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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea NPC Codex (PFRPG)

Abraham spalding's page

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It also mixes nicely with the Razmiran Priest archetype for the sorcerer. At 9th level you can cast spells from scrolls using your spell slots and the with the pathfinder savant's scroll master ability you will do so at your own caster level.

Basically you simply keep a large number of divine scrolls and use them as extra spells known.

Reducing spells prepared per day hurts -- always.

However if you are going to mix it with say white mage and go for something a little less powerful and use the exploits that deal damage it's not the worse thing you could do for/to yourself. Especially if you want an arcanist that is more into charisma than intelligence.

Yeah the problem is the extraordinary part. I was looking for something to help with places like the mana waste.

That's a good point, I think in retrospect it needs to be two uses of inspiration (like combat inspiration) and be limited in the number of times per day like the normal challenge ability.

Trei0 wrote:
Abraham spalding wrote:
Bard and alchemist since the alchemist can quick build all sorts of ammunition for the gunslinger.
Such as?

provided you aren't into society play the alchemist gains a bonus on making alchemical items and makes them faster than anyone else. So he can build the alchemical cartridges and such that a gunslinger wants during down time and at the end of the day.

Bard and alchemist since the alchemist can quick build all sorts of ammunition for the gunslinger.

Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
Abraham spalding wrote:
Under A Bleeding Sun wrote:
A trained laborer makes 3 silver/day. Assuming he works 7 days a week he earns 109.5 gold a year. Assuming not a penny of that goes for an kind of expense whatsoever it take 20.5 years to earn enough to buy a potion to alter sex. An unskilled laborer error earns 1 sp a day, so it takes 61.5 years. When you take in the fact very few people are working every day for 20+ years, and the fact that most of people's money goes to Survival I'd say it makes in world sense that someone may be Transgender rather than even bother.

Oh Gods not this again:

Let me help you out here:

Joe the Farmer is a professional.

Now it's not going to be quickly but it still is not going to take him 20.5 years, even accounting for expenses.

I like your assessment on that other thread. My only disagreement, as shared by others on that thread, is that a farmer's kids multiplies the farmer's revenues, not the other way around. In the 40's and 50's rural families had 12 or 14 kids... it was impossible to run a farm without the farm hands.

Thank you, without derailing here too much, I addressed later in the thread that I wanted to stack against the farmer to start with so that if he was going to be dirt poor so to speak it would be under what I saw as draconian conditions. With the help of a spouse the farmer would be looking to see more like 792.5 gp net a year.

During times of peace and renaissance a gentleman might earn respect among his peers and a place with a noble order through his wit and drive instead of his steady swordarm. A gentleman Knight nevertheless upholds his code and duties with the same zeal that the cavaliers of old did.

Challenge(Ex): A gentleman Knight may expend a point of inspiration to use the cavalier's challenge ability as a cavalier of his level. This ability replaces trapfinding and all instances of trap sense.
Order(Ex): A gentleman Knight gains an order at second level as a cavalier would. He must adhere to the edicts of his order and gains all the abilities that a cavalier would from the order. This replaces Poison Lore, all instances of poison resistance and poison immunity.

The hound of Baskerville does not have access to the varied extracts of other investigators. Instead he relies on the steadfast services of his faithful animal companion.

Animal Companion(Ex): At level 1 a hound of Baskerville gains an animal companion as a druid equal to his level.
Animal Focus(Su): At level 1 a hound of Baskerville gains the animal focus ability as a hunter equal to his level. This ability includes the second animal focus gained at 8th level.
Hunter Tactics(Ex): At level 3 a hound of Baskerville gains the hunter tactics ability.

A hound of baskerville does not gain the alchemy ability, these abilities replace it completely.

The physician relies on his medical inspiration and more "natural" remedies to cure people in areas where magic has failed or is viewed with suspicion.

Medical Inspiration(Ex): A physician may use his inspiration ability on heal checks for free. A physician may use his intelligence modifier in place of his wisdom modifier on heal checks. In addition when using inspiration on a heal check he gains additional benefits based on what type of heal check he is performing:

First Aid -- The physician heals the patient a number of hit points equal to his inspiration bonus on the skill check.

