Kashrishi for Pathfinder 1st Edition


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So I’ve been writing an AP for Vudra for a while, and am very glad that Paizo released some more information and rules for the Kashrishi. As I play, and run, 1st Edition, I’ve recreated the race for 1st Edition as an option for my players. Eventually, I will launch a second podcast for this campaign, but if you are interested I also run a Savage Tide Pathfinder 1st Edition podcast called The Hobbled Goblin Podcast.

Please enjoy this conversion and as always thoughts are welcome!

10 RP(ish)
Small (0)
Speed - 25 feet
Specialized (1) +2 Con, +2 Cha, -2 Dex
Linguist (1) - Common and Kashrishi
Relentless (1)
Static Bonus Feat (2) - Empath
Static Bonus Feat (2) - Psychic Sensitivity
Glowing Horn - Your horn reacts to psychic energy by softly glowing. The horn emanates dim light in a 10-foot emanation until the start of your next turn whenever you use cast a psychic spell, use an innate psychic ability, or use a occult skill unlocked through Psychic Sensitivity.
Small but Powerful - unlike other smaller races, Kashrishi are not known for their stealthy nature. Due to this, Kashrishi do not gain the +4 Stealth bonus from their small size. Likewise, Kashrishi are stouter than other small races, and do not take a penalty to Combat Maneuvers and CMD for their size.

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