First Annual Grand Battle Tournament (Inactive)

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A single elimination tournament featuring various PC's as they battle each other for the crown!

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I would take it over right now, but I am running 3 PbP's already and playing in a few others.

One of them is close to an end, and I am assuming it will be over in less than 4 weeks though. I will resume with round 2 as soon as one that one ends. If one of you draws my character I will replace it with a random monster.

Aren't you playing Scizor?

edit: ya you are, so your already playing a monster in this round. So we will just by pass you to the next round if you don't want to play it out

10 Board Lurker/10 Nice Guy/

I posted against the monster. I want to play, but if I end up taking over then whoever I would have fought would get to face a monster instead of me. That is basically what I was saying.

Yeah, I am assuming I will beat the monster. :)

Grats to Dorian Leafthorn who won his match after two rounds!

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Funny, I didn't know fully automatic weapons existed in Pathfinder!

'Gratz, Dorian.

Sure they do, they're called Rangers

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I am the automatic weapon

Thanks -- thought I was goner with that low fort save roll for nearly 200 damage but managed to scrape by

so I still have some unspent money think I could buy more arrows?

Well as you have made it to round 2, your GM is now Mr. Swagger. So I would ask him, hehe

And grats to Soryn Ambereye for winning his match against the fearsome Red Dragon!!!

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Haha, that was a lot of fun.

Grats to both Belrim and Nathaniel, that was a great fight, and it was the conclusion of our first player vs. player match. Belrim was just able to get that win as it was a very close match

I will say one thing. I now want to play both a gunslinger and a synthesist summoner. Great characters both of you

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Thanks, and it was a good battle! Got some good experience, should be able to make an even deadlier summoner in future :)

And that is the point that I wanted to run this, glad I got to one person at least so far

Oh im loving it!

I learned quite a bit about barbarians, and hunting casters is suddenly pretty feasible.

Ha! "Feasible?" You're perfectly suited to take down my creation. There's little hope of my survival now!

Ok ladies and gentlemen, this came closer then I thought it would. So I will now have to resign as your GM. I have to say that I have had al ot of fun in the course of the tournament so far and if Swagger takes it up and continues it, then I wish him the best of luck

Extreme disappointment.

Who knows? Wouldn't you like to know...

Indeed. I was about to cast Planar Adaptation. >.>;

Swagger, were you going to take over? If not, I figured I would post my build.

Ditto, will post Duncan if noone plans to take up the GM mantle.

Most disappointed.

If we don't get an answer on somebody taking up the reigns by tomorrow I will post my build.

10 Board Lurker/10 Nice Guy/

I will finish the first round for any of you still fighting. If all of the first round matches are done then this will resume after my PbP game is done. I am expecting it to take 4 weeks though, but it could be less.

What I will also be doing is reading over the fights to see if he ruled things the same way I would have. If we had a difference in opinion I will post it here.

Since I am no longer in the tourney I will tell you that my plan consisted primarily of gating in CR 20 and higher level monsters, and/or energy draining all of you to death.

Currently I have a CR 24 Titan under my control.

I will also be posting as Watcher Uatu. That is my online GM persona.

Match 1-Dorian

Match 2- Vigal vs Duncan

Match 3-Soryn

Match 4- Standing in for Scizor is 1d27 ⇒ 3--> Pit Fiend

Match 5-Ailin vs the Balor 17 hours left to post or the Balor advances.

Match 6-Belrim

Match 7-Darius vs Orion

Match 8-Graice vs Ulthor

I will be playing the monsters too win, but I do hope they lose.

Thank you for taking over Mr. Swagger.

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I do hope that your zombie game isn't finishing Klor is having fun (just a little slow moving at the moment).

The zombie game is not the one I was referring to. :)

You are welcome Ulthor.

I would like for everyone to send me your builds. You can PM them to me or send the .por files to


Who knows? Wouldn't you like to know...

Sent you my sheet.

Orion the Smooth wrote:
Sent you my sheet.

as have i.

Watcher Uatu wrote:
I would like for everyone to send me your builds.

Sent, though the copy/past did some minor damage to the formatting.

M Half elf Ranger 1

Will have to send mine later after work since I don't have my laptop at work with me today and I also have my teabletop game tonight right after work so it will be late before I can get it to you.

If the rest of you send character sheet by PM put the subject as "character sheet" so I know where to look later if you send it by PM.

Orion did you send the sheet by PM or by email. I can't seem to find it.

Who knows? Wouldn't you like to know...

I sent it to you by email.

My email is

Did you need me to send it again?

I got it Orion. Somehow I just overlooked it. Thanks.

For those of you who make it to round 2, I will be using maps. I think it makes the game much easier. You will also be moving your own characters. I only plan to step in if I see a rule being broken or if a player ask for my judgement due to a rules dispute.

The Balor has advanced. It will be facing Belrim if he is still around when round 2 starts.

I haven't seen any action on the fights other then mine since Thursday. Are yellow cards still being used under the new DM?

I was thinking of waving them since the 2nd round is over 2 weeks away, but I don't want that kind of stalling for round 2. I honestly had not checked the other fights that much. I will send out PM's to see who is still around.

No PM or action post in the other threads by 11:59 PM Monday Eastern Standard time, which is more than 48 hours from Thursday, and about 36 hours from now, will result in forfeiture of the match.

edit:Those who have already won their match this does not apply to you. This is only for those who have not posted and whose turn it is to go next.

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We seeded now.

Could everyone that won or that is still fighting, except Darius and Orion resend your character sheets?

M Half elf Ranger 1

just sent it

Looks like my match will take some time. Who else still has an active match? Any DQs yet?

Duncan won his match because the other poster did not reply. There was another match waiting on my input, but I did not know it. I will try to get that one going again.

Darius Blackfire wrote:
Looks like my match will take some time. Who else still has an active match? Any DQs yet?

I still have an active match with Graice.

My character sheet has been resent Watcher Uatu.

Just looking at Ulthors match...what is the delay there? Should have been answered by his opponent ages ago. DM is his opponent still active?

It is being handled Darius. Other issues with that match have also come up. Hopefully they don't take too long to take care of.

Fair enough.

Ulthor the Cursed has moved on to the next round.

Who knows? Wouldn't you like to know...

Undead Paladins and there stupid amount of HP. This may actually use up all my spell slots to kill you Darius. >.>;

The hit points are crazy. You two are the last ones fighting. :)

And I may use up all my items to kill you :P

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