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Sleepless Detective

Abraham spalding's page

RPG Superstar 8 Season Star Voter. Pathfinder Society Member. 11,333 posts (16,176 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist. 14 aliases.


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1 person marked this as a favorite.

But not as little as C3P0 in episode 1.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I want to reiterate another poster's suggestion of battle poi.

Interested myself but I have all sorts of stuff coming up so I might have to simply sideline this time.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

My problems with 12 where the combat system and graphic design choices. Having playboy bunny being a race... Not so smooth. Adding to this the fact ashe is runniing around in two napkins strung together and I'm like whaaa?

I mean a character or town or something with a risque nature is fine... But over all I felt the eye candy detracted from an attempt at a real serious game.

If you want positive channeling only then the shaman deserves special mention since its witch doctor archetype gives a channel pool and then you can take the life spirit to get a second pool without any shenanigans.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

FF4 was my favorite, and FF4 TAY despite meta-issues was good feels for me.

For myself 1 through 9 were excellence, with Tactic being my love (level 99 before the third mission with all classes mastered on the main character).

10 went new directions but I was down with a bit of experimenting and did appreciate the battle system.

I really liked Ivalice being developed in later games and wouldn't mind a series being spun off simply for that setting (or a table top port for it).

However I can't stand 13... Much much more stereotyping and offensively so to me. The dragging you around part of it didn't help either.

Type 0 is odd, not sure my stance there but it doesn't feel final fantasy for me.

Going to get 15 and give it a chance... Not sure what to expect but the preview was fun enough.

IIt comes up later in the thread, as well as the age of the topic (initially crafting couldn't produce funds).

Saldiven wrote:
Abraham spalding wrote:
Some work on an average pathfinder village

I didn't dig too far since it was a five+ page thread, but I didn't see it on the first page while skimming.

Does that thread address the need for there to be so many 5+ level PC class casters for there to be 3rd level casting available in a village with a population of 61-200?

Mostly it points out the resource scale for a population base of thhat size which is not insubstantial, and the fact that a large number of moderate level characters is not inappropriate for the setting.

If the settlement the OP is talking about having is a town his resouce base is such that some of the suggestions using magic items or the like isn't really outrageous.

Some work on an average pathfinder village

Human (or half-human races) shamans could be an option since the talk to spirits instead of being ordained... But are still divine in nature.

A rage based caster. Sith lord style, not the "I'm an angry buffer" bloodrager. Doesn't have to be great (or good) at combat.

A shifter.

A magic stealer... I will probably post something on the last one in a few days.

Meh my take...

Deliberate drop? AoO's

Surprised fall? Surprise round.

Now I am imagining an anime that is about a girl that inherents a brothel where half the staff is paladins and the other half is antipaladins and her only advisor is a old lecherous cleric of Shelyn.

If the spell says it affects "x" number of creature then it targets the creatures.

If it just says "all creatures of "y" type within "r" radius are affected." Then no.

The difference being the first targets creatures and the second targets an area.

Galt is a place where everyone has a grudge against someone else but needs a third party to protect them from the people that have grudges against them. Everyday is a choice between setting up something to fulfill your grudge or stopping someone else from fulfilling their grudge against you and on top of that keeping your head down so those in power don't think you are gunning for their job and decide to take you out first.

Basically a soap opera.

Or cyberpunk. Power for the sake of power, style over substance betrayal for the sake of betrayal, and the occasional kicking of the puppy just because.

I've seen a few niche builds that take the few ways there are to stack DR from various sources to add them all together and get a significant chunk of DR (15 to 20 points), but these were very specific builds that were doing to DR what the fighter does to attack bonus and damage. Namely collecting a bunch of bonuses together to add up into a "sum bigger than the total of the parts" sort of deal.

IF you have one of those builds then an extra 3 DR could be worth it. Otherwise usually not.

TL/DR: What everyone else said.

There is a weapon property for this, phase locking just make a bunch of arrows for the ranger and have him use one a round.

Ring of spell storing for the ranger (or bard) with dimensional anchor would help too since he is much more likely to have the feats to stick that touch ac.

But I think those phase locking arrows are what you are looking for.

