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DM CD's Unrest in Atlus

Game Master Vethcyr

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Leto and Jamros are both working on the level up. I'm going to retire Caladrius.

I will advance the game thread this afternoon or this evening, (hopefully) once Leto and Jamros are done.

HP: 36/36 Spells: lvl1 6/7, lvl2 5/5

Level 5: Barbarian!!

jk, I'll take another level of oracle.

HP: +4+1+1(favored class)+30 (previous)-> 36/36

Extra 1st and 2nd level spell:
1: Burning disarm
2: Hold Person

1 extra 2nd lvl spell per day
Curse: Levitate and Minor Image added to spells (some curse, right?)

Feat: I need some help here. Anyone know something that might actually be useful for me?

probably dependant of feat choice...

Sorry about the incomplete level up, but feats always mess me up. I've finally got something that I cause use for ranged attacks and meta-magic feats don't appeal to me. could always do toughness or improved initiative or something, but there has got to be a better use. anyone have any ideas?

EDIT: Defensive casting should be added to that list.

I was absolutely going to suggest Improved Initiative for you, because it rules on casters. Other than that, your alternatives are always useful. Maybe you can look into metamagic feats too if you're interested in that kind of stuff. I'm a bit distracted right now so I'll come up with better advice later if you're still searching.

Well prepared-APG (really fun feat)
Lucky Halfling-APG (not bad for team work)
Force of Personality-CA (Cha instead of wis on will saves)
Spontaneous Healer-CD (Cast heal spells spontaneously like a cleric)

HP: 36/36 Spells: lvl1 6/7, lvl2 5/5

oooo, I like that well prepared feat, especially since it sort of fits with my character and I'm already at +9 SoH without my new skill points. That feat plus a handy haversack... :P

Extra Revelation springs to mind if there are additional revelations that you qualify for and want Jamros to have.

The reserve feats from Complete Mage and Complete Champion may also be of use.

Really though, all of the aforementioned feats are good and/or flavorful.

Fiery burst off that reserve list seems especially appropriate

Extra Revelation would be nice for sure. You were complaining about having a slow movespeed as a halfling, but you can just grab Cinder Dance and get some nice bonuses out of it. Getting the fire resistance could also be fun.

You also might want to look into upping your fort save, as it is rather low right now, but that's totally up to you and not entirely essential.

Going to look through the reserve list and add on my thoughts too!

HP 42/43

Reserve feats are doubleplusfun, but less useful on a spontaneous caster than on a prepared caster. Also not sure what spontaneous healer would do for you. Expanded Arcana is good for any spontaneous caster. And I'll second improved initiative as never being a bad choice. Lucky Start (CS) is about as good and more flavorful, I feel. Healer's Luck or Magical Fortune(CS) also fits the flavorfulness and would be useful for you. Elemental Focus is flavorful and useful.

A few other thoughts:
Agile maneuvers
Combat Casting

Also: Your current feats are both oriented towards ranged combat, but none of your spells require a ranged touch attack and I haven't seen you running around with a big ol' crossbow or anything. What's the logic behind these feats?

BEST OF ALL: (imho) Glorious Heat

Ooh, I really like the Glorious Heat and Lucky Start options.

oh crap, totally forgot that oracle is not prepared but spontaneous.

HP: 36/36 Spells: lvl1 6/7, lvl2 5/5

I had a +1 crossbow and I used it quite a bit before the halflings took it. Now I've got the ranged touch attack dagger (thanks Chris), but yeah, they're not that useful. Like I said, I'm bad at feats. When I started playing, my characters never had feats cause it was just too complicated to figure out.

Glorious Heat is good, but you will have to use the corrected version.

Even for spontaneous casters, reserve feats are decent if you want to preserve spell slots.

As Badura said, look at Jamros' low scores, and consider whether or not you want to spend feats to boost them.

EDIT: Also, before I forget again, the dagger does not scale with your level. It has a caster level of 4, and causes 2d6 damage with its ranged touch attack. It may be possible to improve these numbers later on.

