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I think boggards are best as ambush attackers. They're smart and they've apparently had a whole month to prepare. Things to lure folk into their pools where they can grab and drown them, ways to remove light from the area and then describe in detail how they are struck with the tongues, potentially grouping up with some of the other monsters or grabbing folk who are by themselves. We are skipping this part for my two games but there's definitely something there. Maybe play with the croaking bouncing off the walls down there too.

Date & Time & Time Zone: Wednesday 730 PM to 10 PM Central Time

Software Platform(s): Discord and Fantasy Grounds (I have Unity Ultimate so other members won't need a subscription)

Description: The town of Breachhill in Isger was originally saved by an adventuring wizard, and has continued to use adventurers to help with problems outside of the town guards' scope. You will play an adventurer starting out in the town.

Allowed books: Core rule book, Lost omens world book, discuss anything else. We will have a session zero, so just have ideas and if you're brand new to the system or rpgs in general I can help through that.

I am a newer DM (2 years) but I have very little experience with VTT so we will have to figure that out together. Looking for 4-6 players, any experience level.

How to join: PM me with the following information. 1. Preferred pronouns 2. Experience level with rpgs (describe systems) 3. Likelihood of schedule changes 4. What play style and adventure types do you like best? (Roleplay, intrigue, mystery, combat, exploration, horror, etc) 5. What interests you about this game?

Well that's quite a departure but should be interesting. Are you going to have the tunnels still intact? I'd have Voz blasting through the tunnel with her undead (including the newly raised Regulars), and the party is on the clock to stop her before she gets through. They will have time to do some investigation of the Citadel and her house but will get increasingly hectic clues about what she's getting to and what she can do if she gets the gates. No one currently knows where all the gates go to, so maybe have her muse on connecting to near Lastwall for undead, or near the triad for reinforcements. Depending on how quickly they catch up (and she will leave undead guards as she goes), they may have to face even the cultists as undead. Alternatively, they could try to dig through the collapse using the number of days required in the second book while being harassed by undead and we end up with a three way battle at the gates.

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So I have already nabbed the barracks and warg pen improvements that others have created for the citadel. I'm going to adapt the warg pen for a separate goblin dog enclosure. Does anyone else have custom citadel improvements? My party is keeping a huge portion of the creatures from the top floor, plus the kobolds, so I'm trying to figure out custom costs. Ideas they've mentioned so far...

1. Graveshell moat
2. Giant rat sty
3. Giant bat mews
4. Bee hive boxes
5. Goblin art gallery