Whispers of Immortality: a Pathfinder 1e Supplement for Path of War

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The path to immortality is winding and is different for each who walks it. Whether they seek to attain it through enduring crafts or arts, majestic magical works, great deeds of heroism or infamy, or founding their own dynasty. This book explores those who would leave their mark upon eternity through mastery of self and many of the different ways of doing so.

So I've been putting a new book together after the response I received for Shards of Power, and its finally all put together! Working to publish under Studio M again after the playtest.

Playtest document can be found here.

This is Whispers of Immortality, a 3rd party supplement for Pathfinder 1e using Dreamscarred Press's Path of War subsystem as well as Akashic Magic and Psionics, And Drop Dead Studios' Spheres of Power system. It incorporates many themes from Japanese, Chinese, Persian, and other mythologies to create fun and interesting content.

Inside you can find the Following and more:
-The Mahesvara, an archetype for the Rajah Path of War/Akashic Magic class that has the ability to summon powerful champions associated with constellations.
-The Dao Healer, an Akashic Magic archetype for the Medic class that punches people to life....or death.
-The Mandala Disciple, an archetype for the Troubadour champions of the spheres class that can swap between various martial arts styles.
-The Ahzeab, a Path of War archetype for the Volur akashic class that uses martial arts to weaken and cripple their foes.

-Alternate racial traits for 5+ races!

-15 new feats including a new type of feat: Trance Feats.

-New veils for every martial discipline and more, including Dao descriptor veils that enhance martial maneuvers!

Please PEACH and tell me what you think, leave me a comment either here or on the document.

Note: all current art is intended to be placeholder art for the playtest. I'm currently working to get more art from the artist I used when Shards of Power was published. Shards of Power can be found on DriveThruRPG

Made several edits to the class archetypes and veils for clarity and wording.

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