HP: -11/31, 1st: 5/6, 2nd: 4/5, 3rd: 2/3, Mage Armor Active

Level 5: Sorcerer

New HP: 26/26 God I am still so easy to kill
New Spells:
1st Level, Spells per day: 6
1st Level, Spells New: Disguise Self, Color Spray
2nd Level, Spells per day: 4
New 2nd Level Spell: Minor Image
New Bonus Spell (Bloodline): Delay poison


New Class Feature:
Fangs are magical for purposes of DR and poison increases to 1d2 Con
(I'm going to write in a little piece after this where he feels his teeth coming in an freaks out, it should be really fun).

New Feat: Spell Focus (Illusion)

Skill Ranks: 7

Question: If I buy a "Ring of Four Winds"(MIC, pg 124) do I have to declare that I am boosting my AC before the attack? Or can I boost it after the roll as an immediate action to stop an attack that just barely hit?

As it is an immediate action, you may retroactively apply the boost. That said, the deflection bonus does not stack with any other deflection bonuses you may have.

HP: -11/31, 1st: 5/6, 2nd: 4/5, 3rd: 2/3, Mage Armor Active

Hey guys, I was wondering, what would you suggest that I get wands of? I can't seem to find anything particularly compelling in the first level category, but I felt it would be good to have a good blasting spell of some sort. Does anyone know of anything like that in the 1st level category?

HP 42/43

Magic missile, if you can get a wand with a caster level higher than your own.

Color spray and ray of enfeeblement aren't quite blasting, but are good offensive options for level 1.

But really the best blasting spells are at higher levels. Scorching ray, for instance.

So will DMCD be posting the live session recap or do you want one of us to do it?

HP: 36/36 Spells: lvl1 6/7, lvl2 5/5

Hey everyone, I'm back!

Level 5 update:
Jamros is taking bless, not burning disarm.

Feat is well prepared (thanks JZ)

And skills:
Deplomacy +1
Slight of hand +4

Wooo hooo!!

Sorry for the sporadic posting lately. Just built my own computer and am in the honeymoon phase with that. And Diablo 3 is pretty kickass too. Anyone else here play (besides Johnny)?

Is anyone else here participating in (or interested in participating in) the D&D 5th Ed. playtest (aka D&Dnext for stupid marketing reasons)? Would you guys be interested in a brief one-shot?

My classes end in two weeks, so that gives time to learn the rules. I'd be willing to GM, but would also be happy to play if someone more reliable wants to GM.

I'm game. I haven't yet looked over the rules, but I'm always up for more DnD.

HP 42/43

So, for potential replacement characters we need to think about what we need.

We're losing stealth and Melee DPS.

Martin: Tank, minor healing
Gareth: Ranged DPS, minor healing
Leto: Arcane utility
Jamros: Healing, divine utility

It's a pretty balanced party.

My instinct is to do something tanky, since I feel Pygrado often ended up really being needed in melee, and his stealth really didn't get much use.

Some characters / character ideas I've got lying around:
Classic barbarian
Magus (I'd want to wait till the party dings six to introduce this guy, for mechanical reasons)

I've also got ideas for ranged DPS, and can whip up any other archetype you guys feel the party needs, including some skillmonkey-ness to replace Pygrado and Caladrius, if you guys think we need that.

It's totally up to you. Pygrado was a second-line melee character with a lot of skill points. There are some skill gaps in the party, but they're specific skills that won't really come up regularly unless you choose to pursue those options (linguistics, sleight of hand, that sort of thing). The party has a decent balance overall, so I'd say that you could go with just about anything.

It will be some time before you hit sixth level, probably not until the end of this adventure in Carron. As your next character will (presumably) likely be from Carron, I will send you some notes on the city this evening.

As for what to expect in this arc, anything goes. There'll be ample opportunity for combat, negotiations, and/or subterfuge, depending on how you guys choose to approach the situation. Milea won't be sticking around, so don't plan on having NPC mage support.

Bardbarian? Color me intrigued...

You can pretty much play anything you want. Don't feel pressured to round out the party with a specific role. Just go with whatever you think has a cool character concept. You've made some pretty memorable characters in the past, so I'm sure you'll do fine :)

Alternatively, you can try to past the rage mage test. It might be easier to not laugh online.

HP 42/43

Already chuckling.

HP 81/87 (95 max w rage) Rage 18/18

Hah-hah, friends. Hascya is here, with Twohey!

(Crunch and fluff incoming this weekend).

Ooooh I'm excited!

Wow already built to tank!!!

