Troubles in Otari: Downtime?

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I don't immediately see a thread on this. Other mods note 24 days of downtime and the old guide said adventures grant 24 days downtime.

However, the Otari sanctioning does not note downtime and the guide language has been updated:

The 3.0 guide says wrote:
Other adventures grant the downtime listed in their sanctioning document. For most PCs, Downtime is earned by rolling on Craft, Performance, or Lore, and consulting the table below.

So, no downtime on Otari? That seems wrong to me. But I think that is actually what we have to do.

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I sent a list of all the PFS2 sanctioning doc omissions/questions to Alex this morning.

There are 5 that silent on downtime. Plaguestone had a forum post, AoAs was season one so assumed the old guide.

Extinction Curse and Troubles are open questions. (Both of these feel like they _should_ be 24 as all the other APs/Adventures, but we need to rely on 'read the sanctioning docs' and when the sanctioning documents omit information on certain topics its difficult. They used the same boilerplate as the Season 1 APs/Adventures so I suspect they just cut & pasted w/o awareness that the guide didn't grant 2 days downtime per xp anymore)

Beginners Box has been confirmed as 0, but I couldn't find a source I can link to.

And then there's the new Lionlodge one that is silent (rather than explicit 0, like Sundered Waves) on reputation.

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