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Dungeon Blaster´s Skulls and Shackles Campaign

Game Master Tim Bürgers

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I like the old Michael-Keaton-Movies and the Dark Knight best. The silly Kilmer/Clooney-Movies were just horrible, the rest were okay.

Best Batman-Movie was to my mind Batman Returns, mostly because of the marvelous villains Michelle Pfeiffer, Danny de Vito and Christopher Walken.

I think I have all the known attitudes toward the party up to date as of the fight. Please check the spreadsheet and let me know if there is any missing, or any you want me to fill in any that's a given.

Google Doc

Sandara is already helpful to all of you. She wants to make friends among the newbies to better withstand the cruelties of Plugg and Scourge.

I hope, someone of you is also interested in playing/DMing DnD 4. If that is the case and you have some spare time for another online game, than please participate:


Hey, not to be picky, but I notice we are more and more slipping out of our 1/day minimum. I don't know if people are just sick or are busy, just thought I would ask.

Noticed it too. But since I wasn't the posting star of the last two weeks either, I don't want to push the matter. But a reminder is useful - so thanks.

For me a fair bit of slipping below the minimum has just been waiting for responses/progression. It's a little challenging to post when you've finished the day and others haven't or during combat waiting to figure out what the result of your last round was.

I think we can get back to the 1/day minimum and now that our characters have built up a bit more of a relationship maybe if we get into a situation where the day is stretching out we can interact with other PCs to get a post or two in.

I have not been posting as I thought more posts of Antal's delirium would get tedious. I suppose I could just post that he is unconscious.

I was away from internet again, but forgot to post in here. Never you mind though I am back.

Hey Ross, we're still not on the next day. I figured since you posted up to the next day's morning you were expecting us to finish this day while you were away.
Also assuming I made my check to diagnose that you have filth fever and I make my heal check, you would have a +4 bonus against the disease. We'll have to see how that all plays out.

I consent with Lewis. Post once a day, if you have something post-worthy. If not, I'm okay with that.

That applies especially considering the fact, that DM-post-requirements get bigger the more and longer posts the players make.

Male Half-Elf Ranger 1

I have had a busy couple of weeks but as of monday my schedule should be calm again and the post should be coming regularly.

isshou wrote:

Hey Ross, we're still not on the next day. I figured since you posted up to the next day's morning you were expecting us to finish this day while you were away.

Also assuming I made my check to diagnose that you have filth fever and I make my heal check, you would have a +4 bonus against the disease. We'll have to see how that all plays out.

Eric, you are right that is what I thought would happen. Oh well, I will add the bonus, but I don't remember rolling too high. Imagine how funny it would be to loose a character not to monster attacks but to the disease they left behind. It would be a first and privately I am crossing my fingers to see it happen.

Math error, the ship has about 7900 ft. Still 36 people on the ship and a fair bit of that space is open (on the upper deck) or used for cargo/storage. Check out the ship details on the summary site, there's not many places to slink and search. Also not many places to go for privacy.

Tim, I was planning on playing Antal as either delirious or unconscious during his time dealing with filth fever. I thought he might get punished for shirking his duties...but obviously that is up to you. However, if you'd rather I just did my day and night actions as usual, please let me know.

It's your very own decision. You don't have to skip your day- and night-actions, but I'd like the good roleplaying. In the end, maybe there could be some interesting developments when you don't show up for work... I have something on my mind...

Hey Eric, how much XP do we have right now?

I had 500 before the two fights, as long as you got back your equipment.

If I recall, there was 100 XP for completing the first day of work.
Then there was 200 XP for dealing with the cronies.
After that there was 200 XP for those who recovered their equipment.

I don't recall seeing XP for the Rats. Assuming standard rats and Kevin's character still getting XP then that should be another 135, I think.
There was 400 XP for the bout with Owlbear, which Kevin agreed to split. So another 80 XP

So with those two fights we should be at 715 or 515.

Though, you should be asking Tim this question not me. We aren't guaranteed to have all the same XP. Also remember we are on the medium track for leveling, so the next level is at 2000 xp.

isshou wrote:

Though, you should be asking Tim this question not me. We aren't guaranteed to have all the same XP. Also remember we are on the medium track for leveling, so the next level is at 2000 xp.

Nonsense I knew that you had tracked it diligently. Though I found where Tim had put the rat battle at 160 each. Look at page four, Discussion.

I disapprove of not keeping XP even for all characters. It becomes a major headache though no where close to the pain 3.5 had XP tracking. Just my two cents.

We can handle it as you like. I see advantages in both ways. Your calculation seems correct to me.

Ah, I was expecting it to be in the gameplay thread. So we should have 740 and 540 respectively. Hopefully we'll get Valen his equipment then everything will be squared away.

When there's rewards for individuals it makes it a bit more challenging to keep XPs the same. Though it is something that can be managed.

Funny you say that, as I remember a character you were very intent on having not gain a level with the rest of the party. The system is designed to give those who are a little behind a push to get them caught up. So a slight drift isn't too bad, though if we get close to where we need to level so the level of the challenge is still fair hopefully Tim will have some leniency and let us all level when the time comes.

