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Unfinished Business

Game Master Trup

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BTW I want to apologize for not taking more part in things while we are doing the plan, but my character is not the greatest strategist in the world, more the "ok let's barge in!" style of person, sooo it wouldn't even matter if she wasn't in cat form.

Yeah, yeah. I'm just waiting for you to decide the time's come to have the naked teenager show up in our midst. Or, since you're mentioned dramatically appropriate, are you waiting to use the Shiled breaker mode? Time will tell.

see you have two of the reasons, A she shows up naked, something extremely undesirable IC and well OOC it is more in touch with the story if she can show up when they need a hand the most, considering she is a mega heavy hitter that can do damage to impervious, insubstantial, blablabla opponents or objects (weaken 13 working on objects and people anytone?) she should be able to make a difference, so I am willing to wait a bit and Kitty is willing to wait a long time :p

I just had to share this: How to destroy the earth M&M 3e style! tries/2010/12/4_Planet-Busting_in_M%26M_3e.html

I apologize if you guys already know this one.

That's hilarious!

Male Enigma/20

Ha, that made my day!

Sweet. Makes me want to play a Dragonball game using MnM3E rules.

What are the odds? I was looking through older posts and realized I used the wrong character's name in my post Friday and it wasn't Kitty. ;P

that was fairly amusing hehe, but I knew that you were referring to yourself after I confirmed to myself who made the post :p

on names I been using kitty, but I am considering not using that when she is in human form just to give a clue if people forget, do you think that is a good idea?

I normally rely on the avatar to see which character is posting, so it shouldn't confuse me. Fortunately, I avoided using one of the Amiri avatars for Kit Reynard.

If Kitty were my character, I'd refer to her as "Kitty" in my posts so she'd have more opportunities to "blow up" in character when the others slip up and use the hated name.

I was very deliberate in choosing this avatar knowing you hadn't, besides we went for completely different looks. ANYWAY you are right concerning the blow up that would be fun hehe.

Don't wait for my character answer in this conversation, since I can't take active part in the deception :)

Yeah, but you could try something like searching for clues or sneaking around to an advantageous position for when we leave talking mode. I have to warn you all: if you're going to wait for Kit to stop talking before you act, you could wind up waiting a long time.

By the way, could multiple characters try for the Insight check or similar when they come up? It seems a little harsh that everyone would be messed up because I chumped my die roll. It may also slow posting if we all wait for the character with the best score in the specified skill to get around to rolling.

OMG, I've been wondering why no one was posting in this game. It just like disappeared from my list for some reason. Sorry for my extended silence guys, I should be back now.

robertness wrote:

Yeah, but you could try something like searching for clues or sneaking around to an advantageous position for when we leave talking mode.

Ohh yeah because Siegebreaker is really a very thoughtful character that likes to investigate stuff rather than say hit and run ;)

Anyway thanks for the suggestions I really couldn't think of anything for her today... if it keeps up I might steal those ideas if Trup doesn't mind.

Vamp glad to have you back :)

Yeah, I was kinda sad that no one was doing anything. But it turns out I accidentally hid the thread. It should be all good now.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

The other PBP I'm in, the "new" notifications often randomly stop showing up for all of us for no apparent reason. So I've learned the hard way to check on occasion for new posts manually if I don't see updates after a day or so. :)

Male Enigma/20

I would like to apologize for my disappearance. I have had a few issues over the past week that were very personal. I am back now so yay.

Trup wrote:
I would like to apologize for my disappearance. I have had a few issues over the past week that were very personal. I am back now so yay.

I hope it went well.

Anyways, I look forward to more story!

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Sorry to hear that, hope everything is okay.

glad to have you back :) now let's kill erm defeat some guards.

Hopefully this thread will show up as updated for Jelani since we're waiting for his attack and initiative roll.

and he rolls a....
evil double initiative roll: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (8) + 1 = 9

there done ! :p

I just realized it been 2 weeks since we last heard from star light... I wonder if he is having the same problem as vampy did?

I'm here. StarLight quit in a huff of indignancy over supposed "meta-gaming" on my part.

Edit:PS, in the future I'm fine with you rolling my initiative whenever you want Trup. Next time I ready an action I'll post the attack roll with it in case it's needed. Sorry, I normally do that.

I didn't realize! damn (well he was rather touchy)

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

If Trup doesn't mind doing it, I'd be cool with him rolling everyone's initiative when combat is declared. It saves a lot of time in PBP.

I don't mind

Having the GM roll initiative at the start of combat works for me, too.

