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So here's an idea, and not one I'm offering to run here at this point (though maybe someday...who knows?), but it's an idea that keeps knocking on a little window in my brain and I was wondering how feasible it would be.

The game would start as a prologue with everyone making a character for a Starfinder game, and then....The starship that the characters and many others were traveling on would get sucked into a black hole and crash on a planet, damaging the ship beyond all repair and killing 90% of the crew!

And THEN the real game begins, as the survivors (player characters) find themselves on a world much-like Golarion. And from that point, it's a Pathfinder game. Characters can multi-class at 2nd level into PF classes or continue in their current profession. Maybe they'll eventually find a way home, or maybe not, but dealing with adventures...maybe even an usual.

Now, here's the rub. I haven't played Starfinder yet. Ever.
So I'm not sure how compatible the classes and races would be. From what I've read through, I THINK it would work.

So, thoughts?

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Caveat to the text below: I know PF1e extremely well, Starfinder the basics, and PF2 very little.

While similar, the mechanics between PF and SF are different enough (whether dealing with PF1e or 2e) that it would not work as a straight insert. Various systems are just different, character creation is different, classes and archetypes work differently, etc.

Starfinder does have stats for Pathfinder races (called "legacy" races). Likewise many it has stats for many monsters found in Pathfinder, or similar.

What I would do is either run it as a Starfinder or Pathfinder game, using those rulesets alone. Both share a lot of races and monsters, so that's not an issue of having to homebrew them--but you need to choose one set of stats for another. The more I think about it, the more I think it might be easiest to just run it as a Pathfinder game since it takes place in Golarion, but have them choose at first level PF classes that are similar to Starfinder classes (like Fighter if they would be a Soldier, Bard if they would be an Envoy, etc.) and go fantasy from there. Possibly you could homebrew some bonus feats or traits could emulate abilities they'd have from Starfinder backgrounds and classes to better reflect their history.

Decked out in space metal and weaponry would make a party quite the force on Golarion, even in Numeria and especially at level one. It would be fun to steamroll over everything until you ran out of resources for your tech equipment and had to seek out all new weapons and armor.

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