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I want to speak about cosmic creatures from 1st Alien Archive and the rule "Void Adaptation", which has been introduced in the 2nd Alien Archive. This rule clearly says about immunity to cosmic rays, and it is great. But what about purely cosmic creature from 1st AA like asteray and oma? They have only immunity to vacuum, that does not mean immunity to cosmic rays. Ad for ne, ut has no any sence for such creatures, who literally feed on solar winds. And I do not know about any errata for this. What do you think?

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A snippet from the Asteray entry: Their bodies consist of little beyond lightweight, flexible bones and the powerful sinews that bind them together, creating a vaguely humanoid upper body and a lower body consisting of a large appendage that absorbs cosmic radiation and grants the fey the ability to propel itself through space.

I presume absorbing cosmic radiation means they’re safe from it.

A snippet from the Oma entry: They magically project electromagnetic fields that shield them from the effects of the vacuum

Since an electromagnetic field is what keeps planets safe from radiation from space, presumably it does the same here.

It kind of seems like before AA2 came out, "Immune to vaccum" meant the
same thing as "Immune to space hazards" to Paizo folk. I would say the intent is that anything that lives in space is immune to space hazards, because common sense.

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I would shelve this problem on the same shelf as questions like "do polar bears make saves against environmental cold every 10 minutes too?".

It might be sloppy writing, or reasonable savings of word count. But in general, monsters don't get the amount of detail that player characters get, and you kind of have to fill in the blanks, such as "can obviously survive in its native terrain".

Thanks. I also think so. But Void Adaptation in other AA has distracted me.

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