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PaizoCon 2014!

Did you inherit a play-by-post?

If you are the GM for a play-by-post campaign but didn't start the thread, please email

We need:

  • A link to your profile page (click on your name at the top where it says "Welcome, your name!"
  • A link to the gameplay and discussion threads for the campaigns you have inherited.

Just copy and paste these links from the address bar in your browser, please.


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Topic Posts Last Post
Dawn of a Dark Sun

GM Pox's "The Mummy's Mask"

Motteditor's Snows of Summer PBP

DM Carbide's Through a Cracked Mirror: The Short Watch

The Godsmouth Heresy - Team Kappa

PbP Game Day 2: PFS #5-06: You have what you hold (3-7) by DM Kludde - Gameplay

WR Mummy's Mask

DM Doctor Evil's ROTRL - Group B - Gameplay - We may not be Group A, but we're still pretty good

Keep on the Borderlands in Greyhawk (B2 Pretty in Pink)--Pathfinder CORE

GM Endless Forms' PFS 02-23 and 02-24 Shadow's Last Stand Parts I and II

Lucendar's Mummy's Mask Campaign - The Necropolis awaits!

DM Rah's Thornkeep - "The Dark Menagerie"

Our Golarion

PbP Gameday #2 The Slave Pits of Absalom (4-5 Gameplay)

GM DSP's Reign of Winter Gameplay

The Heghland 1st [Only War - PbP - IC]

Among the elders

Spooky GM's Wrath of the Righteous

Rappan Athuk set in Nirmathas

You Have What You Hold, PbP Game Day#2 (Uktar's Excellent Adventures)

PbP Gameday 2: 4-14 My Enemy's Enemy

Party 2 Gameplay "So I have a map / There's a Legion Never Listed"

PbP Game Day 2: PFS #4-11 The Disappeared (1-5) Gameplay

Which way to wickedness?

Iammars' Weapon in the Rift (PBP Gameday 2, Table 2)

Jamzillas Carrion Crown

The threat.

With a Single Step (Jade Regent PbP Gameplay)

bluedove's Pathfinders - Team Alpha

Jade Regent - Goblins and Fireworks!

PbP GameDay 2: PFS 00-03 Murder on the Silken Caravan (1-2) Gameplay

DM Jelani's Carrion Crown

DM NomadSage's Jade Regent

Team Antlers

PFS PbP GameDay 2: DM Carbide's The Godsmouth Heresy

DM PeteZero's PbP GameDay 2: PFS From Shore to Sea

Leather Goddesses of Castrovel

Yohoho and a bottle of Rep! (subSPUF Skull and Shackles)

GM Deuce's Mythic Reign of Winter

The Walking Dead of Golarion by GM Fiendish - Gameplay

[PFS] GM Derek W's The Wardstone Patrol #5-02

And Then A Skeleton Popped Out: subSPUF Carrion Crown

Episode One - Crypt of the Everflame


GM Endless Forms' Shattered Star

(Invitation Only) to the Dragon's Demands

PbP GameDay 2: PFS 05-07 Port Godless (5-9)

Shifty PFS Bravo

GM Blood's Rappan Athuk (PF)

GM Mezegis- The Infernal Vault

My campaign

DM AK's Slumbering Tsar

Absalom Abberations - A Pathfinder Society Tale

DM PeteZero's PbP GameDay 2: PFS 5–12: Destiny of the Sands—Part 1: A Bitter Bargain

DM Variel's WotR Gameplay Thread

Tales of Agartha: the Avalon Chronicles

Aardvark's "Bring Out Your Dead's Valuables" MM Campaign

To Gaze into the Abyss - Wrath of the Righteous

Megan's Curse of the Crimson Throne [IC]

Jade Regent: Part 1: Licktoad Menace

Let the festival roll!

Thron's Rise of the Runelords Campaign

Gameplay for Fast Paced Darkmoon Vale Campaign

GM thunderspirit's Reign of Winter AP

GM Jacob's KingMaker

PbP GameDay 2: PFS 05-07 Port Godless (5-9) with GM Derek W

DM Terquem's "Palace of the Vampire Queen"

Carrion Crown: Uneasy Lie the Dead [Chapter 1: The Haunting of Harrowstone]

DM Harpwizard’s Heroes of Elsir Vale

Deus Machina - The Last Grimoire

PFS Scenario 04 - The Frozen Fingers of Midnight - TABLE A

PbP GameDay 2: PFS 5-04 The Stolen Heir (Tier 1-5)

Kingmaker: The Stolen Lands

The Dragon Reborn

The Storm in Isger: Clouds on the Horizon

PbP GameDay 2: PFS 5-08 The Confirmation (1-2) Table 1

GM Derek W's Dragon's Demand Playtest

Articles of Faith - The Inheritor's Cloak

[PFS - Game Day] The Dalsine Affair Gameplay

Coins of Power

DM Tobi 4-15 The Cyphermage Dilemma

Big OM's Way of the Wicked

Our Clockwork Protectors

Masks of the Living God (sequel to Crypt of the Everflame)

GM mechaPoet's PbP Gameday 2: The Confirmation: Gameplay

The Mouth of Doom

DM Sfounder's Port Godless PbP Game Day

GM Tektite's PFS First Steps I

Dwellers of the Forbidden City OR Bungle in the Jungle

Blades of Cormyr

Heralding the Coming of the Age of Worms (Alpha Team)

Team Darkness

Gameplay table B

[PFS] DM Caleth's PbP Game Day 2 Thornkeep: The Accursed Halls

The World's End - A Maximum City, Mutants & Masterminds Campaign

Hills 5-08 The Confirmation PBP Gameday 2

Wrath of the Righteous Table Unwavering

Take what you can. Give nothing back.

PBP Gameday #2 The Slave Pits of Absalom (1-2 Gameplay)

Wrath of the Righteous AP - DM Le Roy Batty

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