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Sleepless Detective

Abraham spalding's page

RPG Superstar 8 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 11,479 posts (16,324 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist. 14 aliases.


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UnArcaneElection wrote:

And now I have this vision of a Techno-Witch archetype that uses a smartphone for spell storage . . . .

That would be irregular at magic high school.

I'm going with yes, because it says when using planar ally or planar binding spells, not when casting.

So no matter how you use the spell as long as you are doing it the feat should kick in.

Master of the Dark Triad wrote:
Why do I want that archetype? It seems useless.

That the archetype, put together a book of divine scrolls. Go pathfinder savant after level 9. Cast any spell in your "spellbook" using your spell slots at your caster level. Have more on the spot diversity than anyone else in the game.

To be clear I meant that saying it isn't compatible is what isn't correct. It is compatible because you can take it in place of a feat (much like a wizard can take a discovery in place of a feat.

That's why it says "Alternatively you can..."

It's not an archetype it's an option that you can take in the place of a feat.

Notice Bloodline Mutations are not labeled as archetypes, it just says you can't take one in the place of a power altered by an archetype.

nennafir wrote:
Abraham spalding wrote:

If it was me:

Crossblooded Sorcerer (draconic, orc)
VMC Wizard (admixture)

With the bloodline mutations The Guy With A Face mentioned.

You would have xd6+3+1/2 your level (for evocation) in damage. The feats you would be looking at are spell focus, greater spell focus, elemental focus and greater elemental focus.

Admixture means you can turn your evocation spells into electricity.

At level 15 take creative destruction to gain temporary hit points equal to the number of dice you do.

Consider spell specialization and mastery for your favorite blast spell as well as a trait to boost the caster level as well. A few times a day you'll be able to add your charisma modifier to the maximum dice for a spell, which could net you lots of temporary hit points and lots of damage.

Blood Havoc isn't compatible with Crossblooded. Take a look at the text in the magic tactics toolbox book before blood havoc where it mentions you can't use it with an archetype that modifies the powers.

Actually that's not true. It says you can take them in place of a bloodline feat.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If it was me:

Crossblooded Sorcerer (draconic, orc)
VMC Wizard (admixture)

With the bloodline mutations The Guy With A Face mentioned.

You would have xd6+3+1/2 your level (for evocation) in damage. The feats you would be looking at are spell focus, greater spell focus, elemental focus and greater elemental focus.

Admixture means you can turn your evocation spells into electricity.

At level 15 take creative destruction to gain temporary hit points equal to the number of dice you do.

Consider spell specialization and mastery for your favorite blast spell as well as a trait to boost the caster level as well. A few times a day you'll be able to add your charisma modifier to the maximum dice for a spell, which could net you lots of temporary hit points and lots of damage.

Using the second barrel is simply a penalty, it never states doing so is a specific action iirc.

On his first shot he could have a second grenadier thing up if he has prep time.

zainale wrote:

does he have "fast bombs" he should be able to use explosive missiles on each shot. only problem i see him having is using his Alchemical Weapon ability on every shot since he has to charge each piece of ammo each round (they last for a minute or 10 rounds). sadly if your putting your bombs and alchemical weapons into your ammo they wont splash at all.

fast bombs and two weapon fighting (plus anything that i am missing) should allow him to just throw a bunch of his bombs all over the battle field. but then he will be out of bombs in 2-3 rounds and he would be spent for the day. what else can he do to keep relevant in the next fight with out his bombs.

Except that's the opposite of what he wants to do. He wants single shot dicegasm.


To OP:

If he takes grenadier he can add an alchemical item to the damage too as a swift action (at 6th level, so between 7 and 11 for the character) for a bit more damage.

Each die is worth about 2~3 points of static damage bonus in this case.

So level 5 would cost 2d6 and two discoveries. It would get you a feat. Ot is also the difference between level 4 extracts and level 3 extracts as your maximum. Bab wise you would would be +10 with dex to damage compared to +9 without. Not enough for another attack. Of course you'll lose the pistol damage dice too.

A double barrel pistol could help on the damage. Iirc this would net an extta 1d8+2d6+dex mod again.

If you can swing it the is a tower shield combat style that allows you to use the full cover option as a move action instead of standard, takes two feats to get and you'll want an extra arm or tail for reloading.