Long Term Care -- The physician heals each of his patients additional hit points equal to his inspiration roll. He may instead heal an amount of ability damage for one patient equal to his inspiration roll.

Treat wounds from Caltrops, spike growth, or spike stones -- The physician reduces the amount of time required by a number of minutes equal to his inspiration roll.

Treat Deadly Wounds -- The physician heals the patient an additional amount of hp equal to his inspiration check with only a single use of a healing kit. A physician that exceeds the DC by 5 or more may heal an additional amount of hp equal to his intelligence modifier. Finally a physician can spend an additional point of inspiration to be able to treat deadly wounds on a patient a second time during the day. Each time he heals the same patient again in the same day it costs an additional inspiration point.

Treat Poison or Treat Disease -- The patient may use your heal check in place of his save throw against poison or disease.

At level 4 when the physician uses an alchemical item on an ally (including himself) he may spend a point of inspiration to increase the effectiveness of the alchemical item. When the physician uses this ability he makes an inspiration roll. He may increase the duration of the item by an amount equal to this roll in the form of duration the item already has (if the item lasts minutes he increases the duration a number of minutes equal to his roll, if it last rounds he instead increases the duration a number of rounds equal to his roll). He may instead increase the items effectiveness by an amount equal to his inspiration roll (if the item provides energy resistance it increases by an amount equal to his roll, if it provides fast healing it the amount of fast healing is increased by his roll).

At level 7 the when the physician improves an alchemical item for an ally he may also negate any negative side effects that come from using the item. The physician may also attempt to treat ailments other than those normally treatable by the heal skill. He may attempt to remove any of the following conditions from a patient; blindness, deafness, stunned, confused, fatigued, exhausted, nauseated, paralysis, sickened, staggered, or unconscious. The DC for the check is the Caster level of the effect + 10 and takes a full round action.

At level 10 the physician may attempt to treat wounds that would normally be fatal. By expending 5 points of inspiration the physician may attempt to treat someone that has been killed. The DC of the check is 10+the number of rounds the patient has been dead + the amount of negative hit points the patient is currently at. If the physician is successful the patient is revived with 0 hp and one negative level.

At level 13 the physician may attempt to treat permanent negative energy levels or ability drain. The DC for the check is 10 + the caster level of the effect.

This ability replaces Alchemy.

Under A Bleeding Sun wrote:
A trained laborer makes 3 silver/day. Assuming he works 7 days a week he earns 109.5 gold a year. Assuming not a penny of that goes for an kind of expense whatsoever it take 20.5 years to earn enough to buy a potion to alter sex. An unskilled laborer error earns 1 sp a day, so it takes 61.5 years. When you take in the fact very few people are working every day for 20+ years, and the fact that most of people's money goes to Survival I'd say it makes in world sense that someone may be Transgender rather than even bother.

Oh Gods not this again:

Let me help you out here:

Joe the Farmer is a professional.

Now it's not going to be quickly but it still is not going to take him 20.5 years, even accounting for expenses.

I got a big smile and wear bright colors.

I'm boring that way.

the cavalier is going to be heartbroken he did not make the sexiness cut.

valet familiar shares its masters teamwork feats.

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Malaclypse wrote:
KSF wrote:
Malaclypse wrote:
Sex-negative feminism is not a view that is shared by the mainstream.
No one in the thread is being sex-negative. And as TheJeff said, no one is being sex-negative in the article I linked to.

The hostility towards non-puritan imagery uttered in this thread makes me disagree with you.

citation, and exact quotes.

thanks, i could not find that for the life of me. i knew what it was supposed to be and such but i just could not find it.

are they charisma or intelligence based, and are they the normal 10 plus half level. my pdf didnot say.

indeed each corner actually counts on each axis if you check in the combat section of the rules.

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@ the thread title: That's between her and her partner.

But I recommend infernal healing afterward if they agree to this.

