Size of Varisia map

Rise of the Runelords

On roll20, the northeast Varisia map has no scale measurement. I've found two conflicting maps online. One says 1 inch = 1 mile. The other says 1 inch = 8 miles. According to the pdf of ROtR, the map for Xin Shalast is 1 square = 750 feet. If you compare that measurement to the Varisia map, neither Varisia measuerment is correct. Does anyone know the exact scale measurement of the northeast Varisia map?
Also, the Xin Shalast map scale I think is wrong. In the adventure, it says the Golden Road is 100 feet wide but the map scale says 1 square = 750 feet. The map clearly shows the Golden Road, and it is way more than 100 feet wide.
Could someone please tell me the correct scales for these maps?

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