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GM Rednal wrote:
You don't have to drink alcohol... XD Maybe something a bit healthier?

"In other news several people have fallen ill to hydro-toxicity today. Their only connection seems to be participating in the Paizo forums and watching the Republican National Convention. Was this part of a suicide cult and how can you protect yourself? More at 6."

TriOmegaZero wrote:
No one ever asks that question unless something forces them to face the possibility. It's a non-partisan human behavior.

I feel odd then. I have literally faced that situation, and realized perhaps I didn't want to go down that road and moved on.

Can't say I haven't occasionally found myself in a place I didn't want to be and not proud of how I got there but self reflection has (and likely will) save me more than just about anything else ever has.

Scott Betts wrote:

Yeah, it's not a happy time to be a conservative in America (or just about anywhere, for that matter). If you put yourself in their shoes, things are pretty bleak and have been for a while. The world at large doesn't put up with them and their beliefs anymore. Where they were once at least tolerated, they're shamed and marginalized instead. I'm sure they feel like their zone of comfort is rapidly shrinking around them, and I'm sure that's scary as hell to a lot of conservatives.

None of this is to say they don't deserve the experience they're going through. They absolutely do deserve it. But it's easy to understand why they're angry, why they're frustrated, why they feel like nothing is going their way, and why they want someone capable of throwing a punch in their name, even if it's just punching a metaphorical wall.

Yeah but it's like the person that keeps dating the "wrong" person that eventually wants to date you. You should pause and ask yourself, "Have I become one of the 'wrong' people now?"

I mean if the person has a track record that is horrible and is interested in you consider that maybe you are one of the ones that is bad too.

Conservatives keep finding themselves in the company of bad people and people making bad decisions and never seem to wonder what the says about themselves.

So someone give me a day 2 recap please. I have kids at home so I can't watch the "R" rated stuff during the day.


ryric wrote:
Torbyne wrote:
"if your Pathfinder barbarian runs around the space station with a sword and no shirt, he’s gonna get torn up by some first-level soldier with an assault rifle. As he should. " feeling so warm and fuzzy inside :D we think soldier is a class?

Take it from one, Soldiers have no class.


6 people marked this as a favorite.

Bob I am glad you could find some peace in such a hard situation.

I am currently serving, and at each station I have been at the unit I have been with has worked hard to support LGBT rights. Not just in theory but by ensuring their pass requests for marriage went through smoothly, that their spouses were aware of the benefits available to them, getting IDs and the like.

I have had the pleasure and honor to serve with gay and straight Soldiers who all serve because they want to serve. Service does come with some benefits (I have gotten PRK for my eyes for example) but I have rarely met someone only serving for only the benefits.

Some do join for such but that is just as cynical as offering the benefits in the first place. The truth of the matter is more complex than that. The military is all volunteer, however it is still a profession and like all professions it needs to have something to offer beyond the paycheck. Yes I am proud to serve and serve for more than just the money and benefits but without knowing my family is taken care of that service would be much harder to give.

I look forward to serving with people in transition or who have completed transition. There will be challenges, there always is, but I am proud to work for one of the most progessive employers in the USA and am glad more will have the opportunity to do so as well.

That runs against an FAQ unfortunately, but noble scion can get you cha to initiative (it's a feat).

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I have an faq thread here where I have listed ouut all the contradictory faqs on this subject. I mention it so you and your gm can have them all listed for ease reference.

It was already converted to future d20. It doesn't have all the fluff and story but the mechanics are converted. The site I reference earlier has a warships supplement for making ships. Just convert the tech after building.

Only reason I bought d20 future. I would be interested in seeing the outcome of a starfinder conversion.

Alters spellcasting not blood casting, so you are good to take the feat.

So has a lot of support for the alternity system. The Aleerin (Mechalus) are my favorite race.

the irresponsible captain taylor

Level 0: Detect Magic, Prestidigitation, Mending, Message
Level 1: Liberating Command, Ray of Enfeeblement, Protection from Alignment, Mudball
Level 2: Anti-summoning Shield, Greater Detect Magic (for intrigue games), See Invisibility, Touch of idiocy, Admonishing Ray
Level 3: Dispel Magic, Communal Resist Energy, Summon Monster 3, Arcane Sight, Shrink Item
Level 4: Summon Monster 4, Dimensional Door, Dimensional Anchor, Dragon's Breath, Emergency Force Shelter (or resilient Sphere)
Level 5: Echolocation, Break Enchantment, Feeblemind, Overland Flight
Level 6: Planar Binding, Summon Monster 6, Disintegrate, True Seeing

As I have the GMG I couldn't say without some research. But I'll try to look into it over the next week.

