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Sleepless Detective

Abraham spalding's page

RPG Superstar 8 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 11,775 posts (16,620 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist. 14 aliases.


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Not an accusation I just wanted to address the claim.

It is one of those things that come up often enough that reviewing it in reference to a specific character is important to give the trope back it's meaning and nuance.

News from Tender

TL:DR The company is offering many more gender options.

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Not to cause a panic but then there is the fact he is putting Bannon in a position of power too.

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Klorox wrote:
Iron gall ink (the ink that bonded so well to parchment that we still have texts older than 1000 years that are still perfect) required technique to prepare properly, but still was fairly cheap to produce... Only spurious "gold rush economics" justify a single vial of it costing more than a year's of a farmer's revenue.

The average farmer earns significantly more than 16gp in a year.

Attempting to break a grapple is a grapple check and uses CMB. As such a bonus to CMD would have no effect on the effort.

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Saafris wrote:

That's why I don't tell people to stay or be brave.

My Great Uncle was Jewish when his family immigrated to the USA from Germany.

I can't and won't blame people for fear. I can't and won't blame them for getting to safety when they can. Maybe their fears will be for nothing. But I understand not taking the chance when we have the history we have not only in the world but in the USA too.

Even if their lives aren't threatened (and I wish that was less likely than it is), the desire to not going back to being the target of gross discrimination (instead of the "soft" discrimination of today) is enough to understand trying to get somewhere where the poem on Lady Liberty's tablet is still true.

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My biggest worry as a custom white male is my friends that are not will not trust me anymore and my life will be duller and less full for that loss.

Selfish I admit, but I would hate to lose all that is good and beautiful that the entire LBTQ community brings to my life, culture, and the world.

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Bob_Loblaw wrote:
What if I don't want to continue fighting? What if I'm tired of getting my ass handed to me? What if I don't really want to be a part of a world that doesn't want me here? This has been a struggle for nearly 40 years for me. It's tiring. I'm so close to being done.

In the military we go on ruck marches. "Full kit" 12 miles plus affairs.

We stop for breaks occasionally of course. When we do no more than half the unit breaks at a time, the rest pull security. Then we trade places.

So take a break Bob. You've earned it. Just be you. All of you including Cindy. We got your six. And when you are recovered we'll keep moving. No Soldier left behind.

Don't think that just because you got your butt kick that we think less of you. You can do everything right and still lose sometimes. That doesn't make your efforts any less and should not diminish the pride you take in doing the right thing to the best of your ability.

Rest, recover and do so knowing people have your back

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People stay safe and know you aren't alone.


Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

On the Illinois Senate Race:

It was also groundbreaking in some ways because *both* candidates for the spot have disabilities and fought through them to campaign.

Mark Kirk had a nearly catastrophic stroke and fought back from it dramatically, and Tammy Duckworth lost her legs in Iraq flying an Apache on a combat mission.

Mark Kirk literally tweeted Duckworth didn't stand up for Illinois back in March. He can get bent at that point.

I view a staff as an emergency pool of "oh crap" spells. I don't want to use it everyday but if I need to blow through it to save the party no biggie. But that's why I like custom staves typically with spells close to the same level and only a single (double at most) charge per spell.

And my duty is discharged. Now to wait.

I find custom staves useful, but the ones available in the books are generally lacking in my view.

I would suggest so.

I have a thread (here about the interactions of the FAQs on these sorts of weapons.

Jaçinto wrote:

Abraham Spalding, rather than trying to be accusatory of me, please listen. I am not aware of most of what you said. I just know what I saw in clips I have seen online, which is kind of equal to what you see on TV as they only show clips as well. I try to find entire things without commentary but I am having difficulty. I do oppose any actual wrongdoing by these people but I am talking about Clinton as it is happening right now and it is quite prevalent. I hope I used that word correctly. I don't think there is anything wrong with the congressperson Gowdy grilling her in the hearing, as that is his job. Ask the hard questions. point out every tiny inconsistency. That is a good thing to do here because the point is to get all the information and get every explanation, then see what matches the evidence and if anything contradicts. There is no room for playing nice in that situation. If her answers are consistent and matches the gathered evidence, including other testimonies, then what is the big deal? She should get no special treatment and should have to explain everything she is involved with as to the best of her ability. I hate question dodging and every time it is done, like in debates, I think there should be some kind of penalty as it just eats up time.

I don't officially agree or disagree with anything Gowdy does outside the hearings. I do agree with him grilling her because there are things that need to be investigated and resolved.

See here's my problem: you have claimed you saw something pointing to her doing criminal activities and that she needs to be held responsible and you knew this because you saw the hearings, and because of this the rest of us obviously needed to go watch the hearings because then we would know what you are talking about.

