Order# 13549704 it would be nice to have some customer service response.

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I sent an email to customer service stating that my Lost Omens Subscription has been pending since the 14th. I broke the chip on the card that I have on file and have been needing to replace it. I went ahead and updated the card because I could not wait for the pending transaction to go through anymore. I did update my payment method for my subscriptions but I do not know how this change will affect my current order.

I also have questions surrounding when the below two subscription orders will be filled:

Pathfinder Pawns - Order # 8150746
Lost Omens - Order # 8168692

Payment Options - I am not sure if it has been brought up by anyone else but it would be nice for more payment options to be added like PayPal or Direct from bank for example. Both of these methods would be much preferred than having a CC on file where issues such as mine (broken chip) or others like lost/stolen cards can arise.

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello RealSilentJ,

I have fixed up the orders you had concerns about and waived the shipping on the order I have fixed for the delay. You should soon receive an updated confirmation email for the order. We try to answer questions and quickly as possible, but often our influx of requests outpaces our small team, so thank you for your patience.

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