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Okay, this might come across as petty, but:

The psychic has a couple class features that are, word for word, mechanically the same as other class features, but the name is different. For example, they have Evasion, Resolve, and Greater Resolve, but those features are called Precognitive Reflexes, Walls of Will, and Fortress of Will.

I understand that you are going for flavor, but I feel like this is a) needlessly confusing, and b) potentially needlessly limiting if for example a feat is added at some point that keys off of having Evasion.

On the other hand, Weapons Specialization is called Weapon Specialization but has unique flavor text. In my humble opinion, this is a much better way to go about this.

EDIT: Also I just realized this is the wrong forum, if a mod could move this to the playtest that would be lovely. <3

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