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Sinspawn Axeman

Arnwyn's page

1,998 posts. 3 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist.


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New Arslan?

That could be awesome - I absolutely loved the original (as unfinished as it was).

And more GitS is always, always appreciated.

DungeonmasterCal wrote:
Another pet peeve is how magical loot is expected by players. Unless it's some uber weapon or stat boosting item, they refuse to collect it, no matter how valuable it might be to them in cash.

Wait... what?

The last episode had way too much 'show up in the nick of time' for my taste.

Hate that.

Mark Hoover wrote:
This show's Gordon just seems too... angsty and conflicted for me to get behind.

Because that's the 'cool' and 'in' thing now, don't you know.

Hate that, too.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Uh, Lemmy? Dudemeister? The child is probably 4 or 5 years old, now.


As long as I'm getting updates, I'm happy (hopeful?).

LazarX wrote:
BigP4nda wrote:

Okay so this question is a 2-parter:

1) Can cohorts gain the Leadership feat?

2) If yes, than are their cohort/followers under my command/leadership?

If cohorts were the type of person to take the leadership feat, they wouldn't be cohorts, they'd be PC's.

I'd be like Gabrielle or Iolaus, or Samwise, taking cohorts of their own... it just doesn't pass the verisimilitude muster.

Meh. I disagree.

There was an entire book written in 3.5 with the idea of cohorts taking Leadership (and their cohorts taking Leadership, and so on). (Power of Faerun, for those who were wondering.)

It was awesome. We continue to use it heavily.

Ernest Mueller wrote:
I don't understand why people have this mental block only with RPGs as opposed to every single other form of art and media they deal with.

I find this somewhat hard to believe.

And this:

every single other form of art and media they deal with.

is simply untrue.

We like to call it "roleplaying."

Good for you?

Lemmy wrote:
Alzrius wrote:
Lemmy wrote:
Damn... What's the name of the anime where the girl uses paper to fight? I really liked that show, even though it was pretty short. The battle against the guy who inspired Son Goku is awesome! :D
Read Or Die.

Ah, yes! That was it! Thanks! (The sequel wasn't as fun, IMO).

I think I'm going to rewatch it while looking for something new...

*gasp*! I thought/think R.O.D the TV was one of the greatest series of all time. (I did also like the prequel.)

1 person marked this as a favorite.
xavier c wrote: you think the subject of sexuality should be explored?

such as with a pathfinder Campaign Setting book?
Does sex ever come up in your games?
What do you want to see in the future related to sexuality?



(But then, that's just our group.)

Tormsskull wrote:

On the GM Pet Peeves thread, the thought of how much control a GM has over a PC's background came up, and garnered some debate, so I decided to start this thread.

When a player creates a background for their PC, how much control or manipulation should the GM have over it?

I'm assuming that the PC background fits with the campaign world, and the GM has reviewed it and accepted it.

After those steps are completed, should the GM have free reign to affect a PC's background, alter events that the player wrote about, or should the GM get the player's consent before doing so?

Example, a player writes in their back ground that their character has a wife and children. If the GM thinks its a good idea for the wife or children to be killed or kidnapped, is that fair game, or should the GM ask the player first?

In our group:

What was written (occurred in the 'past'/before the campaign starts) is unalterable - the GM discussed and accepted it, after all.

After that: Any events that occur after the PC has entered the party (and time marches on) is totally fair game. We're all aware of that, and prefer it that way.

(It also helps that we're all very good long-time friends, so we all know what would be distasteful to each other. For example, nothing 'terrible' to wives, no child-killing, etc.)


You having the Stormblades with the black dragon corpse was truly a thing of beauty.

(My players would have gone bananas.)

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spectrevk wrote:

"Sell me on X" isn't an insult to X; it's just a request. If I was trying to sell someone on Mummy's Mask, I wouldn't just tell them to get hyped about fighting mummies or GTFO (which appears to be the common response re: Giantslayer); I'd tell them /snip/

I'd tell them /snip/
I'd tell them /snip/

Would you have told them all that before the product was released?

(Heck, the updated AP descriptions for Giantslayer aren't even out yet.)

Your expectations are interesting... but premature.

