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Starfinder News Hub

Was a consesus ever reached on Solarians?

Building a Drift drive?

Show me your computer builds

Let's build a Sci-Fi Dungeon1

Rulebook Wishlist Beyond Alien Archive 2

Unarmed Strike OP, what am I doing wrong?

Null Space generators and people inside them

Cosmic Crit's Cussing Competition July Fan Challenge

Paizo Blog: Putting the Powered Armor in Armory!

Planet Sized Opponents in Space Battles

Are pregen characters Society-legal?

Starfinder Anime Suggestions

Paizo Blog: A Haul of Arms

Rolling ability scores in Starfinder

Any plans for new classes?

How good is the Solarions armor compared to the weapon?

Is slow a death sentence for a melee character?

Starship Shields and Armor Conceptually Inverted?

Basic setting background info

Starships: The Skills Arms Race

so what makes a great / epicly cool magic item for you.....?

Alien Archive 3 wishlist

What fonts are used in the Core Rulebook?

Akiton World Building.

Starfinder Gamemastery wishlist

Do you consider "having a skill" to mean putting one rank per level into it?

technomancer's spellshot: does it add weapon damage?

Solarian Supernova Blast Radius Rules

Spaceship and Mystic

How easy is it to convert modules from Pathfinder to Starfinder, and what would work well?

Time Travel / Folding Space

is there a feat / item that......?

Skydock should not be feasible

Drow of Apostae and the Pact Worlds

Any benefit to linking point defense weapons on turret?

Thanks again for another great game! May I have another piece of crow pie?

Website Feedback Poll

Class Balance Issues

Starfinder Stat Block Index for GMs

New AP, shorter?

Are there sunglasses in space?

Which actors would play Starfinder's iconic characters?

Gun control in the Pact Worlds

Evil Skittermanders?

Character sheets with more skill slots

*Spoilers Ahead* just checking if my gm is getting creative with the "dead suns" AP

Was Starfinder not meant to have "scrolls"...

Hay I like what you did there!

Worried About Armory

Paizo Blog: Starfinder Wins Origins Award!

Things you wish you knew / thought of when you started SF?

Spaceship boarding

Endbringer Devil, Orocoran, and Resolve Points

Can someone help me "get" the Drift?

Best Power Armor User But Class Purity Is Not An Issue For You. Your Build ideas?

Is Drift travel evil?

Corebook with white pages, please

Mundane Purchases

Fabricate tech shenanigans

Color Coded Character Sheets and Initiative Trackers

I find your lack of shields disturbing

SF Economy not suitable for a SciFi game

Help: Need a Tutorial on How Mounts Work in Starfinder

Cosmic Crit’s June Fan Art Challenge + Starfinder Artists Directory

Fillable PDFs of Character Sheet and Starsheet Sheet

How does one pronounce atrocites?

Does Pact Worlds make (some) archetypes viable?

Starfinder's Holidays

Skittermander naming conventions.

Was There Any Starfinder Announcements at PaizoCon.

The death of tabletop roleplaying

SFS #1-99 minimum simultaneous tables requurements

Starting packages

Fillable PDF Character Sheets

Singularitism and the Axiomite Godmind

Ryphorian Half-elves are canon

Resource Tracking Sheet

How to save money on costly batteries

Enhanced Resistance Feat

Cosmic Crit's May-Hem May Challenge

New tools on sfrpgtools. Starship, Settlement & Inventory Generators

Will we get an updated PDF?

Proposed Errata for Multiple PC Starship APL Rules

New demon idea

Do we have a sense of the "OP" races yet?

The Drift and Drift Beacons

need help with Abadon station....

Maze-Core Items Really Heavy?


Did we ever get Vital Statistics for the playable races in the Alien Archive or Dead Suns APs?

Spell Amps

Two-Weapon Fighting

Anyone know what Hellknight orders do?

Two New Starfinder Ships - Exclusive Article at Black Gate

I get the Material plane denizens' embrace for technology, but... what about the other Planes?

Balancing a Fighter Squadron for SFS APs

Magic missile is too powerful

landbase speed is it good or bad?

Siege weaponry?

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