Anima Knight Class - a reimagined magical warrior class

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A while back before magus was on the horizon, I was inspired to build a class that could hit similar thematic notes - being a warrior-type character who wields some magic to augment their own abilities. This is the result.

Elevator Pitch
Anima Knight is a class that's fundamentally built around entering a mystical stance, charging up an animus resource, and then expending that resource for bombastic effect.

They've got a Smite basic ability, a Strike with flourish and an extra bit of damage, that serves as their basic "charge-up" ability, a subclass Ethos that gives them a choice of an initial stance as well as a basic universal method to extinguish any stance - because while the stances are strong, they also lock you in.

Anyways, here's a link to the always up-to-date Scribe. Feedback is always appreciated, especially via this survey.

Downloadable PDF Version

Glad to see this up on the forums! I need to give this a deeper look-through...

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