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Team Dwarf/Gnome in Elves vs Dwarves -- ELVES KEEP OUT (Inactive)

Game Master Chainmail

Homebrew old school campaign where elves and dwarves interact in an ever increasing way as the game continues.
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Do not look on this thread is you are not part of team dwarf/gnome.

Your cleric and ranger are ready to lead you.

Bring recruits over to this thread so them elves don't spy on us. Grab all good human and halfling talent and get it over here. Anyone working for us can't work for the elves.

Liberty's Edge

Reporting for duty. "Salutes"

"Come Allies let us do great things in the name of Torag"

Pretty sure I'm finished with my crunch. I have the fluff in my head and I'll add it in to the bio soon. Really looking forward to this.

Liriana here.

I was rushing the elves along quickly by giving them decisions and speeding past them to give them more information to speed up gameplay. They did not like this as it deprived them of the ability to roleplay. They also had a valid suggestion I had not thought about. So, this will not happen here.

All dwarves reporting here get an additional feat. They may also use the following feat list when choosing their feats.

Luck of Stonecrusher: you gain +1 to AC (touch and flatfooted too), and you gain +1 to all saves. If you die, there is a small chance the dwarven gods will intervene and save you. If this happens, you lose all benefits of this feat. This feat can only be chosen at first level.

Dwarven Toughness: Just as regular toughness, but this feat can stack with Toughness too. This feat may only be chosen at first level.

Trained by Rock: You gain +1 to hit with all weapons (ranged and melee) and unarmed combat. This does not include touch attacks for spells. This feat may only be chosen at first level.

To clarify, you get no traits but one additional feat. You can chose to add the three feats above to your character, but only at first level. A dwarven fighter may decide to take all three, as he will never have a change at them again.

Liberty's Edge

Gnomes can take those to right if so I take Trained by rock.

"I think of my gnome cousins as fellow dwarves. I should clarify that all members of the dwarf team may partake of these feats."

Ooh they all look good. Luck of Stonecrusher is for me though.

Going with Trained by Rock.

"Brask reportin' fer tha Alpsbane family."

Khazad is awaiting his orders.

Ooh those feats are very cool. But so is Power Attack. Decisions, decisions... I might replace Iron Will with Luck of Stonecrusher (as I fully expect to die at least once). I think I will choose Trained by Rock as a bonus. On the fence about replacing PA with Dwarven Toughness.

Gluckle will pick up the Luck of Stonecrusher. When are we rolling out? I need to get his character sheet finalized.

Is there anymore room? I saw the main thread for this earlier, but waited to see if it would actually get past the "is this a good idea" stage. If so I would like to play a dwarf sorcerer of the Deep Earth Bloodline or a dwarf treasure hunter (i.e. rogue).

I'm making a gnome bard for when someone dies (or dies twice as the case may be). Already started, should finish by Monday. I'm kind of slow at this part.

When the six characters approved by Thograt move to the gameplay thread we will ready for the dwarf opening cermonies and you will be given your first mission.

Gluckle wrote:
Gluckle will pick up the Luck of Stonecrusher. When are we rolling out? I need to get his character sheet finalized.

Oh I didn't realize you weren't finished.

lordzack wrote:

Is there anymore room? I saw the main thread for this earlier, but waited to see if it would actually get past the "is this a good idea" stage. If so I would like to play a dwarf sorcerer of the Deep Earth Bloodline or a dwarf treasure hunter (i.e. rogue).

Is the Deep Earth bloodline from the core rulebook?

Gluckle wrote:
Gluckle will pick up the Luck of Stonecrusher. When are we rolling out? I need to get his character sheet finalized.

As a great man -- I mean dwarf -- once said, the thread is up.

Ok I'll give Gluckle a day or so to finish his crunch... After that I'll start looking for someone else. Preferably an Arcane caster.

I don't want to go back on my word, picking you Gluckle but I am keen to get this off the ground.

The elves have already departed on their first mission. Make sure you have the right crew before you go.

Lordzack can take my spot. Real life may be proving too busy soon to dedicate the care and lOve needed. Press on dwarves. Make us proud!

Gnome Sorceress reporting in.

GM post wrote:
Gnome Sorceress reporting in.

Wrong alias?

yep - I will create one for the gnome sorceress soon

Here we are, crunch done. Equipment to go, was it average or max starting gold for each class?
EDIT: Found it. 70 gp it is.
That's good really. She needs to travel light (got no strength).