What you actually meant is you think maybe there is something there because you caught a few clips of the hearings and you haven't actually paid attention at all to what has been going on with the Benghazi hearings.

So basically while your end premise has some merit (that people should be treated the same before the law regardless of status) you look less than honest because in ignorance (I'm assuming) you are ignoring how she has not been treated the same and those "investigating" (a term I use very loosely for these hearings) the situation have actually committed the crime you think she may have committed.

In fact those in the professional know have stated repeatedly that at most this is an administrative situation to clean up due to carelessness and that no crime was actually committed.

But somehow with a few clips you saw you know better. That's stick in my craw more than a bit, because I have been paying attention from the beginning and everything you think you are actually bringing up is old crap that has already been cleared. You are fouling the air with recycled nonsense.

Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:


Original poster here. The thread is probably too far gone to get back on track. However, the question is about making a sword that is good for a wizard and not making a wizard who is good with a sword.

Abraham spalding wrote:


Weapon Enchantments that are good for a spellcaster:

Dispelling Burst (allows use of greater dispel magic) *Bonus, these add the weapon's enchantment bonus to your dispel check
Igniting, Neutralizing, and such for their out of combat uses
Limning ammunition for low levels (to help the party against invisible foes until better means are available)
Lifesurge is HUGE, it's a bonus without the wielding requirements and increases any temporary hit points you get. I recommend it as a +5 bland weapon for anyone.
Planar for more melee types
Phase lock (but really it's good for anyone)
Nullifying (again better to put on your fighter's weapon but not horrible for everyone to have)

Pillbug Toenibbler wrote:
Abraham spalding wrote:
Jaçinto wrote:
Set, I'm not excusing anyone ever doing that stuff. I would consider them all on the same level.
Which is why you are just as vocally chasing downn Trey Gowdy, and Darrel Issa right?
Issa shouldn't be too hard to find. I think he's still in the local hospital's burn unit.

Well there it is. I can't even fathom how he can call want he has done working with President Obama. That's shake my head level nuts. Especially considering how democrats were running from their successes in the midterms, and now Issa wants to be all chummy? WoW.

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Jaçinto wrote:
Set, I'm not excusing anyone ever doing that stuff. I would consider them all on the same level.

Which is why you are just as vocally chasing downn Trey Gowdy, and Darrel Issa right?

After all you were obviously paying attention so you are aware they both actually released information publically instead of had some after the fact inadvertent possible spillage?

And you are just as vehement in chasing down the AOL account of Powel (that he admitted was for avoiding public scrutiny) and the RNC servers the Bush administration used right?

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Also Hillary didn't lose her ability to practice law due to corruption.

She lost it because she didn't keep up the maintenance needed to do so.

Bill Clinton was temporarily suspended but he can be reinstated now if he wanted to be.

Most lawyers that are elected president let their license lapse while in office.

Ah, I know what happened now; in his attack and depth over Trump's flaws his first paragraph manages to be overlooked.

I would suggest he should have ended with a paragraph along the lines of "And this is why it's important for you to come out and vote for us!"

The complete focus on Trump throws off the focus on his own campaign.

Though the response would have better optics if it was coming out of Weld instead of the communication office but I guess that's the point of a communication office.

thejeff wrote:
Could be argued as him trying to walk it back, but I kind of agree. It's not clear to me why a third party candidate making a strong attack on one of the major party candidates without mentioning the other should be considered a concession and an endorsement in the first place.

But the question is then who does he suggest supporting? I doubt he's a fan of Jill Stein, and I can't see him pushing to support Trump now, as there is no profit in it for him or the Libertarian party especially if they are trying to get away from the impressions of the Libertarians being the white college male's party such then endorsing Trump would not be the way to go.

So again I'm trying to puzzle out:

  • Why pull out now?
  • Who do they recommend now?

However this is level of bizarre I have come to expect from the Libertarian party.

Irontruth wrote:
Abraham spalding wrote:
So the Libertarians have conceded. That was interesting, as I thought their chances of getting 5% this year were pretty good.
A lot of people are trying to paint that as a concession and endorsement of Hillary, but I don't think it is. Rather, I think Weld's statement is an attempt to get more Republican votes, seeing Trump as the weaker of the two major candidates.

Yeah beyond the concession there is a lot of room for interpretation, which is why I didn't comment on that part.

It just seemed really odd to me that they stopped this close to 5%.

To my thinking the only reason to do that is to screw the Libertarian party out of major party status.

So the Libertarians have conceded (EDIT: THIS IS AN INCORRECT STATEMENT). That was interesting, as I thought their chances of getting 5% this year were pretty good.

Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

New Hampshire hasn't gone Republican since Al Gore. I'll take bets that it goes to Clinton. To make the chances more even, know that I am working against myself and will be campaigning for Jill Stein.

If you want, we can even do the whole "if-I'm-wrong-I-will-vacate-Paizo-for-four-years" thing I did last time.

No running away where we can't poke you with sticks if you're wrong!

We'll need some form of solace darn it!

Bloodrealm wrote:
Lady-J wrote:
is this with everyone being an atheist or with just some people being an atheist? if every one in the setting is an atheist then there would be no druids,clerics,paladins, anti paladins, rangers, witches, shamans, oracles or any other class that relies on a deity to function. on the other hand if it were just some people then they would be viewed as insane or even hunted down by every one else just like how they were in ancient times in some places on earth.
Actually, Druids, Rangers, Witches, Shamans, and Oracles don't require worshiping a deity to function.

Technically in Pathfinder neither do paladins or clerics, though in Golarion all clerics have a deity.

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Hookers and Blow.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Kobold Cleaver wrote:
TOZ wrote:
Kobold Cleaver wrote:

Maximum Movement: None.

Can't jump!

*Flips table* Your move.

Incorrect. Paralysis prevents you from taking move actions, your movement speed is unchanged.
PRD wrote:
A paralyzed character cannot move, speak, or take any physical action. He is rooted to the spot, frozen and helpless.
That does not support your earlier statement. He cannot take move actions. The characters movement is unchanged.

[saracasm]Nope, can't move. Therefore as the world spins and moves he stays in place as the galaxy continues moving leaving him for a death in space. Other people can't lift him up and move him. He's immune to being swallowed since that would be movement and so on.[/sarcasm]

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thejeff wrote:
GreyWolfLord wrote:
Normally because if they worked for the military or had a clearance they know people who DID go to jail or were prosecuted for doing the exact thing that Clinton did.

I am curious who went to jail for doing the exact thing Clinton did. I mean, how many people are even in a position to set up their own email server with a government address? I suspect that most of those talking it don't actually mean the "exact thing", but some other thing involving classified data which isn't nearly the same thing at all.

We know of people who didn't get prosecuted for what was actually the same thing, Colin Powell, for one.

Also the RNC who ran servers for the White House and destroyed the evidence rather than turn it over to Congress as required by law.

But I'm noticing a distinct lack of calls for Gowdy and Issa who both did actually release material to go to jail as well.


Weapon Enchantments that are good for a spellcaster:

Dispelling Burst (allows use of greater dispel magic) *Bonus, these add the weapon's enchantment bonus to your dispel check
Igniting, Neutralizing, and such for their out of combat uses
Limning ammunition for low levels (to help the party against invisible foes until better means are available)
Lifesurge is HUGE, it's a bonus without the wielding requirements and increases any temporary hit points you get. I recommend it as a +5 bland weapon for anyone.
Planar for more melee types
Phase lock (but really it's good for anyone)
Nullifying (again better to put on your fighter's weapon but not horrible for everyone to have)

Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
Next question then: why do SLAs provoke AoOs??

You like that question try this one:

Why does using the above casting methods while paralyzed provoke attacks of opportunity when you have no guard to let slip while casting?

Steve Geddes wrote:
Fergie wrote:
...I give Trump credit for self funding in the primaries...
Did he? I know he said he was doing that early on, but I thought it was later announced (by his campaign) that the money he personally spent was a loan to the campaign, since paid back via fundraising?

He kind of did in part. But he loaned his campaign the money at first. It was only when donors had a fit about it that he supposedly forgave those loans to himself, though last I checked he hadn't actually filed the paperwork to forgive them, he simply said he had/would.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yeah... unless O'Keefe releases all of the unedited film I have no reason to even watch the video.

Quite frankly as a source of information he is shot. Nothing he has produced has been even close to what actually happens once the unedited paperwork is released.

Basically he is bad and if he's your source then you should feel bad too.

Bob I like that multiple profile idea, I can see how that would help. It is always nice when people communicate how they want to be addressed.

Going back to an earlier conversation (because I was unavailable): I think that both libertarianism and communism is both are formed from a virtue.

Communism from altruism/generosity and libertarianism from Honesty/integrity.

And honestly this is why they both fail in practice so far, they don't address their associated vice; communism and sloth and libertarianism and greed.

Capitalism works because at it's core it is based on vice, so appeals to the lowest common denominator. This also allows us to dress it up over time to conform to societal tolerances.

It always seemed to me confusion is more or less the normal state of humanity.

I honestly don't think there is one way you are supposed to feel. I understand if that provides little comfort up front but remember that means what you are feeling isn't nessecarily wrong. If you need the feelings to change that's understandable too.

