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Hu5tru Runs Jade Regent

Game Master Hu5tru

Inspired by visions of John Carpenter's the Thing, Akira Kurosawa's Dreams and his masterpiece Ran. And maybe a little of Throne of Blood and some good ol' fashioned Toshiro Mifune neck scratchin'. Now with Ninjas and Vikings and Bears, oh my!

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Female Human Housewife/1

Greetings all and welcome to my game!

I strongly believe that character creation and leveling up is a subject for potential parties to consider together. Because ultimately, you're going to have to rely on one another in combat, and whether or not that is the dreaded Meta is in how you approach as characters and not as players, in my humble opinion.

Character creation. I see at this point 2 options:

First option - 15 pt buy. Yes I know, rather droll, but it would allow me to run the monsters without significant tweaking, and I sort of like the idea of PCs distinguishing themselves from the horde of heroic NPCs by being heroic characters. Mechanically you'll be no better than Sandru, Ameiko, Koya and Shalelu, you just get the spotlight because you, proud warriors, go where others fear to tread!

Second option - 20 pt buy. This makes you substantially better than the average guy. It also makes it more work for me tweaking the encounters to keep them challenging for you all.

I will give you guys time to discuss the pros and cons of both, and come up with a decision. I will abide by whichever you choose.

Second Order of Business - Loot Distribution

This is the most fracture inducing part of PbP, I think, as everyone has an opinion about how it should be done. To avoid pitfalls later, I am setting it down now.

It is my job as GM to make sure that you guys are properly outfitted. It behooves you as players and as characters to cooperate with one another. If there is a stat raising item that is contested, I hope that you will be good enough to solve it like adults. Martial characters have the first pick on physical stat raising items, as well as on the weapons they favor (also my job), and casters and skill monkeys on the mental stat items and skill items. Potions and such are dolled out by the AP and myself to help the party as a whole. That potion of bull's strength may earn you some jangle in your pocket, but if your fighter quaffs it and slays the demon in a few hits, you overcome a challenge to the forces of goodness!

For example, in a horde you find a +1 sword, a +2 Str item, a wand of cure light wounds, a mwk chainmail and say, a wizard's spell book containing 3rd level spells. Fighters can use the first two items, the wand is useful to everyone and who doesn't have chainmail - but wait, the spellbook! No one can use that - feel free to sell that sucka, and I do hope that you would be good enough to give the bulk of the proceeds to the folk that could not make use of any of the items there so that they can get what they need.

Again, its my job as the GM to make sure you guys are outfitted to meet and defeat the challenges presented in this AP as a group. If you feel that you're getting the short end of the stick, let me know and I will address your concerns.

Hrm... Cannot think of anything else at this moment.

Oh! The NPCs! Well... I will expound more on what I consider their role is vs. yours later.

I don't think any of you have the crush trait, but uh... yeah, romance is still an option. Or not, depending on your preferences. I am not sure I will be enforcing the letter of the rules, but since someone pointed out that there are mechanical benefits associated with them, I may have to, at least in part. I'll be thinking more on this later.

Please if you have not already make aliases for your characters and link me your backgrounds at the very least so I don't have to go looking all over when I'm crafting my intro to this game. I tend to work on them over a few days to make them accessible to my players.

Male Dwarf Cleric of Torag 2

1 vote for 15pb. With 5 players, a non-modified AP will be easy enough. I ended up killing my old Kingmaker game because the players got to the point where nothing could challenge them except CR>=APL+8 encounters, even if I optimized the opposition.

Not fun for the GM.

As for loot distribution, Valcrim will accept nothing but pragmatism, so the system as posted is fine. No strategist would ever willingly cripple half their forces so the rest could line their pockets. The needs of each character is not equal, and as such, neither should the distribution be.

Hu5tru, thanks for the opportunity to play in your game! I'll create Broderus' alias later tonight when I get back from work.

