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First defence and last stand (Inactive)

Game Master Big OM

Manning the defences of Castle Firrine and surrounding lands in North-western Lastwall.

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Okay here is the crunch minus equipment for Sarianne, my Halfling Oracle of the Heavens. I'm using the halfling alternate racial trait fleet of foot, so she has a 30ft. move speed if that's okay?

She is a Seeker, which essentially gives her trapfinding, the ability to disarm magical traps as well as a half level bonus.

I've taken the additional traits feat and so have four traits, among these are Eyes and Ears of the City and Conspiracy Hunter. I would need to reflavor Eyes and Ears of the City, though I feel it fits the character pretty well, and Conspiracy Hunter fits as is, but is a Council of Thieves campaign trait. Is that acceptable? I wanted perception, and stealth as class skills.

Essentially she is an stealthy healer who can disable traps and ought to be able to cover a bit of the arcanists shtick with her Heaven's mystery.

For my revelation you will all be shocked to hear I've selected Dazzling Display ;)

She's a friendly shameless little lass whose budding criminal career has been thwarted by the fact that breaking her word makes her physically sick - legalistic curse.

Her mother was an oracle of Sarenrae, of more conventional bent, who was killed adventuring when she was young, Sarianne had already become a fairly skilled little criminal in all her mothers absences and would certainly have taken to a life of crime had she not suddenly started barfing everytime she tried to go back on her word. Instead she has become a traveling healer and locksmith and is acquiring an annoyingly wholesome reputation. She is rather resentful of her deity and tends to speak about the goddess like an overbearing parent.

I'll type up background, etc., in more detail tonight, but hopefully this gives you a solid idea of the character. I'm a reliable and very posty player.


If I may throw my opinion in the ring once again-healing and trapfinding are both things we're a little behind on, and somehow you managed to find one character that can do both

Grand Lodge

Working on a Dwarf Rogue

A beautiful little halfling whose hair is a blazing red carefully structured into a bizarre, yet oddly appealing, display. Sari has a mischevious grin, a smattering of freckles and a cute turned up nose which are at odds with her dirty laugh and worldly demeanor.


Sari was born with all the advantages a good hearted law abiding halfling could want - unfortunately she was not born particularly good hearted, and she certainly wasn't law abiding! Her parents were favored servants of Sarenrae dedicated and content with their role as divine servants risking their lives in the service of the Dawnflower. Although she loved her parents Sari also hated them, thinking them sanctimonious idiots she wanted to look after number one, have a little danger, and a little fun! Happily her parents traveled a great deal on various quests to serve their goddess and Sari had plenty of opportunity to seek out a bad crowd and get thoroughly involved with them.

She became a skilled little burglar, and would probably have become very successful. But then her parents died, and to Sari's great annoyance Sarenrae decided to heed their prayers and take their wayward daughter in hand. Suddenly she found that even the thought of breaking her word made her queasy, and actually breaking it was a messy and unpleasant process, technically possible, but necessitating far too much misery. Her peers quickly found out about her affliction and began to exploit it and she was forced to flee. On the road she found that Sarenrae had blessed her with a strange gift, a connection to the heavens and magic. She traveled as a locksmith and healer, earning coin and refining ways of getting around Sarenrae's curse so she could go back to lining her own pockets.

Eventually she found herself near Lake Encarthan, where she made a terrible mistake. She promised a crying boy she found wandering on the roadside, that she would help him, and he told her all he wanted was revenge upon the greenskins that killed his parents. Now she finds herself cursing her foolishness while she watches a group of orcs and goblins, who seem to be getting on like a house on fire, from hiding. She has no idea how she is going to get revenge for the poor lad and his murdered family, but she really doesn't want to spend the next day vomiting, and that annoying little voice in her, that always sounds like her mother, is being pretty insistent she do something to...


Presenting Hogar Hammerfist

As initiation into the group, I think the new person should run through the orc camp with nothing but Padded Armor on singing the Katamari theme. Do I get any yays or nays?

You show us how its done and we'll be right behind you ;)

Thanks for your submission, I am closing recruitment now. I will have the results by Sunday or Monday.

Hogar would you mind linking your background and crunch, I can't find it in your profile?


Crunch should be in my profile... the Background I am writing now, had my other campaign at my comic store to go to yesterday


Will get both of them to you as fast as i can..seems I blundered and my profile stuff didn't save

I've tried to tailor Sarianne's background to open up easy entry into the game - if selected of course. She promised a crying child she came across that she would help him, and he said the only help he needed was in avenging his parents, so now her curse is "forcing" her to seek out the orcs and goblins responsible. I can easily rewrite if that's not appropriate.

The players and I have reached the conclusion that we would like Mirela to be the newest addition to the part, feel free to head over to the discussion thread and introduce yourself.

I would like to thank the rest of you for your submissions and say it wasn't an easy chocie, there were some good submissions. I am currently recruiting for a Mythic playtest so give a look and feel free to submit if you want to join.

Congrats Mirela, good luck with the game folks :)

Really?! Wow! Thanks very much guys.

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