Non-helpful post of the day:


Question: Why does the Pulse Rifle that Aeryn Sun is using have a pistol grip, a trigger for hip fire, and scope?

Nicos wrote:
Well, not sure why every female/male in paizo art have to be attractive either.

because every monster with high charisma is butt ugly so we need low charisma attractive iconics to balance... well iconics and npcs.

Well I guess I can see that -- any trait can certainly be attractive (well, maybe not any trait but I get the idea).

I think it's because I read what was quote of you from Nicos and took that on its own. By itself and the throw away line of "concealing" I read it as "covered" or "not exposed" which let to the sarcasm/snark about being exposed and such.

But again in retrospect it looks more like I missed a beat an misunderstood what you were trying to say.

Ceres Cato It was sarcasm... sorry if I broke the meter.

Why/what does sexiness have to do with anything really?

It's not indicative of intelligence, strength, health, agility, skill, power, success, or anything else with the possible except of personal hygiene.

Honestly it's all about looks which are only skin deep. Of course when you think about it so is live cause if I get the blade under the skin... well...

Honestly I don't care. While I can generally find something amazing about any body (and anybody) that's because people are amazing things mechanically, aesthetically and in sheer ability.

At the end of the day the dress or lack of there is generally only indicative of what the person has on layered (or not) their body with and possibly what their immediate intentions for the future are.

Nicos wrote:
Ceres Cato wrote:

On another note: I was terribly, TERRIBLY disappointed with the art in the Inner Sea Gods hardcover. Besides the Calistrian cleric and some evil female clerics (why evil?) most of the women dressed in stuff so concealing I asked myself: Are these women afraid of showing that they are women?
Why they have to be afraid of something?

Well you know I HAVE to prove I'm a man by dressing skimpy all the time. That's why I don't go anywhere without my banana hammock.

So of course a woman should be wearing something similar.

Of course sometimes it's cold, or I would like to dress with more clothes but I don't want people to think I'm afraid so all my tuxedos and armor have to expose my banana hammock.

24 people marked this as a favorite.



There hasn't been "opposition" -- no one has said, "No this shouldn't be a part of gaming."

There has been a discussion on what "eyecandy" says about our society or how it is presented, and if it is evenhanded or not and a million other things.

But not once did a developer or employee of Paizo come in here and say, "You know what, we will not have any eyecandy or skimpy dressing for any more iconics from here on out."

I can almost guarantee there will be more eyecandy. If for no other reason than Freya, Seona, and all the other iconics are still the core iconics and therefore will be used more than the others in artwork for Paizo.

And on a serious note, if the fact that a company that people have discussed what they would like to see and how what has been affects them and other causes you to think you should be disappointed because you somehow are getting what you want and everyone else is, and somehow that means they are privileged.

No NOW I'm mad. They finally got an equal say. Grow up. For once they have a company that says, "Yeah we can make that happen." What you have gotten your entire life has finally happened for them. They are your equal and now you have to wait your turn.

It's no longer all about the semi-nude female for you to look at. Your tastes are not central and quite frankly this is a good thing.

At least have the good grace to wait your turn.

The basic idea of the thread, "Hey this is what I would like to see more of and it feels like you are over swinging in the other direction." Alright that was fair to be brought up as your opinion.

This last post however? It's crap.

LazarX wrote:
Abraham spalding wrote:

It's also fun to see what doesn't change in their clothing. Like the specific jewelry they keep, or such.

Finally the different outfits can help show faster than words ever will important points about cultures.

Only time iconics get a new set of clothes is when they go mythic. Seltyiel didn't even get a new outfit when he changed out of Eldritch Knight!

There were a couple in the GM guide.

I'm not expecting a huge amount of them and I know that the iconics will have a default look and outfit of course. But a couple of different outfits here or there wouldn't be a bad thing.

But I do know better than to hold my breath waiting for it.

Westphalian_Musketeer wrote:
Abraham spalding wrote:

Yeah sounds like Divergent or Brave New World, or The giver or any other variation on that theme to me...

I would worry for the person not creeped out by the idea.

Hello, I'm a person who had their mind altered.