Pathfinder doesn't award XP the way 3.5 does. Lower levels do not get more XP for the same CR, nor is there a cap when you don't get XP for killing something far below your characters power level. That's right, when we go slaughtering dire rats a 19th level we will still get the same XP we did when we were 1st. Though we will have to kill millions of them to make 2oth, which will be good for ships everywhere.

Tim may track it differently though than the guide lines in the core.

I vaguely remember something about what your talking about Eric, probably about spending XP to get stuff, and not worrying about the cost cause the benefit was better than the level. Spending XP for stuff isn't in Pathfinder either.

Seems to me that if Antal, Ondir, and Valen take there night time actions we can move on. Though I am not sure that the Antal really has any thing much going on. So really in my mind we are just waiting on Ondir and Valen.

Whew, Ondir has made it through his clash with filth fever. Will have to see how the others fare. Don't forget that If I succeeded on my heal check (which I think I made for everyong) that you get a +4 bonus on your saves against the disease.

As this is my first real try at pbp I am quite amazed how long it takes for an adventure to proceed. Our progress so far would be... don't really know... 6 hours of table-gaming?!

I was chatting with a few people who have been around the PbP block and they were saying it takes a year or longer to get one AP module done. So figure that the fights and junk just take longer as we level Pathfinder APs are six or seven year campaigns. Truly a daunting task. I was reading one AP Megan's Curse of the Crimson Throne they are in book two and have been playing since 2010. Granted I think memembers leaving and a change of DMs held up play, but over all the posts seemed steady. I stopped reading about page 20 out of something close to 70.

I think seeing that we have had only one actual combat it would be something like about 3-4 hours of play. The day and night actions would certainly sail by at a table. Pun intended sir. Though we can't tell fo sure, if we were at a table we may sit around and talk about silly stuff.

Female Human Cleric 4,HP 29/29,Init+5F5R3W8,Per8AC17/11/16


Depends on how often everyone can post and other things. I am in a Council of Thieves game and we started in July or so and are now in book 3.


That's crazy fast even in table top. Or maybe I should say dedicated.

Truly impressive speed. To my mind, the usual one-post-per-day guideline even seems pretty much.

Taking the holiday off from posting. Not that Riff has much going on anyway. I will be ready and willing come Monday.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!


Sandara Quinn is now up on the details site. Her picture and name have the link, but it might be a bit hard to get to right now so here is her details.

Hey guys,

I'm going on a trip to Vienna and therefore can't post until about dec 8 or so.

Sorry for the delay.

Enjoy your trip, Tim. We might do some RP while you are gone that might go outside the current timeline.

Sure. But don't expect me to read this going-to-be-wall-of-text :-) Have a good time, guys!

Female Slyph Bard (Sea Singer) 1

Ode to a cricket.

I'm back again. So feel free to post your next plans.

Hello everybody,

I'll visit my father this weekend. I guess there will be bad internet acess, if any at all.

So I'll post again Tuesday.

CU Tim

Female Slyph Bard (Sea Singer) 1

Did the turkey goblin eat Ondir or is it just me.

Female Slyph Bard (Sea Singer) 1

I am positive that Ondir fell over board now. We still interested in this thing?

At least he can swim.

I got a bit out of practice of checking every day during the down time. Let me see what I last did and catch up.

I still like it! I especially like your creative out-of-the-box roleplaying. Makes DMing easier and a lot more fun.

Considering the length of Ondir's posts, I can't believe that he completely lost interest.

As far as I know, you guys know him personally. Maybe you want to ask him if he still likes to play?

Mostly I was trying to reach out the incorporeal foot to kick Ondir in the butt and get him going. Hoping to get him to post so we could move it along a bit before the weekend. Imagine my horror when it seemed to have worked. creepy...

Sorry I have been quite busy lately with real life. If there is still interest, I would like to continue.

Hi guys,

I hope, you had a wonderful christmas-time.

I am currently on a vacation that lasts until after new year's eve. I won't be able to post until Jan 7th.

Ah yes, holiday time. It's been busy for most of us I think. Enjoy your vacation Tim. Maybe when the holidays are over we can get back into the swing of posting.

Hey guys,

I'm back from my vacation.

Sadly, some real-world-issues force me to withdraw time from fun-activities to get back into my old job or to apply for a new one.

If I can help you to go on with the campaign in any way, please let me know via PM.

I am very sorry that I have to end all my pbp-activities at once in this way, but it helps me a lot attending my current problems.

It was a very entertaining time - thank you all.


Oh well. Thanks for running the time you did.

So, what's the plan guys?

Do we want to find another DM to run for us?

I dunno. I suppose we could. Personally, I am not sure if its the whole PBP method or perhaps the adventure or both, but playing a warrior is kinda not fun. With no skills to contribute outside of combat, and how long it takes to get to combats, kinda leads to me doing a lot of nothing. We can obviously discuss it on here but PBP just might not be my cup of tea.

Male Half-Elf Ranger 1

I can run Rise of the Rune Lords as phb if the group wants. Or we can save it for the table top.

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