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Good Day all.

I have a question about coven spells that hags get to use. What is the Caster level and Level of spell of any Coven spells cast that do not specifically say such as baleful polymorph?

Example would be a Green Hag, a Storm Hag and Moon Hag are in a Coven. At what Level would they be able to cast Hydraulic Torrent?

Does it matter on the Hag that does the final action? Any Clarification would be awesome

Hydraulic Torrent is normally a fourth level spell and nothing states that that specific spell would be heightened so it should be fourth level.

From what I can see any spell cast should be at the standard DC for the hag finishing the spell unless it is the control weather ritual which should be DC 23.

Caster level is not a thing anymore but all hags currently use the occult tradition.

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Per the Coven ability of Hags, states the following.

All covens grant the 8th-level baleful polymorph spell and all the following spells, which the coven can cast at any level up to 5th: augury, charm, clairaudience, clairvoyance, dream message, illusory disguise, illusory scene, prying eye, and talking corpse. Individual creatures with the coven ability also grant additional spells to any coven they join. A coven can also cast the control weather ritual, with a DC of 23 instead of the standard DC.

So unless the spell that the Hags grants to a Coven is of Higher level then it should go up to level 5

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