I would also suggest that all the villains goes at the same time, unless one of them has a really different initiative modifier... just to speed things up, just my opinion :)



I'm willing to play this one out to see how each villain getting his own initiative goes. I'm used to baddies going at once or baddies being broken into rational groups like the leader gets a roll and another roll for all his minions.

Male Enigma/20

Alright then. Initiative on me from here on out.

Male Enigma/20

I will be rolling your toughness as well I think. Unless anyone has any objections.

not at all, the more that is automated the better :)

Yeah, rolling our Toughness is OK with me. It's faster and allows you to write up the combat results in a better narrative fashion.

Marcus all these people still have to go before you :p

Cohort 1
Cohort 5
Cohort 2
Cohort 6
Cohort 3

Zouron wrote:

Marcus all these people still have to go before you :p

Cohort 1
Cohort 5
Cohort 2
Cohort 6
Cohort 3

I just figured to post his action for when it comes time for Marcus to go.

yeah I suppose, I just never been a huge fan of committing to an action that might be ineffective when the time come for me to act.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

Trup said we could post our actions if we're know what we're going to do, regardless of initiative order.

I AM waiting because it depends on whether anyone gets hurt--Rosa will be inclined to be healer before she goes in to fight. But I'm cool with other folks posting when they can--given we're all in a lot of different time zones, always waiting for folks to post in initiative order may clog things up.

In tabletop games, it drives me crazy if we don't go in initiative order because I think things can get confused, but in PBP we've got more time to sort things out.

alright I am wrong and you guys are right, what I was thinking when I saw it was the guy is a minion most likely, and I just critically hit him so I think there is a chance he wasn't standing anymore.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

It's not a matter of wrong or right, Zouron. It's all just a matter of preference, and dissenting preferences show us we have different options, so it's alright to present them! :)

If we stick to the system of posting our actions out of order, hopefully there's some leeway for "If X guy is already dropped, then my attack applies to the next nearest dude/next wounded dude, etc."

I will adjust Marcus' actions if his target is incapacitated when it comes to his turn.

I'll be going away this weekend and may have limited access.

If Rosa's turn comes up before I get back, she will in order of priority, either heal anyone who is injured (this includes status effects, etc.) or hit the most threatening individual--or whoever tries to call for reinforcements--with a Weaken Dexterity attack.

have a fun weekend :)

Male Enigma/20

Holy crap it's late... or early lol. I forogt to put Marcus's and Rosa's actions and then almost dind't add the leaders wound penalties.

Vamp, the electricity is a affliction based attack so Regeneration won't help with it. Thankfully it the charge of the dart stops at the end of the leaders next turn.

Male Enigma/20

Also for future reference, if you roll a 20, it is immiediatley a critical hit.

Increased Effect: The critical hit increases the difficulty
to resist the attack’s effect by +5. Against a minion,
this bypasses the resistance check entirely; the
minion automatically receives the highest degree of
the attack’s effect.
• Added Effect: The critical hit adds another effect onto
the attack, but its effective rank is 0, so the resistance
DC is just the base value (10, or 15 for Damage). The
added effect can be anything the player can reasonably
describe and justify as adjunct to the original
effect: an Affliction (useful for all sorts of “gut checks,”
blows to the head or vitals, etc.), Dazzle (blood in the
eyes, boxing the ears, etc.), or Weaken, to name a few.
The GM decides if the effect suits the circumstances of
the attack. The target makes resistance checks against
the attack’s initial and added effects separately.
• Alternate Effect: The critical hit results in an alternate
effect for the attack, like a use of extra effort for
a power stunt (see Extra Effort in The Basics chapter),
except the character suffers no fatigue as a result.
This option can represent a “lucky” attack that
does something completely different, like blinding a
target, or imposing a condition such as those found
under the Affliction effect.

I didn't even catch the critical myself so my fault on that. For future play, please specify what effect you want applied.

I feel like a jerk for missing Siege Breakers, so on your next turn just specify one of the critical effects and we will call it a 'Late Critical' Lol.

I think it's funny that both Rosa and Kit lost their temper over someone attacking Kitty in cat form while the cat's attacks have been pretty darn nasty.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

robertness wrote:
I think it's funny that both Rosa and Kit lost their temper over someone attacking Kitty in cat form while the cat's attacks have been pretty darn nasty.

It's a "pick on someone your own size" thing for Rosa--plus he shot at the cat right after Rosa had healed her, which was annoying, when before she was fine drawing the fire herself. (And in truth, because she's staggered, C1 was her only viable target anyway.)

I must admit that I find it really amusing that the cat is being really nasty and they are all going "don't touch that cute little kitten", and yeah staggered can be kindda limiting.

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