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Glen Welch, long-term Mystara fan, has made a 5e player's guide to the third oldest D&D campaign setting. It's an impressive piece of work. Even if you don't care for 5e (like me), even if you don't need this as an introduction to the setting (like me) it is well worth a look. For those who want an introduction to Mystara or to steal a little more by the way of cool races and sub-races (where do you think tortles came from?), it is highly recommended.

Welch also has a Youtube channel that introduces primarily Mystara to new viewers, but also features other games and settings.

Good to have some free fan-made Mystara stuff out there- and in both regular and uncensored [ie. NSFW] versions too. :)

PS. Both versions are over the 350 MB mark, just be aware. ;)

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I was always a fan of mystara. Not a fan of 5e, but this is good to hear.

And both Guides got recently updated to include OGL information too.

The standard version is what the old Uncensored version was [mostly tastefully done nudity, in this cultured person's opinion...] and the PG-13 version is the somewhat more SFW version, comparatively speaking.

Both versions are now over 400 MB each too. ;)

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Oh man, the Circle of Dracology stuff really takes me back. That was one of my favorite elements of the Mystara setting.

And after I hopped, skipped and jumped through the sections on races, classes and spells, I buzzed to the end and spent the most time obsessively reading through the fun lists of different wines, ales, cheeses and breads of the setting's cultures, because I am just weird that way.

I'm not a 5e player, but it was still chock full of great stuff to read, thanks for pointing it out!

And the Guide [the NSFW eventually won out in popularity] recently got updated and corrected to allow for a Print-On-Demand/POD version too, along with the cover. :)

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