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Blood Crimes—Chapter One: No Good Deed

Blood Crimesby J. C. Hay ... Chapter One: No Good DeedThe paladin's spittle hit me full in the cheek, and began a slow crawl toward my chin. His aim impressed me—it's not easy to hit a small target in a crowd, especially when bound and being dragged to the executioner's platform. I cut the cords on the purse of the merchant in front of me and secreted it into a sleeve as I passed in the condemned man's wake. Paladins were a rarity on the platform, and this one had brought a good crowd....
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Tags: Blood Crimes Ghouls J. C. Hay Kyushik Shin Pathfinder Tales

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Pathfinder Chronicles: NPC Guide (PFRPG)

The NPC Guide: The Babies Are Back!

... The NPC Guide: The Babies Are Back! Friday, April 2, 2010Cave raptors are sated and have finally released me from their grim, stony world—it's time to blog! ... Back when I served as a lowly intern, a weary and overworked Sean K Reynolds offered me my very first Paizo gig. The encroaching Pathfinder Chronicles: NPC Guide would need dozens of generic stat blocks if GMs were to treasure it above even their own families. A not-insignificant portion of my sanity died off as I stared...
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Tags: Bards Dwarves Fighters Ghouls Monsters Orcs Pathfinder Campaign Setting Undead Web Enhancement Wizards

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Pathfinder Chronicles: NPC Guide (PFRPG)

NPC Guide Concept Preview

NPC Guide Concept Preview Monday, December 21, 2009Pathfinder Chronicles: NPC Guide has a lot of stat blocks—about 100, at this point in development. Most of the book is the first chapter, one page per NPC and generally one NPC per country in the Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting, each with a history and illustration. Here’s a little preview of some of these named PCs. ... Illustrations by Christopher Ocampo ... Krun Thuul of Belkzen, an orc military genius ... Brinian of Brevoy,...
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Tags: Christopher Ocampo Ghouls Monsters Orcs Pathfinder Campaign Setting Portraits Sahuagin Undead

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Pathfinder Module: Carrion Hill (PFRPG)

Carrion Hill Preview #1

... Carrion Hill Preview #1 Thursday, September 3, 2009Carrion Hill is a 5th-level urban horror adventure in the style of H. P. Lovecraft's The Dunwich Horror. Chock full of mythos goodness, this book has references to the Outer Gods, underground ghoul societies, and (of course) the spawn of Yog-Sothoth. Here's a quick peek... avert your eyes if your will is weak! ... Sean K Reynolds ... Developer, Pathfinder Modules ...
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Tags: Ghouls Hector Ortiz Lovecraft Monsters Pathfinder Modules Tyler Walpole Undead
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Kyle's Magnificent Menagerie

Kyle's Magnificent Menagerie Wednesday, September 5, 2007Some of you may have already noticed a striking stylistic similarity between the fun cartoon goblin illustrating Pathfinder #1's introduction and those strange little monsters that used to appear in Dungeon to illustrate the Dungeoncraft column and the table of contents. That's because both series are done by one of our favorite artists and creative minds, Downer creator Kyle Stanley Hunter. ... Much as he did in Dungeon, each month...
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Tags: Ghouls Goblins Kyle Stanley Hunter Monsters Rise of the Runelords Undead
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