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How has everyone gone about mapping out the dungeon for their players, I would assume most GMs are simply drawing it out on dry erase maps, but are their flip tiles we could use to create the rooms or a close approximation to them?

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I laid a tv down on the table and use foundry on my laptop.

I'd never go back, works for fog of war, opening shutting doors, even spell special effects. And I can have all the monster stats and journal notes on my laptop.

I actually started using Christmas wrapping paper! Many have 1" grid on the back and are perfect for maps, they can be obtained cheap after Christmas and/or at dollar stores, and have jarringly festive prints to balance the gloom and doom you'll be scrawling on the reverse side, mwahaha...

I really love this stuff- I work with my daughter and her crayons, I do the line work, she draws and colors the furnishings. I purchased a roll of plastic that covers my map and allows for dry erase markers to be used, and you can put blank sheets under or over the plastic to add "fog of war" in unexplored regions. I no longer do this, however, I simply place "dummy tiles" over secret doors/regions.

Pics later tonight if anyone is interested as I am finishing up level 7 for tomorrow's game.

Wouldn't be doing right If I didn't also link these wonderful Foundry maps I just found by Narchy.

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