Sorry, got beat to it.

thejeff wrote:
Zaister wrote:
Never forget the Gap Cycle by Stephen R. Donaldson.

I try, but I can't.

The Gap Cycle: For those who thought Thomas Covenant was too sympathetic of a protagonist.

Wow. That's bad.

The Pern Chronicles.

Romance belongs in space too.

And Of course Isaac Asimov.

Yeah not a huge tech tree.

You would have the tech type (genericish, like fusion, dark matter, anti matter, cyberbetics, super materials, etc) and your "rank" in that tech type.

Each item has a tech type and level (or two or three tech types with levels) if you have that tech type (you would only need one of the list types)and are that rank or higher you can build the item.

Nanite hypogun (medical 5, biological 6, nanio tech 5)

If you have one of the list skills you are good.

Crafting feats could work too.

I suggested in another thread that perhaps each class could have a tech limit. this is the number of technologies they can master.

anyone can use user friendly tech but if you don't have the knowledge of a specific tech you can't build it.

Druids get heal as a 7th level spell.

That does help a lot.

You have wild shape which should allow you to fight most rounds. Meaning your a beatstick a good part.

Druid summons aren't as strong overall as summon monster but still offer damage, battlefield control, buffing and damage mitigation.

Use summons as you would use a short term controlled enemy. Move them to flank for you or block charge lanes and offer soft cover from ranged attacks. Attack with them of course. If they can eat an AoO so your buddy can do something without provoking. Aid other can be helpful as well of course.

If you need to stay out of melee use a repeating range attack spell like call lightning.

I consider it a success if I can finish my contribution to a fight in two spells or less.

If you end the day with spells leftover have a means to scribe or potion them if possible.

Sounds like you have the basics covered. Remember what you are saving for and open up then. It will make up for the wait. However if you need to cast to save a life do it.

Action economy of more players is worth the spell slots.

Again that's what alternity did. I was talking about applying the same concept to characters through their classes too, as a means of helping with balance and to prevent a specific phenomenon I've seen in scifi games before (people wanting to build tech all the time and custom craft items).

Yeah I am not talking about basic use stuff (weapons, armor, and such) but the crafting, modification or usage of high end stuff.

Well the Civilization series uses something of the idea (as does most RTS and 4X games honestly) with tech trees.

Which might be an idea too.

Maybe each class has a "tech limit" based on how difficult the class is. Then each character gets to select some form of technology they learn about over their career.

So a wizard might get two tech types, a fighter four and the rogue would have six.

The wizard picks biology and gravity, the fighter picks fusion, super materials biology and cybertech, while the rogue goes for... Stuff ran out of ideas.

But basically it is kind of like skills for technology levels for characters.

Because seriously no one is going to know everything.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Meh it is more a factor of variance.

The range between maximum and minimum at level 20 is such that it can lead to situations where effects seem inevitable.

It is possible for all the characters to keep their numbers even across the levels, but if someone doesn't, or they over-specialize when others aren't things get uneven.

SOD, SOS, and hp overkill exists at all levels, it isn't options increases that is the issue some as the variance factor of the variables after twenty levels.

Honestly it is the samething that makes pathfinder worthwhile to play, it just gets too exaggerated after about 16 for most people.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

well I worded it the way I did because I could have understood a non-leveled system that was still compatible, but obviously that is not. the case.

seems to me this is an indication that BAB hit dice save throws feat and skill points are all likely to stay similar too (of course not set in stone).

1 person marked this as a favorite.

If this was a new company or Paizo hadn't done a conversion before you might have something Torbyne, but we have seen what compatibility means to them already. Calling 20 levels a lock is pretty safe - If levels are used (also a rather safe assumption, but certainly not set in stone).

It's like assuming that if BAB is used it will be tied to hit dice like it is in pathfinder.

to be fair the standard james jacobs disclaimer applies to that entire thread.

