people banned the summoner before I got a chance to play one in a home game.

I only had 2 eidolons I wanted to build, both were ridiculously subpar but fantastically cool. No improved damage or natural armor or anything, and not a whole hell of a lot of attacks like I kept hearing about with summoners.

1: Huge sized Shadow-blended Cerberus with Swallow Whole.

2: Scorpion-spider. Huge, 8 legs, tail + sting, bite, web, poison on bite, poison on sting, 2 pincers.

I can no longer play them because of UnSummoner's silly restrictions on the eidolon subtypes.

That said, I initially liked the "subtype" eidolon restriction idea. It seemed nifty... Then I realized the evolution point nerf, and the inability to make Cerberus or my Spidorpian. Makes me a very sad and very angry panda.

Besides... I've DMed for several basic summoners... I never really had that much problem taking out their pounce-death-machine eidolons that they cookie-cuttered, nor did the standard action summon spells imbalance things in comparison to the rest of the party. Then again, I play home games.

And yet people still try and convince me that Paizo doesn't let their organized play PFS dictate rules and errata...

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Misroi wrote:
James Langley wrote:
Artemis Moonstar wrote:
Goth Guru wrote:
Artemis Moonstar wrote:
I got into the habit of using candy as monster figures at a convention.
..... Okay, I didn't think of that, but now that it's in my head, I'm buying a ton of Halloween candy next year (when I can afford it). Not only will the money be chocolate coins,...
That is brutal. I mean, it's one thing to eat the flesh of your fallen enemies in-game, but IRL? Twisted :)

I'll do you one better - make a nasty, overpowered monster that the PCs have no choice but to fight. Like, they could try to ignore it to focus on other baddies, but doing so would be a very bad idea.

The monster is represented by a black licorice jelly bean. Whoever kills it MUST eat it.

Sit back, and watch the players struggle with this sudden dilemma. Unless you have someone weird in the party that likes black licorice. Like me. :)

... *Swipe*

I'd probably make it an ungodly resilient thing that does absolutely nothing for several turns (maybe prodding people for 1 point of nonlethal damage), then when the 'timer' has ticked down, goes Tonberry on a PC. sure, ignore him for a while, ignore him completely, just expect someone to go unconscious when it knifes you in the spleen.

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Goth Guru wrote:
Artemis Moonstar wrote:

I want to run an all Numistian one-shot, using real world representations of copper, silver, and gold coins.

(For those that can't follow the link, they're chocolate coins.)

Here's the deal. You get a set amount of each at the start of the game. The entire caravan got raided, and the party wakes up in an old-school dungeon. They only have a certain number of coins on their person, represented by the chocolates (I haven't exactly figured out the coinage-to-chocolate ratio yet). For your Numistian to activate Money is Life, you have to eat a chocolate (or give it to the DM, hehe). If you eat a chocolate because you're hungry, your Numistian loses that much wealth as he succumbs to the munchies and nibbles on his wealth.

Alternatively, also known as my original idea I came up with a year or two ago, take the numistian aspect out of it and just run a Halloween one shot. Adjust game wealth accordingly, but have the copper, silver, gold, and platinum represented by their chocolates. You eat a chocolate, your character loses that much wealth.

In either case, the party doesn't receive any more in or out of game "wealth" until the dungeon is complete and they find the treasure chest. Or in this case, I put the wooden box full of chocolate coins on the table (and probably some "pearls" and other "gems" of foil-wrapped chocolates in the box too) and let the group sort it out.

I got into the habit of using candy as monster figures at a convention.

..... Okay, I didn't think of that, but now that it's in my head, I'm buying a ton of Halloween candy next year (when I can afford it). Not only will the money be chocolate coins, but if you kill a monster, you get the candy that represented it.

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I want to run an all Numistian one-shot, using real world representations of copper, silver, and gold coins.

(For those that can't follow the link, they're chocolate coins.)

Here's the deal. You get a set amount of each at the start of the game. The entire caravan got raided, and the party wakes up in an old-school dungeon. They only have a certain number of coins on their person, represented by the chocolates (I haven't exactly figured out the coinage-to-chocolate ratio yet). For your Numistian to activate Money is Life, you have to eat a chocolate (or give it to the DM, hehe). If you eat a chocolate because you're hungry, your Numistian loses that much wealth as he succumbs to the munchies and nibbles on his wealth.

Alternatively, also known as my original idea I came up with a year or two ago, take the numistian aspect out of it and just run a Halloween one shot. Adjust game wealth accordingly, but have the copper, silver, gold, and platinum represented by their chocolates. You eat a chocolate, your character loses that much wealth.