Greg A. Vaughan wrote:
It's still chugging along. It will either be released at the time of the Cults KS or the Northlands KS depending on how soon it gets finished. So Q1 or Q2 is the current estimate. We haven't forgotten about it. :-)

That's really good news. I bought the 'subscription' from way back when and I really liked vol 1... but it's hard to be patient for vol 2!

(Though I do scowl at you a bit for missing it in your 2015 Previews... kind of a 'kick me when I'm down' sort of thing.) :D

Aubrey the Malformed wrote:
So just one Scottish dwarf, and all is well with the world? ;-P

Damn straight!

The simple acknowledgement of the existence of at least one Scottish-accented dwarf in a motion picture is all this gamer asks for. :D

Dubs, for sure.

Subs are distracting. (I'm watching a show, not reading it. Especially when the visuals are quite important for the types of anime I prefer.)

Aubrey the Malformed wrote:

Actually, the dwarves had a number of accents. James Nesbitt (honestly, no idea which dwarf - he had no lines in the 3rd movie) retained his strong Northern Irish accent and the actor playing Kili is also (and also sounded) Irish. Thorin didn't sound very Scottish (Richard Armitage is English, from the Midlands) but Ken Stott (Balin) is Scottish. In fact, if memory serves, Gimli's accent was Welsh (as was the actor).

Here's a discussion. I can tell you now that Thorin's accent is not Yorkshire.

Actually, I was just referring to the dwarf voiced by Billy Connolly.

(I probably should have made it singular, but meh.)

Had a chance to see it a short while ago.

I agree with much of the criticism here, though I still did like it the most of the 3 Hobbit movies (not that that's much of a hurdle).

Plus, my love of dwarves (from when I first read the Hobbit and LotR years ago, and then later cemented with FR11 Dwarves Deep (1990) and the Complete Book of Dwarves a year later) really helped this movie along.

- more awesome dwarven architecture? Check.
- dwarves mounted on war/dire rams? Check.
- dwarves with the obligatory Scottish accent? Check.
- dwarven shield-wall? Check.
- dwarf gold-lust (the inspiration for the dwarven god Abbathor)? Check.

Good enough for me.

ElterAgo wrote:
Why do some people always want to play a PC that just doesn't match the campaign or world? Or PC's that don't behave the way they are built.

Beats me. My players/friends are good players and not nutbags.

Caineach wrote:
Aranna wrote:

Ok clearly Alzrius is a troll. Putting him on ignore.

I cannot fathom how politely presenting a logical disagreement with you makes him a troll.

I can certainly fathom how certain people would think it.

It's not very flattering.



Is it *really* available as a PDF on their website?

Sometimes a very new/soon to come product seems available, but then errors out when trying to order it.

Has anyone (non-Kickstarter) tried to get the Sword of Air PDF from the FGG website?

Trogdar wrote:
Arnwyn wrote:
_Ozy_ wrote:
Why not just outright ban teleport, since obviously you're going pretty far out of your way to make sure it doesn't work.

?? A strange comment. Why ban it? It would still allow one to teleport to any location one has been to, for example.

(I'm not advocating a position re: scry info, etc., here. I'm just pointing out the silly baby-with-bathwater comment that sometimes infests the Paizo boards.)

I think the comment was aimed at Diego's statements regarding discern location. I can see the point there because, as a player, if I drop an eighth level spell to know a location I damn well better benefit from it. Otherwise your just going to feel like your being railroaded.

Oh, for sure. But "why not just outright ban teleport" is still a dumb statement - even in the face of Diego's comments. As I said - It would still allow one to teleport to any location one has been to, for example.

silverhair2008 wrote:
I may be sort of out of line with this and if I am I apologize. But if you have such a fear of your players abusing your generosity why are they your players anyway? I feel there should be a matter of trust between GM and players.

You unquestionably are.

Note he said "actual guarantee". And he's right - it's also something one can't get.

Given how cranky (and unforgiving) some publishers are (especially if there are watermarks with one's name in it, etc), the risk may not be worth it given the possible (however small) blowback... sometimes one feels an 'abundance of caution' is needed.

(Hell, even one's own mother isn't an absolute guarantee - "Oh, sweetie, I just shared it with this one friend...")

_Ozy_ wrote:
Why not just outright ban teleport, since obviously you're going pretty far out of your way to make sure it doesn't work.

?? A strange comment. Why ban it? It would still allow one to teleport to any location one has been to, for example.