I second Valcrim's vote for a 15 point buy. I like the fact heroes become heroes through their actions rather than godlike stats. 5 characters should be more than enough to handle the adventure path as is, and anything that will diminish your workload will be good. :)

I'm also good with everything working together and cooperating in the distribution of magic items. Heck, we're all trying to survive here!

{HP36/36 | AC16 T10 FF16 CMD17 | F/R/W 9/4/7 | Inish +0, Per +0}

WooT!! Thank you for accepting me into your game. I only hope I can RP to your expectations.

My own preference, all other things aside, would be 20 points simply because of the attributes needed for Paladins. But seems the consensus is showing 15, plus if it makes it easier for you, that's what I'll go with as well.

A few questions.

1) Would you be opposed to the Warrior of the Holy Light archtype? I could see it fitting a Paladin of Sarenrae, plus it would help reduce some of the MAD of the Paladin.

2) How do you want us to figure starting gold?

3) I thought I had more than 2, but I don't, so feel free to make up a 3rd question and answer it :)

Loot. Meh. It's just loot. I've actually only had one really bad issue with loot in a pnp game (and we've got a great story from it). Now in my MMO experience.....

Male Dwarf Cleric of Torag 2

Paladins are not particularily MAD anymore, are they? Somewhat equal priority Str/Cha, and not a terrible Con? Paladin spellcasting goes off Charisma, so at least one can disregard the "needed" wis14 to cast spells.

I pulled off a decent switch-hitter with Str16(14+2), Dex13, Con12, Int10, Wis8, Cha15. Got power attack and deadly aim, functioned well in both melee and ranged. Put increases in Cha to get paladin abilities up.

Also, bard + cleric = buffs gallore ^^

{HP36/36 | AC16 T10 FF16 CMD17 | F/R/W 9/4/7 | Inish +0, Per +0}

Holy Shatner, I completely missed that on their spells. That does help things quite abit, actually. Not sure I'd want to dump Wisdom down to 8 myself, but don't have to pump it too high just to have my spells. Thanks for that info.

Female Human Housewife/1

With 15 pt buy, I do not expect you all to have really shiny stats. Just don't dump so much that it becomes ridiculous. For example, in another game that died our paladin wanted to play with 7 int and 7 wis. It was... well... yeah.

I'm totally cool with dump stats, I think having a few will create interesting flaws to be exploited by good role play.

The Exchange

Male Human Desk Monkey 2/ Logistics Guru 3/ Over-educated 2/Gamer 6

Mama and baby are sick in my house so it might be a while before I van make Joyabraund's profile. Im game for either buy but truth is the lower the point buy tge greater the advantages given by bard buffs.

Male Dwarf Cleric of Torag 2
PirateDevon wrote:
Mama and baby are sick in my house so it might be a while before I van make Joyabraund's profile. Im game for either buy but truth is the lower the point buy tge greater the advantages given by bard buffs.

Sorry to hear the first, and seconded on the latter.

For str20, the +1 inspire courage bonus is a 20% of your strength bonus. For str14, it is 50%.

Also, getting better gear feels more rewarding.

Female Human Housewife/1

Sorry to hear about the family being sick. Hope they get on the mend soon. And if it is all right with everyone we'll wait till you're squared away to start, so as not to have a staggered start.

Male Human (Tian-Min) Alchemist 2

I generally like a 20 point buy and tougher encounters, but I am perfectly happy with a 15 if that's what the majority prefer.

Loot system sounds good.

The Exchange

Male Human Desk Monkey 2/ Logistics Guru 3/ Over-educated 2/Gamer 6

Thank you for the well wishes. I have a bit of a break it seems for a little bit so hopefully I can get my alias up and threaded here.

Female Human Housewife/1

headed to bed, gents. will stop by tomorrow morning.

Joyabraund is up and limping along. Will add crunch and fluff as I have time to post in the next couple of days.

Male Human (Tian-Min) Alchemist 2

Are we selecting two traits? If so, can they both be campaign traits? I like the combination of Student Survivalist and Rescued (Shalelu).

