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I'm bit unclear on whether trying to calculate patterns of the RNG counts as cheating for the drone races :O

I don't know the mechanics of whatever rules your talking about, likely because they're specific to the AP.

But you're not really going to calculate a pattern of what I'm assuming are random dice rolls, not if they're truly random. Now physical dice are unlikely to be 100% purely random, but they're close enough that you're not going to gain much useful information trying to calculate the probabilities.

If the question is about whether your character calculating the chances counts as cheating with the context of the story...well I'll tell you Vegas doesn't like it when you count cards, but it's not technically cheating and they can't refuse to pay you your winnings for it. They will, once they figure it out, politely ask you to leave and tell you that you are no longer allowed to gamble at their establishment and refuse you service which they are within their right to do.

If this were to be a less reputable establishment they might harm you for doing it, though they wouldn't be within their rights to do so (normally speaking) and there if they did this kind of thing I would presume they would do it to any winners (of high enough value) regardless of calculating probabilities or not.

Calculation and cheating are two different strategies for solving the drone race order - cheating is even listed after calculation, so there's no ambiguity. They aren't the same.

Calculation is just doing what technical analysts do on stock prices - trying to find patterns on perhaps not perfectly random walk data (the drone race data is not perfectly random). It's not cheating, it's not insider trading, it's just analysis.

What's probably confusing you is that one listed method of cheating (there are others in this scenario) is trying to access other player's calculations via sneaking a look or directly hacking their datapads. That's cheating because you're stealing their work, but they aren't cheating by doing their own calculations and you aren't by doing yours.

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