Campaign Boons explained anywhere?

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Hi. A group of players I GM for just finished book 1 of Fists of the Ruby Phoenix. I gave them their chronicles, and when looking at the list of boons in my organized play page, this is listed as one of them:


Fists of the Ruby Phoenix: Despair on Danger Island - Expanded Summoning

Gain access to new creatures to summon. Must have played Despair on Danger Island to download.

What I can't find for the life of me is a list of what those creatures *are*. Is there anywhere that explains what this boon actually does? Do you have to buy it before it tells you or something?


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There is not currently a location where that information is publicly available (in part for spoiler reasons.) Currently the way to find out is to buy the boon.

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I see, thanks. That's frustrating.

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Do note that it costs 0 ACP to buy.

That being said, the expanded summoning is at this time basically useless in Society Games because

it allows you to summon two different level 8 creatures with the Summon Entity spell, but as there's only a single society game that's for level 12 characters and the earliest you could summon a creature 8 would be at level 13, there's no way to benefit from this boon until we get scenarios for levels 11-14.

And that level 7 summon entity spell can also conjure level 9 creatures so, you'd probably want to pick a creature 9 instead of a creature 8. Maybe, I haven't done a comparison between the options.

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