It's like watching red mage argue that he can't cast spells when he needs them because then he won't have the spells when he needs them, and be weaker for casting them.


The 3.5 argument doesn't matter. The question is can clerics fulfill the requirements of tier 1?

The answer is yes.

Do they have to do things to get there?

Irrelevant. That is not the question, the question is can they do it?

They can. Combat and the many ways to do it is still only a single category. There is no reason to get hung up on it alone. Skills is honestly the point clerics are the weakest at, and again spells means they can handle this too. Condition removal and repair the cleric can do, obstacle avoidance/removal they can do, endgame maneuvers (bypassing 'encounters' in their various forms), crafting, strategy, tactically the cleric performs well (read does good) and can easily be great at.

Please note that the requirement is not is capable of constantly doing this at all times without rest or respect. Simply being able to handle all roles and do so well, meeting or exceeding specialists at the task.

Shogal wrote:
James said you can't cackle to extend evil eye if the target saves.

Link? Because by current rules you most certainly can, you just have to do it the same round you used evil eye on.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I just don't see where it improves everything.

Either you lose the options for what comes after 15 or you jam it in and get all the stuff people claim to not like sooner, and in a more rushed fashion.

Neither seems optimal to me compared to the current "option is there but not forced."

My problem is both systems are too binary. Either you make a cut off or you don't.

Using both together could help soften that.

For example from Mass Effect 1,

The council might not support you because have a rep as a bit of a renegade, but because Garus and Liara vouch for you they go with what you say anyways.

Or Jack doesn't like your goodie goodie nature but the fact that Urdnot respects you helps her see there is a toughness to you worthy of watching/respecting.

Something like that could give more "pathing" to the logic choices of the game and break the "got to hit the threshold" mentality of the numbers game.

What class are you? That adjusts stuff too.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Having the range to go higher is what allows APs to end at 15.

If the game is capped at 15 we'll start seeing APs wrapping up around 12.

"Well if all people play to is 12 why have up to 15 available?" Is the question next round.

Now I will fully agree that most games I've played in end well before 20 level. But that doesn't mean the option for 20 shouldn't be there.

Deadcanons wrote:

I have a human Oracle with the Wan curse and the Heart of the Fields racial trait.

Wan states that the Oracle is "always fatigued, but immune to exhaustion."

Heart of the Fields states that once per day the human "may ignore an effect that would cause them to become fatigued or exhausted."

So... what? Does this Oracle just take no debuffs? Does the curse trump the racial trait or does the racial trait trump the curse? Neither of the descriptions offer a solution for this so I'm really not sure how I should treat it. Any help would be appreciated!

There is a FAQ or something somewhere that says that such effects only last for the round and then a "new instance" (so to speak in computer terms) of the effect kicks in again.

Otherwise remove fatigue would work.

Goddity wrote:
Ahem. Pants.

Sorry son, I only wear kilts.

It seems to me it would be a bit like a virtual reality wonderland.

Say a society has developed virtual reality, and everyone has access to their own VR world that overlays the "real" world.

They all still interact.

In your version you are shooting a rocket launcher, where in their world you are casting fireball. The systems integrate the interaction between the two and negotiate the outcome before providing that stimulus to both parties.

You might buy something from someone in your "gold pieces" but they receive their "credits".

Of course this would leave some interesting cases that would be great adventure fodder:

What happens when the systems agree in a conflict and the result is player a gets locked out?

What happens when hackers start to learn how to force negotiations? Is there a "police force"(/investigative troubleshooter team) that cleans up errors in the interactions?

What happens when you get "unplugged" -- is there a universal norm? How does your reality get picked? Can you jump realities?

NSFWRomantically Apocalyptic is a dystopian example of this sort of world. NSFW!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Also: Society and area based tech levels.

If we have (as examples)
Fusion tech
computer tech

Then a society might have:
Psitech 0
Magitech 3 (standard spell casting)
Biotech 5
Nanotech 2
Gavitech 4
computer tech 5

and so on.

That's something I really liked about alternity.

Dragon78 wrote:
I agree about elves' mental mods but ever since 3rd edition they want elves to be Vulcans instead of elves.

Speaking of, I would not mind Vulcans considering the thread we are in.

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