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Sleepless Detective

Abraham spalding's page

RPG Superstar 8 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 11,196 posts (16,011 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist. 13 aliases.


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The corners count as each side they are on. Per the quote I provided. As such the picture counts as top and right for the borders.

Though I guess they could mean literal corners instead of the corner squares.

Yeah that's exactly what I mean. I can't see any other interpretation of that line that makes sense. Corners of an opponent's space count as the border for the opposite side. Literally what it says there.

Also note you don't have to be opposite of each other, just that the line between the flankers has to pass through opposite borders including corners...

If the line passes through opposite borders of the opponent's space (including corners of those borders), then the opponent is flanked.

So someone on the corner flanks with anyone on the two opposite sides.

GM was right this time. Larger creatures get to choose a square to determine flanking.



When making a melee attack, you get a +2 flanking bonus if your opponent is threatened by another enemy character or creature on its opposite border or opposite corner.

When in doubt about whether two characters flank an opponent in the middle, trace an imaginary line between the two attackers' centers. If the line passes through opposite borders of the opponent's space (including corners of those borders), then the opponent is flanked.

Exception: If a flanker takes up more than 1 square, it gets the flanking bonus if any square it occupies counts for flanking.

Only a creature or character that threatens the defender can help an attacker get a flanking bonus.

Creatures with a reach of 0 feet can't flank an opponent.

Battle poi. Fire damage, gives psuedo two weapon fighting. Spend a feat get a bit of it back.

Don't be afraid to "cheat" either. No reason to memorize the monsters or something, just have note cards.

This might help. Or might not, either way up for you to decide.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hm... I'm used to reading about 500 pages a night just as a general habit, so I never considered these to be that long of a read.

However I would suggest sticking to the things that matter to your current game and letting everything else go.

Instead of leading all the rules, just learn what matters to your PCs (if you don't have a shaman don't worry about knowing how the shaman works). Don't worry about the entire world, just the area that your campaign is in and touches.

Do this across 5 or 6 campaigns and you'll have a large amount of the world memorized without meaning to.

No. But Improved Critical(ray) is, as are some other specific spell attacks. There is an FAQ about it.

Hookers and Blow.

Not unless you use heighten spell.

Benefit: A heightened spell has a higher spell level than normal (up to a maximum of 9th level). Unlike other metamagic feats, Heighten Spell actually increases the effective level of the spell that it modifies. All effects dependent on spell level (such as saving throw DCs and ability to penetrate a lesser globe of invulnerability) are calculated according to the heightened level.

Right so a damage type is only b/s/p...

should explain that to the developers:

A fireball spell generates a searing explosion of flame that detonates with a low roar and deals 1d6 points of fire damage per caster level (maximum 10d6) to every creature within the area. Unattended objects also take this damage. The explosion creates almost no pressure.

Damage. What type? Fire.

A creature with the burn special attack deals fire damage in addition to damage dealt on a successful hit in melee. Those affected by the burn ability must also succeed on a Reflex save or catch fire, taking the listed damage for an additional 1d4 rounds at the start of its turn (DC 10 + 1/2 burning creature’s racial HD + burning creature’s Con modifier). A burning creature can attempt a new save as a full-round action. Dropping and rolling on the ground grants a +4 bonus on this save. Creatures that hit a burning creature with natural weapons or unarmed attacks take fire damage as though hit by the burning creature and must make a Reflex save to avoid catching on fire.
Disturbing a patch of winterbloom releases a burst of poisonous spores in the form of a bluish-white cloud of chilled vapor. Creatures within 10 feet of the winterbloom must make a DC 12 Fortitude save or sustain 2d4 points of cold damage and 1d4 points of Constitution damage as the inhaled spores form ice crystals on the victim’s lungs. The cloud lingers in the area for 1d3 rounds and each round a creature remains in the area it must make additional Fortitude saves or continue sustaining damage. A patch of winterbloom is easily dispersed with fire.
Lightning strikes occur commonly during thunderstorms. It is exceedingly rare for a creature to be struck by lightning, though such an unlucky character would suffer between 4d8 and 10d8 points of electricity damage from the strike. Lightning strikes rarely produce forest fires in jungles due to their humid nature, but on the plains or in dry areas it's possible for a strike to ignite a wild fire.
Corrosive rain acts as normal rain, but deals 1d6 points of acid damage per hour of exposure. Rains vary widely in what they affect, some dissolving nearly any material, others affecting only organic matter, metal, or plastics. When corrosive rain falls in a downpour, it deals 1d6 points of acid damage every 10 minutes instead.

next you'll be telling us you can't critical with a ray since it's not a weapon and can't deal damage. Since after all it doesn't deal "weapon damage"...

but wait...