Hookers and Blow

I've always read that as a continuation of the previous sentence and that the reduced ac only applies to creatures that make their save to disbelieve.

ermak_umk3 wrote:
Witch Doctor Shaman can also channel at 4th

WWitch doctor shaman of life with the vmc for cleric will have three pools of channel energy to pull from, gaining the first at first level, second at fourth and third at seventh. As you level that last one becomes better.

There is a bard archetype that gets channeling as well.

Some points I left out the first time:

The general license is all but free. As such it is only a slight inconvenience to register.

The license is a stamp that a caster channels a cantrip through to basically "sign" on stuff. Casting without your license is generally a small fine or day in jail the first time and then the penalties go up. Self defense if done with restraint is the most common way people get caught. Generally it is lack of restraint that gets people in trouble more than the use of magic.

The authorities would rather find you defended yourself with sleep or color spray than having stapped someone with a sword.

The lingering aspects of cast magic can be matched to a casters aura if caught soon enough. The town police have what amounts to magical photo paper they can use for this. There are ways to fool it (such as multiple powerful spells from different sources, et al).

What classes and races are in the world, why and how does that affect the world?

Then I build a region for actual play, a country guide and a deity list (if there are gods).

2 people marked this as a favorite.

What I have done in the past:

  • Licenses for casters in general.
  • Self defense permits available.
    Self defense covers non-permanent "debuffs" or save or suck spells like sleep, color spray, blindness/deafness, and hold person. There is a court review afterward that tends to be mostly a formality (magical defense lawyers are about 10~1000 gold a case depending on the circumstances).
  • Comerical use of spells is a specialty permit with provisions by school, and use.
  • Magical item sales are tracked to the buyer through specialized use of arcane mark (specialty use of detect magic to read), items brought in are marked to you on entrance. Ownership is generally not an issue but usage has to stay within the above.
  • magic use is generally an aggravating circumstance for crimes.
  • research is generally allowed, but a research page with general outlines is submitted to the proper department and you are licensed.

When I need to do a flat ban I ban actions or outcomes instead of spells.

  • No creating undead without a specialized permit and the prior consent of the living creature/body's owner.
  • No spells of mass destruction or indiscriminate targeting.
  • The use of magic to compel another is forbidden.

Hookers and Blow

Otherwhere wrote:
Fake Healer wrote:

Is there any way to scrap weapons or armor without a bench? I would love to just be able break things down on the fly....

Not without a mod, unfortunately.

Oh, all that wonderful scrap that's just outside of your settlement zone! If I could just... drag it... Damn!

Some items you can. Like dragging bodies out of your settlements some of the scrap can be dragged in -- I tested this with a tricycle at sanctuary.

CapeCodRPGer wrote:
Tvarog wrote:
Otherwhere wrote:
As DQ said, it would really be helpful to be able to name our saves.
Or even put the character name in the filename, so you can sort by character.
I don't think you can name the save files on PS4 or Xbox 1.

Don't need to really, xboxone separates save data by character already.

If you go to load press "Y" for a list of your characters to load from.

You can delete saves while in game under the character and know you are only deleting that character's saves.

Alternity keeps regrabbing my interest.

Garen Sparrowhawk wrote:
Kalindlara wrote:

Ghost rider seems very thematic for such a cavalier.

Is cavalier required? Warpriest and fighter both have options for upping a dagger's damage, and the cavalier VMC is still an option.

Cavalier is not required, though I am looking at something more knightly and geared towards failed courtly romance, so maybe a fighter with some multiclassing for more courtly skills or perhaps warpriest could be a really fun option.

Also looking at ghost rider as well for its thematic nature.

I really like your character's backstory, Ophelia.

Hmm... There is a wizard archetype that would be perfect for this background, however I get you want knight.

James Risner wrote:
Casual Viking wrote:
This is the second time in this thread I'll have to ask someone to go read Flurry of Maneuvers.

I used your logic for years playing a Maneuver Master up to 11th level in PFS. I used the logic that FoM isn't FoB and isn't restricted by FoB's Armor restrictions.

Turns out I was wrong, it is and in errata got a line about armor.

I suspect as a result, the line about "as if TWF" is another line they need to add. Or you get people wanting to combine FoM with TWF.

