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The Screaming Sky - DM Downrightamazed

Game Master downrightamazed

"A screaming comes across the sky. It has happened before, but there is nothing to compare it to now." -- Thomas Pynchon, Gravity's Rainbow

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So... has anyone read any good books lately?

Nope, not really. I bought my wife the new Stphen king dark tower novel, it looks good but I haven't read it yet. lol

Figured I'd share this here since DRA introduced me to Edward Gorey...

What if Edward Gorey drew Lovecraft's unspeakable horrors?

DRA wrote:

Howdy! Thanks so much for checking in, man, I appreciate it. I'm still just completely swamped. Every time I think I'm getting my head above water, I get yanked back down. I promise I haven't forgotten about y'all, I have every intention of getting things kicked back into gear. There's still a lot of story to tell...

Message via email.


Grand Lodge


Bleargh. Apparently I needed to pull a Bill Watterson there and take two straight sabbaticals. Yeesh. >_< I was gonna write another apology/explanation, but I figure everyone would prefer it greatly if I used that energy just to post, instead, so that's what I'm gonna do. :-)

Life is beyond ludicrously busy for me right now, so I still may miss a day or two here and there, but I am committed to my games. Thank you all for sticking around despite those lacunas.

Now, back at it.

Grand Lodge

That's OK, you take all the time you need, I can't speak for the others, but even if you wanted to just update once a week/fortnight for a while that'd be fine with me.

Thank you sir, much appreciated. ^_^ I do like to try to keep things moving. Got a feeling I might have to send some PMs to folks to let them know things are happening again.

Nice to have you back!

I agree, whatever pace you can post at without getting in the way of real life is fine with me.

Heya boss i'm here ^^ trying to Dm my own game and play in all of your fantastic games.

I have to say I really understand how it can be daunting I have only a few players and just my normal life is making it hard as hell to keep up. >.<;

But don't worry i'm here and i'm learning to manage i'm just happy my players are good people and are patient with me. >.<;

Hey guys, we had a very large tree branch come down in our back yard last night that ripped all the lines out of our power pole. As such, while we got power back within a few hours, we still have no internets since we have to wait 'til the tree guys can clear everything away so the cable company can get us back up and running. On top of this, I leave for a major trade show (Sweetwater's GearFest - kind of a junior NAMM, sort of) in a couple hours and won't be back until very late Saturday night. As such, I may not be able to post again until Sunday, and if I do, it'll just be short updates.

Just a heads-up.


Is there any chance we'll continue this game, or is it pretty much dead?

Grand Lodge


Grand Lodge

*pokes the room dismally*

Hey guys! For some reason I wasn't seeing activity on this game. Ugh. No, let's continue. I'm gonna message everybody this weekend and try to get things moving again...

Looking forward to it!

Grand Lodge

Great!!!! So excited to continue, I've been missing it and wondering where else I was going to get my Cthulhu on.

Just want to say DRA is at gencon. So he probably won't post till Monday.

Male Nazzadi Sergeant Major

I reckon I can wait ;)

The 'new posts' and RSS aren't updating for me. I hadn't realized there were new posts in Gameplay until I saw it get bumped in the messageboard Focus view...

Really! What the heck. I wonder what's going on. I had that happen in another game thread, too.

BTW, I talked to Matt Grau at the WildFire booth at GenCon a couple weeks ago, and he said they've got some rad new stuff coming down the pipe, including a massive update for a new calendar year in the game world set a bit in the future, and more source books. He was happy to hear how much folks are digging the game, I get the feeling it's one of his favorite projects among the many with which he's involved.

He's also a super nice guy. :-)

Same no updates show up, just heading to work and will try and update later! I'm still here though of course lol! Sorry for the wait~

What the heck. I wonder if this is why no one's posting anywhere? Weird. Annoying.

I've been waiting on the shantaks reaction.

Oh right. Duh.

Sorry for the delay, the continuation caught me at a bit of a bad time. Back now, and ready for some action!

It's all good I'm still trying to re-read the rules lol. Sorry for the wait as well!

No worries. Sounds like we're all having a tough time getting traction. Keep at it, me hearties! I'm here with ya!


Keeping at it ;)

Ack! Now I'M not seeing the update count. What the hell. Sorry, guys, I didn't know anyone was posting. Crappity! Will update tonight. Obviously need to watch this one more diligently, for a multitude of reasons.

[peanut gallery]

the peanut gallery isnt' getting updates either!

[/peanut gallery]


I think after a week or so of not posting it puts you on an inactive list until you post again. Because all the ones that weren't showing posts started to right after I posted on them again lol!

So no problems DRA your a busy guy we understand. ;D Besides i'm updating excel sheets and crap right now so yeah... can't...



New posts ahoy!

Hehe still waiting to see if my coming to back up john has any negative impacts. Was there something you needed me to roll bossman? Because I'm still here and totally interested. :)

Totally fine way to handle it, Dev. We'll just cruise on from there. I don't want mechanics to weigh us down.

Male Nazzadi Sergeant Major

OK, and I'll read up on the rules again, It's just not a system I normally use and because of the long break, gaps are their in my understanding of the mechanics. I promise I'll read up on them again, but what is the go with the 2 shot paralysis needles. Also I forgot to mention that anyone of those guys who saw me needs a fear roll ;)

Ugh. Sorry for breaking stride, work got particularly busy for a while there. I should be back on track now...

Do the construction of the mech and the properties of the Eldritch Faculties spell allow me to use it on the battlefield? I just realized I might not need to rely on those X-ray scanners after all...

A person under the influence of Eldritch Faculties can sense things normally beyond his means. Anything invisible or mystically hidden is instantly revealed to him. He can also see the auras of living things – which allows him to ascertain a being’s health and wellness, its dominant emotional state or states, and if it is affected by or under the influence of magic or para-psychic powers.

No problems John, I was in a holding pattern until you got back. :) RL takes precedence, always!

So if you missed the post, Alastiar is hovering and heading your way low and fast if you need help. If you don't you can always wave me off. ;)

Male Nazzadi Sergeant Major

*pokes DM DRA*

I'm actually waiting for Kyra to mount his rescue of you. I'll send him a nudge.

I will be traveling until Wednesday and will probably not be able to post until then.


In case the main thread isn't showing updates again...

Congrats on the birth of your child, Devereux! That's awesome! ^_^

Grand Lodge

Thanks, 7lb 2oz little girl, Isabella Grace :)

I need to take a break from the game for a bit. I'm going through some rough stuff right now and I just can't get my head in the right place.

Hope I can come back soon.

Yikes! Take care of yourself, sir. My best wishes go with you. Hope everything goes alright.

On that note, with everything else going on and with Winston still AWOL, I am going to put this thread on hold for now. I'm going to keep my eye on it, so if anyone is itching to get going, or if things settle, then we'll pick it back up, but for now I'm going to close the doors and hang the "Be Back Soon" sign.

Good luck John, hopefully everything works out and we see you soon. If not its been fun bud!

I don't mind continuing on but if closing shop for a little bit is in order then thats fine too~ Just PM me boss man when we get started again. ;)

I understand as well that with John and Winston gone that Alastair is on his own. It would make an interesting challenge indeed... >.>;


Congrats @Dev! Beautiful name! :D

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