Out of This World: Meet the Authors of Starfinder Enhanced!

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Welcome to the Future, Starfinders!

It’s time to celebrate the release of the incredible Starfinder Enhanced! This book gives so many awesome options to any and every class in our game, and none of it would be possible without a squadron of fantastic authors. I’m personally honored to have helped develop their work following the legendary developers John Compton and Joe Pasini, who went above and beyond bringing this incredible book to life. Without further ado, let’s give our amazing authors the opportunity to show us all the awesome projects they have and help celebrate the release of their wonderful work. If you liked a section, consider letting them know in the comments and following them on social media!

Dustin Knight

Starfinder Enhanced

Illustration by Paulo Magalhães
A Kasatha dressed in punk clothing with a sound system at their hip, adjusting a bright pink mohawk

Ivis K. Flanagan

Hi all! I'm Ivis K. Flanagan, freelance writer and teacher. Working on Starfinder Enhanced was an awesome highlight for me, as I got to work on a variety of sections: Themes, the Mystic Class updates, and some new creature companions. The creature companions were probably my favorite—and I cannot wait for everyone to get a look at the new furry (and not so furry) friends that I, among others, have gotten to bring to your table.

Outside of Starfinder Enhanced, you can find my work in other Starfinder releases, as well as Pathfinder and other companies. A full list of my current credits can be found here. As for me, when I'm not writing, you can often find me GMing games for anyone who wants to play! If you want to reach out about future projects, playing games, or just to chat, you can find me on Bluesky or email me at ikflanagan at gmail.com.

Jason Keeley (he/him)

Hi folks, I'm Jason Keeley (he/him) and come with me... to the stars! I contributed the narrative starship combat section to Starfinder Enhanced and it was an interesting challenge to streamline the normal starship combat rules while retaining some of the use of currently printed starship stat blocks. Hopefully, those who are looking for a more condensed experience will enjoy it! When I'm not doing things for Paizo, I spend my time recording for the Know Direction network, collaborating with Joe Pasini on puzzles, and generally working on other TTRPG projects—like my cereal mascot game This Compleat Breakfast, available for free at https://herzwesten.itch.io/this-compleat-breakfast! You can usually find me under the name "herzwesten" on most social media platforms.

Jessica Catalan

Hi everyone! My name’s Jessica Catalan and I’m the Starfinder Society Developer and a freelance author who primarily writes for the Pathfinder and Starfinder RPGs. My past works as a freelance author for Paizo include eight Organized Play scenarios, one adventure module, five Adventure Path volumes, cover credit on two hardcover books, and a whole lot more! Starfinder Enhanced is very much a love letter to Starfinder, and is packed to bursting with new options for every aspect of the game, as well as new subsystems, alternate ways to play, and enhanced versions of a few classes. Whatever kind of characters you play, and whatever kind of games you run, there’s something in Starfinder Enhanced for you. In addition to working on Starfinder Enhanced on the clock as a member of the Starfinder team, I worked on it as a freelance author. In short: I wrote a LOT for this book. Picking a favorite contribution is a challenge, but I’m most proud of creating novians and holograms (including initial pitching of these species) and writing the new uses for Resolve Points, which will provide players of all classes and builds a lot of fun new tricks. I hope the love and enthusiasm that everyone put into this book resonates with you and that you enjoy the huge amount of new options at your disposal. Now get out there and make some novians! Until next time, Starfinders!

Illustration by Sammy Khalid
An alien with insect-like features coaching their team

John Compton

I’m John Compton, and Starfinder Enhanced was my final project as a Starfinder developer. What a fitting finale, too! Starfinder Enhanced gave me space to explore several big ideas that I’d aways wanted to see in the game, particularly the custom and upgradeable weapons and armor. You’ll also see my handiwork in the enhanced envoy, solarian, and witchwarper, as well as the several sections I developed before blasting off to the Pathfinder narrative team.

John Curtin (he/him)

Hi, my name is John Curtin (he/him) and I had a blast contributing some of the feats and nanocyte options to Starfinder Enhanced! My primary design driver here was asking myself "what, as a player, would make me really excited to see as a potential option," and I my most fervent that at least one GM out there finds out about one of my options from a player and goes "...you can do what now?? That's awesome!!" Here at Paizo, I’ve got more Starfinder credits upcoming, but in true freelancer fashion, the projects I’m most excited to tell everyone about are still under NDA. To hear about my latest and greatest, you can follow me on BlueSky @curtinwrites, on the remains of Twitter @Curtin_Writes, and explore the currently inactive @StarfinderFacts.

John Godek III (he/him)

Hi! I’m John, a gamer, gamemaster, freelance author, and podcaster in the Seattle area. I earned my 5th Nova for Starfinder Society two years ago and have worked on a dozen freelance assignments for Evil Robot Games, Legendary Games, and Paizo. My most recent work includes this summer’s Starfinder Society Scenario #6-04: Secrets Long Submerged and next year’s Pathfinder Lost Omens Tian Xia World Guide and Character Guide. For Starfinder Enhanced, I had the opportunity to create new class options for the mechanic, technomancer, and vanguard, plus new augmentations, magic items, and hybrid items.