In either case, the party doesn't receive any more in or out of game "wealth" until the dungeon is complete and they find the treasure chest. Or in this case, I put the wooden box full of chocolate coins on the table (and probably some "pearls" and other "gems" of foil-wrapped chocolates in the box too) and let the group sort it out.

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Silly campaign idea I recently recalled after I watched that old cartoon Shadow Raiders.. I think that was what it was called.

Anyways, the characters wind up going through a labyrinthian dungeon, only to pop out more or less at the center of the planet... Which just so happens to be the control center of the massive planetoid space ship. Thanks to some plot-induced bungling, they wind up activating the giant thrusters (that just so happened to be hidden inside of he mountains in which the greatest city in the world, and seat of the empire spanning 3/4ths of the glove, sits between). By knocking the planet off course, they catch the attention of what is effectively Unicron/Galactus, which has been hunting for that planet-ship for eons (considering the ship is basically kind of like the Titan from Titan A.E.)...

Now, not only does the party need to deal with the fact that they've thrown the surface world into utter chaos thanks to the fact that the planet is actually a giant self-sufficient ship, they have to deal with the power vacuum caused by the utter annihilation of the Empire's capital (not to mention the deaths of a couple hundred thousand people); while trying to pilot this thing around the galaxy, dealing with other planets along the way (potentially picking up a fleet of planet ships); and outrunning/outsmarting the World Eater & it's locust-like army as it continue its attempt to wipe out all evolutionary life in the universe.

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Email Sent!...Now... Reveal unto me thy class for which I shall be hurling cabbages at bender's heads!..... Please?

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Sounds nifty. Looking forward to seeing it.

Any idea how you'd go on races for the campaign?

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I think I'd have to see what I'm getting into before I actually commit to much interest, but...

Yes please!

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I Blame Cosmo I forgot all about Off-Topic discussion section...

I will also Blame Cosmo if the college I'm trying to enroll in winds up full and I get stuck on the wait list. I want my bachelor's degree in English damn it so I can go teach Eigo in Nihon already! I'm too old now to make it for the JET programme, I'll JUST hit their age cut off point (30) by the time I get the required Bachelor's (for this, I do Blame Cosmo), so I'll have to go with a friggin' corporate one... I am seething with impatience! SEETHING I SAY!

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One I'm going to be doing for my fiance that I never knew I always wanted to do until now.

Starts out as a typical Monster Hunter campaign, with monster job boards and such to capture monsters and strange creatures for rich people's menageries or city zoos and so on, right? After the first few levels, her PC will wind up "finding", in the latest monster's loot, a Throne card from the Deck of Many Things, which just so conveniently spawns the castle right where a mystical spring basically turns monsters into more humanoid-esque shapes, immediately bumps int and wis to at least 10s, and forcibly rewrites their alignment to neutral.

Basically, the spring (which becomes a fountain in her castle courtyard), coupled with the castle, turns the whole thing from "Monster Hunter/Wrangler" to "Ruler of a Monster Kingdom". Plus, she gets her harem of sexy monster guys, lol.

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thegreenteagamer wrote:
Dragoncat wrote:

The AP feels more like a bunch of set-pieces connected through a flimsy plotline instead of a coherent, compelling narrative.

That's been every AP I've played in. Maybe, just maybe, hiring six writers for one AP and then barely tying the seperately written parts together with an editor's plan isn't the best idea for a single story...

Hear hear!


It's time efficient! Gotta confess that.

Assuming it's not a 3.5 AP that is

I confess: I want to see Paizo re-release their 3.5 APs and modules for their PF ruleset! Some of us don't have the time nor the inclination to modify it ourselves!

I know they claim "collector's value" and that they'd lose money, but... Come on, really? Sure, don't do another "ultimate collector's edition" like with RotRL (which was just... A bad idea, a bad, bad idea. Cool, but from a marketing stand point, very bad idea). They can't, on the other hand, tell me they'd lose money putting out-of-print adventure paths back into print via Print-On-Demand. Might not make as much of a profit, but I know a lot of people who'd saw off their left foot for updated APs.

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My misspelling was intentional. Didn't want to give it away TOO easily. Besides, if it's a tech game, he'd have a plasma gun :p.

That said.... I'm sure King DeeDeeDee would love to meet this King DVD. Perhaps he can get King DVD to get me some of them episode of the Kirby anime.....


Personally, I've always wanted to run a campaign that's a sort of psychological thriller.