(I'm not advocating a position re: scry info, etc., here. I'm just pointing out the silly baby-with-bathwater comment that sometimes infests the Paizo boards.)

Vincent Takeda wrote:

Here's the situation:

Lets say I've got a player who has a strong desire to play 'proud, arrogant characters' like Dwarves and Wolfen Quattoria in rifts...

Characters that, to be portrayed to his enjoyment, would demand an aire of 'Hush your whining, silly manling!' or 'it takes time to earn the respect of a dwarf' kind of thing.

Would you join a table with that character? How would you interact with it?

*shrug* It would entirely depend on how 'over the top' it was at the table. Something minor and on occasion? Meh. All the time every session over and over in every conversation loudly and repetitive? Deal-breaker.

But this:

What if you were thinking about making this table your regular weekly table and you found out the player 'gravitates to this type of character consistantly across several campaigns.'

Would probably grate on us (as in, both me and my group). We probably wouldn't be that tolerant of it over time.

Muad'Dib wrote:
No two gamers are alike and who wants them to be?

<quietly raises hand...>

(BTW - there is such a thing as mutually incompatible gamers, styles, and/or personalities. It's real.)

Aranna wrote:
Arnwyn wrote:
Tels wrote:
I don't mind fanservice in anime at all, but what does kill me, is when girls have, like, quintuple triple G breasts in them. For example, Highschool of the Dead, I think, would be a lot better show if all of the girls weren't so incredibly stacked.
If I'm going to get fanservice, this is the kind that I want.
Are you comfortable telling young girls that they should be nothing more than eye candy for guys? And that that in any way is healthy for them as individuals?

I don't know what you're talking about. Other people have mentioned fanservice long before I did.

Try again. (Or rather: Don't.)

Tels wrote:
I don't mind fanservice in anime at all, but what does kill me, is when girls have, like, quintuple triple G breasts in them. For example, Highschool of the Dead, I think, would be a lot better show if all of the girls weren't so incredibly stacked.

If I'm going to get fanservice, this is the kind that I want.

Spiral_Ninja wrote:


** spoiler omitted **

Word. Raina is awful - wish she would just disappear from the show.

Andrew Turner wrote:

So...while I wait three days for Dragon Age to download, I thought I'd give this game another chance.

I wish we could rename this thread: "So, you wanna play The Evil Within? Get ready to get full-up intimate with game frustration, yet find yourself drawn to continuing: it's like not being able to look away from the two-cup video..."

I'm wondering - how did (do) you feel about Resident Evil (notably RE 1-3 and CV)?

Unassuming Local Guy wrote:
The question is this, when your players stumble onto something that may unbalance the campaign just by noticing story do you adjust?

I cheer and do nothing else.

My players actually pay attention to the story? Learn from it and start making adjustments that make sense within the story and campaign world? Howdy-doody, I'm happy! Watching the players figure out those sorts of things is why I like DMing.

No surprise. SGU was awful. Killed the franchise.

Albatoonoe wrote:
Jaelithe wrote:
Aranna wrote:

~raises a glass~

A toast to JJ Abrams and what could be the best Star Wars in a long while.

Considering the mutilation of Star Trek for which he's responsible, you're quite the optimist.

Hope it works out for you Warsies, but ... I don't think it will.

In that case, I would have you compare the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy vs. the new Star Trek. TELL ME STAR TREK IS AS BAD AS THAT. I DARE YOU.

Oh, good lord. Into Darkness was easily as bad.

Well, sure, if somebody or a company finds something offensive for whatever reason, they should...

Alzrius wrote:
Apparently they're also fine that people can buy books such as F&&+ for Satan, Choice and Blood (which can be summed up as "d20 Modern: Abortion"), and the infamous Carcosa, but a card game that leans in support of GamerGate? That's apparently a bridge too far.

...wait, what?

magnuskn wrote:
If you think killing babies is a good act in any form or shape, you have some serious issues with your moral compass and should probably reflect on that for a long while.


(But, yeah - it depends on the metaphysics of the game world. This is yet another place where 3.x did it better than PF - if using 3.x defaults, orcs are "often CE", a step below "usually" and certainly not "always".)


Because some people aren't as imaginative as others.

And that's okay.

Would love to see more stuff done with the troop subtype. (For one - turn it into a robust, functioning template.)

