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Items that give a dexterity enhancemnt bonus

Modifying Dragon Disciple, looking for advice

Minor Houserules you feel are an improvement to the game

Do you feel a chill in your bones? (Character Concept: Opinions Wanted)

Crafting art - and selling it?

Staves pricing and mechanics

Wildshape Druids vs. Werewolves?

Cloning a unwilling target.

[Please Errata this] Sorcerer Bloodline - Psychic

Thunder and fang barbarian ranger

Weapon Idea

Abyssal Sorcerer

Character build challenge Sophia Patrillo (ala Golden Girls and yes, it's very silly)

Brainstorm Uses for the Summon Instrument cantrip

What would a "Frankenstein" alchemist need to give up?

Paizo Blog: A New Advanced Class Guide!

Mad Medicine homebrew feats and other stuff

Dirty Fighter, Orc Archetype for fighter, and Kitsune Style Feats

Are druids broken?

Player created weapons and GM made one for players

Mega Frog God Campaign, Advice and Discussion? [Stoneheart Valley, Bard's Gate, Rappan Athuk, Slumbering Tsar]

Looking for advice

Armor spikes and two-weapon fighting

Raging Swan's Epic Birthday Sale!

New Spell: Conjure Object [Conjuration, Creation]

Fighting with two weapons

Fighting with two weapons

animate dead HD limit

Can a character wielding a reach weapon benefit from the attack granted by bladed dash?

Good Spells for Wands

Stabbing Shot Mechanics

Using the mount spell underground

More Monster Mayhem — An informal workshop

Small Races and Stats

XP awards for killing foes multiple times

Ring of Ki Mastery and Smite Evil

Quick question about juggler / busker archetypes

Overrun and Charge

Question regarding monks and armor

decoy familiar with a shapeshifter master

Crafting rules

Summon Guardian Spirit and the Guardian Spirit template.

(DM) advice for creating / playing a anti-hero ruler

[Legendary Games] Final week of the (funded) Hypercorps 2099 Kickstarter!

Provoking AoO with flight movement?

Homebrewed MAD Unchained Monk solution

Cool Kobold Characters

Witch against undead - help

[Legendary Games] Time to begin a new Relationship on Mondays!

Divine Avatar spell.

Crafting Spell Lattice prequisites

The Dark Side of RAI

The Dark Side of RAI

Gesalt druid / monk i want to do massive melee damage. Whats a good build to use ?

Possession and Psychic Duel

Weapon Specialization and Grapple

9th level wiz needs to "take down" a fellow player quickly without killing.

Distance for Overrun

Distance for Overrun

Best sorc / wiz 1st level spell if you only get one

How should PCs find out what magical items do?

Best way to play perception checks?

Animal Companions and Potions

Wizard Archer ?

GMs, Another Mount Question

[RAW] Astral Projection from outside of Material Plane

[RAW] Simulacrum target

The Dreaded Tarrasque

Increase your caster level to HD

Life Shaman Assistance

(DM) advice for creating / playing a anti-hero ruler

I CHARGE FORTH helping to build a hero

Pin Down; 5 foot step as a move action?

Ways of getting extra rounds of rage.

Best way to play perception checks?

Defender of the Society - Legal for PFS?

some choices for mesmerist feats

Grab and Fly By Attack

best computer game using 3.5 / pathfinder rules

Definition of Gish

Can a Pyrokineticist use Point-Blank Shot and Precise shot?

[Spoilers] What is known about Savith?

GM just gave me a Scroll of Transfer Pregnancy!

Fighter Advice

Looking for a Simple Caster to fit Character

Beguiler conversion for Pathfinder

how does dragon style feat with a bite attack work?

Feedback Please: The Knack system for Fighters.

Tifton, Ga Gaming

Rend: Bonus Damage or Separate Damage?

Weapon blanch on non-metal weapons

How is my race's backstory

The Blood Scion - A Sorcerous Gish With Bloodlines!

[PFS] Spear and Shield build

Summon Monster List for Cleric of Sarenrae, PEACH

Ultimate Campaign Kingdom Rules: Taking Hexes From Others?

Telekineticist Ammunition

PFS looking for a reach weapon my oradin can use

Challenge! Build Carol The Bowler from "Mystery Men"

Black Blade as an Intelligent item

401 to 500 of 137,665 << first < prev | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next > last >>
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