I picked two out of habit, not sure if Hu5tru will want that or not

{HP36/36 | AC16 T10 FF16 CMD17 | F/R/W 9/4/7 | Inish +0, Per +0}

I've gotten some stats in place now. I plan to give it another look over tomorrow at some point to get a fresh perspective (seems to help) but if anyone else has any opinions, feel free to throw 'em out there. Definitely can't wait to get some heavier armor.

Female Human Housewife/1

Yes, two traits, unless someone makes a really compelling argument for three.

Seiji, I'll allow it, but you only get the mechanical bonuses for Shalelu once, not stacking.

Male Dwarf Cleric of Torag 2

Oh yeah, petition for house-rule application:

- Making Craft Work: Basically a rewrite of the craft rules to make the skill useful and make sense (9 months to make a suit of full plate armor? 10 times as long to craft a 3" sphere of silver as a 3" sphere of gold? etc). In my opinion a long overdue fix to a ridiculous skill.

- Preplay preparation: If you have a rank in a craft skill (or crafting feat if starting at higher level), you can get one item within the relevant crafting skill/feat for half the buying price. Way to get an arbitrarily overpriced item like a proper suit of armor or a strength adjusted bow at start.

Male Human Ranger 2 (Guide)

Broderus is up and running in skeleton form, no pun intended... I still need to work up his skills and equipment and was wondering what our starting gold will be?

Hu5tru, I also had a question I wanted to bounce off of you. I was flirting with possibly giving Broderus a negative Wisdom score (nothing too drastic but maybe a 9 or 8). I certainly don't intend for Wisdom to be a ranger's dump stat, but I thought it might be an interesting role playing angle. With the trauma he experienced, I was thinking he might be too hypervigilant to his surroundings, to the point where if you're reacting to every perceived out of place sound, you run the risk of missing the obvious... Obviously, this would impede future spellcasting abilities and I don't want to be a detriment to the party, so I was wondering what you think?

If you guys don't mind, I also wanted to share some good news with the boards. My wife had the ultrasound yesterday, and our second child will be a GIRL!!!!!!!

{HP36/36 | AC16 T10 FF16 CMD17 | F/R/W 9/4/7 | Inish +0, Per +0}

Congratulations!! A little gamer in the making?

Female Human Housewife/1

Regarding the wisdom dump for ranger... erm... from a role playing stance, I say cool, but, you could just as well say you have average (10) and play him a tad jumpy as well. A lot of the ranger's skills are tied to his wis modifier, and we all know that rangers Will save ain't nuffin' to write home about.

Still thinking about the NPC relationship angle, it's not something that's going to be decided in a few hours, gotta let it roll around in my head a bit. And weekends were practically made for goofing off with the husband.

Congrats on having a girl. Girl gamers are scary chicks. I know from experience :P

Male Human (Tian-Min) Alchemist 2
Hu5tru wrote:

Yes, two traits, unless someone makes a really compelling argument for three.

Seiji, I'll allow it, but you only get the mechanical bonuses for Shalelu once, not stacking.

I don't think it would stack anyway, since both are trait bonuses. I was more interested for story purposes.

Upon further thinking, however, I'm favoring Student Survivalist and Devotee of the Green. Rescued fits, but Devotee of the Green gives Seiji an interesting spiritual element and a mechanical benefit more befitting his background (I've decided that he's traveled with a Varisian caravan for a few years). My only hesitation is that he's looking like he'll be good at Survival, Knowledge (Nature) and Knowledge (Geography). Am I stepping on Broderus's toes?

I'm also thinking of taking the Preservationist archetype. He's not the poisoning type, but he is fascinated by the natural world and its creatures. Any objections?

Female Human Housewife/1

I got no problems with it.

As for doubling up on the knowledge skills, I would not worry about it. We do have a bard in party, and unless he's taking an archetype you'll have 3 people who are able to roll quite a few knowledge skills, which is not bad in any group. Remember that the forum dice roller hates players and actively tries to make them look like idiots.