Basically they spend half the game in a dream-realm copy of the world, the other half in their real world, alternating whenever they sleep (whoever's on 'watch' will usually always fall asleep regardless). Of course, the monsters they wind up having to kill in the dreamscape are actually people in their real world. On the other hand, the monsters in the real world are prefectly peaceful, ordinary people in the dreamscape. Areas of civilization in one, are monstrous wild lands in the other.

Killing any version of one results in the death of the other, with exactly the same wounds and damage appearing spontaneously as they appear on the currently-being-injured version. Thing is, this only happens to those that the PCs kill directly (pc-laid traps and summoned creatures included). Death from old age or wilderness and so on have no effect on the alter-world.

Beyond that, I'm still working it out. I know I won't be doing the usual thing of they're actually insane and committing the atrocities themselves. They fully disappear from the world when they go to sleep. I'm currently contemplating having it that monsters have been trying to expand into the civilized territories in both realms, which are in all actuality occurring thanks to the alter-world's civilized societies trying to expand themselves (which thus gives the monsters a psychic nudge to invade boldly into civilized territory as well).

That's all I got.

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Not to much a full campaign idea, but something sort of based off the Legend of Zelda series.... With the primary villain a deeply-tanned very red-haired dwarven magus named Gannon...

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Being villainous IS fun.

Ulfric wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the consequences I know were coming, or if he wasn't such an ass. Then again, most everyone is an ass, and I can't wait for a PC that can run Skyrim with that "true high king" mod that'll let me MURDERHOBO ULFRIC AND TULLIUS without breaking the quest line.

Legion I can do if I ignore all the dialogue. They're just anathema to my very core, and I haven't quite figured out why. Probably never will. I actually find myself agreeing with a LOT of their policies. I still hate them.

Cutting loose in games is a fantastic stress relief, and has actually had many studies proven that it'll help people with propensities to such acts to NOT do them in real life. Everyone has a demonic hideous little monster inside of them. It's why we carjack and drive like maniacs in games like GTA, or brutally murderhobo that random NPC that insulted us in Skyrim with a stealth arrow to the FACE, or bring down the wrath of heaven with the Archemedes lazor in New Vegas in the middle of a heavily populated area because a thug decided to try and mug ya. Hell, I regularly set up intricate and twisted ways of killing Nazeem in Whiterun because one can live out violent revenge fantasies that way (and I have a LOT of reason to have a LOT of them, lol).

Drugs wouldn't sell well either.

More back on topic: I really, really, really wanna give Way of the Wicked a try... And I can't freaking wait for Paizo's Evil AP.

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Speaking of Kaiju... I always wanted to do a Kaiju campaign. Culminating in an OMFGEPIC Showdown of Ultimate Destiny between all the Kaiju that have rules so far, some Behemoths, Colossi, and of course, the Spawn of Rovagug.

Basically, I want to take my PCs against Colossal sized opponents regularly, with truly epic Shadow of the Colossus styled climbing of the huge creatures kind of gameplay.

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210: Collect seemingly random and in consequential things because they believe at some random point in the adventure, it's going to come in handy.

210b: They have a tendency to make the random inconsequential things they collect work, even if they normally won't.

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One from my fiance: A combo Holiday/Fairy Tale adventure, where the PCs get attuned to a real-world Earthian holiday (such as Halloween, Christmas, etc), and pop out in a world that is quite literally a mish-mash of very fairy tale she's ever known. She worked pretty hard on it, was meant to be a humorous but series campaign. Makes me a sad panda she hasn't been able to work on it in a while.

One from myself: Just a random thought I had. "Extraplanar adventure through various famous art and paintings, from Van Gogh's Starry Night, through a multitude of M.C. Escher drawings, to the Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali". I have not worked on this at ALL, but each 'painting' would have a series of strange and powerful side-effects while they were in them. Persistence of Memory would, example, have randomized Haste and Slow effects on characters and mobs, or spell casters suddenly remembering all of the spells they prepared that morning (with spell slots recovered), to daily recharge abilities completely draining or recovering as if it were the start of a new day.
Lots of book keeping? Yes. Did it sound fun to me? Much yes again.

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DrDeth wrote:
Aniuś the Talewise wrote:
My mom was born in 1973 and I was born in 1993. That makes my mom 42 and me 22.
I started playing D&D a year after your Mom was born. sigh.

Didn't you design the original Thief class (among other things)?

Totally rusty on my gaming history >_>

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Alright, another confessional time....

I.... Actually liked the first D&D live action movie with Jeremy Irons.

