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What is the counteract level from Otari's Filth Fever? I had him use Infested Shadow several times as described and two party members failed, including multiple failures for the war priest. When it kicks in he will be going straight to slowed 1, stage 3. Obviously Remove Disease is in order, but... Otari is 9th level, which implies his disease has a counteract level of 5. The party and Vandy can only cast 3rd level spells, which means they'd need a critical success on the check to make it stick. Which at DC 25 means only a natural 20.

Worse yet, the War Priest would be one of the casters, so he'd only get one day before falling into a coma. Even with a druid in the party, they only have 6 chances before bankrupting themselves at the Dawnflower Library.

Should I just use the original source (an otyugh) as the counteract level? A 4th level creature would only 2nd level, which basically ensures success with a 3rd level Remove Disease.

On a related note, the party Thaumaturge got the curse of the werewolf from Jaul and will need to get that removed before the next full moon in 3 weeks. Do curses show up on Detect Magic and what have you?

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Just realized multiple exposures to a disease doesn't increase the stage. That's good for their chances of survival.

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Wound up dropping it to a level 4 counteract check, which made it suitably terrifying but not unbeatable. It still laid the party up for multiple days while they kept prepping Remove Disease, so GMs, be careful here!

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I'm honestly surprised this didn't come up for anyone else. This is super deadly running by RAW.

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For the disease, I left it at counteract level 5, but we'd already worked out that Absalom is only a 2.5 day trip, so the party medic tried Treat Disease to help the sorceress out on the way. One successful check was all they needed to keep her from getting worse than Stage 3. (They did try to cast remove disease on the way, praying for a critical success)

I would have allowed the curse to show up under detect magic with a Nature check, but no one thought of it. Unfortunately for my party, their full moon came sooner than yours, causing the rogue and unlucky sorceress to transform the night after they headed back to Otari. While everyone survived, it meant losing two days going back to Absalom to get the one remove curse they could afford at the moment. So one PC is still afflicted, but they know they have some time before she changes again.

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