I suffered from clinical depression that for over a decade required medication. I regularly meet people who are leery or critical of using medication to assist when one's brain chemistry isn't doing what one wants. When I was depressed every single morning was met with dread, and pleas to some higher power for swift end was regularly a weekly occurrence. This was carved into my very physiology, and very likely my genetic code from my family history of mental illness.

Yet I had a feeling there was something better, and with placement of trust in my doctor, I agreed to medication that changed my outlook on the world, yet at the same time did not shatter my sense of self. If anything, it strengthened it, being able to look at some things in life and not be filled with a grey, morose feeling of emptiness made me have certain things to cling to, idealize, enjoy, and care about.

I understand the value of a personal identity, but if something is personal, then it is that person's, to do with as they see fit in accordance to their conscience.

Your examples of what you are creeped out by are specifically instances where a person outside the person themselves influences identity, in both cases a Big Government that wants to maintain absolute control over people.

I however, simply wanted control with myself.

Well I certainly understand your position. I also appreciate you understand that you need your medication and use it. I know some who keep going on thinking they are better and don't need the medications and then dropping off them only to end worse than they started.

Also you are correct in identifying that choice is a huge part of it.

Another example would be limitless for me or steroid use by professional athletes.

I do understand and appreciate the need for medication to help people though and I am grateful that such medication is available for those that need it.

Crystal Frasier wrote:
KSF wrote:

As worded in your original quote, the implication seems to be that the magic would, for example, make a male-bodied trans woman feel good about being in a male body. That is what I mean by changing the person's gender identity, and that is what I object to.

If whatever process or thing you place in the quotes ("magic" or whatever) were to make me happy to have a male body, I would no longer be myself. And that would be a violation of me.

Excellently said, KSF!

The point we're trying to make here isn't to attack you or call you a bad person. Instead, what we heard was "What if we tried fantasy solution X to address condition Y." And a lot of people with condition Y are trying to explain that that fantasy solution X sounds terrifying to us.

Yeah sounds like Divergent or Brave New World, or The giver or any other variation on that theme to me...

I would worry for the person not creeped out by the idea.

You know Crystal I had the same thought but couldn't figure out how to say it right so I didn't at all (about the elves -- Lashunta is something I just don't mess with).

LazarX wrote:
Red Velvet Tiger wrote:
When in doubt, ask the Elves! They're smart enough to have a good answer somewhere! Seriously though, in a culture as free as the Elves have, why WOULDN'T they have some sort of easy magic for this?
Having a mostly chaotic alignment does not translate into cheaper access to magic. In other words, elves don't get a magic price break because they're elves, at least not in Pathfinder default.

Secondary point: Just because it might work for elves doesn't mean it would work for anyone else.

3 people marked this as a favorite.


First off hello, great to meet you on these forums. I want to share something personal with you (and of course the general public). It may or may not apply but please take it in the helpful spirit it is offered.

As a CIS white male (I believe that is the correct term) I have had a very privileged and lucky life. This is no one's fault and I do not feel guilty for it.

However my overawareness of just how good I had it had often been a barrier to my own attempts to better understand other people. Ironically it was the fear that I would say something incredibly ignorant or stupid or down right offensive that would frighten me into not saying anything.

Fortunately I am rather gifted and used my awkward silence to listen and observe. What I saw helped me overcome my fear -- I saw other CIS white males make complete jerks of themselves... and people forgive them of it.

It wasn't the awkward questions or misunderstanding of terms or deeply personal nature of the questions that caused the problems though. It was usually the need for the CIS white male (as myself) to try and understand everything from my own viewpoint.

Which is ridiculous -- you can't do that and somethings there simply is no understanding. I guess it's kind of like faith, I can accept and believe something about someone without understanding it (Interestingly this has helped me accept myself more and there are things about me I don't understand and I have been able to find peace with).

The second biggest issue I saw was the need of the person to try and 'correct' or 'defend' when inevitably something got miss-communicated.