I try to always remember people aren't who I last met. We change everyday, heck every minute as our bodies and minds are in constant flux. So if you are male today and not tomorrow but are again on Wednesday that is okay. The more important part is to deal with the stress that puts on your mind and body.

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The Doomkitten wrote:

Money, and that worries me even more for the game being worthwhile.

Dragoncat wrote: much more rope is Trump going to call for to hang himself? That was quite a boneheaded step for him--the easiest thing for Hillary to do to counter that would be to agree to it, and insist that he do the same.

I think he's trying to get enough rope to touch the ground instead of hanging.

The problem being is he doesn't realize just how long of a drop it is going to be.

The problem is planned parenthood is funded by services provided (typically through medicare iirc) just like several other service providers are and not direct funding which pushes him into the unconstitutional bill of attainer crowd.

Vidmaster7 wrote:
Why do I get more interesting info about politics out of gaming forums then the news?

Not to be rude or harsh, but because you need to diversify where you get your news from and how to do research on topics you hear about?

I like using the AP website and checking the raw news. 90% of news media is based off of AP reports so you get closer to the source that way.

BBC is another main source site as they also still have a world wide reporting netword; NPR is a good third.

Next you want a good aggregation site (strangely I like and several professional industry level news services.

Double check ownerships and track media corporation relationships (for example clearwater and iheart radio are huge and diverse in the stations they own and a bit chummy with each other).

Diego Rossi wrote:
Abraham spalding wrote:
Johnico wrote:
You're only automatically a willing target if you're unconscious.
and that only applies to harmless spells too.

No Abraham, it applies to spells that require to be aimed at a willing target, like teleport, dimension door and a few others.

There is no "willing target" option for the Saves.

PRD - Aiming a Spell wrote:
Some spells restrict you to willing targets only. Declaring yourself as a willing target is something that can be done at any time (even if you're flat-footed or it isn't your turn). Unconscious creatures are automatically considered willing, but a character who is conscious but immobile or helpless (such as one who is bound, cowering, grappling, paralyzed, pinned, or stunned) is not automatically willing.

This is the part about Saving Throw

PRD . Saving Throw wrote:
Voluntarily Giving up a Saving Throw: A creature can voluntarily forego a saving throw and willingly accept a spell's result. Even a character with a special resistance to magic can suppress this quality.

And as you can plainly see being willing only matters to spells that require a willing target. Voluntarily foregoing a save throw is not the same as being a willing target.

So for aiming a spell some spells require a willing target and for that unconscious creatures count as willing.

Voluntarily giving up a save throw is a voluntary choice that can be made (and typically is for spells requiring willing targets) but willingly accepting a spell and voluntarily failing a save throw is not the same as being a willing target for a spell that requires such.

Part of Trump's problem is that host of other things; few are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt any more because he has been so crass so often.

as Azothath mentioned a few spells specify when the damage ticks, but otherwise I agree with the concensus.

Johnico wrote:
You're only automatically a willing target if you're unconscious.

and that only applies to harmless spells too.

I have a thread here where I list out the contradictory weapon FAQs and try to get clarification; long story short there still is not a clear answer.

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Rednal wrote:
In other news, Trump is now trying to tell the people of Nevada how to pronounce their state's name.

Which explains why Nevada went blue in the polls recently.

If you VMC with oracle you can take the blind curse at level 1. Eventually that gets you blindsense and blindsight.

There's also a series of style feats that could help you but blindsight is going to require investment.

I mentioned it in the other thread, but if Pence outperforms Trump I could see Trump shooting his campaign in the foot over it.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
captain yesterday wrote:

Even if Pence doesn't come across as ass backwards, he'll still get plenty of questions about Trump being ass backwards, and even if he's still able to pull a halfway cognizant performance out of his ass, it won't matter.

Trump will just undermine it with more b$&$+!@ crazy conspiracy theory midnight tweets.

WWhat would be worse is if Pence does significantly better than Trump did then Trump might shoot him in the foot for making Trump look bad. I could see Trump shooting off at the mouth because his second fiddle guy out plays him.

Yeah. I don't see Trump having any sort of loyalty to them.

It's not like he has a history of treating "his" people well.

Rednal wrote:
For the record, Trump now claims that the media has no sources for him or his campaign - only lies.

When this election is over if he doesn't win watching his campaign staff turn vulture for the money and fame/notoriety is going to be interesting.

Thomas Seitz wrote:


Sorry to hear that. But for me, Marvel ended when they made Steve Rogers a more competent villain than hero. :p

But really what do you expect from a guy that turns to drugs to solve all his problems?

I mean yeah it's kind of an "American thing" now but still.

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