In case I have not said it above, you get max starting gold for your class to begin.

I wouldn't worry too much about encumbrance. Keep it within 20lbs allowance, and I'll not worry about it. Between the dwarf, the paladin, and the halfling you'll be traveling at 20' anyway, and... yeah. I'll try to remember that! Ha! My KM game, I kept getting reminded that the fighter in medium armor could only move four squares. I am silly some times.

Now, this doesn't mean shameless stuff like the paladin carrying the wounded maiden on his back like some action movie hero. That would cause exhaustion pretty quick.

{HP36/36 | AC16 T10 FF16 CMD17 | F/R/W 9/4/7 | Inish +0, Per +0}

Equipment adjusted for additional influx of starting cash (WooT!). Still not plate, but getting better.

And Paladin's don't carry maidens on their back. They carry them in their arms, helmets having fallen off with hair flowing in the wind, while flaming arrows land around them miraculously missing. Also slow motion (that's where the encumberance comes into play). It's a feat, I think I'll take it at 5th level.

Male Human (Tian-Min) Alchemist 2

Profile is compete.

I really like this group of characters. I'm eager to play with you guys.

And congratulations on your baby girl, Modulok!

My written background covers most important details, but I wanted to create a list of facts outside of that, some of which are not clearly alluded to in the history and some of which reference spoilers from The Brinewall Legacy, and thus might spoil things for those that have not read it.

Seiji's family was in the service of the Amatsus when they crossed the Crown of the World 60 years ago. When the royal line became the Kaijitsus and settled in Magnimar, the Yamamotos and a few other loyal families fled to the small town of Frembrudd in the Ironbound Isles. They were disallowed from integrating into society there, but they made a life on the docks and opened up series of shops. The Yamamotos were alchemists, so that became their trade.

Seiji's father, Yamamoto Hakishi, was a stern and exacting man. Seiji was expected to obey all his commands unquestioningly, and did so. To this day, he is prone to bowing before perceived authority, and he almost never makes eye contact with anybody (hence the lower Charisma).

Shalelu fostered him for a year's time after he fled Riddleport. She taught him the elven language, how to subsist off the land, how to track, how to predict weather, etc. Through this, he gained a profound reverence for nature. He and his family had prayed at the shrine to Gozreh on the docks at Frembrudd, but this was the first time he truly realized the majesty of the natural world. He has not been exposed to the Green Faith, but his beliefs are very much in line with it. He centers his alchemical study and practice on unity with nature.

After Shalelu parted with him, Seiji began working as a guide/guard for Varisian caravans. He had been with caravan that was attacked by the firework-wielding goblins for nearly a year. He considers his inability to protect it a great failure. His shame is such that he has considered taking his own life in ritual suicide, but he knows Shalelu would disapprove, and she is the closest thing he has to family.

Seiji knows nothing about the Five Storms or the Frozen Shadows ninja clan, though they know something about him. As to what, well, that's up to you!

How does this stuff sound? Is it in line with how you envision the campaign? I can change any of it.

Male Dwarf Cleric of Torag 2

Movement, beyond the scope of tactical movement in combat, in Jade Regent is a pretty moot point, past lv2, since most of our overland travel will be by wagon or horseback. And with 16 con and the dwarven "don't care much about weight" ability, I am pretty sure Valcrim can step up the pace to 30 until we get on the caravan, and not collapse from exhaustion anytime soon.

Lest one is to channel one particularly bad GM I had back in the day, who kept comparing, and limiting, what super-powered fantasy heroes could to, to what his flabby untrained arse could do IRL. No really, I had a Str18/Con16 character that was EXHAUSTED after 10 minutes of intense digging. Which is just silly. I guess in his mind, the most unrealistic thing that ever happens in Lord of the Rings is the three bad-ass heroes running cross-country between Fellowship and Two Towers.

Treygan: What feat is it you're thinking of taking on lv5? Normally I am able to discern from context, but not today.