Touch Attacks: Touching an opponent with a touch spell is considered to be an armed attack and therefore does not provoke attacks of opportunity. The act of casting a spell, however, does provoke an attack of opportunity. Touch attacks come in two types: melee touch attacks and ranged touch attacks. You can score critical hits with either type of attack as long as the spell deals damage. Your opponent's AC against a touch attack does not include any armor bonus, shield bonus, or natural armor bonus. His size modifier, Dexterity modifier, and deflection bonus (if any) all apply normally.


And we haven't even touched splash weapons... weapons that don't deal b/s/p damage for the most part...

Aelryinth wrote:

So, a life shaman is equivalent to everything a cleric is, plus more besides?

I don't follow the shaman, so is there general agreement on that, or is there some sort of restrictions I'm not familiar with?


He's lacking the spontaneous cure option of a cleric which is somewhat limiting but in return he has enhanced cures and his true spirit ability allows him to quicken healing spells or channels a number of times per day equal to their charisma modifier.

The spirit animal has fast healing and their capstone is the standard negative energy immunity mixed with her ability scores being limited to not dropping below 1 from damage or drain.

And a hex for living only blindsight 30 feet.

Negative energy is a damage type. Just like fire, bludgeon, piercing, or slashing, cold, acid or electricity.

The ray normally does either positive or negative energy (depending on what you channel), since there are abilities that reduce negative or positive energy damage and we have spells that deal negative energy damage and so on these are in fact damage types.

So that part of your argument is crap.

As to the "it isn't a normal damage type" argument:

It doesn't say that the weapon has to deal a specific type in order to be changed to one of the other types, only that you have weapon focus in the weapon.

It would work with battle poi and any other weapon. Heck it doesn't even say melee only so you can go gangster with your pistol and deal slashing damage instead of b/p. Shift the grip on your bow and deal bludgeoning.

Without a prerequisite on the starting damage what the weapon normally does has no consequence on what the feat does.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

A caster that vmc wizard still can use most of the discovies. Not every option has to be equally great for each build. It is like complaining that vmc fighter is not as useful for a wizard since it does not get rid of asf.

Just think of it as a hyperspace mallet ... makes tons of sense that way.

Well I'm more than a little interested in a telekineticists that branches out into void.

Galnörag wrote:
I am actually unclear in a more conventional scenario, does a cone shaped spell target a 3D cone or a 2D wedge. Say you were standing in an amapthether and fired a cone into the audience, does it only strike folks inline with you origin plane or so long as they were within the radius distance of the origin point and within the 45 degree arc would they be hurt?

Answered here

I'm not so certain it was the sword. It's definitely not vampiric either. Green burst then immediate full heal. It wasn't gradual with the swings or hits.


A line of effect is a straight, unblocked path that indicates what a spell can affect. A line of effect is canceled by a solid barrier. It's like line of sight for ranged weapons, except that it's not blocked by fog, darkness, and other factors that limit normal sight.

You must have a clear line of effect to any target that you cast a spell on or to any space in which you wish to create an effect. You must have a clear line of effect to the point of origin of any spell you cast.

A burst, cone, cylinder, or emanation spell affects only an area, creature, or object to which it has line of effect from its origin (a spherical burst's center point, a cone-shaped burst's starting point, a cylinder's circle, or an emanation's point of origin).

An otherwise solid barrier with a hole of at least 1 square foot through it does not block a spell's line of effect. Such an opening means that the 5-foot length of wall containing the hole is no longer considered a barrier for purposes of a spell's line of effect.

There's the rule reason it doesn't work

Don't forget to take mad magic.

Master spy can be a nice follow up/mixer for assassin. 9 levels of master spy 6 of assassin. Investigator would be a decent start.

Not great honestly but I guess you could kirin style to have reason to increase your intelligence.

I still like the witch doctor shaman of life with Variant Multi-class cleric for all day channel spamming, but it is certainly not the only way to get three pools of significant channel energy.

