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What’s the equipment turnover going to look like?

Why are Wands of CLW such a problem?

Paizo Blog: Are You Proficient?

What is going to be your test of the new system?

Can we have even a bare minimum of respect for realism this time around?

It's The Pathfinder 2nd Edition Compiled Info Wiki Thread!

Why not be radical and do both!?

Prestige Classes?

Where to Pre-Order?

Inclusive, not Exclusive

Please rebuild the Cleric into something awesome!!

Will bows still be the only worthwhile ranged weapon in PF2?

Please make Exotic Weapons truly Exotic in PF2

So if APs and Modules are assumed to be canon in 2e... (spoilers obviously)

Unarmored Fighters?

Playtest art question

Yet Another Resonance Thread

Weapon sizes, magic weapons, and greatswords.

why alignment (for characters) needs to go

Bounded Accuracy Isn't Bad

Thank you, Paizo!

Two big sacred cows I'd like to see killed off

Paizo Blog: All About Actions

Please make Multiclassing good

Is the "pass the magic dagger around the circle" really going to be allowed?

Can we have slings that aren't terrible?

Resonance: what do you think?

On Resonance and being a Nerd.

Are we heading back to mandatory healer territorry?

Should Mythic be incorporated into base PF2?

Nonlethal Damage: Do people prefer PF1-style or SF-style?

If not resonance, what would you give charisma?

Proficiency: not all rolls are equal

The Rest of Golarion

New Details from Glass Cannon Podcast Pathfinder Playtest Impressions - Ability damage is gone, Magic Missile mechanics, crit / fumble discussion

Alignment Needs Reconsideration

How will PF2 handle the wide range of playstyles?

Looking ahead to Bestiary 2.0 Vol 1 - Wish List Voting Thread

Healing: How would you like to see it work in PF2?

A 2nd look at Poison

Who plans to still play 1E after 2E?

Dying rules dropped in GTM Live game

I Played Pathfinder 2.0 Demo at GaryCon (My Thoughts...)

Release the character sheet!

What about Strength?

Is Damiel gone the way of the dodo?

Paizo Blog: Leveling Up!

Quid's Thoughts

Please This, Not That

Looking for editors for the Pathfinder 2e Collected Information Google Doc

Spells and Magic (2E AD&D) Magic Items?

Sooo any chance of including metres in this one?

Martial - Caster Disparity

How robust do you think the core downtime system will be?

Is resonance a consequence of "Golarion Infused" rules and the single setting mindset that brings.

Paizo Blog: First Look at the Pathfinder Playtest

Request: Duplicate Natural Weapons increase die size instead of overlap.

On Cognitive Load

A Playtest Request

Wildly inappropriate questions about PF 2E

Biggest issue with PF 2 - based on the Podcast

Creating a TOS+ version for Second Edition Pathfinder - Access to playtest rules?

Culture Ancestry Class


Pathfinder Playtest parts 3 & 4 with the Glass Cannon Podcast is released!

Worries & Queries about Specific Monsters

Psychic Magic in 2E

Law into Order

A dramatic shift in style of game: big damn heroes vs everyday joes

Request for Ragers

Magic item options

Idea for making lower level spells more useful

On 2.0

Malazan Book of the Fallen series and C / M

Reworking those Dying rules that were revealed

Can we please have bigger bestiaries in PF2?

Hopes for the first Adventure Path

Goblins in PF2nd

The Gish, or magic warrior

Top 10 Class Choices You Would Like To See Next

Starfinder things you DO want to see in PF 2e.

Self Healing

Action / Fate / Whatever Points

Risen Nocticula for the Core Pantheon

PF2E Tyrannosaurus Rex + other dinosaurs

Return of the Runelords AP...which edition is it being written for?

Please break from legacy "armor-isms"

Initiative, Grapple, and Cantrips

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Playtest: Return to the Crypt

Resonance, wands & potions?

Converting to 1st Edition

Paper Cuts We Want To See Changed In 2.0

Corruptions and 2e

Stupid little things you'd like to see - such as single line clarifications

Physical Playtest Products

Active defense

Can a class exist in PF?

I can't say the subject of this thread.

Light armor or heavy armor viable for all classes.

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