Out of the Abyss PF 1 Conversion



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Hey all,
I just started to convert this adventure into PF1 rules. Not sure if anyone has any tips or possible already done this? If not, I'll open a google document and share with all interested. :)

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I haven't seen this before so yes, I'd be interested. It should be possible. Watch out because the CRs won't necessarily be correct. 5e tends to be easier than Pathfinder 1e so you might want to lower the CRs to fit or increase the critters. It's probably easier to adjust the CR down.

I've created conversions from other books and it's time consuming more than anything else. I tend to be a stickler about getting the numbers just right (sometimes needlessly so) but I tend to want to be a perfectionist about such things. I can't tell you how many monsters I've put into a Word document and then gone back and just corrected the stat blocks and spelling. It's definitely a labor of love.

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