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GM Xzaral's PFS Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment - Red Team (Inactive)

Game Master Xzaral

The Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment

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Looks good.

All right, thus far it's

Red Team

Blue Team

Grand Lodge

Throw me in with the "red" team...they look like they are in need of more help than blue at this point.

Grand Lodge

Jory's last chronicle sheet

Let me know if this link works. If so, I can link my other two.

The Exchange

I'll sign up for Red, since it's the least filled. It's like people don't like the color red...

Liberty's Edge

Taking a seat on the bench, barebones profile attached, will add details as time permits.

Liberty's Edge

I'm not picky, either team is good by me.

Working on my back story and wondering if we all start in Absalom?

Degwyn, I put you into red team as well, so both groups are up to five players now. And yes, this adventure does start in Absalom.

I've opened up the discussion attached here as Red Team. Blue team can go Here.

The gameplay threads are up as well for Dotting purposes. I'll give until tomorrow night for Alan and Corel to decide on a team. If neither posts, then looks like you'll be in, Gristav.

Red Team

Blue Team

Hi GM,

I am new and this will be my 1st pathfinder game. Do consider me if i am a good fit.

Grand Lodge

The link for the blue team doesn't seem to work right.

Here's a new one.

Scarab Sages

I'll go blue.

Feel free to head over to Blue Team's page Alan.

The discussion and gameplay threads are up, just a notice.

Gristav reporting Redside soon as I find the threads.

Lantern Lodge

Hey if someone drops or if you are still looking consider a gnome?

Stats based off of a 15 point buy system

Gnome and Eidolon Appearance:

Before you now stands a rather odd gnome. Clad in some studded leather get-up. A mix of boots jacket, and bracers. Underneath was a faint hint of dark red, something like the remains of a shirt that has surely seen better days. A strap around his neck and shoulder held up something of a rather packed looking satchel. The gnomes dark green streaked gray hair sprouted out of a weird little bandana tied around his head, giving a slight goofy adventuresque look about him. On his back was a crossbow and along his belt were a few knives along with a little gold pouch. It seemed the little gnome even decided to paint a couple little ink marks along his cheeks under his eyes.
Beside him was a mystical looking creature resembling something of a mix between a badger and a large lizard. Bulky looking to start, its skin was made up mostly of tan colored scales, yet if touched it was more feeling of softness than rough. The beasts ears stood tall, alert waiting for action. Height on all fours rose a good foot above the gnomes head, its length from head to tail nearing five feet.

(*I could provide a picture as well ^^*)

Gnome Summoner
(str 7 (dex 14 (con 9 (int 14 (wis 10 (cha 18

Launguages Common-Gnome-Sylvan-Giant-Orc-Draconic-Goblin

Speed(20) -- Init(+2) -- HP(7) -- AC(15)
CMD (9)
Fort (-1)
Will (+3)


Racial traits:
Keen senses
Obsessive (Alchemy)
Gift of tongues
Gnome Magic
Illusion Resistance

Class Abilities:
Life Link
Summon Monster 1

Extra Summons


Light Crossbow (+2) (d6) (19-20/x2) (80ft)

Morningstar (-2) (d6-2) (x2)

Studded Leather

Misc Equipment:

Peasants outfit, Robe
Backpack(Satchel) Artisans Tools, Ink/Inkpen, Rope(50ft), Tindertwig(5), Paper Sheets, Alchemists Kindness(5), Candle(w/plate)(5), Fish hook(w/string), Rations(5)
Dime bag of weed in his Left under the third toe.


Linguistics (+6)
Craft(Alchemy) (+8)
Use Magic Device (+8)
Perception (+2)
Diplomacy (+5)
Bluff (+5)


Quadruped Eidelon: Squamat (Squat for short.)

(str 14 (dex 14 (con 13 (int 7 (wis 10 (cha 11

Speed(40) -- Init(+2) -- HP(9) -- AC(16)
CMD (15)
Fort (+3)
Will (+0)

Special Abilities:
Darkvision 60ft
Share spells

Bite (Free)
Limbs (2) (Free
Improved Natural Armor
Improved Damage (Bite)

Extra Evolution

Perception (+4)
Acrobatics (+6)
Swim (+6)


Isolated as a young child Argon tends to keep to himself, not usually opening up about things and especially not sharing important information to strangers (He can be quite persuasive when he wants to be though).
He grew interest in other languages due to all of the studies (reason for Gift of tongues Racial Trait)
During his studies he ran across draconic reading that talked of creator of all. Curious about where his 'friend' the eidolon might have come from he read into it. It is his belief that the eidolon was given to him to aid in his goal by Apsu himself (Although false.. it was what he accepted as a child)

Being for the most part still new to the outside travels (and also being a gnome) he can be very excitable, simple things throwing him into awe.. such as the sea, since he has never traveled there. Most things he has only read from books, leaving him only to his imagination. Many things are still new to him.
If someone seems irritated he usually does not back down, instead prodding the person just to see what they do. He rather enjoys getting reactions out of people. (A reason for dabbling in Alchemy ^^)


Argon was born into a normal society, however, both of his parents had natural arcane ability, so Argon was expected to be the same. The years went by and the young gnome would be pushed in front of books, isolated from the outside world, instead of arcane knowledge he seemed to learn more about the languages in them. Under his own parents noses and without himself even realizing it, Argon had been summoning a 'friend' to his side when he felt down and alone. The young gnome still could not understand what they wanted from him.
The parents were slowly giving up on their teachings. His father went off drinking more often while his mother stayed in her room. The tensions grew more and more, all Argon wanted to do was to make his parents happy. This was obviously not happening though, so he decided he would leave. Nearing a more mature age the gnome left a small note saying; "I will be back someday with everything I have learned, and then you will be proud" and set out with his 'friend' in hopes of coming back one day and showing them everything he has learned.

Just about everything should be there. Let me know thanks ^^

Grand Lodge

ill add my name to the hat for team 3... if some one drops

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