Mines of Moria-esque Adventure?


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Anyone know of any Pathfinder adventures that have a similar feel to the Mines of Moria section of LOTR?

Something that explores underground ruins and has a lot of history to it and mysterious reasons for being abandoned or things like that?


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The ongoing Pallid series for Pathfinder Society scratches this itch, I believe, down to it being dwarven ruins.

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The 1st edition module Down the Blighted Path checks a lot of those boxes: dwarvern undercity, ancient family curse, underdark exploration (a journey to an ancient abandoned dwarvern city or forge, if I am remembering correctly?). It always struck me as a good adventure, and I regret I never got a chance to run it. It would also be perfect for an all/mostly dwarvern party. Should be easy enough to convert to 2e if that's your system.

Scarab Sages

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Depending on the level range you need, part four of Age of Ashes (Fires of the Haunted City) may serve, as that is the one set in a dwarven city next to the ruins of a large dwarven city.

If you don't mind updating from ancient editions, you might try drivethrurpg for DL4 Dragons of Desolation from AD&D 1e. (I think the Dragonlance Classics Volume 1 is 2nd edition AD&D, but possibly abridged.) They may not be as off-the-shelf ready, as I think they might have used geomorphs and expected the GM to figure things out.

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