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1-01 The Commencement

4star exclusives

April 2018 New Release Shipping Thread

Been trying to place an order all day.

Can't change shipping method on order 4653848


Cancel All of My Subscriptions

Cancel my subscription

Cancel My Subscription

Cancel My Subscriptions

Cancel Subscription & Order 4898481

Cant access shopping cart

Can’t start a subscription for pathfinder battles

cart stuck

Change of Payment method for Pending April Shipment

Changing Payment method on preorder

Core Rule Book Pawns Misprint

Customer Service Closed from 2pm- 3pm

Emails awaiting response


Gift Certificates & Postage to Europe

Humble Bundle Miniature Shipping

Issue: Some Downloads Not Showing Up On Accounts

Issue: Trying to checkout, credit card transaction comes out as denied

Link Not Working

Missing order

My Order 4139851

Need character number changed for society

Notified of updated SFS #1-01, new version not actually available

Order # 4964727

Order #4002619 Bestiary 6 Pawns

Order #4074312

Order #4748020

Order #4756692

Order #4760661 and item in sidecart

order #Order 4957775

Order 3854609

Order 4237347

Order 4278776

Order 4416633

Order 4532227

Order 4696354

Order 4743832 and Order 4533250

Order 4756228

Order 4757072

Order 4759337

Order 4759485

Order 4773637

Order 4775684

Order 4775821

Order 4776932

Order 4778856

Order 4783003 - Switch to Convention Pickup

Order 4802388

Order 4821591

Order 4865841

Order 4897118

Order 4897748

Order 4898113

Order 4898726 and 4949107

Order 4900512

Order 4901035

Order 4901415

Order 4902591

Order 4912975 & Order 4757208 & Order 4913112

Order 4925492

Order for me due to ship in June

Orders 4798106 & 4898753

Orders 4897579 and 4787426 change of patment method

Pact Worlds Binding Issue

Pact Worlds Binding order 4696625

Pact Worlds Pages Fused Together

Paizo Customer Service

Paizocon banquet plus 4 day badge discount

Pathfinder Playmat

Pathfinder Playtest Preorder and Fulfillment Q&A

Pending Order

Playtest Preorder Issue

Please cancel my order

Please cancel my subscription.

Potential Issue: Unable to Access Shopping Cart? Update: FIXED

Problem with Pathfinder Battles Sub.

Re-starting subscriptions

Scenarios Missing From

Shipping Calculation Issue

shipping charges

Shipping to Canada

So I ordered the Pact Words Book on Thu, Apr 5 and it still says "Pending"

Society number has changed.

Starfinder Supersubscriber Confusion

Subscription cancellation

Subscription Cancellations

Syrinscape order not working

Unable to access cart or checkout

Unable to Access Shopping Cart

Unable to fix issue - View Cart & Checkout crashes

Updates to SFS 1-01 and SFS Guild Quest Into the Unknown were not added to my downloads page

Well it finally happened

Worldscape humble bundle not shipped

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