Gerald wrote:
Was the site down for anyone else for about half an hour today?


Only other way I know weapons are grouped is by handiness and by the fighter weapon groups: Updated fighter weapon groups here

meh I'll give the battle poi as an example of a really nifty exotic weapon.

You spend a feat and can use it like a normal weapon but it deals fire damage and you get a virtual feat in exchange as you can use two like you are two weapon fighting... and it's light so you might actually want to do it.

It's a nice choice for medium bab classes that might want to two weapon fight and want an exotic weapon, but don't want to invest too much in two weapon fighting.

How magical?

Magic item?

Do you want something you then have to hide?

Off the top of my head a bladed belt with the transformative property is really fun.

Just about any melee weapon you want is possible with that. Only 9,000 gp to start it up (+1 transformative and the bladed belt cost). 2,000 gp if you just want the belt which has some of the transformative property already.

Slithery D wrote:

Mesmerists are the best subtle casters, no relevant components requiring metamagic mitigation, half class levels to Bluff skill, and the allure Bold Stare augmentation puts a penalty on perception checks, albeit only effecting one target.

I have a hard time seeing this feat as making sense for any non-psychic casters.

A little easier for a deaf oracle, or someone with the deaf curse.

mdt wrote:

Ways to pump Bluff :

High CHA
Circlet of Persuasion
Skill Focus

For a Charisma based caster, a the headband is a given, and likely they are also the face, so the circlet boosts diplomacy as well.

Probably the best caster to try this would be a summoner, especially if they take the ability to get an evolution and add a +8 racial bonus to Bluff for a single Evolution point!

Couple of class abilities offer 1/2 class level bonuses to bluff as well. Um... Deceitful as well...

Master Spy gives level bonus to bluff
Razmiran Priest same
Bard Street performer (1/2 level)
Rogue (rake) gains a morale bonus to bluff
rogue (Sczarni Swindler) also gets a bonus
rogue (spy) gets a 1/2 level bonus to bluff to deceive
Rakshasa bloodline level 1 power gives a +5 to bluff... and has deceitful on its bloodline feats list

Just off the top of my head.

Is it a good weapon? Martial
Is it an okay weapon? Simple
Is it a crap weapon? Exotic

My *general* rule for improvised...

Did someone at some time use a craft skill to make it a weapon?
Yes -- not improvised
No -- Improvised

Unarmed strike slides sideways but it was always a bit different anyways.

Your table leg for example: If you just grab it and swing, improvised.

If you take some time and make a craft check (with success) congratulations it's not a club... Don't use it to hold up a table, it won't work so well at that now.

My list of good 1st level bard spells that are "independent"

Feather Step
Saving Finale (as mentioned before)
Undetectable Alignment
Detect Secret Doors
Swallow your fear
Remove Fear
Read Weather
Obscure Object
Liberating Command
Feather Fall
Expeditious Retreat

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Is the splash weapon an AOE?


It hits the creature it is targeting -- the swarm -- is an aoe. What is the damage to the creature? 1d6, as an AOE +50% against swarms.

Nothing in the swarm description says that an AOE doesn't do its full damage, only that attacks that are not AOE don't.

The attack is an AOE -- it doesn't say that it isn't so there is no reason not to apply its damage as normal, the full 1d6 to the target.

You targeted the 'creature' the swarm is said creature, that's why it's listed as such, you do 1d6+50%.

It doesn't target a specific creature number instead targeting the 'creature' that is the swarm that takes extra damage.

You don't say, "I target fly 125"

You say, "I target the swarm"

All creatures adjacent to the swarm take 1 point of fire damage.

The only way you get to do it your way is if you say each creature in the swarm takes 1 point of damage... which means a swarm of 150 creatures is going to take 150 points of damage 1 point per creature.

Which would be completely non-sensical.

From the first post and quoted directly above me (basically just piling on I guess):

A swarm is immune to any spell or effect that targets a specific number of creatures (including single-target spells such as disintegrate), with the exception of mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, morale effects, patterns, and phantasms) if the swarm has an Intelligence score and a hive mind. A swarm takes half again as much damage (+50%) from spells or effects that affect an area, such as splash weapons and many evocation spells.