In this case people are telling you that you seem to be skirting or not understanding a specific point. They aren't accusing you of wrong doing. The thought or idea might be very foreign to you and therefore it is brought out again not to bludgeon you with it but so you can understand this hard point is very center to what is being discussed.

Now I do not know your race, sex, make up, intentions, or anything else about you other than you are in this thread and trying to learn and talk with others.

I want you to understand I find this extremely admirable and a great trait to have.

I simply want to offer a possible thought to you, or anyone else that might be reading on an issue I have had in the past.

To everyone else -- sorry about making this about me (damn that CIS White Male privilege!).

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Lilith wrote:
Red Velvet Tiger wrote:


Selytiel = pure sex poured into black leather!

Where he's going in my sketchbook, he doesn't need leather.

Also, I feel compelled to point out that when art is depicted in either extreme all the time is the problem. There's a time and place for pinups, and a time and place for being an armored juggernaut, and a wide variety between both points is most desirable and as the situation of the art warrants. :)

Oh general thought and point of order:

Paizo, when you get artwork of Iconics I would LOVE to see multiple pictures of the iconics in different outfits.

Seeing how the character dresses in different situations is awesome and helps break people of the thought, "But I have to always where my breast plate" or what not.

It's also fun to see what doesn't change in their clothing. Like the specific jewelry they keep, or such.

Finally the different outfits can help show faster than words ever will important points about cultures.

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Matthew Downie wrote:
Bards are far too balanced. They should either be made much better, so they can compete with the other overpowered classes, or made much worse, so they don't overshadow rogues.

Your Poe'sLaw, it's tasty.

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Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Abraham spalding wrote:
Threeshades wrote:
That's right! So are Droogami and Daji!
It's ridiculous that the only nude iconics are beasts! I demand more nudes of the other humanoid iconics!
I, on the other tentacle, believe we should see more iconic critters fashionably dressed. Such as Kolo sporting full Rocketeer cosplay... Daji sporting a top hat, monocle, jaunty scarf, stylish vest, and swordcane... Biter nakkid but for a fez...

I would normally second this but instead I will square it as it just sounds awesome.

JoeJ wrote:

One thing about bards that has bothered me ever since it was first allowed in 3E was letting them cast Cure spells. Bards are arcane casters, not divine casters. If arcane casters can heal, then why can't wizards, who are supposed to be the experts in arcane magic, do it?

Falls flat when you consider they could case cure spells in 1st edition too (since they cast as per druids). Also falls even more flat with the introduction of the witch, and there have always been other options for healing as arcane casters through out the editions.

Indeed the separation of magic into arcane and divine is itself a more recent addition to the system.

RDM42 wrote:
Anzyr wrote:
RDM42 wrote:
Anzyr wrote:
RDM42 wrote:
Anzyr wrote:
Ya, you don't SWAT into those. You SWAT into the ones that can't be. Hence why you need the buff spells. Once you start combat you are kind of committed.
But when you are swatting room to room you kinda short circuit anything but combat. Not to many things will talk to you when you charge in with swords drawn and spells blazing.

"Ok guys we're going to Fell Lord Thamior's castle, remember to bring your tea cozies and house warming gift."

If your going to raid a place, you've decided that combat is both 1. necessary, and 2. your best option. Thus, you use SWAT tactics.

Ah, so all situations are binary, eh?

When you've already decided that violence is necessary? To be honest, yes. Some exceptions may apply, but they are few and far between.
You are seriously saying that the only choices are flowers and wine, or tactical nuclear weapons?

Dude what? Alright this is flat ridiculous at this point. I am willing to say this is a decent conversation to have somewhere but not in the bard thread (also probably not with equating SWAT building clearing procedures with nuclear weaponry).

Anyways Bards have a number of things that help them beyond the initial core rulebook now. The fact they can now as an immediate action completely save your bacon on a save throw is huge, inspire gallantry is also an amazing spell too.

I used to complain about the bard spell list but now? It's freaking awesome.

Alex Smith 908 wrote:
Abraham spalding wrote:
Sajan's abs intimidate you?
Him and Amiri are just too buff for this particular itch. They fill a more general "dreamy protector" role as opposed to the "boy/girl-toy floozy" one that Seltiyel occupies.