I'd pay for that.

bugleyman wrote:
Scott Betts wrote:
I think it's a liiiiittle silly for anyone to be upset about a half-second clip of a fantasy weapon that they otherwise know nothing about.
Me too. Good thing no one here is "upset."

Indeed. Sounds like someone is (inexplicably) making things up.

Hmmm.... I won't cheat and I'll take movies only:

1-3. LotR Trilogy (Extended)
4. Blade Runner
5. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
6. It's a Wonderful Life
7. Howl's Moving Castle
8. Aliens
9. Spaceballs
10. Despicable Me

Bill Dunn wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:


I understand the importance of not getting one's hopes up especially in light of the last trilogy, but YEESH..tough crowd.

Well, the lower your expectations, the more likely they will be exceeded. The higher they are, the more likely you are to be disappointed.


My expectations are very low for this movie (and I'm going to scoff at almost all forms of hype for it).

1 person marked this as a favorite.
memorax wrote:
Who thought that putting Ogres who are large sized creatures in a medium sized fort was a good idea.

Well, to be fair, it was a human fort that the ogres took over.

So... the idea was fine.

Set wrote:

My initial Reverse Flash guess would be that Eddie learns that Iris has a crush on the Flash, and comes to the bone-headed conclusion that he can't compete with a dude with super-powers, and tries to get some for himself and / or eliminate the super-dude he thinks he's losing Iris to.

But that's pretty much the biggest cliche that ever clitched a schey, so perhaps not...

Perhaps not? You do know this is a CW show, right?

Your cliche would be perfectly reasonable to them. I would not be surprised one tiny bit if something like that was done.

I'm thankful for a lot of these (many that started me off when I was younger):

1. Books: The Prydain Chronicles

2. Movies: Lord of the Rings (but also stuff my Dad showed me when I was young, including such wonderful schlock as Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, Red Sonja, The Sword and the Sorcerer, Conan...)

3. Comics: was never a comic fan...

4. Video Games: the Final Fantasy series and Chrono Trigger

5. Gaming stuff: GDQ1-7 Queen of the Spiders

6. 3rd Party Product: Necromancer Games (and Frog God Games), with Rappan Athuk figuring prominently

I'd like to see APs in the following regions (mainly due to the cultures found within them):

- Vudra (in a localized area)

- Land of the Linnorm Kings (staying within that region, dealing with internal factors and nothing external)

- Alkenstar

- Distant Worlds, but only if it involves ships (so I can use it for Spelljamming); no simple 'gate-hopping' to various planets (boring)

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I hate time travel in almost every possible way...

... and then somebody has to go and mention Chrono Trigger.

Don't like Eberron for the reasons people here have said that they like it.

However, there's some decent stealable stuff here for steampunk/magitech settings, so that's all right (though not as much, or as well defined, as I would have liked).

And trains. I thought the trains were meh until I saw "Riding the Rail" in Dungeon #143. Now trains are the bomb.

Neal Litherland wrote:

I've put together two posts on this before, but as we all know there's just so many rules in Pathfinder a few of them are bound to slip through the cracks. Some of them really shouldn't though, either because you run into them every game session (how many times have you had to remind the monk that she's flat-footed?), or because they're really useful (spell criticals anyone?) So this third installment has 6 more rules we tend to either forget about or overlook entirely.

Without Further Ado: 6 More Rules Right Here!

Huh. I thought all those except the full plate armor one were commonly known and commonly used...

Didn't really like that episode... except for the very end.

Communication and management (including time and people) skills.

I like the idea of all these optional rules being included in the DMG.

Skeld wrote:
max00 wrote:
wraithstrike wrote:
Unless it is in the middle of combat I just let the players know who is dead most of the time.
You are right I've forgot to say "during a fight".

During combat, I wouldn't require a check. I would tell them to spend a Move action to determine whether or not the other character is alive.

Out of combat, I'd just tell them who's alive and who isn't.

That's pretty close to our house rule. ("House rule? Really?" you might say? Yes, it comes up quite often in our games, actually...)

- In combat, it's a move action to determine if a someone is dead or unconscious (or stabilized). No checks.
- If the creature was reduced to below -15 hp, then no move check is required - we rule it's obvious then (guts all over the place, etc.). No checks.
- Outside of combat, we just say whether someone is dead or not. No checks.

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