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Changes are changing (Inactive)


Nothing stays the same as the world changes before the characters eyes.

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presenting my character

Ras Jauhar son to Khalid Meri Mansu of Merab

sticking to CRB for races also? or perhaps allowing the base aasimar and tiefling races (no alternate abilities).

also any archtypes or alternate racial traits

ok. i can see the confusion in my statement. I shall clarify:

Only rules found in the CRB will be allowed for the initial character creation. so races, classes, feats, equipment, magic spells, skills.

The only exception to this is the allowance of traits, because not only do traits give some extra bonuses to the PC in terms of modifiers, but they also require the character to roleplay out these traits. So taking the trait "blooded" for the +2 to init is fine, but your character will need to roleplay this out. easy way to portray this would be for the PC to be eager for a fight.

(AKA Wofguy)

Surprisingly, the CRB isn't very exciting with its choices. I guess the reason I liked pathfinder, was how much extra material was avaialable.

I present Ravishar, a paladin for Iomedae. He's the only character idea I have that follows the CRB. I'm currently using him for a Council of Thieves adventure. I'll make a new alias when the time comes, in the mean time this is mainly what he will be.

I understand your POV. I just want to take things slow at first, since this is an unusual concept for gaming. I figure id play it safe and keep it limited to just the CRB until we get our feet under this idea and then roll with it.

Here is the character I would like to submit:


Half-Orc Barbarian

Background to follow

I'm withdrawing my application. I have been accepted into a new PBP and wont have time to do both. Have fun with this everyone!

Grand Lodge

I'm going to withdraw from this; Scheldrick doesn't work straight CRB (his ranger style is APG, even if everything else was CRB). Have fun though folks!

Seems like we are loosing more steam than we are gaining headway.

Taking it slow is sort of an understatement, and patience is a virtue.

Dewn,I understand your concern with to many rules, and that CRB would be easier to start with. However, we have had 3 characters submitted since wednesday, and truthfully, that's really low. In part it's because those that don't want to DM won't apply, but the other problem is the CRB restriction.

You get a lot of roleplaying aspects from the other rule books, mainly though archtypes and other races. I chose my paladin, because most other classes I want to play an archetype. So when you said CRB only, I actually lost interest in this, because it was no longer exciting with the different characters I'd could play, and the joy of digging through hundreds of feats to find the perfect ones.

My suggestion is, open it up to the standard books. I know if you do, I'll actually work on creating a whole new character for recruitment, and I'm pretty sure others will too.

Do we not have about five people willing to sign up now?

Grand Lodge

Boldly submitting a sorcerer, on the assumption that you still need a player.

I aggree 100% with Wofguy.

It seems Dewn is having a busy life. I sent him a PM, asking him to let us take it over and get things running so that he has time for other things, then eventually he can take his turn at DM.

I'm not going to let this die. I can understand if life gets in the way, but if Dewn is unable to to take care of this, I will take over if it is needed.

Rest assured, this will not die, and if anyone is still interested in joining a rotating DM campaign, go ahead and post up that you are interested, so that we know what we have to work with.

I was hoping someone would take the reins. I was reluctant too simply because I was trying to be patient. Lets give it until Wednesday and kick it into gear.

alright. the majority has spoken, and i will say this:

if it is found on the pathfinder srd website, it's allowed for the game.

If your pc is ready for play, then head over to the discussion page and say hi with that character.

I think it would be for the best if someone else were to take over as DM and orchestrate this campaign. My schedule is becoming very hectic, from planning deer hunting, full time school work, and now having to help balance the city's budget, i just do not have time to be doing this.

If someone else wishes to take over, thats great. And i wish them the best of luck.

Can I get in on this? It sounds very interesting. I have never DM a pbp, so when it comes my turn if I make some huge mistakes I do apologize from the get go. If you would prefer more experienced DMs then I will gracefully bow out and wish you all the most fun possible :)

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