Neji will probably switch toughness to dwarven toughness from the bonus feat list so she can select toughness again in the future. She may pick another feat from the list (no you may not pick the feat that gives you traits and get rich parents). No traits.

I'm still weighing up normal Toughness with Dwarven Toughness or with Luck of Stonecrusher.

Will we be levelling up quickly? I'm also thinking of Imp Unarmed Strike for Deflect Arrows at level 3.

You get a bonus feat, so two for a gnome sorceress (not incl. Eschew Materials); the three campaign feats can only be chosen at first level; and Toughness stacks with Dwarven Toughness. So, if you choose Dwarven Toughness now, then you could add Toughness later; but not the other way around. You also get another feat; but again, you can choose Imp. Unarmed Strike later, but you can't choose Luck of Stonecrusher later.

Just making sure it's all clear, since I hope to be your teammate someday, and want you to be happy with your decisions. :)

Leveling up is dependent on the skills of the team. Lots of campaign bonuses that don't depend on CR. Encounters will be tough.

Did you miss the bonus feats higher up on this thread?

I think I get the bonus Feats
I could take Toughness at level 1 AND Dwarven Toughness as a Campaign Feat.
I could take Imp Unarmed Strike AND Luck of Stonecrusher
I could take Toughness AND Dwarven Toughness.


You could take dwarven toughness and luck of Stonecrusher at 1st level as well.

Yes Neji and what Thograt says as well. Or you could take Imp Unarmed Strike and Dwarven Toughness.

Thograt seems pretty wise. I could pick up Toughness later on as well.

The feat tax of Imp Unarmed Strike just to pick up Deflect Arrows is not quite worth it, not without going human anyway.

Note the free upgrade to masterwork (including kits and tools) provided at the dwarven armory.

Will Protection from Evil be a wasted spell in this campaign? It is a spell I've grown to enjoy from other characters.
Might take Mage Armour or Shield instead...?

Not at all. I have some exit drama going in the gameplay thread. The table is getting set for the dramatic exit.

I was hoping you'd say:
Oh, ABSOLUTELY, all those Elves are Evil. Seriously.

Oh, hello there and welcome aboard. I'm afraid that the GM has said no elves for a bit. ;-;

On the other hand, any spells that screw humans over will be of great use.

I'll go Mage Armour instead. I'm sure the gnome monk will appreciate it too.

Probably more than you.

Us gnome girls gotta stick together.

Speaking of said monk...

She may need help getting free of a drunk, overly-amorous dwarf.

Go ahead and introduce yourself in the Gameplay thread Neji. Seems everyone is happy to have you along.

Thograt Ironheart wrote:
Is the Deep Earth bloodline from the core rulebook?

No it's from the Advanced Player's Guide.if that's a problem I could instead use the Earth Elemental bloodline or go with the rogue, since we have another sorcerer.

Hey! Ifn' it t'aint too late tae join yer team me warhammer's been itchin' tae knock some flimsy elf skulls! Durn uppity high n' mighty tree huggers t'anit got no bizness acting as they done!

; ) hey all, Borgoin is a PC that's been sitting twiddling his thumbs (not an easy thing for a dwarf to do! have you seen those stubby digits!) in another game which had gone idea. Actually a game the leader of the elven team, Seltyn, was in as well. It looks like the other game may be being revived but if it is, it's no problem, I can easily just make a copy of Bogorin revised for this game.

If there's still space and you're willing to except an old, once fallen cleric of Iomedae, turned drunkard, and now recovering cleric of Cayden Caileanm then Bogo's yer man, err, you know what I mean.

Let me know if we're in and I'll get right on the crunch! In or not though this looks like a great game and I'll be sure to follow it!

Make the cruch, but no talking our secrets to that Seltyn. Note the house rules for feats and clerics.

Whoo-hoo! Thanks!

It will be done by tomorrow!

N' no worries, tha' blasted elf t'aint gittin' notin' outta me scept tha broadside o ma hammer!

; D

Things look bad, but we aren't beat yet. I need two replacements for Liri and Theograt. A cleric would be appreciated (he can even be very similar to Theograt). They are down but not out yet.

Liberty's Edge

No replacement needed now.

Yes - Theograt and Liri's demise is greatly exagerated. The boss would need to reroll any attacks next round.

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