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I was just trying to help out a colleague of mine access the paizo forums.

The error is that they can load the original page, but when the page makes an XHR to, for example:
https://paizo.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/Store.woa/wa/Spinny/forumDisplay?forum =v5748dmtyzkl0&sort=-1&page=-1&_u=AUCForumDisplay&160704683 0952=

it 404s on them, or returns a "The requested application was not found on this server." error. Consistently, every time. Firefox 83.0, 64bit. Windows 10 I believe.

When I attempt to load the page, it works for me! I can even make the network request and it loads fine.

We've done the usual: private tabs, clearing caches, different browsers, different machines, clearing DNS caches, and so on.

Because this is a 404, that really strongly suggests to me that the request is getting to the Paizo servers and something's happening server-side.

One distinction between the two is that the person with the problem is connecting from Finland, while I'm attempting to connect from the US. I have no idea if it's related, but it's probably worth noting and I'm running out of other ideas.

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Yup, I'm the person having this problem.

I get this error message when I:
Log in on my PC with firefox
Log in on my PC with Edge
Log in on my PC in private tab
Browse the forums without logging in (in all of the above scenarios)
All of the above are also issues when I log in with my phone, so it's not tied to the PC
But I don't get the error if I log in with a laptop (which uses the same wlan as my PC) so it's probably not my connection either.

Problem exists at least on all the paizo's forums, plus My Organized Play when I'd need to manage my character/buy boons/report games, but the rest of the paizo's pages (store) seems to work normally.

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