Yamamota: If this was a tabletop, I might protest a summoning build, as we are 5 players, and combat already would be coming to a crawl. But since it is a PBP, no big deal. Spells seems a tad underpowered to me though: Nature's Ally is already weaker than Monster, and you are getting them slower. And giving up poison resistance when we are gonna be playing with ninjas later on might seem somewhat dangerous?

Female Human Housewife/1

I'll give everyone a look over after getting some food and have questions up this evening. As a GM I'm useless before noon.

{HP36/36 | AC16 T10 FF16 CMD17 | F/R/W 9/4/7 | Inish +0, Per +0}

To be honest I'm mostly playing it by ear on leveling. I could stat a Sorceror/Wizard/Cleric out to 20 in 15 minutes, feats and spells included. Give me a first level Paladin, I spent 2 hours getting a basic idea of ability scores needed, and still missed that bit on Spells. I'm actually not even sure of my 3rd level feat. If you have any advice on the subject I'd gladly take it.

Female Human Housewife/1

In some ways Summon Nature's Ally can be useful. Stirges can drain Con, which kills HP. Vipers can poison, which deals other types of damage.

And ninjas with poison is why the party has a cleric and not an oracle!

I built a summoning cleric for our TT Kingmaker game and only every managed to squeeze out 2 or 3 summons in 13 levels because the fighter and the cav loved to run out of healing range and get beat the snot out of, and I got relegated to bandaid detail. But they were 25 pt buy and far more experienced at combat than me, hurr hurr.

Male Human Ranger 2 (Guide)

Hu5tru, thanks for the feedback about Broderus' Wisdom score; I think I keep the stats array the way it is now, pending your final approval. I'll finish up the character sheet tonight after work (equipment and skills are what's mainly lacking right now!)

Thanks for everyone's kind words about the baby. My son's three right now, and you bet he knows what Pathfinder is!

Female Human Housewife/1

Hey guys. Well, no easy way to say this, gonna delay the start to the game a bit because my PC died and all my books are on the harddrive. I am using my husband's ancient compaq laptop which, while outdated has survived 3 previous PCs dying and is still ticking. Does not have much processor power, though, which makes shifting back and forth between windows and tabs in firefox darned slow.

The reliance on technology does get to ya when it stops working...

Male Human (Tian-Min) Alchemist 2

Ah, the blessing/curse of technology. I hope you get it sorted out before too long, but I'll happily wait. PirateDevon was a little delayed too, it sounds like.

I'm eager to know a little more about Joyabraund, when you get the chance, PirateDevon.

Male Human Ranger 2 (Guide)

Sorry to hear about the computer difficulties, but we appear to have a great group here so waiting is no problem at all.

Broderus' character sheet is now complete. I made a couple of changes to his ability scores and feats to better reflect my evolving vision of him. In melee, I'm seeing him as very graceful combatant who prefers to protect his teammates by striking first and almost always uses two weapons rather than a bulky, clunky shield.

The Exchange

Male Human Desk Monkey 2/ Logistics Guru 3/ Over-educated 2/Gamer 6

Sorry, baby wrangling and sick family has just kiled this weekend for me. But I'll get what I can up in the next few minutes. The rest will come up tomorrow.

Sorry to hear about the technical issues Hu5tru, hope that works out.

Joyabraund Northropple yes, that's me,
Here to offer a tall tale for thee,
Tales of daring, adventure and more,
My words so impressive you dare not ignore!

A lover of sonnets, of epics and stories,
A lauder of braveries, deeds and glories!
Small to the world yet large in the voice,
All who hear my words stand and rejoice!

Don't ask for dancing or fiddles, how gauche!
Its time to celebrate an all new approach
Now sit and enjoy my performance, so bold
And hey, if you like it you can pay me with gold!

Sorry, couldnt resist. IT might not be the last time I do that...heh

Crunch is mostly up but the fluff is always the time taker. Its past 12am for me so I'll get to that tomorrow.

