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Hello I tried to order pdf 1001 spells on the 9th and it kept saying card declined. When I check my bank statement it was charged $21.39 5 times. So not only did I get over charged 4 times but I never even got the pdf.

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See this FAQ.

You probably haven't been charged multiple times, your bank will clear those authorisations in a couple of days.

Most likely, the Adress Verification is to blame, check if your bank and Paizo have the exact same adress.

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Hello Anthony!

Your card was declined because it did not pass the Address Verification System (AVS) check. This indicates that there is a discrepancy between the billing address entered for the card on Paizo.com and the billing address your bank has on file for the card. Please ensure that all of the information entered for the payment method is accurate and then try to submit the order again. I'll go ahead and request those authorizations be removed by your bank, but not to worry, they absolutely aren't charges.

Thank you Franz for your helpfulness!

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