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Welcome to the Pathfinder Playtest Messageboard!

Favorite Class Previewed?

Heal is now like Healing Word in D&D5E, what is preventing whack a mole?

Paizo Blog: Bard Class Preview

Paizo Blog: Common Ground

Pathfinder Second Edition

nice things for fighters (and other noncasters) in exploration / downtime mode

Character Sheet Request(s)

Pregen previews over at ENWorld!

It’s shipped

Who plans to still play 1E after 2E?

Thematic (and potentially mechanical) Questions about the World of Pathfinder 2

Paizo Blog: Sorcerer Class Preview

Things We Are Liking So Far

Excited About Exploration Mode

When will the preorder be shipped?

Paizo Blog: Ranger Class Preview

Multi-classing: what would we like, what can we expect and what do we know?

When is the next blog?

How to Not use Resonance?

Doomsday Dawn PBP how impossible?

[Endzeitgeist] Countdown to PF Playtest / PF 2, Part I – Skills and Traps

What do we know about the four essences?

Paizo Blog: Learning Takes a Lifetime

Interpreting Resonance

Playtest Structure?

Why are Wands of CLW such a problem?

Adopted Characters

Playtest Hardcopy and Finished Product Binding Quality

Playtest books shipping - Will some people have their books significantly earlier than August 2nd?

Sharing the Experience

Can we tweak the spell schools?

NPC Classes

What's the point of Constitution?

Quadatric vs Linear

Character Sheet: Backgrounds informations required!

Paizo Blog: Wizard Class Preview

More or less X times a day mechanics

Things You are Disappointed We Never Got From PF1 (And as such hope to see in PF2)

Will Character Creation be Part of the Playtest or are we Using Pregens

PFS influence of PF2 rules

sorcerer problems with free heightening and a possible solution

Excessive amounts of buff spells (Spoilers for Reign of Winter Adventure Path)

Wands, charges, resonance and stuff

Paizo Blog: Feats of Skill

Paizo Blog: Attack the Stat Block

PF1 rules that were too circumstantial.

Release concerns

Converting a D&D 4e party to PF

Paizo Blog: It’s a Trap!

Universal archetypes you'd like to have.

Heightened spells

How do Current Skills map / transfer to Playtest Skills?

Paladin Mechanics (Non-Alignment) Wish List

What Spells do you want to see?

Examine the whole.

Spell convergence

How can we play the Playtest?

Speculation: How To Approximate The Witch?

Playtest pre-order - wasn't it supposed to charge on 7 / 9?

If it is not broken don’t fix it.

Esoteric, but Iconic, Builds: A Prep Guide

A Newbie Guide to PF2 Data

Paizo Blog: Trinkets and Treasures

Paizo Blog: Archetypes for All

Paizo Blog: All About Spells

Paizo Blog: What's Your Weapon?

Paizo Blog: Gearing Up!

Paizo Blog: Eminent Domains

Paizo Blog: Cleric Class Preview

Paizo Blog: Secrets of Alchemy

What built in flavor is important to the game?


ranger hunt target analysis

A question about general class design

PF2 Mechanical Sophistication vs. Ease of Play

The d20 Resolution Axiom

Adventure for your playtest sessions?

Blasting in PF2

PF2 Character Sheet

Wildly inappropriate questions about PF 2E

Doomsday Dawn - Multiple GMs?

Paizo Blog: Potency and Potions

Short-Rests in Pathfinder 2e?

20 level class break down for classes in play test

Paizo Friday #8 You Tube - Pathfinder Playtest Character Creation!

Playtest Monsters

Rate of advancement

Martial Lowdown: A Prep Guide

General Stat Block formatting issue

Attempting to rejigger Resonance

Is Second Edition a new chance for Longswords?

A critique of PF 2nd ed

Impressions on the PF2 sheet

Will there be build points for vehicles? (playtest / 2nd edition)

For your consideration "For All Purposes"

Improving the action terminology


Which campaigns you gonna convert?

Monastic Weaponry and Ki Strike, are either of these core to the Monk fantasy?

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