Ergo splash weapons are effective and deal 50% more damage.

also one part of the relevant rules wasn't quoted (for the sake of completeness):

Throw Splash Weapon:

A splash weapon is a ranged weapon that breaks on impact, splashing or scattering its contents over its target and nearby creatures or objects. To attack with a splash weapon, make a ranged touch attack against the target. Thrown splash weapons require no weapon proficiency, so you don't take the –4 nonproficiency penalty. A hit deals direct hit damage to the target, and splash damage to all creatures within 5 feet of the target. If the target is Large or larger, you choose one of its squares and the splash damage affects creatures within 5 feet of that square. Splash weapons cannot deal precision-based damage (such as the damage from the rogue's sneak attack class feature).

You can instead target a specific grid intersection. Treat this as a ranged attack against AC 5. However, if you target a grid intersection, creatures in all adjacent squares are dealt the splash damage, and the direct hit damage is not dealt to any creature. You can't target a grid intersection occupied by a creature, such as a Large or larger creature; in this case, you're aiming at the creature.

If you miss the target (whether aiming at a creature or a grid intersection), roll 1d8. This determines the misdirection of the throw, with 1 falling short (off-target in a straight line toward the thrower), and 2 through 8 rotating around the target creature or grid intersection in a clockwise direction. Then, count a number of squares in the indicated direction equal to the range increment of the throw. After you determine where the weapon landed, it deals splash damage to all creatures in that square and in all adjacent squares.

This might help you some too

Cavalier has an order about helping casters.

There is also some nice teamwork feats on those lines. If you look at my threads I have one about teamwork feats that has specifics.

I have but typically it is with a character set up for it (like what Keith Apperson has).

It really depends on what is happening thought, if I've cast the spells we needed and we are just waiting for the rest of the team to drain the hp I'll ready to counter just to keep things going the way I want.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Magus or archaeologist bard

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Sounds like a goblin god to me.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
The black raven wrote:
harmor wrote:
What would you recommend to get started?

A Wizard

Honestly, can you imagine a thread called "STR-based wizard build" ?


Loren Pechtel wrote:
Bard-Sader wrote:

How do you figure that smite fails? Smite checks for evil and detest it, and deals extra

While she pings evil she's not evil.

Infernal healing will cause you to ping evil too.

LazarX wrote:
Weirdo wrote:

I would suggest requiring the paladin to find a way to return the succubus paladin to life (a limited wish spell, at least) and then performing one service at her bequest, such as redeeming a tiefling.

Too trite and pat for my taste, and it requires high powered magic which means bringing in super NPC's in most cases.

My favored resolution would require the Paladin to serve in her shoes. Having the succubus remain dead, reinforces the idea that there are choices you can't take back.

Only LazarX considers a level 7 spell trite and pat. ;p

I get what you are saying, but if it's a standard world the likelihood the paladin could get her back on her feet is pretty high.

On the other hand though: Her being "dead" could be a good thing -- if her spirit/soul/whatever is released while doing good who is to say that that didn't get turned into a different outsider under her deity?

Granted that's not a normal thing, but it's not outside the bounds of possibility either.

Cavall wrote:
Abraham spalding wrote:

Something else I just thought of:

When did the paladin succeed on a knowledge(the planes) check to know what he was facing?

I mean detect evil is useful and all but it's rather limited and, lets face it, often not anywhere near 100% on accuracy.

If I was a devil/demon/evil outsider I would be interested in using some of those many low level magics to get this guy to smite the wrong target because "They detected evil!"

Opening post says the target had been known to have chaotic subtype.

That helps but there are still plenty of things it could have been.

Something else I just thought of:

When did the paladin succeed on a knowledge(the planes) check to know what he was facing?

I mean detect evil is useful and all but it's rather limited and, lets face it, often not anywhere near 100% on accuracy.

If I was a devil/demon/evil outsider I would be interested in using some of those many low level magics to get this guy to smite the wrong target because "They detected evil!"

Cavall wrote:
Bard-Sader wrote:
coyote6 wrote:
Note there appears to be precedent that says you won't have a chaotic evil good lawful aura on one entity. The only canonical redeemed succubus that I know of loses the evil subtype as soon as she stops being evil.


Yes but Desna is kinda directly intervening in Arushulae's case.

Problem solved.. Desna made this mess, Desna can fix it. Paladin stands.

This is a succubus. She could hide her appearance at any time. She didn't, knowing that ANY good aligned adventurer would attack first ask later.

You ask me, she's the one that dumped wisdom. He dd his job. And fulfilled 3 oaths.

