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Hi! I'm currently playing a Magus as my character in an Age of Ashes campaign. We're in Book 1, Hellknight Hill, and I have a friend who is also playing as a Summoner, but this is specifically about my impressions with the class so far.

I'm currently playing as a Half-Elf Slidecaster Magus, using mostly cantrips and the occasional big damage spell. Our party consists of one Crossbow Ranger, one Giant Instinct Barbarian, one Draconic Summoner, one Life Oracle and me.

So far, nothing beats the feeling of nailing someone with both my sword and spell attacks on the same turn. But I feel like the Magus needs to split their focus between Int and Str/Dex so much that I fear it will get hard to keep up that type of assault consistently at higher levels. Accuracy is a big problem: if you want both of the spells and physical attacks to be balanced, you need to split your stats and lower your accuracy. Maybe something where, when you cast a spell with Combat Casting, you get a bonus to your To Hit roll equal to half the level of the spell stored in your weapon, rounded down, just for the weapon attack?

I've been enjoying the Magus very much, I just think it needs a couple tweaks to be effective as well as fun!

I do agree that there's an issue with accuracy when it comes to the Magus, but I really don't feel this has anything to do with stat distribution/MAD.

16 dex + 18 int gets you decent accuracy on each individual roll. Heck as an elf you could go for 16 str, 16 dex, 16 int, if you feel you need the + damage or want to use a Non-finesse weapon and still have enough AC.

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