Male Dwarf Cleric of Torag 2

Joyabraund: A bard should never have to apologize for barding. Few things more boring than a bard that does not express itself, imo.

Broderus: Dualwielding is a risky path on lower levels, due to lower AC/to hit, but with some teamwork, it should work well enough. Personally, I think I would have gone for dodge over initiative, since you do your best work when people have gotten close, and seeking out enemies (especially charging up to 60') instead of letting them come to us when most have 20' movement seems like it quickly can leave you ganked.

Treygan: Did you go "Warrior of Holy Light"? If so, I would recommend extra lay on hands, since it feeds like everything you do. Even if you did not, I still recommend it. Played a paladin from 1 to 9, and learned that lay on hands was more or less my primary lifeline. And as I have said before: Valcrim will not focus on mid-combat healing, except when needed to stop bleeding and such, so bringing your own staying power is a good thing.

Female Human Housewife/1

Joyabrund - one mistake I have already noticed is that you're not adding your +1 bonus to your knowledge skills for bardic knowledge. gives you half level minimum one to all your knowledge rolls.

Yamamota Seiji - your CMD should be 12, I believe. Like AC it has 10 base.

Treygan - need to double check your math on your power attack. You trade your BAB for +2 to damage. Meaning your to hit with PA should be +3, and not +4. Also, are you using your favored class bonus for your fourth trained skill?

Your speed with breastplate on is 20'.

Broderus - With your stats, switch hitting is possible, and combined with Seiji's bombs, may be a good tactic for you. Don't worry about getting things sorted out right away, as I said I'm waiting on things to be a bit more advantageous in your bard's household before I start things up.

Valcrim - looks good.

Just so ya'll know, I'm not really a stickler for cleanliness or having your sheet a certain way, so don't worry your heads about it.

None of you have taken the crush trait, so technically the mechanics of the relationships as written should not be hard to maintain. If it were roll your Cha checks to see if your crush happens to notice your existence every day, that might get cumbersome.

Soo... I will get about to crafting the opening of this game over the next few days, and find a way to get ya all on the same page without simply dropping you in the Rusty Dragon as a GM time saver device :P

{HP36/36 | AC16 T10 FF16 CMD17 | F/R/W 9/4/7 | Inish +0, Per +0}

Sorry about that, updated.

Up and updated! Hooray!

I've got an AC as good as the Paladin. I'm gonna rub that in for the one level that will be true! *broad grin*

@Treygan I forgot to post my response earlier but that whole bit about slow motion hair and paladins and such? Hilarious.

@Valcrim No, I won't apologize for barding. I have an alias on the boards that is nothing but Haikus and as Joyabraund learns more of Tian art he might have to talk that way for a while ;-)

@Hu5tru Thanks for the catch! I found a couple of others in the course of things. Oh skill monkeys and their stats... Now how about that third trait? *wiggle eyebrows*

Male Human (Tian-Min) Alchemist 2
PirateDevon wrote:

Sorry, baby wrangling and sick family has just kiled this weekend for me. But I'll get what I can up in the next few minutes. The rest will come up tomorrow.

Sorry to hear about the technical issues Hu5tru, hope that works out.

No need to apologize. I was just curious about Joyabraund's background. Sounds like he'll be a lot of fun.

If I'm not mistaken, we have three dedicated melee people? Will Broderus attack at range sometimes? Will Joyabraund be in close often? I ask because my level 2 discovery, Precise Bombs will let me omit three squares from my bombs' splash radius, but not four. It's fine if all of you will usually be in melee, but I thought I'd ask since that will make my bombs more situational until I can bump my Intelligence modifier to +4. I think Hu5tru was trying to get at this, but I thought I'd bring it up myself.

CMD is fixed. Silly mistake on my part.

Also, I'd like to get a sense of how well we might know each other. Seiji has worked as a caravan guard/guide, just like Joyabraund and Broderus, but not with Sandru's caravan. Still, it's possible that our characters could have crossed paths at some point.

