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The Blessed One dedication gives the player the ability to cast lay on hands as a devotion spell, among other things if you keep taking feats within that archetype, however, it doesn't mention what level of proficiency we have with it's DC as the rules on focus spells say it should.

Non-Spellcasters with Focus Spells wrote:
If you get focus spells from a class or other source that doesn’t grant spellcasting ability (for example, if you’re a monk with the Ki Strike feat), the ability that gives you focus spells also provides your proficiency rank for spell attack rolls and spell DCs, as well as the magical tradition of your focus spells. You gain the ability to Cast a Spell and use any spellcasting actions necessary to cast your focus spells (see below). However, you don’t qualify for feats and other rules that require you to be a spellcaster.

Is it safe to assume that someone taking this would gain the proficiency listed in the devotion spells box from the Champion?

Devotion Spells wrote:
you are trained in divine spell attack rolls and spell DCs. Your spellcasting ability is Charisma.

Or by RAW would the player be untrained in the abilities they pick up from the feat? And, if it's the latter, then there's also no mention of which ability score should be used as a modifier, so would that still be Charisma? Because if that can be inferred, then why can't the proficiency be inferred?

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So Blessed One explicitly says that you gain the "devotion spell."

Champion class Devotion Spell wrote:

Your deity's power grants you special divine spells called devotion spells, which are a type of focus spell. It costs 1 Focus Point to cast a focus spell, and you start with a focus pool of 1 Focus Point. You refill your focus pool during your daily preparations, and you regain 1 Focus Point by spending 10 minutes using the Refocus activity to pray to your deity or do service toward their causes.

Focus spells are automatically heightened to half your level rounded up. Certain feats can give you more focus spells and increase the size of your focus pool, though your focus pool can never hold more than 3 Focus Points. The full rules are found here. You gain a devotion spell depending on your cause, and you are trained in divine spell attack rolls and spell DCs. Your spellcasting ability is Charisma.

I think it is implicit that you effectively gain the Devotion spell class feature, but only for Lay on Hands. The Devotion spell class feature explicitly states that it is Divine, you are trained and the spellcasting ability is Cha.

Also remember the CRB explicitly states that is one reading of the rules works and the other doesn't you pick the reading that works.

CRB pg 443 Game Convention sidebar wrote:

Ambiguous Rules

Sometimes a rule could be interpreted multiple ways. If one version is too good to be true, it probably is. If a rule seems to have wording with problematic repercussions or doesn’t work as intended, work with your group to find a good solution, rather than just playing with the rule as printed.

Reading 1) this grants the devotion spell class feature, BO is trained in spells etc and uses Cha. Reading 2) does not grant devotion spell class feature, BO is untrained in spells, doesn't know how to cast LoH and has no spell DC or spell attack roll and adds no stat as a spellcasting modifier.

Reading 1 works and allows an archetype to function as expected, and reading 2 makes it so you can't use any of the granted features. Seems an easy call.

For an ambiguous ruling that does still work, there is also the Innate Spell rules.

In this particular case the effect would be the same as following the rules for Champion Devotion Spells: CHA for ability, trained for proficiency, divine tradition.

If there are other cases where listing these statistics for the focus spell were forgotten, it might be a different case.

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