1. It has a line saying it replaces flurry of blows, but doesn't have one that states that it is or acts like or anything else, until it does it's its own separate thing.

2. It can work with two weapon fighting because it doesn't state it can't, only that it doesn't work with armor, shields or burdens.

bbangerter wrote:
Abraham spalding wrote:

yup, medusa's wrath would stack too if you had it.

i recently put together a build that use master of many forms with spell combat to use snow ball to trigger medusa's wrath and get extra attacks with a nodachi (spear dancing spiral to treat it as a quarter staff, and ascetic style to treat quarter staff as unarmed strikes).

What are you using to get around spell combats requirement that your weapon be a light or one handed weapon? (the nodachi is 2-handed).

Spear Dancing Spiral allows you to use the nodachi as a quarterstaff, quarterstaff mastery allows you to use the quarterstaff(read nodachi) one handed.

I should have mentioned it is the staff magus archetype as that would have cleared up the confusion.

yup, medusa's wrath would stack too if you had it.

i recently put together a build that use master of many forms with spell combat to use snow ball to trigger medusa's wrath and get extra attacks with a nodachi (spear dancing spiral to treat it as a quarter staff, and ascetic style to treat quarter staff as unarmed strikes).

voideternal wrote:
If a GM decides to use Pregenerated Characters, is Session 0 still important?

Even moreso, players with pregens are going to have a lot of questions or they won't invest in the character and the campaign will go gonzo.

Earlier I advised that you could simply store everything in your workshop.

You CAN do this.

However, you are likely to cause a buffer overflow on what the game can recognize is in the workshop container.

HOW TO RECOGNIZE THIS (how I figured it out):

1. Go to build a turret
2. You have no oil.
3. Buy oil put it in the workshop (or just keep it in your inventory)
4. Go to build a turret
5. Still no oil!


1. Remove excess items from the weapons, armor and aid tabs.

What happened:

Technically a buffer overflow.

The game simply ran out of array space to store it in the variable. The actual database for the workshop seems to be a bit more robust as the "missing" items return after you remove the excess items from the other tabs (so no worries that all your oil is disappeared forever).

Technically this should probably happen to all containers and is only visible because of the settlement build mechanism.


Honestly the homunculist is probably the best out of the three, with the promethean being second and the construct rider being a much further back third.

yes it is, yes it is, and yes, it is.

Next question.

Honestly I'm of the opinion that since it's variant multi-classing you are a member of the class just like you would be if you normally multi-classed into it.

Granted it's still rough, but it just makes sense to me.

hiiamtom wrote:
666bender wrote:
Blaster ? Orcale black hand wins a fire cleric.
Ash domain Theologians are probably the best blasters in the game if only a little feat starved. All important spells get intensified for free with no change to the spell's level or casting time. You can have intensified quickened dazing fireballs, and use elemental metamagic in place of intensified. What's worse is Oracle doesn't get fireball easily.

Theologian gives the intensify for free, I'm following that. I am guessing that you are traiting fireball to get a level dropped when you metamagic so you can add both dazing and quicken since that's 7 levels to a third level spell (normally a No no without rods of metamagic), however there is no way you are trading intensify for elemental since that's not a choice for theologian.

A flame oracle gets fireball just as easy as your ash theologian, so it's not like it's difficult to get. I'll fully agree that the theologian ability to alter a spell permanently is better than the flame oracle's final revelation, but burning magic is also nice and not a metamagic as well.

To add to this general point though without multiclassing neither of these classes are going to outblast the top end or even just optimal arcane blasters.

What's better is that there is wiggle room to dump channeling for Divine Strategist depending on GM ruling (or just ignore channeling because it's all but useless). That boost initiative and fits really well with a deity like Angradd or something.

What wiggle room? Both theologian and divine strategist alter your domain ability -- they can't stack at all.

Edymnion wrote:
Abraham spalding wrote:
Derklord wrote:

A wizard doesn't need magic items for protection - that's what Mage Armor, Shield, PfE, Protection from Arrows, Blur, Mirror Image, Fly, Overland Flight and/or Invisibility are for.

