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So I have an online VTT session of Age of Ashes. We’re about to get in to the fourth book tonight. We were going back and forth and I realized most of my players do play Society games. We weren’t going to play these games for society credit, but we have three books under our belts.

So the question is how late can I submit the games? Like ideally I’d like to submit for books 1-3, but it’s honestly not a huge deal if I can’t, and the last thing I’d want to happen is that I get myself and play players flagged and/or banned. I have start and end dates from our discord channel that date back about a year.

Thanks in advance!

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I don't think there actually is a limit.

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You're totally fine with reporting those games now. APs tend to take more than a year to complete anyway.

Report those games and get that credit!


One problem with backdating Chronicles is that, in the system, the Chronicles are chronologically sorted. (This problem also arises when PbP GM credit is applied to a character locked in a PbP game.)

So you can have Chronicle #6 from March 2021, followed by Chronicle #3 in April 2021, then Chronicle #4 in June 2021, etc. If people are sloppy with paperwork, this can turn into a real mess.

In cases like this, I always note on the Chronicle both the date that the session was completed, and the date that the Chronicle was issued, just to prevent future confusion.

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If your players want to apply the chronicle sheets to new characters with no prior games reported, then there's no problems - you could date each game for when that particular book was completed.

However, if they want to give the sheets to characters that have already had games played during this time, it could create problems because of timing issues:

Character A had played:
Scenario 1, scenario 2, scenario 3, level up
Scenario 4, scenario 5, scenario 6, level up
Reporting the books on 'correct' dates could turn that into
scenario 1, Book 1 was finished, level up and +4 xp into level 2, scenario 2 and 3 now have wrong gold rewards (level 1 rewards when the character would be level 2) and so on. This isn't good!

In this case, it's best to report the games on the current date, so the example character would instead be:
Scenarios 1, 2, 3, level up, 4, 5, 6, level up, book 1, level up, book 2, level up, book 3, level up.

Remember, you're the GM - it's your game, you decide how to run it and when it's done. Maybe books 1 and 2 and 3 had loose ends that weren't resolved yet? Run a epilogue session for those to finish up the books! ;)

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Meh, this is going to get overly and IMO unnecessarily complicated. Since you have just discovered this issue, its not like any of your players were waiting on the chronicle sheets and will have continuity issues with their character's chronicle history. Issue the sheets now. The players can apply them to an appropriate character at their leisure. You (and them) should refresh yourselves with the applicable sections of the Guide to organized play which can be found HERE

Personally, I stopped obsessing about chronicle records a while ago. I maintain them just enough so I can keep my character up to date. Now that so much of character management is left to the honor system, I see no need for GMs to act as the org play police. If a GM asks to audit my character, I'll politely refuse and they can move on, or kick me from the table. I don't have the time nor the inclination to maintain detailed records sufficient enough for someone other than myself to understand in a matter of just a few minutes when we have a game to play. YMMV

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