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Wise Sleuth 1 | Init +3; Perception 13 | Defense 15 | Wisdom +3 | Proficiency +2 | Focus 2/2 pts

About Rosa Sinclair

Religious Medical Wise Sleuth 1 (Proficiency Bonus +2)

Init: +3; Senses: Perception 13


Def 15 (Class +2 Wisdom +3)
hp 12 (1d10+2)
Saving Throw Proficiencies (+2): Intelligence, Wisdom

Know Your Enemy: Can use Wisdom as ability modifier to Defense.


Unarmed Strike +3 (1d4 B, PV 1)

Pepper Spray +3 (1d4 poison, blinding 10 rounds, PV 0) Range 10 ft.

Concentration When you fail a Wisdom ability check, you can spend 1 Focus to reroll that check. This can be used only once per ability check.

Focus: (2 pts) Focus applies to your Concentration talent as well as talents granted by your class. All your Focus recharges whenever you finish a short or long rest.


Deduction: When you fail an Intelligence ability check, you can reroll that check. This can be done only once per ability check.

Sixth Sense: You gain the following benefits:
• You can use Wisdom instead of Dexterity for any attack or damage roll you make with weapons that don’t have the heavy property.
• You can use Wisdom instead of Dexterity when you roll for initiative.
• You can take the Search action as a bonus action.

Weak Spot (1d6): As a bonus action, you can spend 1 Focus to gain advantage on your next attack roll against one opponent you can see. If that attack hits, you deal an additional 1d6 damage. The damage increases by 1d6 every odd level of this class.

Str 10 Dex 10 Con 13 Int 14 Wis 16 Cha 14
(Standard point buy, +1 Wis from Background, +1 Int, Wis, and Con from Profession)

Background: Religious Tradition

Skill Proficiency: Social Sciences
Special Feature: Positive Reinforcement. Through words of encouragement or prayer, as a reaction, you can give advantage to an ally on a single saving throw. You cannot use this feature again until you finish a long rest.

Profession: Medicine


Skill Proficiencies: Insight and Medicine
Special Feature: Prescriptions. You have access to a range of prescription pharmaceuticals and otherwise-restricted drugs pertaining to your medical discipline. Abuse of this power can put you in serious legal jeopardy.


None yet.

Skills, Related Abilities, and Languages:

Skill Proficiencies (+2)
Computers, Deception, Insight, Medicine, Social Sciences, Streetwise

Expertise (+4)

Languages: English, Spanish



Duffel Bag
Tattered copy of Valiant Friend: The Life of Lucretia Mott
Everyday Pack clothing: Jeans, t-shirt, light jacket, sneakers

=In Pockets=
Pepper Spray
Pocket Stuff

=In Bag=
Bag Stuff
First Aid Kit
Prescription Pad

2006 Toyota Corolla, containing car stuff and a bumper sticker that reads “Love thy neighbor, no exceptions.”

Wealth Level: 3
Total Carry Weight: (Max Light Load n lbs)

Driver’s License
PRN License



Rosa Felicity Sinclair, MPH, MSN, APRN grew up in a middle-class suburb of Philadelphia to a pair of professors at UPenn, mother in sociology and father in biology. Both parents were distant and yet permissive, leading Rosa to alternate in her youth between defended solitude and unrulyness, with wildly varying grades and dabbling in things like drugs and alcohol at an alarmingly young age (though fortunately she was lucky enough to not become addicted—the point was more to find some way to shock her parents into reacting to her). While they cared for her in their own way, she got much more maternal affection and mentorship from an older woman, Jolene Abrams, who was an active leader at the Quaker meeting Rosa’s family attended (her mother was attracted to the meeting’s social activist activities). Jolene encouraged Rosa to participate in local youth group activities, which helped Rosa focus her energy in a supportive, friendly peer community, and seek peace with herself and her family, as, per her faith’s edicts, to acknowledge “that of God in everyone” (and yet accept also, that few people in reality seek to heed that still, small voice). She enjoyed volunteering in her community with her youth group, including working for local charities in the rough sections of Philadelphia, which exposed her to the particular suffering of the urban poor.
Having stabilized her grades by high school, Rosa got into Swarthmore College and got a degree in sociology—she didn’t have huge affection for her overly intellectual mother but picked up an interest by osmosis—intent on studying urban systems in hopes of finding ways to effect change for the better. However, as she became more aware in particular of the massive health care disparities for the poor, she ended up first deciding to address urban health systems and getting her Master of Public Health at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, before ultimately deciding that she was still working too distantly from the problems. Someone else could solve the larger issues, she wanted to help people now. So she went back to Philadelphia to study nursing in UPenn and came out, after both study and clinical practice, a nurse practitioner, working in urban clinics. About two years ago, Jolene died (Rosa had always stayed closely in touch), and Rosa had always remained somewhat distant from her uninvolved parents. Grieving and deciding it was time to expand her horizons, Rosa moved out west. She could have had her pick of work at well-paying hospitals, but chose to take a job with the company OutPatient, which operates a series of mobile clinics throughout the city of [whereever the game takes place]. The clinics primarily offer screening services, treats some very basic ailments (e.g., those that might be treated with antibiotics), and hands out free items like condoms and face masks. As she has come to serve the community, she sees people in need of far more than the mobile clinic is capable of offering. Listening carefully to patients and using her understanding of social networks, she has begun to pick up where need exists and service doesn’t, and has snuck out to offer services unofficially. While she doesn’t perform care outside of what she is trained to do (i.e., she does not perform surgery), she offers interventions frowned upon by the local government and her employer and has been fudging the records in the company’s database to misappropriate medical supplies and pharmaceuticals for the poor. Many might debate her ethics, but she has nonetheless helped numerous people, so much so that certain neighborhoods have begun referring to “Clara” or “St. Clair” who comes to help them when no one else will. She is well aware that if she gets caught, she will lose her license, but feels that she is serving a true calling and must do what she can until… well, she can’t. She has faith in the Divine that either she will find a way to keep doing what she is doing, or that if something stops her, it is a sign another opportunity is opening to serve in a whole new way.

Despite seeing a lot of suffering, Rosa manages to maintain a good sense of humor. In fact, it’s probably why she’s managed to survive doing what she does. She tends to be on the reticent side, though things about which she is passionate get her going. She has an easy smile for any one she comes in contact with, and tends to assume good faith even in the lowliest of soul. Still she is good at reading people and know desperate and unstable people do dangerous things, and knows sometimes you have to love someone from very far away. Raised in a faith community that prizes nonviolence, she does everything she can to avoid a fight, but is not above defending herself or someone who cannot defend themselves when, as a last resort, words fail and retreat is not an option.


HeroForge Mini
Rosa is a 28 year old white woman about 5’6” and 150 lbs. She has nut-blonde hair that is normally falling out of a bun and large, ever watchful green eyes. Her features are the sort that are vaguely pleasing to most eyes but not terribly remarkable. She is often seen in her scrubs, and otherwise tends to dress for comfort in loose-fitting trousers, t-shirts, flannels, scarves, and so on.