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Starfinder News Hub

What are your experiences with the Starfinder economy?

Are the Alien Archive's playable aliens viable?

Paizo Blog: Visions of the Pact Worlds

A Concern With Starship Combat

Androids and Eox

Operative overtuned?

Triune Church Headquarters next to the Starstone?

Using energy damage vs objects: what do you commonly use?

Can we expect support for operative martial artists in the future?

[Humorous] 1001 Explanations for the Disappearance of Golarion / Gap

Operatives and Envoys feel like they got Screwed.

Problem with Piracy.

Zo spaceport leading advanced spaceflight technology hub with max item level 8

Monster March: Create-a-Monster for Cosmic Crit!

Will Starfinder Now Suffer The Osbourne Effect

Two-Weapon Fighting

Formians living in Qabarat?

Any Play-by-Post forum for Starfinder?

Holy Cow! Starship Combat!

Your Starfinder Wishlist


Assasination and Raise Dead

Blog: Brave New Worlds!

Are the Captain and science officer Superfluous?

Alien Archive: potential errata

are there any negatives for playing with a missing arm?

Thoughts on roleplaying a Solarian

Time between Pathfinder and Starfinder

Autofire Balance

In case you hadn't heard: Drift Physics explained in Dead Suns 4!

Paizo Blog: Journey to the Pact Worlds

New to SF - what are some "must have" community created things?

working on a "Platforming" challenge should it.....?

Gods and their servants and "The law"

Some issues with Starfinder

Starfinder Products I want to see.

Fillable PDF Character Sheets

Patronizing Small Businesses is a Good Action, and Other Starfinder-isms

lets talk drones please.

What is your audio setup?

Monster Conversion - Aboleth

Starfinder and Pathfinder 2nd Edition

Paizo Blog: Starfinder Now on Fantasy Grounds!

Souped-up Starship Weapons

what would you call a person who crafts and installs cybernetics?

How useful is Strike Back?

Rule differences between Starfinder and Pathfinder that PFRPG veterans might miss

Why is fast talk even a feat?

Dissapointed with Medicine.

Starfinder Fiction?

What sci-fi campaigns does Starfinder NOT emulate very well?

How big is the Golarion Galaxy

Alien Archive 2 Wishes List

Alien design help

Appendix N - the Reading List

Searchable database and character creator anyone interested?

Power Armor: How Useful is it?

did I math this right?

Can't even shoot out a lightbulbwith artillery!

Starfinder Products I want to see.

Naturally blind character in Starfinder Society

ways to scare your pc into not open every door / jump scares....

Fun Fact: You can ignore ability score changes due to Race and Theme.

Wilderness Survival: Food and Water

[GM Resource] Setting Info & NPC Lists for Starfinder

is disengaging locks engineering or computers or is it both?

Starfinder System Reference Document

Running a Massive Space Battle

What is this creature?

New Races in Pact Worlds Announced in Dead Suns 4

Conversion subforum?

Cool Free Deck of Many Things for Starfinder by Thurston Hillman

Eox and the Undead

Please Standardize Creature Statblocks...

Paizo - We need to talk about the Operative.

New to SF, some help needed! :)

First Contact Operative example cannot use trick attack?

Sort-able, Filter-friendly Equipment List

Have an easy to use auto-calcuation-heavy Starfinder character sheet.

Are there any good multi classing combinations that are NOT dips?

Cosmic Crit's "Critical Failures" Deck Challenge

Spell gem pricing. Formula? Dart Board? Dial Cuthulu?

New Starfinder Rules for Pathfinder Players

Make Me a NPC!

Spellcasters willfully gimped? Why?

Are the Starfinder pistol / rifle prices erroneous?

Is Technomancer's Fabricate Tech near pointless?

Dragons as a PC race

What are your favorite top three space / star ships of all time?

Absalom Station Armada

Combat in Starfinder Reminds Us Of ...

Questions about the Contemplatives

A trial one shot

New to Paizo and have a question.

Starship Combat example

Are solarians gimped compared to other class options?

Easy Mistake With Grenades

Starfinder Online Tabletop Support

Converting a Society adventure into standard XP rewards?

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