HP 81/87 (95 max w rage) Rage 18/18

All right, crunch and fluff are up; feel free not to take a look if you want to be surprised. Ready to join whenever works.

Looks good. Personally, I expected you would be casting mage armor, rather than using the bracers, but hey.

Minor points:
It's spelled Altin.

Greatswords do 2d6 damage, not d26.

The whirling frenzy rage variant replaces the regular benefits of rage with its own, whether or not you use the whirling frenzy option. Thus, you don't gain any con while raging. So, no bonus hp from raging.

You're shorting yourself on the point buy. You have 20 points to spend, but you've spent 18.
14 strength (5 points)
14 dexterity (5 points)
15 constitution (7 points) + 2 (human) + 1 (4th level)
14 intelligence (5 points)
7 wisdom (-4 points)
10 charisma (0 points)

Total: 18 points

Also, I know exactly what the explorers unearthed.

Dude, I love the way you format your character backstory stuff with the quotes. Looking forward to welcoming Hascya and Twohey to the party!

HP 81/87 (95 max w rage) Rage 18/18

I do gain the constitution (though only +2) because of my Raging Vitality feat.

As for the point buy...
So I bought a 16 con and a 9 charisma, then used my 4th level point to bump Cha to 10. But if I buy your way, it frees up two points. Excellent. (I've brought my Str up to 15).

Lastly, this greatsword does d26, but only when I make multiple attacks with it at my highest BAB.)

I love the build and am looking forward to learning whether or not Twohey talks.

HP: 36/36 Spells: lvl1 6/7, lvl2 5/5

Hey everybody,

I'm afraid I've got to step out of the PBP scene, at least for the rest of the summer, if not for a great deal of time after that. I've been quite busy with work and Nina and when the baby comes, it will be even crazier. In addition, the internet is just not a part of my daily life, making daily posts very difficult. I am still game for the occasional one-shot and I might be able to continue PBP again once my internet contact is more regular in the fall, but that seems unlikely.

I also posted this in a fb message.

CD, you can NPC Jamros as you see fit.

Thanks all.

Good luck with baby, gradschool, and everything else.

Heads up, gentlemen.

I'm leaving tomorrow to visit relatives in Nebraska. I'll be back on Tuesday. Don't expect much posting on either of those two days. If things are held up, feel free to DMPC me. I should have internet access while I'm up there so I'll try to keep on top of things.

Have fun!

To all of you: start planning your next level-up. I'll have you guys hit sixth level the next time you rest.

M Human Paladin 2, Ranger 6

Martin took a lvl in Palain

HP: 5+2 = +7 = 51 new max hp

Divine Grace,
Ref = +2
Fort= +3
will = +3

So new fort/ref/will = 12/8/7

Lay on hands class feature, (+1d6, 3/day)

+1 bab, so new iterative atk.

skills = 1 knowledge nature, 1 ride

HP 81/87 (95 max w rage) Rage 18/18

Barb 3 / Witch 2 -> Barb 4 / Witch 2
HP +11
BAB +1
Fort +1
Ranks in:
Acrobatics, climb, heal, perception, sense motive, survival, swim

Rage power: Knockdown

HP: -11/31, 1st: 5/6, 2nd: 4/5, 3rd: 2/3, Mage Armor Active

Leto: Now Sorcerer 6

I get third Level spells now!!!!!

BAB: +3
Fort: +2
Ref: +2
Will: +5
Spells per day:
1: 6
2: 5
3: 3

spells known:
0th: 7 (+1 spell: Mending)
1st: 4 same
2nd: 3 same
3rd: 1 spell ( +1 spell: Major image)

Skills and HP boost to follow.

HP: 33/45, Smite: 2/2, LoH: 3/6

Alright here we go!

Gareth ==> Paladin 6

HP Gained: (10/2)+1con+1 = 7
New Total HP: 45/45

BAB: +6/1
CMB now +8
CMD now 22
Fort/Ref/Will now base 5/2/5 for 10/9/7

Skill Ranks:(4 to assign, using class bonus here)
Bluff: 5->6
Diplo: 5->6
UMD: 3->5

Class Skillz:
Mercy: TBD

IIRC there was an option to select dispel magic as a mercy as a house rule? What's the specifics of that?