Of course, I don't watch that one expecting it to be an actual tale of Ismyr. I watch it like it's a movie of an actual, honest to goodness game session(s?). You got the hammy GM who REALLY gets into his character (Jeremy Irons's over-acting), the thief that rolled horribly and was there for comic relief (Snails), the thief that happened to roll VERY well (Ridley), the newbie girl who decided to play a mage (Mirina of "Pretendsa"), and the pair of veteran players who know exactly who and what they're doing (the Dwarf fighter and the Elf ranger).

Watch it like that, and it's pretty hilarious, actually. Mainly because I'm sure many of us have been in a group with some similarities to it at some point or another.

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If I didn't need wind up with a good portion of my collection damaged and molded (thus thrown out) in a flood a few years ago, and if I didn't need to sell off a good portion of my collection for much needed monies, I'd have a good sized library of 2E, 3E, 3.5, Pathfinder, and some other systems I plucked out of discount bins or garage sales when I had the cash.

One day, my collection will return to its former glory.... One day! *Standing on cliff in rain shaking fist at stormy sky!*

.... Still have all of my dice though... Well, most of them. Dice tend to get lost while moving around a lot.

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I Blame Cosmo that I won a $33 community writing contest, and the curtains I had been eye-ing the day before on Amazon price-jumped by 15 bucks and became unaffordable.... I'm getting tired of the tin foil on the window rattling with the wind man! (the blinds broke and the old curtains were horribly thin and useless)

I also Blame Cosmo that I've been distracted from writing prose to fiddling with my house-rules-that-might-as-well-be-a-new-game.... I have a FRIGGEN DEAD LINE HERE COSMO!

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Confessional time.

I have made so many house rules to Pathfinder I might as well be playing a different game. Which is probably why I can't find anyone to stress test it with.

I actually like (with tweaks) the Wounds and Vigor, Armor as DR, Piecemeal Armor, Called Shots, Words of Power, and other sub-systems.

I long for the day when we have a beautifully full figured plump female Iconic.

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I Blame Cosmo that today I've become desperate enough for an income that I've started designing tee shirts with, and will probably design several more before the day is out.... With NO IDEA where to "market" them besides social media. And I highly doubt Paizo would take too kindly to me dropping such stuff off on their website, lol.

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I Blame Cosmo that I have nothing to Blame Cosmo for... I mean, I even got a patron on patreon.... Sure it's only five bucks a month, but, that's 2 book covers a month dude!

Should I be worried that Cosmo shall smack me down mightily the moment I have hope?

.... Nah, he's probably just busy sabotaging my chances at winning $33 bucks in this writing contest. I'm here blaming him that I've had nothing to blame him for in the past few days...


You sneaky imp! Making me procrastinate 5 days before the deadline are you!?

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I Blame Cosmo that I did everything pertaining to the business of writing today... Except writing.

Well, I've got a few more hours. Let's see what I can do. Friggen Cosmo making it mandatory self-pub authors have social media, I wanted to be antisocial...

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I Blame Cosmo that no one has anything for advice concerning a character making use of Irradiate, Cosmic Ray, Blightburn, and so on.

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... I Blame Cosmo that after listening to Toxic Love from Ferngully, I want to play a blight druid sooooo baaad.

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Simon Legrande wrote:
And as you say, quite a few constraints have been put on educators so they usually don't have the option to provide some discipline. You try that now and you're likely to face a law suit for child abuse or some nonsense.

Apply that to parents as well, from what I read. A woman in texas got arrested for letting her kids play in the front yard while she sat on the porch and watched them. All because some neighbor saw the kids running around in the street and side walk (this was a quiet suburban residential area, from what I can recall) and called the police. The charge? "Child Endangerment" and "Child abandonment"... She spent six or so hours at the local jail. Her kids were left home alone because of it, during dinner time, on a school night.

I've also seen a mass of parents getting jailed for "beating" their kids when all they did was give 'em a quick spank or a slap on the back of the hand. You can't even tell your kid to shut up and be quiet when they're screaming about being unable to get a mcdonalds apple pie without getting dirty looks. Drag the screaming brat out of the store? Cops called.

People wonder why I never want kids?

Still, much as I'm a firm believer in humans, as instinctual animals with some cheap tricks like "speech" and "using tools" in their arsenal, are selfish, self-centered, spiteful, hateful things, there's still a few good apples around. We're gonna have to take charge of our own evolution and ingrain basic "human kindness" (which I don't think exists at this point) into something a bit more than just societal niceties.

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