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Date & Time & Time Zone: Wednesday 730 PM to 10 PM Central Time

Software Platform(s): Discord and Fantasy Grounds (I have Unity Ultimate so other members won't need a subscription)

Description: The town of Breachhill in Isger was originally saved by an adventuring wizard, and has continued to use adventurers to help with problems outside of the town guards' scope. You will play an adventurer starting out in the town.

Allowed books: Core rule book, Lost omens world book, discuss anything else. We will have a session zero, so just have ideas and if you're brand new to the system or rpgs in general I can help through that.

I am a newer DM (2 years) but I have very little experience with VTT so we will have to figure that out together. Looking for 4-6 players, any experience level.

How to join: PM me with the following information. 1. Preferred pronouns 2. Experience level with rpgs (describe systems) 3. Likelihood of schedule changes 4. What play style and adventure types do you like best? (Roleplay, intrigue, mystery, combat, exploration, horror, etc) 5. What interests you about this game?

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