Fair enough -- just teasing anyways (not that I think you took me seriously).

4 people marked this as a favorite.
Threeshades wrote:
That's right! So are Droogami and Daji!

It's ridiculous that the only nude iconics are beasts! I demand more nudes of the other humanoid iconics!

Alex Smith 908 wrote:

Seltiyel is really the only overtly sexualized male iconic around. Which you know if people keep shouting balance we need more of. At least two more skimpy fey pretty boys are needed. Preferably in some form of light bondage or distress in 50% of their images.

I swear I have no agenda.

Sajan's abs intimidate you?

2 people marked this as a favorite.

But the Iconic Eidolon is naked!

LazarX wrote:
icehawk333 wrote:
Lazar, it says no such thing.
Cursed items have NO value. Therefore they can't be "made" by plugging them into the standard formulas for creating magic items. Cursed items always identify as a "helpful" magic item, not by their actual effect.

For crying out loud LazarX you know better:


Cursed items are any magic items with some sort of potentially negative impact on the user. Occasionally they mix bad with good, forcing characters to make difficult choices. Cursed items are almost never made intentionally. Instead they are the result of rushed work, inexperienced crafters, or a lack of proper components. While many of these items still have functions, they either do not work as intended or come with serious drawbacks. When a magic item creation skill check fails by 5 or more, roll on Table: Common Item Curses to determine the type of curse possessed by the item.

Which of course means sometimes they are made intentionally.

Chozo Hybrid wrote:

Was hoping for a collection of cities, not another (and many more) small books with 6. I suppose nothing stops me from making their stat blocks for my own campaign though :) Since the descriptors lead to what they are like.

For your responses, this fairly new GM thanks you :D

You know I just might have one last gem for you:

Pathfinderwiki, Geography has the regions listed and might have some information on various cities.

I am not certain of that though.

I am in fact rolling one right now.

You could take the Vestigial Arm discovery once or twice and model it after this tech priest.

Cities of Golarion

Obvious product placement is obvious.

Several others are spread across the adventure paths and various other books. I don't think anyone has put together a settlement sheet list yet for Golarion due to intellectual property rights, or at minimum because we are lazy folk and no one has thought to do it yet.


Miracle could fix that too if you are high enough level, and miracle for that should be free since it's a 'normal' use of the spell.

Of course then you are burning through ninth level slots (if you even have them) but just a not.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Got some links for you:

Kingdom Building




And if you want to see how it all ties together:

My work in tying it all together

You might want to read this last one first THEN go back to the above links. It'll keep your head from swimming in the minutiae of rules if you have an idea of where the endgame is.

While you asked to not bring the real world into it I would point out there are some very similar issues that might be present.

If they are from Chelax they might think the female form is a weaker one due to religious influence and not want to take that burden on. Or they may simply see it as suffering they have to live with (perhaps as followers of Zon-kuthon... in fact I could see a really interesting cult of his perhaps purposefully changing their genders away from what is comfortable to them in order to suffer more and practice their... craft). It could be they simply do not realize it is possible. Perhaps the character feels responsible for providing a heir as a certain gender (because again while the setting as a whole is generally accepting of equality between the sexes that doesn't mean each culture in it is).

Alright I'm going to be completely honest here.

I stopped reading this thread about half a paragraph in.

So why am I here?

For all the awesome links.

At the end of the day for me it comes down to, "It takes all kinds."

Just as Golarion has different areas and parts different people love and hate and just as pathfinder has different means of being played the books should have different art styles and different aesthetics presented.

I enjoy the eyecandy that is provided. I like that some of it is simply art that happens to have some exposure with it. I also love the iconics that are dressed to the nines with equipment hanging out the sides.

At the end of the day I like the new art too. Kess looks a bit too much like Amiri for my tastes but that's just because they have armor that looks so much alike. But hey I am really looking forward to this book.

By the way thanks for all the fish (and links). Fascinating stuff all the way around.

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