A divine caster can't compete with a Summoner or Wizard who summons monsters while under Invisibility and Overland Flight the whole time (maybe with a wall or some difficult terrain-spell thrown in for good measure).
Unless you have a campaign were most enemies are human(oids) with lots of spellcasting power.
And where is he getting all these extra spell slots to be doing this the whole time?

Pearls of power, wands, scrolls, etc all come to mind (depending on if you count a Pearl of Power as a permanent magical item in it's own right, or just a storage receptical for magic).

If you know you're not getting protection from permanent magical items, I think its a safe bet that you sit your butt down during downtime and start making reams of protection scrolls.

Generally if it's in the wondrous items and reusable it's permanent.

Also if you think you are going to be the only ones with scrolls, when the clerics have all the summons too, and invisibility purge, dispel magic, et al and be perfectly safe... you aren't too keen of a wizard.

But this does illustrate a point I made earlier...

At the end of the day this is what the problem is going to be -- you trade "permanent" items for everyone packing a bunch of consumables.

Derklord wrote:

A wizard doesn't need magic items for protection - that's what Mage Armor, Shield, PfE, Protection from Arrows, Blur, Mirror Image, Fly, Overland Flight and/or Invisibility are for.

A divine caster can't compete with a Summoner or Wizard who summons monsters while under Invisibility and Overland Flight the whole time (maybe with a wall or some difficult terrain-spell thrown in for good measure).
Unless you have a campaign were most enemies are human(oids) with lots of spellcasting power.

And where is he getting all these extra spell slots to be doing this the whole time?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Cuthel wrote:
And as for Rogue .At level 10 and up its why bother they are pretty useless. But try making it to level 5 without one in the group. I prefer to play at low level as at high level it easy for any spell caster that has a brain to break the game.

You misspelled, "And as for Rogue. It is completely superfluous and multiple other classes perform all aspects of its 'job' only better. You can play at any level without one easily."

4 people marked this as a favorite.

His archetype trades spells for plot armor.

I just want an instigating laser musket...

Also without save throws being a balancing factor this is not going to be complete.

Monsters as well

Behemoth, Goblins, Bombs, et al, are in every game I can think of.



Fire, Ice and lightning magic
Cure, Cura, Curaga
magic names based on rank:
Base = -e
Middle = -a
high = -ga


A range of weaponry
Eidolons (in some form... "summons") since... 4 if I remember correctly

Ivalice is a pretty common land name (but not absolute, just common)

The caster could make some guesses as to what the item is or does based on the aura. That does not mean he will know just from looking.

For greater it depends on how "magical effects" is defined. I would generally think that would include what effects magic items are having on the character.

Rashagar wrote:
Abraham spalding wrote:

Sorcerer Unchained would be nice.
Definitely agree, though the necessary changes would be fairly minimal I think.

Mostly a moving the bonus spells known up, perhaps adding an additional spell known of each level, and unlocking the feats in some direction how help.

I also think the sorcerer needs some actual options beyond the single choice of bloodline.

Beyond spells known and feats (which any spontaneous caster gets, and everyone gets) that is literally the only choice a sorcerer makes.


Compare means "how are they alike"

I think you mean contrast bender, as you are listing how they are different.

Also what is the point in comparing these two classes out of all the classes available?

Is it just because as baseline classes they both have an animal companion?

If so I would point out that the ranger is rather limited on his animal companions:

A ranger who selects an animal companion can choose from the following list: badger, bird, camel, cat (small), dire rat, dog, horse, pony, snake (viper or constrictor), or wolf.
That is a bit bigger list than the cavalier but not by much
A Medium cavalier can select a camel or a horse. A Small cavalier can select a pony or wolf, but can also select a boar or a dog if he is at least 4th level.

quite frankly considering that most of the ranger options are not mounts and cannot serve as such as is and are not good combat choices plus the fact the ranger is 3 levels behind on keeping his animal companion maxed I'm less than impressed with his coming out of the gate.

This isn't to say either or both do not have fixes for these issues (they both do) but if we are simply comparing or contrasting the classes themselves well, lets do that.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Discussing the Oracle to the Cleric without comparing the connection to the similar connection between sorcerer and wizard is in my opinion a wash.

Quite frankly the oracle took every lesson they learned from the sorcerer then did it right, and then added a few goodies on top just to be sure.

Sorcerer Unchained would be nice.

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