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Paizo Blog: Wizard Class Preview

Lets talk about crossbows

Spell Success / Failure Formatting

Spell Description Format Suggestion

Dying rules dropped in GTM Live game

The Gauntlet Tournament and Unlocking a Playtest Bonus Blog

Main Thing You Want From PF2?

Things We Are Liking So Far

Paizo Blog: Attack the Stat Block

Wizards vs. Clerics

PF2E and Accessibility


What Would A CG Paladin Code Look Like?

Simple Request: Clarification On Spell Manifestations

Rangers and Driudic

Some rambling thoughts on Magic Items and the big 6

Kurgess's sacred animal should be a raptor

When is the next blog?

Ability distribution thus far and the possibility of dumping a stat

Poisadins. Paladoisons?

Wildly inappropriate questions about PF 2E

The 3 necessary magic items and why are they necessary?

What classes does Pathfinder Core need?

Alternate timelines (SF vs PF vs PF2.0)

Paizo Blog: Gearing Up!

Taking stock of PF2 blogs to date

[POLL] Symbols / Icons Instead of Words in New Stat Blocks - Yes or No?

Is it a trap?

So far I like it...But...

Paizo Blog: Building Monsters

So, what do we know about the Skill List?

Mods, not stats, and rolling too.

Approaching the Unerring Recognizability of the Paladin from a Different Angle

Chaos Knight Brainsplat

Less stuff at level one VS dipping power

Will Int be the new dump stat?

Starting and Leveling Up Stat Questions

What Would A CG Paladin Code Look Like, Redux

Law into Order

Paizo Blog: Everyone Has a Past

Rename the whole system!

Ignore handringing by Martial characters. Critical failures NEED to count for meele & ranged attack rolls in Pathfinder 2E!

Thoughts On Paladins and Warriors From a Non PF Player

You Heard It Here First --> Pathfinder 2e is the new unversal game system.

Paizo Blog: Cleric Class Preview

p2e Playtest Video (featuring Jason Bulmahn)

What RL obstacles do you encounter when planning an adventure as a GM?

Blasting in PF2

Downtime / Spell Recovery?

AC Math thread

Magic we wish for

Full Index

Paladin Detect Evil

Ancestry vs Backgrounds.

Paizo Blog: Rogue Class Preview

Paizo Blog: Critical Hits and Critical Failures

Paizo Blog: Big Beards and Pointy Ears

Paizo Blog: Fuzzy Feet and Voles to Meet

Paizo Blog: Fighter Class Preview

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder a la Mode

Paizo Blog: Are You Proficient?

Paizo Blog: First Look at the Pathfinder Playtest

Paladin Mechanics (Non-Alignment) Wish List

Wizards in "Wizard of Legend" game

Animal companions

How broken and "unfun" would it be to allow a 20 starting attribute?

Stupid little things you'd like to see - such as single line clarifications

Where do the high-level 1E "PCs" go in 2E?

Alignment and "Straddling the fence"

Paladin: The Argument for Lawful Alignment

How many actions should drinking a potion take?

Pathfinder Beyond?

The NPC and You, Setting Standards for Convenience

Roleplaying for couples (SFW, trust me)

Fix combat system so multi armed races are playable for pcs

Reject My Paladin Compromise, and Then Talk About What Martial Characters Should Be Capable of Please

Paizo Blog: Eminent Domains

Back-porting PF2 rules to PF1

Keep your chin up, Paizo.

Other Classes and Races in Pathfinder Second Edition

Inb4 Monsters Blog Post

Paladin Code Debugging

Make Playtest Blog posts sticky?

Okay, make it 30 minutes

How should starting equipment / gold work?

PF2 - Paladin vs Cleric: Where's the thematic difference?

Defending "class feats"

Kind of upset.

Aspects of the 9 alignments

Backgrounds and the harrow deck...

Igwilly’s Blog: Cleric as Warrior-Priest

What Happened the First Time Around?

Some musings on the ABCs.and front-loading

Cleric Alignment Rules and the Paladin

Finally, backgrounds done right!

Trade off for Anathema and other class restrictions

"Champion" Houserules as alternatives to Paladin

Alternative Shield Mechanics

Is there any value in the Law vs Chaos axis?

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