Lastly I want to point out if she's backed by desna, why is she even lawful good? You're telling me this Paladin never heard of a demon that is twice blessed by good gods?

Never? Never came up? All of this.... Paladin failed his reflex save against traps, not failed his god.

That being said, charmed people aren't charmed when the charmer is dead. He shouldn't have run. That makes him purposefully ignorant, but not a fallen Paladin.

That's an assumption I would never make.

She could have easily have been not in disguise so as to show she is being honest with everyone about what she is. If a succubus was in disguise then was found out not many would believe her when she says she isn't evil, and she may personally find the idea of a disguise deceitful and not worthy of her status as a paladin.

That said:

With the situation as it was described by the OP:

I would say the paladin needs a lesson (not a player lesson, or even a YOU FALL lesson, but definitely a lesson). In my opinion the best role playing way to handle this would be for a herald of Sarenrae and of Abadar give the paladin a quest to restore the redeemed succubus to life.

Seeing as the body is there, this isn't going to be unduly difficult, he needs a true resurrection spell and it's done. Maybe a bit of a speech about listening to what others say and not jumping the gun too fast, but not take his powers away.

In regards to the oathbound paladins part:

Nothing states they must act immediately, and the oath in particular here states evil outsiders. Since this is a good outsider too there is definitely room for him to take a step back and ask for guidance before charging in.

Beyond that not acting on an oath just means loss of the class features related to the oath, not to being a paladin as a whole:

If a paladin violates the code of her oath, she loses the class abilities associated with that oath until she atones. If she violates her paladin’s code, she loses her oath abilities as well as her other paladin abilities.

Personally if I was the GM this is one of those situations I would set up just to see how the paladin responses. Immediate attack is not grounds for falling as he is intending good even if he doesn't know he's really not helping. Premediated attacks should make him drop though (in the same vein the Paladin from Order of the Stick fell).

Final note: Desna has nothing to do with this, you have your deities mixed up.

They forgive quickly and easily

Hayato Ken wrote:

Well one thing that can be said, bloodragers are still barbarians on speed and explode all ridiculous damage things i´ve seen before.

Nobody complains about that though.

Hey all I wanted was my sith lord. More spells per day, and a means to rage to boost them. Angry magic. I didn't want this barbarian++ bizarro C'thulhu crap.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Simple answer is Paizo isn't a software company.

Developing apps of the sort you are talking about requires software people, who are dedicated to that task. You want them writing good code, and quite frankly a good coder will typically only get about 10 lines of good code out a day.

In addition to the cost sink that is there is also security concerns: How are you updating, how are you checking for valid copies to update, how do you monetize it securely, plus compatibility issues across the board and I'm only scratching the barest surface of the problems involved -- licensing, lawyers for copyrights and product protection as well as making sure your product is legit out the gate, and on and on and on...

Are there answers for all these problems? Absolutely. Are they easy? Somewhat for a software company.

Is that something that a publisher of what is still essentially a paper product is going to be specialized in and willing to shell out for?


It's rather telling that Fallout Shelter which has been available for months on apple systems is only now coming out on droid systems; in fact it is rather common for ports from one of the systems to the other to take several months (to years) before being completed.

Understand that most of the apps also have to be designed for completely different hardware set ups. Your phones and tablets run on RISC as opposed to labtops and PCs CISC and that makes all manner of difference in how you program the app. Current apps will have to run on both (for windows 10, windows phones, droid phones, and apple phones).


TL:DR -- it's much more complicated than you appreciate apparently.

What you consider "Not a valid problem" is much bigger than you think, and isn't even the biggest problem involved.

I agree with the others. I do have a thread on the general subject though if you want to take a look.

I have the FAQ posted in this thread

I link the thread and not the FAQ because there are contradictions with other FAQs on this.

Another world I would like to play some time would be


As you can see magic tends to be from "outside" and raw, but plentiful and dangerous.

Races would probably be:
Orc, Halfling, Grippli, Vanara, Human, Elf, Half elf, Half orc

Leaves me one over.

Finally I've always kind of wanted:

Aasimar, Tiefling, Oread, Ifrit, Suli, Slyph, Undine

With the classes of:
bard, alchemist, investigator, magus, Hunter, Monk, Ninja, Unchained Rogue, Inquisitor, Skald, and summoner(unchained)

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