Dear Paizo, I have to cancle my subscriptions... :(

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Liberty's Edge

After being a subscriber from the beginning, new EU regulations now make subscribing for me no longer worth it. For a single volume of an AP I have to pay an additional total of 10$ for taxes. This makes such a volume (with shipping and stuff) far mor expensive than it actually is. So I rather switch to buying PDFs only (unfortunately you have no PDF sub).
It's not your fault! You're the best company when it comes to customer service and listening to your customers. But unfortunately it is just too expensive now. I am sorry! :(

Best regards

Liberty's Edge

So, what I wanted to say, would you please cancle all my subs as doon as possible?
Thank you!

Customer Service Lead

Hello Dryder,

I'm sorry to see you go! But we get it. Shipping is crazy right now, and with changing customs regulations that is also getting crazy!

Your subscriptions have been cancelled. You will be receiving an email confirmation.

Liberty's Edge

Thank you! I am sorry, I have to do this. But at least I'll get the PDFs...
Let'S hope, the prizes will get back to normal some day soon.

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