"Paladins of deities or causes that would grant the Magic domain gain access to the following Mercies:
- Dispelling: The Paladin’s Lay on Hands also acts as Dispel Magic, using the Paladin’s level as the caster level. As this is a mercy, the Paladin must succeed on a melee touch attack to apply the effect (this does not provoke an AoO), and the ability may only be used as a targeted dispel (limited to touch range). This mercy may first be selected at level 6.
- Greater Dispelling: The Paladin’s Lay on Hands now functions as Greater Dispel Magic, but otherwise remains subject to the same limitations as its lesser variant except as detailed below. It may also be used as a counterspell effect if the offending spellcaster would provoke an attack of opportunity from the Paladin by casting and the Paladin connects with his or her melee touch attack. At the cost of two uses of Lay on Hands, however, the paladin may use this mercy as an area dispel as normal for Greater Dispel Magic. This mercy may first be selected at level 12 and requires the Dispelling mercy as a prerequisite."

I'll allow Gareth to learn these mercies. Cayden offers greater dispel magic and break enchantment via the liberation domain. They fit.

I'll leave Jamros unleveled, and I plan to excuse him sometime soon.

HP: 33/45, Smite: 2/2, LoH: 3/6

Well cool then.

I'm selecting Dispel Magic as my Mercy

HP: 33/45, Smite: 2/2, LoH: 3/6

Well cool then.

I'm selecting Dispel Magic as my Mercy

In case anyone was wondering this game has continued at basically an even clip while every other PbP has faltered. Way to go Cd'A!

HP: 33/45, Smite: 2/2, LoH: 3/6

Hey dudes,

As you may have noticed, I haven't posted for the last few weeks. I'm having a really hard time getting inspired right now to post as Gareth or get into the game. It's none of your faults, I'm just going through a bit of a rough patch right now. I've decided to take an indefinite break from the game until I sort out my life a little better.

Thank you everybody for taking part in making Silverkeep and its surroundings come to life. Chris, you have been a great DM - active, passionate, and very prepared. Johnny/Jackson/Michael, you guys have played very strong, memorable characters and I've been fortunate to be in a party with you all.

What does this mean for Gareth? I'm not entirely sure. I don't know if/when I'll come back to the game, but if I do, I'd certainly like to keep playing as him. Honestly, I'm at the point where I could start posting as soon as tomorrow, or I could never post again. I get sad thinking about how passionate I was about this game around this time last year and how I seem to have lost that spark entirely. Feel free to DMPC me for now until I figure things out.

Thanks again, and best of luck!

M Human Paladin 2, Ranger 6

Taking another level in Ranger:

IDK why i have trouble every time I level up, but I always have issues with health/ skills on Martin. Not normally a problem for me

BAB: +1

Health: 6 (HD) +2 (Con)+1 (Favored Class) + 51 = 60 hp (looks right running through the math again)

Skills: +5

+2 rank ride, (+6)
+1 rank Climb, (+6)
+1 rank Swim, (+6)
+1 rank Diplomacy (+10)

Shield Ward-PHB2,
Adds Shield Bonus Towards AC. Also, grants shield bonus towards bull rush, disarm, grapple, overrun, or trip attempts against you.
(Should I just add this to my CMD?)

Ankou: lvl 6

Hp: 5 (HD) + 3 (con)+ 41 = 49
BAB: +1
Fort/Ref/Will: +1
Natural Armr: +2
Skills: +1 (Swim)
+1 Trick: Fetch
+1 str/Dex

Devotion Feature: +4 will save vs enchantment spells/effects

You added an extra hit point. At odd character levels, gain .5dx hit points, where x=HD size. Every even character level gives you .5dx + 1 hit points. You should have 59 HP by my math.

You shorted yourself a skill point (humans get an extra skill point at every level).

Shield Ward adds your shield bonus to touch ac, right? It should already be factored into your regular AC.

There are some CMB checks that don't face increased difficulty (steal, dirty trick, sunder, drag) due to shield ward, so just add a parenthetical comment (+y to CMD vs bull rush, grapple, disarm, overrun, and trip from shield ward).

Looks good! Also, Ankou is becoming quite the tank.

You commented briefly a while back that you might like to switch to your eagle as an animal companion instead of Ankou. I've linked the Roc stats below (closest thing the rules give to a giant eagle as an animal companion). Let me know if you want to do this now, later, or not at all.

Roc Stats

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