Seiji has passed through Sandpoint a few times before, and while he finds it somewhat intriguing that a Tian-Min woman runs The Rusty Dragon, he has never gotten to know her or anybody in town. He did used to orbit the elven ranger, Shalelu, though it has been a few years since he was with her regularly.

As the campaign starts, he will have been in Sandpoint for about a week, filled with shame and speaking to almost nobody. He's not unfriendly or reclusive necessarily, he's just dealing with the fact that he very recently failed to defend the caravan he was looking after.

Male Dwarf Cleric of Torag 2
Yamamota Seiji wrote:

Also, I'd like to get a sense of how well we might know each other. Seiji has worked as a caravan guard/guide, just like Joyabraund and Broderus, but not with Sandru's caravan. Still, it's possible that our characters could have crossed paths at some point.

Seiji has passed through Sandpoint a few times before, and while he finds it somewhat intriguing that a Tian-Min woman runs The Rusty Dragon, he has never gotten to know her or anybody in town. He did used to orbit the elven ranger, Shalelu, though it has been a few years since he was with her regularly.

As the campaign starts, he will have been in Sandpoint for about a week, filled with shame and speaking to almost nobody. He's not unfriendly or reclusive necessarily, he's just dealing with the fact that he very recently failed to defend the caravan he was looking after.

As I said in the recruitment thread: If you have been in Sandpoint long enough to have need to get a new armor, or get it fixed, you very likely know Valcrim, Sandpoint's armorer, at least as well as a customer might know a craftsman. Also, I imagine he has been helping the watch in the time since the attacks.

As Torag and Sarenrae does not get along, I dunno if Treygan and Valcrim actively seek out each others' company. Halflings that tell stories and bring about music to accompany the ale after a long day are always welcome, and since I have dropped the "Greed" racial ability, I even imagine tossing the odd silver for the entertainment.

The rest, I can only guess.

Dear me oh my I don't hope to be in melee too often, my boyish good looks would hardly bear it. No I think I will probably stick on the outer side of things and pitch arrows and spells in (as best I can after I pick up precise shot which will be a while) but mostly I will focus on the performance and assisting fronts as needed. I have a grand plan for picking up alchemical items and being a general nuisance to distract things while the other folks smash face...perhaps my supply issues will be easier with an actual Alchemist in the party hmmmm?

I have imagined Joyabraund popping in an out of Sandpoint for a while and (hopefully) making at least a small ripple as an orator and storyteller of skill. (I don't play music yah scruffy DWARF! :-) )

Pretty sure Broderus and I will at least have a passing relationship having served in Sandru's caravan, the rest of you I probably know in the regular, "hey that inn fight was fun wasn't it?" type of way...I do have a shield so I probably bought that from Valcrim or maybe a competitor *sly wink* That is to say I might know you, or of you but don't share my inner most hopes and dreams with you...ya know, unless I am on stage and you are paying me. Heh.

Fun is the key at the end of the day. My wizard in Carrion Crown is cerebral and my rogue in Legacy of Fire is very...well roguey. With a bard I always wanted to be almost manic (within reason) and hard to upset so hopefully I can pull that off without being irritating because I most certainly am not interested in playing a kender...well that is a lie I am interested in doing that, its just not my agenda here.

Male Dwarf Cleric of Torag 2

Joyabraund: You know the Ghost Sound spell, no? Nothing saying that it cannot be used to make music. Granted, not GREAT music, but backdrop and mood music for the stories? Easily :)

Hu5tru: Did some alterations to my character, like dropping cha down to dwarven average, and getting some dex, and changing the wand of bless to a wand of cure light to mitigate the loss of one channeling per day. Also no point in having bless gallore when there is a bard that gives a better morale bonus.

Also more focused on armor than weapon with my trait gold, since paladins, rangers and alchemists all have decent to good damage potential. My experience as a cleric is that surviving trumps being badass in combat, since most crafty bad guys will target the casters when they realize who they are.