When I’m not playing, GMing, or writing, I produce three podcasts on the Know Direction Network: Digital Divination, a Starfinder talk show with Paizo Senior Developer Jason Keeley; Intrepid Heroes, a Starfinder actual play whose cast has included Eleanor Ferron, Rob Helm, Scott Keim, Ron and Stephanie Lundeen, Jason Tondro, and Mark Woolcott; Presenting - Gamers Making Games, an interview show where I chat with game designers, developers, artists, and editors.

You can reach me on X (Twitter) @JohnGodekIII and find my podcasts at KnowDirectionPodcast.com or on YouTube at GamingDivination.com. I am always looking for folks to interview!

Illustration by Sammy Khalid
 A ysoki dressed in armor holding a pistol in one hand and a grenade in another

Kate Baker

Hello! I’m Kate Baker, and I was delighted to contribute to Starfinder Enhanced! There is so much cool stuff coming your way in this book. I specifically worked on new grenades, and with so many grenades in the system already, I got to be very creative with introducing new options. I hope your PCs have fun with the new bombs! You can follow more about what I’m up to on BlueSky at @katebakerGM.

Kim Frandsen (he/him)

Hello everyone, I'm Kim, and I'm from Denmark. I've been writing since 2016 when I took part in the RPG Superstar competition (finished in the top 32 too!) and I've been writing, editing, and laying out books ever since. I worked on the Envoy, Operative, and Soldier options and I hope you like what we all made. If you want to see more of my work or get hold of me, you can find me through my beloved Beyond the Horizon over at https://www.beyond-the-horizon-games.com/ — You might have seen my work in various places as well — I freelance a lot and I'm one of the Infinite Masters on PathfinderInfinite. :)

Michael Bramnik (he/him)

Hello there! This is Michael Bramnik, often writing for Paizo's organized play adventures and elsewhere, but now I am here helping Enhance your Starfinder experience! For this book, I had the privilege of writing the Archetypes and Tech Items, and can't wait to see what you think of all of them. From the Major League Coach (who draws on sci-fi sports from other books as well as ones influenced by my SFS experiences) to the musical Audocyte (who emulates my constant need for music almost everywhere I go), each of these archetypes enhance aspects of the science fiction/fantasy genre in ways I hope each of you will love!

Feel free to keep up with my ongoing projects if you'd like (https://canisdirus.carrd.co/), and happy gaming!

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Thanks all for the work. Love the book, lots of fun stuff to play with :)

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path, Lost Omens, Rulebook, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Awesome work guys. Keep up the good work and keep the magic for SF2 (if you are working on it). I love the funkiness and willingness to be daring to enable all kinds of concepts without the over cautious approach to anything interesting that PF2e has that leaves anything other than the most vanilla builds subpar.

Thank you.


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I love that punk Kasatha art! Thanks Paulo Magalhães.

Looking forward to looking at the new stuff; thanks for contributions, writers! Now to give my sugar'd up Kiirinta Soldier new grenades to play with, make friends with the new critters and take a peep at the archetypes for ideas.

Scarab Sages

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It's a great book. Thanks to you all!

Second Seekers (Jadnura)

Pathfinder Starfinder Society Subscriber

I'm very much looking forwards to giving the Narrative Starship Combat rules a test run! I haven't run any narrative SSC yet, but from reading through the rules, it looks like there's enough depth and dice to still have fun with PCs being good at specific Roles, and have all Roles contribute meaningfully. Plus, some of the new Crew Actions are great: I love, for example, that a Chief Mate can use the Deride Enemy Ship action to say, "wait, those idiots' hull configuration puts their exhaust ports where??" and have it contribute to a "Hit" :D The streamlined rules and lower amount of Hits required to complete SSC should help it feel much more snappy and quick!

Radiant Oath

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I had a good laugh when I noticed the canned atmosphere on pg. 160! XD

Love love LOVE this book!


Just finished up a scenario today can't wait to shop for my character from this book! Looking forward to trying all the new stuff in this book!

I dig these kind o things.
I don't really have any good comments but I wanted to write something because I know metrics are important.

'Tis a good last hurrah for Starfinder. Shame to see Starfinder dying after this.


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emky wrote:
'Tis a good last hurrah for Starfinder. Shame to see Starfinder dying after this.

Let's see there are 2 more hard-cover adventure paths coming, at least 5 more scenarios for season 6, and season 7 will likely have another 16 or so scenarios, Then the playtest, then Starfindeer 2e...

Driftbourne wrote:
emky wrote:
'Tis a good last hurrah for Starfinder. Shame to see Starfinder dying after this.

Let's see there are 2 more hard-cover adventure paths coming, at least 5 more scenarios for season 6, and season 7 will likely have another 16 or so scenarios, Then the playtest, then Starfindeer 2e...

Yeah. I may be skeptical of some of what I'm hearing about 2e, but to say "Starfinder is dying" simply isn't factual.

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