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Hello, Probably a dum question but I have some questions to make sure I'm doing this right.

Background: I played in a couple PF2e games in GENCON 2020 and 2021. I used pre-gen characters. Apparently I earned 101 GP, 5xp and 5 fame.

I'm going to be playing in (3) different PF2e games this year; 2 of which will also be using pre-gens but the last one I'll finally be making a legit 1st level character to play.

I've been told in each previous game that the stuffs could be applied to a new legit character, so I wanted to apply all that to this new character.

I see there is an option under Boons tab to add some stuff but I'm not seeing starting xp / fame / treasure / etc.

Looking at the chronicle sheets, it also lists a Kukri (6sp) Subtier 3-4.

At any rate, I'm trying to figure out if possible / & how to add this stuff to new character?

Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction? Thank you so much! :)

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Well, first off, welcome to Society! Happy to have you ^_^

That sounds like a bit too much gold for a 1st level character, though. The most gold a 1st level Adventure offers is 14gp (plus any money earned during Downtime), which means most characters leveling to 2nd shouldn't have much more than 57gp (15gp starting, plus 14gp × 3).

Were some of those Chronicles maybe being held until your character reached a higher level?

If you can, post the adventures you played in a spoiler below and we can help you figure it out.

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As Nefreet mentions we'll need a bit more detail, but my best guess:

a) You played a regular scenario and a bounty/quest. (that explains 4xp + 1 xp)

b) The scenario used level 5 pregens and awards 100gp

c) The bounty/quest received reduced rewards, rare, but that would explain the 1 additional gp. Alternatively the GM did downtime rolls for (b) and awarded no treasure on the quest/bounty.

In which case you'll probably need a Venture Captain to re-issue the chronicle for the level 5, pre-gen scenario to drop the rewards to level 1 (14 gp) to be able to apply it immediately to a new character.

Now to your other questions:
1) You won't find xp/gold/fame on the boons tab. Players are epected to track xp & gold themselves -- either directly on the chronicles, or in a spreadsheet, or any other system that both (a) makes sense to you and (b) could be printed out/shared if an audit is needed. Fame is gone so you don't need to track that; but you should have also received faction reputation which is player tracked.

2). Items on a chronicle aren't things you get for free; they are things you've been granted access to purchase at the listed price. Sometimes (an I think the Kukri might be one of them), these are redundant options that you already had access to, but are included to highlight options that the author wanted to encourage players to look at.

Some useful links to the Player's Guide:
Record Keeping
Applying Credit (relevent for downgrading a high level pregen chronicle to a level 1 chronicle)

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Thanks fam!

More details:

Quest 7 - A Curious Claim - There is a note that says Hold for 5th level and a boon that says Amateur Adjuster (General). This shows starting gold 25 GP and gained 1 GP. Starting XP 1. From GenCon Online 2020, dated 8/2/2020. I was assuming I couldn't use the boon until level 5? Is that correct? Does that also include can't claim the gold and reputation as well?

Scenario #2-20: Breaking the Storm: Bastion in Embers
XP Gained 4
GP Gained 100
Reputation Gained: Horizon Hunters 4
GenCon Online 2021 dated 9/16/2021

I will be playing: #3-04 - The Devil-Wrought Disappearance on 8/4/2022 and #3-06 - Struck by Shadows on 8/5/2022. Both will be using pregens as I think they're levels 3-6.

Was going to apply all the things (if possible) to level 1 character I was creating for:

#3-08 - Foundation's Price on 8/7/22.

Thanks again for everyone's help! :)

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Cool cool. Then here's a couple options:

Generally, when you play a Pregen, and you "assign" the Chronicle to a character of yours, you have the option to either

1) "apply" the Chronicle to your character at a later date, whenever they reach the level of the Pregen you played. This is colloquially referred to as "holding the Chronicle" and then earning the full rewards (100gp, 4xp, Boons, etc) later in that character's career.


2) reduce the rewards that the Chronicle grants to those appropriate for a Level 1 character (so 14gp, 4xp, but still holding Boons until a later date, as above). You can then "apply" those rewards immediately to your 1st level character.

Any Downtime activities, such as Earning Income, are also handled when you "apply" the Chronicle. So you'd use either the Skill bonus as a Level 1 PC if applying immediately, or a Level 5 PC if applying it later.

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Got it! Thanks fam appreciate the help!

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