On the matter of a third trait: I don't mind, but suggest that one trait needs to be mechanically "inferior", like a skill trait, something that does not give combat benefit. So that balance is not overly upset.

Male Human Ranger 2 (Guide)
Joyabraund wrote:
Pretty sure Broderus and I will at least have a passing relationship having served in Sandru's caravan

Bah, the sweet sounds of your voice are what helped me go to sleep every night during our time in the caravan! ;)

Yamamota: I'll primarily be a melee fighter though I do own a short bow and ammo. Duel wielding is definitely my preferred style, and I'll continue this progression when picking my 2nd level combat style feat. I'm currently undecided about going with Double Slice or Improved Shield Bash. The shield feat would help with AC which brings me to my second point...

Valcrim: Good catch about Improved Initiative versus Dodge. I agonized over that decision myself for a long few minutes. I wonder if my AC of 18 will be good enough to keep me upright at the beginning levels. My breastplate is as high as I can go with my medium weapon proficiency, though a shield would help with Improved Shield Bash at 2nd level. My thinking was biased a bit by a recent tabletop game where the party's paladin consistently degraded the opponents' offensive capabilities by striking first in combat (through Improved Initiative!). Anyone else have any thoughts? I'll continue to think it over and might make a change before our game starts up.

Female Human Housewife/1

I got a two weapon ranger in another game. Longsword/Warhammer and shield build, but two weapon fighting so she can bash with the shield, too. Ironically, she's the party tank with 20 AC at 2nd level with shield focus. Good stuff. But then, she's a half orc with strength 18 so... yeah. When she hits she kicks some major ass.

Then again, with that character, she is the party tank. Valcrim's build is really AC heavy, and he's not going for the healer type cleric, but the martial type. Sure, he ain't gonna be hitting much with that build, but it's going to be considerably difficult for most things to hit him. At lest until he has slots free for Divine Favor, etc.

And yes, bard's inspire is much better than bless, as it adds to damage as well, and they do not stack. Although the time on bless is superior at one minute per level, as in "Oh, our scout sees something ahead, I'll go ahead and cast this now before we engage and it'll keep running through the encounter."

Treygan - still wondering about paladin of holy light? My husband played one once. Our GM nerfed his abilities further than the RAW, but a lot of the spells in the APG (for when you get them at level four) are pretty cool. And while I'll admit that the Warrior of Holy Light is thematic for Sarenrae, well... a paladin without spells isn't the type that gets the slow motion and the string music when he pulls the leading lady into his arms. :P


just thought I would throw out some incentive there.

@Broderus: Ah yes the calming dulcet tones of...halfling talking ;-)

I took Lingering to help a little on the time front if we are in a pinch. The way I figure it I can perform for a round. Stop. Linger for two. Perform for a round. Stop. Linger. Wash Rinse Repeat. It chews up more actions that way but if we get desperate to eek out a bonus for a few more rounds, well... probably better to spend my actions stringing out group buff then trying to dive in with my trusty "harmonica knife". I'll probably pick up extra performance too so then we should really be set. We'll have to see how "rope a dope" our party tactics are.

Treygan - I have a paladin of holy light in my current Kingmaker game. Guy is a pain in my ass! But that is mostly the player, :- ) Mhmm as for the abilities they are interesting but, again, we have overlapping morale bonuses which might not be ideal if the spells will get you more juice for the squeeze.

{HP36/36 | AC16 T10 FF16 CMD17 | F/R/W 9/4/7 | Inish +0, Per +0}

I feel a disburbance in the Pallyforce, as though I should go away from the Holy Light, and towards the spellocrons.

Okay, really bad joke, but yea, I'll go traditional PHB. I'm more accustomed to having spells anyway.

Male Human Ranger 2 (Guide)

Hu5tru: Just a few minor tweaks to Broderus based on some of the comments here:

1) Replaced Improved Initiative with Dodge (raising AC to 19)
2) Exchanged his sickle for a light mace; I liked the versatility of wielding both a slashing (longsword) and bludgeoning (light mace) weapon at the same time.

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