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Balancing a Fighter Squadron for SFS APs

Anyone know what Hellknight orders do?

Do we have a sense of the "OP" races yet?

Magic missile is too powerful

Help: Need a Tutorial on How Mounts Work in Starfinder

Maze-Core Items Really Heavy?

landbase speed is it good or bad?

Siege weaponry?

Starships, Starfinder, and their flaws.

Protection from Evil / Law / Chaos / Good / ETC?

Where can i find Social penalties for wearing armor in social situations?

need help with Abadon station....

Sort-able, Filter-friendly Equipment List


Solarian modes and manifestations

Ryphorian Half-elves are canon

Heavy Armour and Exotic Movement Speeds

The death of tabletop roleplaying

Are Ryphorians actually Galra from Voltron?

Potential errors / layout issues

Starfinder System Reference Document

Bow stuffs~

Does Pact Worlds make (some) archetypes viable?

Fun ideas for more unique solar weapons.

Do they eventually plan on releasing Starfinder Campaign Setting & Player Companion books?

The scientific plausibility of the pact worlds system

How does Triaxus not crash into the other planets?

Scent in Space / Akata problem

[Humorous] 1001 Explanations for the Disappearance of Golarion / Gap

First Contact Operative example cannot use trick attack?

Starfinder considerations / realities

What would Erastil and his worshippers look like?

Starfinder Starships Companion

Do Lashunta make the best spies?

Envoys past level 8

Theme Ability bonuses pointless?

leveling up from memory...

which is better?

Grappling: How does it work exactly in Starfinder?

Interested in making your own maps for Starfinder?

Did I forget to carry the two or is the envoy skill focus consulation prize terrible?

Is it mindlink or mind link?

I get the Material plane denizens' embrace for technology, but... what about the other Planes?

Are their Bounty Hunter Guilds in The Pact Worlds?

What’s the point of stipulating the rate of shields recharging?

Running a higher tier ship on low level PCs?

Alien Archive 3 wishlist

Is a Mystic Star-Knight viable?

Cosmic Crit's May-Hem May Challenge

What happened to paladins?

Who Can Legally Manufacture Androids?

Errors in the Starfinder Core Rulebook?

Some ruminations on PF Legacy Classes & Future Classes

Starfinder Pact Worlds Review – Let’s Meet The Neighbors!

How easy is it to convert modules from Pathfinder to Starfinder, and what would work well?

What sci-fi campaigns does Starfinder NOT emulate very well?

How's the "Motley Crue" / "Ragtag Bunch Of Misfits" factor in Starfinder, when compared to Pathfinder?

Flora / Fauna

So... where are "The Vast" and "Near Space" again?

Pact Worlds ships vs. Core book ships

Can we get the weapon ranges in the ship statblocks?

Fan Fiction for Starfinder?

Culture Skill - why would this be a trained only skill?

Problem with Piracy.

How much wealth are you handing out?

Funniest Starfinder Moments

Carrying weapons on Absalom Station

More "Starfinder" art to wet your appetite

Monster attacks, archaic?

Tractor beams - threat or menace?

multi-classing and archtyping how does it work?

Trouble navigating the star finder core rule book

The legacy conversion chapter is way longer than it needs to be

The Stewards and The Pact

Profession: "Earn A Living" seems fairly lackluster

Two-Weapon Fighting

Solarian Lore Question

Printable errata.

What's with the Drift?

Operative overtuned?

Why is Darkvision a 2nd level spell?

Cosmic Crit's "Critical Failures" Deck Challenge

starfinder 40k

Are the Captain and science officer Superfluous?

Appointments, drift travel, and downtime

Kasatha Mouth Art?

A question on item creation and progression

Starfinder Alien Race Suitable for Githyanki / Githzerai Substitute?

Is there a point, when creating monsters, to any of the ability scores except for strength?

How Long Before Reprints?

Uses for Mind Link

Favorite Multi-class Combo?

How big are various "Forces"

What is your audio setup?

What are your favorite top three space / star ships of all time?

So I take it that "Brock Samson" is off the table? (Starfinder Character Names)

are there any new connection powers that the Mystic can use....

Will Starfinder Now Suffer The Osbourne Effect

Baffled by Bantrids

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