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June 2018 New Release Shipping Thread

Customer Service Backlog Response Time

May 2018 New Release Shipping & PaizoCon Pick Up

Change the shipping address on Order 4692485

Problem with gift certificate order

Subscription Cancellation - Starfinder

Starfinder book missing pages

Re:Pathfinder #131

Subscription cancellation.

Subscription cancellation

Subscription Cancellation

cancel my adventure card subscription please

Humble bundle deal.

(Pre-)Order 4897661 Cancellation request

Order 5113061 - Status update?

Cancel al my stuff :(

Order 4532090 - Not recieved

Switching / Changing / Deleting Old Payment method

Order 5140118

Quick question RE: Order 4783887

Order 4902675 - Sunrise Maiden Flip-Mat

I need to end my Starfinder AP Subscription

Cancel Starfinder AP subscription

Please cancel my Starfinder Adventure Path subscription

Problems at checkout

Order 5237718

Starfinder CRB binding has totally separated (but this isn't the limited edition!)

Order 5115007 - damaged

Please cancel Subscriptions

Lost my orginized play #

Problem with Paizo Order # 5202740

Please remove items I added to my June subscription order

orders 5190862, 5190849, 5190836

Orders 5092897 & 5113757

My account has disappeared

What happened to my order?

Verify new Email not working properly / Full deletion of PFS characters

Character not being attached to game he has posted in.

Modify Subscriptions

Cancel my Pathfinder Subscription

Verify new email link problems

Worldscape Pathfinder Mini's from humble bundle

Sunrise Maiden Flip-mat

Cancel my pathfinder subscription

Order 5206274

June Order 5114788

Order 4692351

Orders 5108161 and 5142251

Order 5203959

Change shipping address on order 5057674

Paizo Advantage and Starfinder AP Subs

Cancel Class Deck Subscription

Download personalizations stuck

Hold my order

Order 5122669

War for the Crown subsription

Paizo Order # 5203860

Order #5095267

Tweaking some subs and preorders

Hold future shipments

Order 5115310

Order 4905123

Delete my sidecart

Order 5089338 - cancel

Order 3653594 - Please cancel

Missing bases in the Bestiary 6 pawn set

I have a problem with my real account

Redeeming Paizo Retail Voucher

Please cancel...

Please delete my account

Subscription Cancellations

New debit card registered

Why don't I have a digital copy?

Order 4782256

No Weekly Newsletter anymore ?

May Subscription Order

can I "pause" my subscriptions?

Order 5101323

"Verify to update your privacy settings"

I've recently gotten my 4th star in PFS

Cancel Subscription

Cancel Subscription

Order 4761565 - Sidecart

Strangeness on the Events Page

Changes to shipping rules to Australia 1-July-2018

Bait & Switch on Starfinder Flipmats Subscription

Order 5167395

please delete my account

Payment issues since new website (ANNOYED)

Problem with Venture Agent Location Tag

Order 5023110

May subscriptions problem

May subscriptions shipment

When will Paizo charge my card for Preorder

Card declined

Problems need addressing on Website Feedback forum

Cancel my Map Subscriptions

Cancel Subscription

Cancel Order 4784545

Order 4906657

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